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ISSUE 16 • AUTUMN 2012

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Digital Dunbartonshire........ 10-11 New Chamber Website Mobile App Hit

YOUR chamber is here to help, to listen and, where possible, to resolve problems. We now have a place on the council of Scottish Chambers of Commerce (SCC) and are represented on two of its policy groups – town centres and tourism – both of which are vital to our area. Our membership of SCC brings benefits as Angela Watson of Huntershill Village in Bishopbriggs discovered recently. She raised concerns about the Scottish Government’s plan to cut relief on empty property rates for business from 2013 which she feels will be detrimental to landlords like her. We referred this to Scottish Chambers on her behalf and got an immediate and positive response. SCC had already made it clear that it was opposed to any reduction in empty property rates relief as this would increase costs on business at a time when it can least afford it. It opposed the legislation and its head of policy and public affairs, Garry Clark, gave oral evidence to a parliamentary committee examining the issue on 23 May 2012. He said he was willing to take up Ms Watson’s case with the Scottish Government and would be happy to meet with officials on her behalf to set out her concerns.

We all know that legislation and government actions at national and local level can make a huge difference to our businesses. It is important that chambers have a voice and can make our members’ concerns known. Being part of SCC and affiliated to British Chambers of Commerce gives us the standing, the influence and the resources to make a difference. At local level the chamber is also developing its relationship with the communities we live in and with the public sector agencies which engage with them. We now have representatives at most levels of Community Planning Partnerships which play a key role in the delivery of public services. Having a place at the table means we can make a difference.

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EDITOR The latest revelations about the banks, their rate fixing and abuse of relationships with businesses which are the backbone of the economy are mind boggling. How could anyone think that it was acceptable behaviour to gamble in that way with people’s livelihoods? It’s is hard to comprehend the mentality, the immorality, the who-gives-a-damn, I’m all right attitude; the failure to consider the consequences of such actions for those businesses, for the wider community and for the economy as a whole. There is something rotten with the state of banking for this to happen. It must be rooted out and the system has to change so it cannot be repeated. Those responsible must pay for their unacceptable behaviour in the same way you or I would if we behaved in that way. If laws have been broken then penalties should follow. I hope the powers-that-be have the stomach for it as we are all tired of platitudes and whitewash. Despite the banking meltdown, it’s business as usual for most of us in what are very tough times. Anything which can boost business and give you a hand in the current economic climate must be welcome. As a chamber member you have access to a range of resources that can help you as Angela Watson of Huntershill Village in Bishopbriggs discovered. She approached the chamber about changes to empty property rates relief. It was able to call upon the expertise of Scottish Chambers of Commerce which had already made its opposition on this issue clear. It has agreed to raise Ms Watson’s case with the Scottish Government on her behalf. Find out more on page 5. Something else which can benefit your business is digital technology – have you embraced social media yet or are you putting it off till another day? Read about what your chamber and some of its members are doing in our Digital Dunbartonshire feature on pages 10 and 11.

Scotland’s £1bn Olympic Economy Boost WHEN I began writing this column three years ago, my remit was to highlight the business opportunities available as a result of the 2012 London Olympic Games, and the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, writes Mike Haggerty. An economic impact report published in July reveals that Scotland will gain a £1bn economic benefit from the staging of the London Games, with much of this from orders for Scottish firms for construction and other services. The report by Oxford Economics, covers a period of 12 years before and after the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, but does not include any benefits that will accrue from Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games hosting. The study suggests that £774m would be spent in Scotland sourcing construction, supplies and equipment. And while the survey does not fully break the figures down below Scottish level, there have been local winners, including Dumbartonbased Aggreko. It is one of the world’s leading suppliers of temporary power for events including the Queen’s recent Jubilee visit to Clydebank. Another major Scottish contract went to West Lothian company, Highlander, which provided outdoor gear and bags. In addition, orders from Scottish companies have contributed to the building of the main Olympic stadium and aquatics centre. More than 300 Scottish-based drivers were organised by the Stagecoach transport company to go south to provide the Games’ public transport services. Over and above, Scottish tourism is expected to benefit by £185m, with some 11 million extra tourist visits. And who could also deny that the feelgood factor brought about by the hosting of the Games boosts consumer confidence and spend, even if it is just to up-grade to a better TV set to watch them on? And the good news for Scottish companies is that we’re set to do it all again with the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.



Business Rates Relief Rethink Plea A CHAMBER member has called for a rethink of plans to reduce business rates relief on vacant properties from 2013. Angela Watson of Huntershill Village in Bishopbriggs says the Scottish Government’s proposals will penalise landlords and will not have the desired effect of revitalising town centres. “I am very concerned,” she said. “We are a small family business which provides office and retail space to a variety of businesses, the majority being small independent traders. “Prior to the recession we had a waiting list of potential tenants. However, over the last few years we have lost several, had new businesses come in and then have to leave. “The majority of our tenants are eligible for 100 per cent small business rates relief but, as landlords, we don’t get the same benefit. We are currently given 100 per cent relief for three months and then it drops to 50 per cent – this is on properties which did not pay any rates when occupied. “On empty property alone, we were almost £14,000 per annum in rates on top of the loss of earnings from rental income at one point.” She explained that Huntershill has not increased its rents for five years because of difficult trading conditions. “In some instances we actually cut rents to help our tenants as we can ill afford to lose the income never mind pay rates on vacant units.”

Scottish Chambers Opposes Rates Change SCOTTISH Chambers of Commerce does not agree that reducing empty property relief will encourage occupancy. It believes that lack of demand is the reason why premises are vacant, not high rents and has already submitted written evidence and addressed a Scottish parliamentary committee on the issue. Liz Cameron, SCC chief executive commented: “Scottish Chambers of Commerce wants our town centres to have a bright future and for policies to be directed to ensure vibrancy and confidence are restored. “We do not believe that cutting the levels of empty property relief available to the owners of vacant premises is the way to do this. This measure has already been tried in England and the result has been an increase in vacant premises from three per cent to 14 per cent since it was introduced in 2008. “The real reason why we have so many vacant premises is due to a lack of demand from prospective tenants and that is firmly and squarely as a result of the recession. “Simply making it more expensive for landlords to own property is not the answer, as this will hit a far wider target than the town centres which the Scottish Government says are its priority and will discourage investment and development. “The proposed hike in business rates is a poorly thought through measure which will not achieve its target, but there is time for us to help the Scottish Government find a better way forward.”

She raised her concerns with Dunbartonshire Chamber which then referred the matter to Scottish Chambers of Commerce (SCC).

The Local Government Finance (Unoccupied Properties etc.) (Scotland) Bill would enable the Scottish Government to alter current arrangements for rates charges for vacant commercial properties.

SCC has already made it clear that it opposes any reduction in empty property rates relief and has agreed to raise Ms Watson’s case with the Scottish Government on her behalf.

There would still be 100 per cent relief for the first three months, but thereafter it would drop to 10 per cent for the remaining period the property is empty instead of the current 50 per cent. DUNBARTONSHIRE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BUSINESS MAGAZINE • AUTUMN 2012


news in brief… Green Light For Three College Merger CLYDEBANK, James Watt and Reid Kerr Colleges have agreed to proceed to a full merger by 1 August 2013. Having completed financial and legal due diligence, there appears to be no impediment to the creation of a new, single, regional super college, the name of which has still to be decided It will draw on the strengths of the existing colleges to create learning and training opportunities for individuals, local communities and businesses, and will fully support dynamic growth in the local, regional and national economies. Michael Yuille, who was recently approved as the chairman of the college board for the west region, said: “I am thrilled to have been asked to lead the regionalisation process in the west towards the creation of a new college to serve our students and communities.

CHAIRMAN: Michael Yuille.

“There is no doubt that the next twelve months will be challenging as we continue to deliver high quality education while creating the new college and all the opportunities that will bring.”

Major Chivas Brothers Investment Photo courtesy of Chivas Brothers.

CHIVAS Brothers is investing £40 million annually on capital expenditure to increase capacity and production facilities.

A new bottling hall opened in Paisley this summer with the emphasis on handbottling prestige and ultra-prestige editions such as Chivas Regal 25, the Royal Salute range, and high-end limited editions of The Glenlivet and Ballantine’s, as well as ensuring new product development capacity. Christian Porta, chairman and CEO of Chivas, the Scotch whisky and premium gin business of Pernod Ricard, said: “This investment, allied to strong market growth, a continued commitment to innovation and the best suited portfolio to target the most profitable opportunities, will provide the basis for future value growth for our company.” Malt whisky distillation capacity will be increased by 25 per cent over the next two years, with expansions at Glenallachie, Glentauchers, Tormore and Longmorn distilleries, and the reopening of Glen Keith distillery in April 2013. New heat recovery technology is also being introduced to make stills 25 per cent more efficient. The current capital investment follows a number of major projects over recent years, including the re-opening of Allt-a-bhainne and Braeval distilleries, expansions at Glenburgie and The Glenlivet distilleries, and a series of investments at its sites in Paisley and Dumbarton.

Photos courtesy of Clydebank College.



Jobcentre Plus Employment Initiatives JOBCENTRE Plus is promoting the benefits of work experience and sector based work academies as part of its Get Britain Working Agenda aimed at tackling unemployment. Work experience involves a two to eight week placement with an employer gaining skills to help those involved secure sustainable employment. Benefits are still paid while on placement plus any travel costs incurred. Sector based work academies are a combination of short, sharp training, work placement and a guaranteed job interview. This is flexible and responsive to meet both the needs of jobseekers and the requirements of employers. Jobcentre Plus also works in partnership with West Dunbartonshire Council and Skills Development Scotland to promote recruitment incentives to ensure that employers receive appropriate financial support if they take on eligible candidates. For more information contact Lorna Gilmour, partnership and employer delivery manager on 0141 847 4097 or 07920 783035.

Leading Scottish Youth Charities Join Forces TWO of Scotland’s leading youth charities, the Prince’s Trust and the Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust (PSYBT) have joined forces. Both organisations have a long and proud history of supporting Scotland’s young people. The Prince’s Trust Scotland supports disadvantaged young people into education, training and employment, while PSYBT helps young people start up and continue in business.

Loch Lomond Tourism Signpost RollOut LOVE Loch Lomond’s innovative initial iSign network roll-out is now complete. It teamed up with Helensburgh-based Advanced Display Solutions (ADS) to introduce the first five iSigns to key visitor locations in Loch Lomond and the surrounding area. This is part of a wider national first phase of a total of 30 iSigns in high volume visitor locations which will see it extended to other areas of Scotland, including Edinburgh, later this year. It is designed to help visitors easily source information like where to stay, where to eat, things to see and do as well as special last-minute offers. The system makes use of the latest technology with QR codes enabling downloads to smart phones or iPads. Members of Love Loch Lomond get a basic iSign listing free of charge as part of the initial pilot with upgraded and interactive options available. Gill Robertson, Manager of Love Loch Lomond said: “The statistics generated so far from the network are very impressive and feedback from visitors and also local people using the units has also been very encouraging.”

Photo courtesy of Love Loch Lomond.

By combining skills, expertise and resources, the new organisation can play a pivotal role in supporting Scotland’s young people and in nurturing the entrepreneurial drive necessary for Scotland’s economic future. The work of PSYBT will continue under the name The Prince’s Trust Youth Business Scotland, as a core part of The Prince’s Trust. The combined organisation will retain its distinct Scottish focus and all funds raised in Scotland will be spent here. Heather Gray, director of The Prince’s Trust Scotland will lead the united organisation.

ISIGN LAUNCH: Stuart Fraser of The Oak Tree Inn with Gill Robertson of Love Loch Lomond at his pub/restaurant in Balmaha.


news in brief… New Location for Tissue Solutions TISSUE Solutions has outgrown its Clydebank premises and is moving to a new suite of offices at the West of Scotland Science Park on the outskirts of Bearsden in August.

The move is the latest development in an exciting year which saw the company achieve ISO 9001:2008 accreditation from BSI, significantly increase sales and take on extra staff.

Founded in 2007 as a provider of ethically acquired human tissue for pre-clinical drug research, Tissue Solutions has grown steadily year on year gaining a strong international reputation.

“We are very excited about our move to the Science Park,” said Dr Morag McFarlane, the firm’s chief scientific officer.

The company has a client profile that includes all major pharmaceutical companies world-wide, and has distributors in Japan and Israel.

“We have been limited in the growth we could achieve by the number of people we could employ. The new office is in a great location and will give us the extra space we need to facilitate our planned growth into new areas.”

Photo by Green Highlander Images.

Landlords Face Penalties Under New Deposit Scheme LANDLORDS could face hefty penalties if they don’t comply with new regulations governing tenants’ deposits. Solicitor Alan McEwing of Rennie McInnes, LLP, in Bearsden has warned of the risk of penalty payments of three times the original deposit amount for non-compliance. With the introduction of The Tenancy Deposit (Schemes) (Scotland) Regulations 2011 on July 2, landlords must lodge deposits with an ‘approved scheme operator’ and give prescribed information to the tenant. There are currently three approved operators in Scotland. Any dispute at the end of a lease can be referred to an independent adjudicator rather than the tenant having to raise a court action.

Usually a tenant pays a deposit of one month’s rent when taking on a lease to cover the landlord against damage to the property. However, there were accusations that landlords held on to deposits unfairly and the regulations are intended to address this. Alan commented: “Whilst this additional protection for tenants is to be welcomed, it is undoubtedly another regulation that could trip up an unwary landlord. “Currently, we see many people investing in buy-to-let instead of pensions, or those who have traded up renting out their original property. They are often surprised by both the amount of rental regulation and the severity of the penalties if you get it wrong. “Landlords should check with their solicitor or letting agent to ensure their documentation is up-to-date. A good inventory with photos (even taken with your phone) showing the condition of the property when the deposit was lodged can resolve many arguments.”



Queens Quay Clydebank Space to start Space to grow Space to expand your business 3 Brand new energy efficient offices 3 Dedicated car parking 3 Shopping and Leisure facilities closeby 3 Flexible leasing arrangements

3 Easy commute by train and bus directly into

Clydebank town centre

3 15 minute drive time to Glasgow International

Airport and M8 motorway

3 20 minute drive time to Glasgow City centre

Serviced Offices - New Offices - Business Plots

0141 951 3420



DUNBARTONSHIRE businesses are embracing the digital age, as is your chamber, writes June Hyslop. What are members and the chamber doing to stay in the loop? It is an easy way to keep in touch with your clients and the wider world and has many benefits...

New User-Friendly Chamber Website DUNBARTONSHIRE Chamber has updated its online presence with a new improved website thanks to two chamber members.

There’s a new updateable directory where members can add company details, promotions and upload logos for free to promote their businesses.

Titan Websites and sister company, Nomad Associates, sponsored and redeveloped the website to bring it up-to-date and improve its user-friendliness.

The site has also been optimised for search engines to drive more visits, help generate business for members and increase membership. There’s also the option to click through to the chamber group on LinkedIn. Stephen Allen of Titan Websites said: “We focussed on repositioning the chamber to promote its new benefits package, the activities of the chamber and also of its members via the business directory. “In addition the site can be easily updated via a content management system.” Chamber vice-president, Damon Scott, who is also a director of Nomad Associates, added: “We knew we needed to improve our online presence so I put forward the idea of sponsorship as a good way to help the chamber and increase the profile of Titan and Nomad.”

The layout has been simplified with clean, fresh looking pages which are easy to navigate and there are now more ways for members to engage with the chamber via the website.

The team’s next task is to integrate online booking, events payment and membership as well as set up a modern bulk email system to improve chamber-member communication.

Abercrombie Gemmell Mobile App Hit BEARSDEN’S Abercrombie Gemmell is one of the first chartered accountants in Scotland to launch its own mobile ‘app’. In just six weeks it has seen 1250 downloads and is in fourth place in the Top 100 ‘What’s Hot’ finance apps on iPad. The app is free and has lots of useful features, including tax calculators, tax tables and details of tax savings. It also has quick links to the company website, with contact details for staff, details of events and more. Abercrombie Gemmell has been in business since 1991 and currently employs 14 staff at its Bearsden office.

“We created our app to enable clients and contacts to access our expertise day and night from wherever they are in the world.” The app is available from Apple App Store or from Android Market Place.

Managing director, Colin Abercrombie, said: “In today’s fast paced business environment, we recognise that our clients need and want real time information at their fingertips.

DIGITAL TRAILBLAZERS: Managing director Colin Abercrombie and director Christine Abercrombie launch the new mobile app. Photo by Phil Rider –



BARTONSHIRE European Circuits Crack Social Media Challenge

Photo courtesy of ES Live.

by Philip Briscoe, Business Development Manager, European Circuits Ltd – Winners of Best Social Media Campaign Award at Electronics Sourcing Live 2012 Should we use social media? Would it work for us? Did we have anything interesting to say? Would it be too much effort? Would we see any return? We didn’t have the answers when we decided to use social media to put a human face on the business when we relaunched our website in 2010. We opted for the three main ones that most people know and use – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I was a fan of Facebook but wasn’t convinced it could work for business; I had never been on Twitter and didn’t really understand it and, although I had a LinkedIn account, I didn’t use it much. But the sites were free to set up and meant we would at least have ‘a presence’. Initially, we didn’t know what to post. We commented on the goings on in the factory, told people about new projects, about our staff, about exhibitions we were attending and about industry news! In May 2012 we took a stand at the Electronics Sourcing Live Exhibition in Reading and used Twitter, Facebook, and our website to promote our presence in advance.

WINNERS: European Circuits sales director Jim Broom (far right) with Mark Leary, managing director of ES Live (centre), and other award winners.

During the exhibition, we tweeted what we were doing, about other exhibitors and about events of the day. We used the exhibition hashtag (#) which enabled people to find us on Twitter. As a result we added followers to our Facebook and Twitter pages and won Best Social Media Campaign Award at the exhibition dinner. Now that was a surprise! If I’m honest it wasn’t that hard to do. You do need to invest time to post tweets, to comment on Facebook and LinkedIn, but it’s easy with a smartphone. Whilst it is difficult to quantify the impact of our social media presence, we have had enquiries and orders from companies that follow us. Our Twitter followers are increasing on a weekly basis and they are people with a genuine interest in us and the industry. That can’t be bad!

Clydebank Live Takes Off CLYDEBANK has its first-ever digital only publication thanks to chamber member Darren Osborne of 14c Studio and journalist Mark McGeever.

“Our coverage is produced 24/7 on a rolling basis, so if something newsworthy happens we go to work straight away.”

Since hitting the scene in February 2012, Clydebank Live has had more than 50,000 page views and over 17,000 unique visitors.

Creative director, Darren added: “We were shocked by how quickly it developed. From having the idea to publishing our first article only took two days, and, within a week, there were hundreds of people visiting the site.

The website, which is funded by advertising, highlights good news and events in the community as well as keeping locals up-to-date with what’s going on in the wider world. Editorial director, Mark, explained: “We felt there was a demand for something different. People now want information immediately, in a reliable, accurate and spin-free way.

“We broke a couple of big stories and the visits flooded in. At one point the server crashed when thousands of readers tried to log on at the same time. “Most people are interested in what’s happening in their community and we offer something different. Clydebank Live is designed for people who are used to getting their news online, right away.”


Photo courtesy of Skills Development Scotland.

Investing in Apprentices Pays Off Says Orems Care

CARING CAREER: Apprentice Zoe Hinds with Orems director Asonta Hailstones.

A LEADING care organisation in East Dunbartonshire is hoping more employers will follow its lead – by investing in Modern Apprenticeships.

Zoe Hinds joined Orems a year ago after a spell as a volunteer youth worker encouraged her to think about nursing and social care as a career.

Orems Care Services, based in Torrance, was one of many firms which backed Skills Development Scotland’s Scottish Apprenticeship Week earlier this year.

“I wanted to get as much on-the-job training as possible, which is why I jumped at the chance of doing the Modern Apprenticeship at Orems,” said the 20-year-old from Twechar.

Director Asonta Hailstones explained: “Every industry benefits from having Modern Apprentices. Investing in staff pays off as you are rewarded with a more loyal, committed workforce, who feel valued in return.”

“I have learned a lot and my confidence has improved so much. I’ve been accepted to study learning disability nursing at Glasgow Caledonian University, and I believe my Modern Apprenticeship and my time at Orems had a huge part to play in that.”

Tell Trainee Becomes Its Youngest Trainer Bosses at Tell were so impressed by 20-year-old Sean McGlade that they took on a second Modern Apprentice. Christine Doherty, co-owner of Tell explained: “Sean took part in our first Targeted Pathways to Apprenticeships pilot group two years ago and we recognised his potential straight away. “He is now our youngest trainer and a full-time and valued member of the Tell team.” Sean, who is originally from South Africa, came to Scotland with his family three years ago. He is now a qualified European Computer Driving Licence marker and has also gained a Certificate in Training Practice.



“When I joined Tell, I got so many great opportunities to develop my skills and confidence and I was delighted to be able to participate in the Modern Apprenticeship programme,” says Sean, who lives in Clydebank. He adds: “I particularly enjoy training younger people, because it’s not so long ago that I was in their shoes.” TELL TRAINER: Sean McGlade. Photo courtesy of Skills Development Scotland.

SPOTTING the potential of a young trainee has paid dividends for a Dumbarton-based training organisation.

Money Matters

Make your transport budget go miles further

DON’T be put off tax planning by the public backlash against wealthy individuals, such as comedian Jimmy Carr, using aggressive avoidance schemes, las. of Campbell Dal Photo courtesy says Rhona MacKinnon, tax director with Campbell Dallas, chartered accountants.

Are you a business in Scotland and looking to lower your costs? If so, your local Energy Saving Scotland advice centre can help. Businesses across Scotland have already saved £1,000s and accessed interest-free loans. Call us on 0800 51 2012 for free advice

Campbell Dallas has an award-winning tax consultancy team dedicated to developing strategies to help clients reduce their tax liability. One query that often arises is ‘how can I take funds from my business to meet my children’s private school fees more efficiently?’ Campbell Dallas can provide a bespoke solution for businessowning families to achieve significant savings and, in some cases, eliminate the tax burden. They have established a tax planning model for school fees which is currently primarily for higher rate taxpayers who own their businesses. A trust set up by a grandparent or other relative for the benefit of the children and their education could eliminate a potential tax liability of £3000 a year on school fees of £9000.

Grow your business with a Business Mentor the Difference. Experience

The trustees are responsible for ensuring that the funds are applied for the benefit of the children, so providing a deposit for a flat in the future would be another acceptable use of the income. The trust and its establishment is designed to fall outwith HMRC’s settlement provisions which, if invoked, could result in the parents being subject to higher rate income tax liabilities on trust income. Tax savings can be large, for example, we advised a couple paying private school fees of around £25,000 and, as a result, they are now saving about £8000 a year. There is no ‘one size fits all’ tax planning for school fees and, even if you are not paying higher rate tax at the moment, or if you are trading in a partnership or as a sole trader, you shouldn’t rule it out. Contact: Linda Perry Business Mentoring Executive 0141 847 5458 / 07525 323500

Join Business Mentoring Scotland …We Did! Business Mentoring Scotland is a partnership between Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Chambers of Commerce



We believe it is always worth having the conversation, as circumstances can change, and any planning is best carried out well in advance. For more information or advice please contact Rhona MacKinnon on 0141 886 6644 or email rhona.



Scotland’s graduates have best prospects in the UK National statistics published recently by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) show graduates from Scotland’s universities have the highest level of positive destinations, the highest starting salaries and the lowest levels of unemployment in the UK six months after graduation.



The figures will make for encouraging reading for graduates at Scotland’s 19 universities, coming as they do in the middle of university graduation season. The statistics, which are taken six months after graduation, show:

The National Statistics track the destinations of graduates who completed their studies during academic year 2010/11. This year’s results defy the tough labour market conditions facing all young people as a result of the recession. Alastair Sim, director, Universities Scotland said:

90 per cent of graduates from Scotland’s universities are in positive destinations, i.e. work or further study, compared to 87 per cent of graduates from universities in England.

The mean starting salary for graduates of Scotland’s universities is £21,500 compared to a mean average of £21,000 across the UK.

Only seven per cent of graduates from Scotland’s universities were thought to be unemployed compared to 10 per cent of graduates from universities in England.

“These figures are a timely and welcome boost in confidence for those graduating across Scotland this summer. Scotland’s graduates have the best employment prospects and can expect the highest starting salaries anywhere in the UK. Our graduates can be immensely proud of the high regard they are held in by employers. “Scotland’s universities have employability embedded as a core part of their learning and teaching strategies. We are committed to working with others to ensure that young people are able to seize the opportunities which are out there, even in tough times.”



Scottish universities’ progress on widening access Universities in Scotland made greater progress in the last year on widening access measures than anywhere else in the UK. The statistics released recently show the proportion of students studying at university from state schools and from poorer backgrounds (measured by the lowest four socio-economic classes NS-SEC 4, 5, 6 and 7). On both measures, Scottish universities have made the most significant progress of anywhere in the UK, compared to last year: •

Scottish universities have increased the number of students from state schools by 1.5 per cent to  88.3 per cent (compared to 86.8 per cent in 2009/10). The UK average decreased by 0.1 per cent.

Universities in Scotland admitted a higher proportion of entrants from state schools than universities in England (88.3 per cent compared to 88.2 pe cent).

Scottish universities have also increased the proportion of entrants from the poorest backgrounds by 1.4 per cent compared to last year. The average UK increase was 0.6 per cent.

Widening access to university is a complex challenge and real progress will come from a strategic and co-ordinated effort right across Scotland’s education system including schools and universities. The link between poverty and under-achievement starts early in a child’s education. This was reinforced by the Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy which showed that in S2, children from the wealthiest backgrounds were performing twice as well as children from the poorest backgrounds. Commenting on the need to take a long-term and systemic approach to widening access at university, Simon Jennings, deputy director of Universities Scotland, said: “Widening access to university is a complex and long-term challenge but there is a strong negative correlation between deprivation and attainment from the early years of a child’s life. There’s much that universities can do to play their part, including their existing engagement with primary and secondary schools, but the greatest progress will come from interventions in the early years of a child’s life and many, many years before they start considering university.”



hpl&i services


TRAINING & MEETING ROOMS Enterprise House Business Centre is located within Southbank Business Park in Kirkintilloch offering an ideal base for business meetings, workshops and seminars or as

Helensburgh Property, Letting & Insurance Services Limited Letting Agents • Estate Agents • Insurance Services

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a training venue providing flexible accommodation combined with a range of support services to ensure your event goes according to plan. Why not contact us for more information on the packages on offer that could benefit your business? ENTERPRISE HOUSE, SOUTHBANK BUSINESS PARK KIRKINTILLOCH G66 1XQ

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Up to £3k for ICT product development and implementation.

Fit for Growth help with business plans, online trading and energy efficiency.

50% of graduate’s salary for a year with Graduates for Business Growth.

Up to £2k for exporters to attend overseas trade shows.

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FUTURE FOR BUSINESS “WEST Dunbartonshire Council is committed to supporting the growth of local businesses and making this area a great place to work and develop. “Towards this ambition it has developed a range of discretionary Business Support Programmes linked to job creation. “I would urge any existing businesses with growth aspirations to contact the business support team to take full advantage of the financial support available. “By working together we can ensure your business prospers and local young people get an important step onto the career ladder.” Councillor Martin Rooney, Leader, West Dunbartonshire Council.

Free Business Support Event DON’T miss out on the chance to find out about the support available to businesses in West Dunbartonshire on Wednesday 22 August 2012.

which is available to help sustain and grow your enterprise.

Come along to West Dunbartonshire Council’s FREE Business Information Event at World of Golf in Clydebank from 10am – noon.

In consultation with the private sector, the council has developed a wide range of discretionary support, backed by European funding, to help promote and maintain business growth and associated job opportunities.

Whether you are a start-up or established, the council’s Business Support Team and Business Gateway Advisers can tell you all about the financial and advisory help

This support has never been as vital as it is now given the financial and other challenges faced by businesses in the current economic climate.

To register to attend, or to discuss your business needs, call the business hotline on 01389 737777 or email

East Dunbartonshire Council work to support the local economy through delivering business support projects which aim to attract businesses to the area, help new businesses develop and existing businesses grow within East Dunbartonshire. Working with our partners we offer a broad range of programmes and assistance to businesses including business planning, grants, training, and direct one on one business support. We help finance an investment in your company, working in partnership with client businesses to help their growth aspirations become a reality.

East Dunbartonshire Council provides funding assistance for the costs of: •

investing in new capital projects;

staff training and development;

finance e-commerce development for growing businesses and

projects which improve energy or resource efficiency.

For more information go to, email or call Economic Development at East Dunbartonshire Council on 0141 578 8000.


BUSINESS GATEWAY IN EAST DUNBARTONSHIRE ‘Expert Help’ has provided businesses with external specialist support to develop strategies and plans in areas important to future success. Areas where business in East Dunbartonshire have accessed ‘Expert Help’ include:

• Marketing • PR and communications • Process Development • Environmental

• Sales • Human resources • Quality • Finance

If you think you Business Gateway could benefit from these services please contact your local office: Business Gateway – Kirkintilloch, Enterprise House, Southbank Business Park, Business Gateway – Milngavie, Milngavie Enterprise Centre, Ellangowan Court, Allander Road Call 0845 609 6611 or visit


EAST DUNBARTONSHIRE Case Study: Duncryne Ltd Duncryne Ltd. was formally established in April 2011 to source and supply sustainable building materials from the Far East to the UK and international markets. The company is run by David McBeth and Keith Macnair together with their business partner, Craig Mackenzie who has a long established product sourcing company based in Shanghai. Duncryne have invested heavily in research and development and have now established their range of products under the Econic Performance Systems brand. Econic Performance Systems offer versatile, high performance, commercial solutions for high tech engineering applications, general purpose construction and off-site manufacture of wall, ceiling and floor panels. We supply a range of non combustible sheathing boards suitable for residential development, mainstream construction and advanced engineering applications, specifically where there is an emphasis on fire, structure and mission critical performance. All our products carry UKAS accredited certification and are 3rd party verified as having very low embodied carbon. We currently supply companies throughout the length and breadth of the UK and have established commercial partnerships in Australia and the middle east to promote our product range. Most recently we have been appointed as critical suppliers to the new Southern General Hospital redevelopment in Govan. The company was approved for the Business Gateway Growth Pipeline in February 2012 and a growth adviser appointed (an experienced businessman and accountant) Since that time the company has had the following benefits: •

Support and advice from Scottish Enterprise Innovation and ICASS have been provided at no cost to the company.

Funding of £3000 from Scottish Enterprise via the CICSTART programme to have a Full Life Cycle analysis of our product carried out by the Centre for Energy and the build environment at Glasgow Caledonian University

Ongoing support and research assistance from BRE funded by Scottish Enterprise via the Low Carbon Built Environment Innovation Den, administered by Napier University.

Support from Scottish Development International to obtain contacts in Dubai.

Extensive use of the free Information Service to obtain market intelligence.

ICT support and advice was provided to advise on website development.

The following support is implicit in the company’s Growth Action Plan: •

International Strategy Workshop to consider the potential for accessing export markets.

Investor Ready Support for a business development plan to set out targets and identify any funding requirement.

The TalentScotland Graduate Placement Programme has been discussed to strengthen the management team.

Having completed extensive testing and certification of their innovative, low carbon products Duncryne expect to substantially increase turnover in the coming year and achieve sales in excess of £5m within 3 years. An application for Scottish Enterprise Account Management will be submitted in 2013. If successful an account manager will be appointed and the company can access Scottish Enterprise products for a further 3 years. Support from East Dunbartonshire Council will also continue to be available throughout the lifetime of the company. David McBeth comments: “Business Gateway, via their appointed growth adviser, have provided valuable support and advice to Duncryne since the business was established on a whole range of issues experienced during the initial start-up phase. They have helped to guide us through the various sources of funding and range of assistance available to new and high growth companies. Duncryne have benefited from their experience and extensive contacts throughout the Scottish business community”



to Spa or not to Spa? The Spa – a quintessential haven for women to be massaged and pampered whilst hubby plays golf or an indulgent couple’s break?



THE word spa is the acronym for salus per aqua, Latin meaning “good health through water.” From the toga clad Romans to the Edwardian gentleman, baths, spas and wellness were the preserve of men and were frequented without any embarrassment or self-consciousness. They firmly believed that time out from the day’s stresses and strains was a masculine necessity. More recently however, the spa; with its quirky treatments promising cellulite busting, serene eternal youth, seems to be very much the woman’s domain. But men are fighting back! The spa is evolving as a destination for men who are once again being encouraged to feel the lasting benefits that some well earned rest and relaxation brings. With work-related stress soaring in Britain due to the economic down-turn, its more important than ever that we look towards reducing the strain day to day. Business owners are under more and more pressure to stretch out the working day and many are giving little or no thought to the impact this is having on their physical and emotional well-being. Stress has become the most common reason for being signed off long-term sick, a recent report has revealed. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development reports that stress has overtaken stroke, heart attack, cancer and back problems, as the main reason for long-term sickness. The spa is designed to take you away from business cares and worries. Its practitioners have no interest in your last month’s P&L, balance sheet or cash flow problems. Their job is to ensure that you leave all that behind as soon as your treatment begins.



The treatments range from the ancient art of massage to the quirky and unusual. Choose to be exfoliated, have your body wrapped in seaweed, detoxed, massaged with hot stones or immersed or slathered in mud – the choices are endless. Of course, you may opt to simply enjoy the spa’s facilities with most spas offering pools, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room which, in their own right, can rejuvenate a tired body and mind. The notion of the spa break being an expensive luxury can be misleading. Many spas are offering great deals to encourage men and women through their doors as more than ever, they are aware of the financial constraints on most people’s pockets. Whether you are looking for a weekend break, a day’s pampering or a one hour treatment, you can find a spa to fulfil your needs.

Men more than ever, are being encouraged to embrace the notion of indulgence and pampering in order to feel the very real benefits these treatments can bring. Treatments tailored specifically to men ranging from facials and massage to body waxing and male grooming and everything in between. The spa experience is something that can be equally enjoyed alone or with your partner. Today, treatments for couples are increasingly in vogue in many spas, which provides a fantastic opportunity to share some well earned time together which busts the myth completely that spas are only there to keep the ladies amused while the men improve their handicap.



0141 779 2077

• State-of-the-art practice facilities • Stylish and friendly reception • Established for over 100 years • Late night opening • Interest free finance • Zoom Tooth Whitening • Hygienist services

Choosing Stepps Ahead was the best decision I ever made

I am extremely impressed with the quality, the precision, the expertise and the total professionalism

• Invisalign Orthodontics (Invisible Braces) • Cosmetic dentistry including: Dentures Veneer Crowns Dental implants

For a dental practice you can trust call Stepps Ahead today.

0141 7792077 5 Lenzie Road, Stepps, Glasgow G33 6DY

Acting for you because your business is our business


• GRP Repair Specialists • Osmosis Treatment • Insurance Damage

Insurance Brokers & Independent Financial Advisers


General & Commercial Insurance Corporate Financial Planning Investments • Life Assurance • Health Insurance Pensions • Mortgages • Taxation

Kip Marina, Inverkip, PA16 0AS Mobile: 07713 682 548

Glasgow 151 Glasgow Road, Clydebank, G81 1LQ Tel: 0141 952 0371 Fax: 0141 952 0255

Contact no. at Mast and Rigging Services Tel: 01475 522 700 Fax: 01475 552 800

Troon 19-21 Ayr Street, Troon KA10 6EB Tel: 01292 314313 Fax: 01292 311362 Website: Email: Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority

The Fairways Funeral Plan

The personal service you deserve. The Fairways Funeral Plan is individually tailored to meet your needs. Everything included in The Fairways Funeral Plan is fully guaranteed no matter how high prices rise and we’ve created flexible payment plans to suit any budget. So even in uncertain times, you can rest assured everything will be taken care of. Simple, affordable ways to pay. Pay in full with a single payment or over a set period. Or by fixed monthly payments. Saves your loved ones worry and a financial burden. Choose from a Tailor-made option or from 3 Set Cremation Plans.

Protects against the rising cost of funerals. Your family won’t need to pay a penny more towards your plan, even in 20 or 30 years time. Consultations can be arranged in the comfort of your own home.

For more information and a free brochure please contact:

Wylie & Lochhead

Unit 7 The Triangle Shopping Centre, Bishopbriggs

0141 772 8212

Wylie & Lochhead

Wylie & Lochhead

0141 954 4488

0141 332 2653

860 Crow Road, Anniesland

201 Pitt Street

McLays of Milngavie 4 Crossveggate Estate, Milngavie

0141 956 2373

This voucher entitles the bearer to a £50 discount off the retail price of a Fairways Funeral Plan.* Terms & Conditions: 1. This discount is solely redeemable by the presenter of the voucher, who may use it to purchase a plan for themselves or an immediate family member, but must be the person responsible for organising the purchase. The voucher may not be exchanged for cash. 2. The discount will be deducted from the retail price of the Funeral Plan purchased at time of sale. 3. Only one discount is available per transaction. 4. This voucher has no cash value and may not be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotion. 5. The decision in relation to each discount is final and binding. 6. *Subject also to the terms and conditions of the Funeral Plan purchased. 31/10/2012. MKT/11/076 7. This discount does not apply when paying for a plan by fixed monthly payments. 8. This voucher is valid until 31.12. 2011. MKT/11/076


01389 830743 RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL FACTORS for PRIVATE FLATTED DWELLINGS, BUSINESSES, GOLF, BOWLING AND SPORTS CLUBS Our clients tell us that the unpredictability of expenditure on property maintenance causes them most distress. We offer a UNIQUE business model to the residential and commercial owner •

Before we assume responsibility for factoring your building(s), we survey the property and produce a report on its condition, AT OUR EXPENSE.

This annually reviewed report PREDICTS potential problems where costs may arise in the future and allows owners to be PROACTIVE in their property management and budgeting.

Our clients receive impartial expert advice, efficient handling of repairs and clear information about the ongoing and future costs of their property maintenance.

Call us for an informal chat, we are the solution. 01389 830743

Every day is an open day

Small class sizes

Superb academic results

Positive caring ethos

Committed teachers

Bus service from a number of locations. Please contact the school for details.

Excellent facilities and new Sports Hall All through school (nursery to S6) Boarding and day places

Lomond School offers an academic education that will stretch and extend your child to their full potential with a strong extra curricular programme of sport, music, drama and outdoor activity. We warmly welcome families to see round the school, meet staff and pupils and find out more about the unique opportunities that our pupils are enjoying. Just make an appointment to visit any time. Financial assistance is available with fee reduction up to 100%. Lomond School is a co-educational HMC Independent School.

10 Stafford Street, Helensburgh T 01436 672 476

First Division Promotion for Sons After a rollercoaster season which kept the fans on tenterhooks, Dumbarton Football Club is in the First Division for the first time in 16 years. Sports reporter Andy Galloway reviews the Sons’ most successful season since 1996 for InCommerce.

ON Saturday, 17 September 2011, Dumbarton’s players, officials and fans left their stadium with promotion one of the furthest things from their minds. They had just lost 4-0 at home to Cowdenbeath and the figures looked grimmer than ever. Played six league games, won one, lost four, conceded 15 goals. But what happened over the following eight months was something that was to astound everybody and eventually end a 16-year wait to return to Scottish football’s second tier.

It was another home defeat by Cowdenbeath, losing 2-0, that ended the run, and, in fact, started a trail of four straight defeats that meant the promotion push was momentarily off course. However, of the last six games of the ordinary league season, only one ended in defeat, with a promotion play-off place secured in the second last fixture. Again it was a victory with a goal in the dying embers of a match, with Craig Dargo’s header away to Stirling Albion earning a 2-1 win that meant third place, and a play-off spot, was sealed. Arbroath were the semi-final opponents. Having finished second in the league above Sons, and won three of the sides’ four meetings this season, they would have been many people’s favourites. But a 2-1 win at the Rock was followed by a goalless draw at the Red Lichties’ Gayfield Park which meant a meeting with Airdrie United in the final.

Photos by Donald Fullarton -

More victories were collected before the turn of the year into 2012, but the odd draw and defeat meant that the chances of a place in the following season’s First Division still looked remote. Then the New Year started with three back-to-back wins courtesy of goals scored in the last few minutes of the games. Not for the first time, the team spirit of the season continued to be in evidence.

The same 2-1 scoreline was registered at home in the first leg, with the same two goal scorers, Bryan Prunty and Tony Wallace. With only one goal of a lead, it was a nervous journey to Lanarkshire for the second leg, but two early goals by Dargo meant Sons already had one foot in the First Division. Airdrie pulled one back, but further goals by Mark Gilhaney and Wallace again ensured that Dumbarton will play in the 2012/13 First Division.

Those three games started a sequence of 10 games without defeat, which elevated the club to third place, a position they were to stay in for the rest of the season.



We fought through hell and fire to give freedom to you. Please donate at or call 0300 123 1203 Erskine is the trading name of Erskine Hospital. Scottish Charity No. SC 006609

“Have you heard?”

New, larger, purpose-built premises with: • Separate dog and cat waiting areas within a large, bright reception area. • New dental suite and two purpose built operating theatres. • Separate dog and cat hospitalisation wards which are fully air-conditioned and centrally heated for your pets comfort.


• Quiet room where you can spend all the time you require with your pet at those difficult times.

Veterinary Surgeons

• In house x-ray facilities and well-quipped laboratory

have moved...just around the corner to Southbank Marina, 10 Strathkelvin Place, Kirkintilloch, Glasgow G66 1XT

• Separate isolation facilities for pets that may have

We have changed our name to

MARTIN VETERINARY CENTRE For appointments & any other information please telephone

0141 775 2503 24 hour emergency service We would like to welcome you all to our new practice – new and old clients alike.

within the practice. an infectious illness. Car parking right outside the surgery for exclusive use of our clients. Same friendly, caring veterinary team. No change in ownership. We are long established, local, independently run veterinary practice.


Things to Do

Places to Stay


Traveldrum is aiming to be THE definitive guide for things to do, places to stay and events throughout the UK. QUICK & EASY NAVIGATION FLEXIBLE ADVERTISING OPTIONS MULTIPLE FREE LISTINGS


Guess who won Scottish Conference Hotel of the Year 2012?

Advertising Feature


is an exciting, new website aimed

at providing tourists and visitors to the United Kingdom with a comprehensive list of Things to Do, Places to Stay and Events quickly and efficiently.

The idea is simple:

provide businesses with

a cost effective, easy to use way to let the world know that it really is open for business and then to provide visitors with a way to find exactly the kind of business they want to see easily.

...and Green Hotel too!

Recent contributors to the site using the enhanced

CAMERON HOUSE GERONIMO SAILING in Ardrossan and SCONE PALACE in Perth. advertising option include Loch



adverts benefit from a variety of

extra features such as - photo gallery, weather, pricing,





EVERYBODY is FREE listing.

media links. However, to ensure included there is also the


Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre Beardmore Street, Clydebank, Glasgow, G81 4SA Tel: 0141 951 6000 Fax: 0141 951 6018

We are a small family run delicatessen and cafe, Daughter (Julie) and Mother (Lin). Been trading for five years, serving home cooked food, including full breakfast, tasty soups and made to order sandwiches and panini. All baking is home made including scones, carrot cake and thick caramel slice. Deli and grocery products are mainly sourced from Scottish producers and suppliers, along with a selection of ingredients for around the world.

Normal opening hours Oct - Easter 8.30am til 5pm Thursday to Tuesday, Closed on Wednesday. Easter to Oct 8am til 5.30pm. If you are planning a day in the great outdoors, pop into the deli to fuel up before venturing out or enjoy a well earned coffee and cake afterwards. Outdoor seating available, weather permitting, so enjoy a coffee or cold beer while watching the rest of the world go by.

10 Ancaster Square, Callander, FK17 8ED Tel: 01877 331220 email:

WIDE-RANGING ROYAL NAVY ROLE HIGHLIGHTED ALL UK submarines will be based in Faslane near Helensburgh by 2022 creating an extra 2000 jobs in the area as a result. HM Naval Base Clyde at Faslane is already a major employer and contributes significantly to the local economy, chamber members and guests heard at a special presentation in the Beardmore Hotel, Clydebank. Rear Admiral Chris Hockley and members of the Royal Navy Presentation Team also highlighted the navy’s wideranging role in both a UK and international context. The vast majority of the UK’s international trade travels by sea. That makes it the third-largest commercial sector in the country, after finance and tourism, and, as an island nation it is vital our seas are safe, explained Commander Simon Staley. The navy helps to protect our coastline from illegal immigration, smuggling, and pollution as well as violations of our fishing grounds. It also operates further afield to fight piracy, intercept drug traffickers, deliver humanitarian aid, rescue victims of disasters, deter unlawful aggression and enable legitimate trade. It is permanently battle-ready and has contributed on average 10 per cent of the personnel deployed in Afghanistan each year for the past 10, with spikes to as much as 60 per cent when both Royal Marine Commando units and Naval Air Squadrons serve concurrently. The event, which was organised by Honorary President, John Corcoran, MBE, was well attended and saw West Dunbartonshire MP, Gemma Doyle, and Scottish Chambers of Commerce Chief Executive, Liz Cameron among the invited guests. Thanking the team for an interesting and informative insight into the work of the Royal Navy, Chamber President Gary Groves, said that it had emphasised the vital role it has in terms of employment, for business and for the economy.

Photo courtesy of the Royal Navy Presentation Team.


NAVY PRESENTATION: Gemma Doyle, West Dunbartonshire MP; John Corcoran, hon. president; Liz Cameron, chief executive, Scottish Chambers of Commerce; Gary Groves, president, with Lieutenant Amy Willcocks, Commander Simon Staley, Captain Chris McGinley and Rear Admiral Chris Hockley of the Royal Navy.

Events Diary... August Friday 17 August 2012

Re-Scheduled Dunbartonshire Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Outing Buchanan Castle Golf Club, Drymen G63 0HY Cost: £45 a head (+ VAT) Rolls and tea/coffee served from 12.30pm First tee off 1.30pm

December Friday 14 December 2012

Chamber Annual Christmas Lunch Venue and cost: TBC 12pm for 12.30pm – 3pm Diarise the date for the chamber Christmas lunch. Join chamber directors, fellow members and guests for some great food, seasonal fun, a chance to meet Santa and informal networking. Check the chamber website for the latest information and book early to avoid disappointment.

Two course high tea and prize-giving circa 5.30/6pm. Due to inclement weather the chamber golf day has been rescheduled to August. This gives members who couldn’t manage in June an opportunity to attend. If you have already booked for this event, your booking will be carried forward to the new date unless you advise the events team otherwise. Well-known sports presenter Allison Walker has signed up to present the prizes. Alison will be fresh from a stint at the Olympics reporting for the Olympic Broadcasting 24-hour news channel. She is also a regular on BBC Five Live and Sky Sports News. After high tea, Donna McVey, personal trainer and sports therapist, will give an insight into how to improve your game. From May 2008 until August 2009 she worked with a high profile professional golfer, on tour in Europe and the USA, and at home in Scotland. She combines a wide range of fitness and nutritional expertise with sports therapy, massage, injury prevention, rehabilitation and mind coaching. To book please call our events team on 0141 280 0272 or email

EVENTS SURVEY During the summer break Dunbartonshire Chamber of Commerce is working on its events calendar for the rest of the year and into 2013. Members can help with this by completing a short survey at This is your chance to tell the chamber what you want and to give feedback. It should take no longer than five minutes of your time. Members of Dunbartonshire Chamber of Commerce are entitled to attend events at Renfrewshire and Glasgow chambers at member rates. Check out and to find out what’s on.

to book chamber events Call our events team on 0141 280 0272 or e-mail admin@dunbartonshirechamber. Please note that full payment is required in advance and cancellations made less than three working days prior to the event are non-refundable.



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Star Awards 2012 launched



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Issue 5 • June 2012

• The Best Road in Britain - Pages 36/37




• Hamilton BID Update - Pages 14/15

• Down to business with Perth and Kinross Council’s new political leaders




• Why Join the Chamber? Page 6

• Managing debt recovery

PAGES 10 & 11



• Perth and Kinross - birthplace of the Ribena berry




Unit 14, Birch Road, Broadmeadow Industrial Estate, Dumbarton G82 2RE T: 01389 736000 F: 01389 736002 E-mail:

A meeting to remember A unique place to hold your business meeting, corporate event or conference. Choose from a range of flexible, superbly appointed venues, and be inspired by the stunning setting and spectacular views. Quote ‘InCommerce’ when booking. - Day delegate rate from £18.00 per person - 24 hour delegate rate from £82.50 per person Free wifi, complimentary parking and your own dedicated event planner. Please contact the team for more details. +44 (0)1700 811075

Set in a beautiful part of Argyll, less than 60 miles from Glasgow, this striking destination has so much to offer. Something for everyone, from spa treatments to mountain bikes, a visit to Portavadie is the perfect way to spend a day. – World Class Marina – Restaurants and Bars – 4 and 5-star Accommodation

– Meetings, Events and Weddings – Retail Therapy – Beauty and Wellbeing

– Cruises and Charters – Bike Hire


Photo courtesy of Bellsmyre Development Trust.

BELLSMYRE Development Trust was launched in April 2012 following the award of around £2m of Big Lottery funding to provide a range of community facilities, training activities and developmental opportunities for local residents. The community owned and managed organisation will initially focus on the building of a new community centre due to open in 2013. This will have customised facilities aimed at increasing the level and quality of engagement, participation, training and personal development in the community. The Centre will include a community café, cinema, multi-purpose sports and meeting areas as well as offices, services and modern


Cornerstone is one of Scotland’s largest charities and is a leading provider of services for people with disabilities and other support needs. It was first established in West Dunbartonshire 1997, and is an innovative organisation providing various services in the area including housing support, day opportunities, short breaks, homecare and help with transitions. Cornerstone currently supports more than 200 individuals and endeavours to employ local people to provide this.

resources for the use of partners and the public. The Trust will provide activities and opportunities for school age children, youths, working families and senior citizens and will design and operate a range of sustainable business initiatives. For more information contact Donnie Nicolson - trust manager. Bellsmyre Development Trust, 7b Merkins Avenue, Dumbarton G82 3EB. T: 01389 730111 E: W:

It adopts a person-centred approach when planning support and works closely with families, carers, care managers and other professionals to ensure the provision of the best possible service. Its aim is to enable the people it supports to enjoy a valued life and its vision is to meet and exceed the expectations of its clients. Contact Patricia McCoy - operations manager - key account holder. Cornerstone, Beardmore Business Centre, 9 Beardmore St, Dalmuir G81 4HA. T: 0141 952 8856 E: W:

Employment Enterprise Consultancy Ltd

EMPLOYMENT Enterprise Consultancy Ltd has been contracted by West Dunbartonshire Council to deliver two new unique services job brokerage and employer engagement. These programmes are designed to provide tailored employability support for local employers and residents. Employment Enterprise Consultancy has a track record in delivering successful employability and training programmes since 2005 from its origins in Lanarkshire.

Photo courtesy of Enterprise Screen


It now operates across the central belt for a range of organisations including Skills Development Scotland, for whom it delivers national training programmes, and also


community projects for a number of local authorities. Its new website brings together for the first time a comprehensive online directory of employability services for employers and an innovative job matching tool. Contact Mark Macleod, project co-ordinator. Employment Enterprise Consultancy Ltd, 9 Second Avenue, Clydebank G81 3BD. T: 0131 952 3249 E: W:


LOMOND Property Factors Ltd provides a proactive management and factoring service that is fair, affordable, transparent and efficient. We offer a unique business model to both residential and commercial owners where we conduct a property survey and report on condition at our expense before we assume responsibility for factoring your building(s). Unexpected expenditure can seriously interfere with budgeting so our annually reviewed report predicts potential problems which might incur costs in future and allows owners to plan for this in their property management.


SITTING on the shore of Loch Fyne, Argyll, Portavadie is a destination with a marina at its heart. As well as world-class berthing facilities, we offer a range of holiday accommodation, from five-star luxury apartments to bed-andlockers, two restaurants and bars, beauty and well-being, shopping and bespoke event packages. Central to our vision is a desire to provide an experience that is as individual as our guests. So there is something for everyone, from the walker to the sailor, family to lone traveller, those looking to indulge to those on a budget. It is ideal for a holiday, special celebration, corporate function or relaxed afternoon by the water.

Sumit Window Cleaning

SUMIT Window Cleaning has doubled its customer base in just over a year and is on target to achieve a figure of 1000 domestic clients in West Dunbartonshire by November. Using the latest 100 per cent water fed pole system proprietor Paul Dickson is a window cleaning specialist who is also qualified in traditional methods. “Sumit has hundreds of happy, satisfied customers who stay with us every month,” he said, “with our fantastic, low prices, which start from as little as £6 per clean, they don’t have to worry about doing their own windows as Sumit takes care of them.”

We arrange common maintenance and undertake necessary repairs on behalf of all owners; seek competitive quotes for any major work; arrange communal buildings insurance and offer advice on maintenance problems. With 26 years’ experience in property, we ensure our clients receive impartial, expert advice, efficient repairs handling and clear information about ongoing and future costs of property maintenance. Lomond Property Factors T: 01389 830743 F: 01389 830224 E: W:

With inspirational surroundings, locally sourced food and welcoming Highland hospitality, Portavadie Marina is the place to experience the beauty of the west coast of Scotland in comfort and style. Portavadie Marina, Portavadie, Loch Fyne, Argyll, PA21 2DA. T: 01700 811075 E: W:!/Portavadie

The business rebranded from Sumit Property Services to Sumit Window Cleaning in July and has a new logo. It currently has one parttime employee with plans to make this fulltime in October to meet the growing demand for its services. Sumit Window Cleaning, Dumbarton. M: 07521 590411 E: W:



Creative design. Smart solutions. For print. brand identity. marketing. web. exhibition.


consultancy group TEL: 01324 633 785

Care when when it’s it’s needed needed most. most. Care Our caring staff are here to listen and advise you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

- 24 hour service Dumbarton 45 Bonhill Road -01389 Caring 762 & professional staff 327 - Pre-payment plans Alexandria 2 Steven Street -01389 Memorial 752masonry 249 Helensburgh 23 West King Street

Care 01436 when it’s needed most. 673322


Our caring staff are here to listen and advise you, 45aBonhill Road 24 hours day, 7 days a week.

01389 762 327

Dumbarton 45 Bonhill Road 01389 762 327 Alexandria Alexandria 2 Steven Street 2 752 Steven 01389 249Street 0138923 West 752 249 Helensburgh King Street 01436 673322

The Co-operative Funeralcare We at The Co-operative Funeralcare are not about making big profits for shareholders or large family groups, but creating value for our members and our communities. Our top priority is to provide the best possible services for our clients and to invest in the communities that we serve. In each year we award a percentage of our profits to community projects; along with this in 2011, Funeralcare organised over 8,500 community events raising over £500,000. The Co-operative group last year put 40% of its profits back into the Community. Our sound principles of caring for others and concern for the community are as strong today as they have always been, we offer a genuinely local funeral service backed by the strength and reassurance of a unique, caring organisation.

don’t get mad... get business iT supporT across scoTLanD Computers are a vital part of modern life, but when something goes wrong, it can cause huge inconvenience and stress. At DSIS, we have decades of expertise in providing companies with affordable and jargon-free IT support, from buying advice and software upgrades to data recovery and email hosting.

Call us on 0141 438 2030 or visit for more information.


Get a free IT health check consultation to help provide clarity on your IT systems and discount of up to 20% for first year of support for chamber members.


Enquiries and referrals will be accepted directly from the public and referring agencies. Care & Repair in East Dunbartonshire, 3 Cowgate, Kirkintilloch G66 1HW Tel: 0141 5780156 Email: careandrepair@

In partnership with East Dunbartonshire Council, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and East Dunbartonshire Voluntary Action, Care & Repair in East Dunbartonshire, managed by Antonine Housing Association, have launched a new free service for older and disabled people in East Dunbartonshire.

Reduce accidents in the home and the need for customers to access health and social care services

Ensure, where customers have required hospitalisation or an alternative care setting, that their return home is not delayed by their homes failing to meet their needs.

The Preventative Support Service, financially supported by the Scottish Governments’ Change Fund, will contribute to the “Reshaping Care for Older People” agenda at a national level and will play an important part in East Dunbartonshire’s effort to improve services for older and disabled people at a local level.

Improve the quality of houses in the private sector

The Preventative Support Service will be an anticipatory, proactive service that addresses issues of repair, improvement, safety and suitability at the earliest stage. The new service aims to:

To qualify for the service customers must be;

Provide quality preventative services to an increased number of older and vulnerable people

Promote independence and wellbeing in a home environment that is safe, secure and comfortable

The Preventative Support Service will be based on the current home-based, personalised Care & Repair service provision that provides older and vulnerable customers with free, objective, professional advice and assistance

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Living in East Dunbartonshire A homeowner or privately renting tenant Aged 70 and over, or 60 and over with a disability

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