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CONFERENCE 2010 May 14-15, 2010

Ridgecrest, North Carolina Lifeway Ridgecrest Conference Center

THE SPIRITUAL LEGACY OF A MAN Being the man is not a choice. The kind of legacy we leave behind is. We’re not saying that these are the only characteristics of what makes a man, but these are the four that we have chosen to start with: lead, protect, mentor, and serve. This year’s conference will focus on these four elements that are demanded from men. We understand that men need to be affirmed in order to minister to them. Join us as hundreds of men will gather in a comfortable and unreserved place where they can lift each other up and learn how to fulfill God’s instructions for our lives. Bring a group and join us in this incredible time of worship, inspirational music, and powerful discussion with some of today’s leaders. There’s nothing more powerful than to see the heartfelt unity of men getting together and being real to each other.

COME EARLY or STAY LATE Year after year we hear that this men’s conference is great except for the fact that it’s too short. Believe us, we would make it a last a week if we could. But the reality is that not all of us can take the extra time off of work, and a lot of us need to get back to preach and teach at church on Sunday morning. But if your group does have the liberty, we want you to extend your men’s retreat for as long as you need. Ridgecrest’s natural stone buildings and thick mountain laurel create a restful charm throughout the campus. The sunrises are spectacular, with ambient colors reflecting off the mountain mist. Ridgecrest’s beautiful 1,300 acre campus climbs from valley to mountaintop, is the perfect opportunity to get away from the day-to-day grind and grow closer to God while strengthening relationships with each other.

THIS IS THE EVENT BEFORE THE EVENT We realize that many groups are driving over five hours to get to this event. This is why we want to encourage you group leaders to plan discussions and activities to do on the ride to Ridgecrest. Because it’s not often that a group of men are able to get together, get away, and enjoy each other’s company.

Not the Million Man March but a Thousand Men Strong Year after year, more and more men have come and relished at the opportunity to unite with hundreds of other men. Our goal this year is for 1,000 men to be in fellowship and prayer together.

Organize a group This time of teaching will not only be beneficial to you, but also to the other male leaders and members of your church.

Partner with other churches We know that the wallet is tight. Get with other churches to sponsor a group and make the trip in fewer vehicles to save on gas. It will also make the drive more enjoyable.

Invite the community Tell others in your community about the event. Encourage your men to ask their co-workers, friends, and neighbors to come with them. This is a practical, hands-on solution to affirm and grab the hearts of all men.

WE SWEAT THE DETAILS Fee (includes conference accommodations, and meals): Single room: Double room: Triple room: Quad room:

$155.75 $121.25* $113.08* $109.00*

Price does not include tax * per person ** one night stay at hotel, please call if wanting to stay extra night(s)

For more information, the schedule, and to register, visit or call 800.588.7222. Cancellation Policy: Receive full refund of deposit if you cancel 60 or more days prior to the event; receive one-half refund of deposit if you cancel 59-30 days prior to event. Dates and locations subject to change without notice.

I’m the Man is not a challenge. It’s a statement. Nobody can take away the fact that we are men. We are born to be men, holding some of the highest responsibilities in our homes, our communities, and in our churches. Being the man is not a choice. The kind of legacy we leave behind is our choice.

I'm The Man Conference 2010  
I'm The Man Conference 2010  

Some things are just meant for men and this I'm the Man Conference is one of them. Join a thousand other men as they come together for this...