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Calendar August 27th- August 30th A Strategy for Survival: Making Child Brides in African American Families August 31st – September 7th What’s Your Story: Telling it from Page to Stage September 1st – The Essential Theatre Women’s Works Program presents “The Resurrection of Alice” September Event


– Diva Swirl

Getting Ready For Fall! As the end of summer brings us a cooler breeze and shorter days, Diversity Theatre is enlightened to present

to you, our fall line-up including workshops and performances dedicated to preserving and promoting a woman’s empowerment to the world and most importantly for herself. Please take a look at our calendar section located to the immediate left and feel free to contact Donnie Joyner for any additional information regarding any upcoming events or

workshops you would like to share with DTCo. Enjoy!

September 1st: Resurrection of Alice Join Essential Theatre as they present Perri Gaffney’s “Resurrection of Alice.” All proceeds will benefit the performers supported through Diversity Theatre Co. Sit down and tune in while we reflect and share events inspired by a true story set in rural South Carolina as 15 year-old Alice eagerly looks forward to attending college on a full scholarship she has been awarded. Follow her as many of life’s unforeseen circumstances make crucial impacts on her life and the lives of those around her. Diversity Theatre’s Michelle Orr has been hard at work gathering all that’s needed to make this event a success in the DMV area. To purchase your ticket for this inspiring event, click here. Here is the fall schedule for the “Resurrection of Alice”

Diva Swirl: Women & Girls Using Art to Inspire Each Other Diversity Theatre to Host Empowerment Celebration in Conjunction with Women of Achievement Month… On September 28th, in honor of Women of Achievement Month, Diversity Theatre will present “Diva Swirl: Women & Girls Using Art to Inspire Each Other.” This program inspires women of all ages and backgrounds to come together and create an arts centered intergenerational combination of theatre, music, movement, and writing. It is often that we overlook the powerful women play in society. They are often judged and criticized for their attempts to break through glass ceilings instead of staying in the home and conforming to feminine roles. This workshop is designed to allow the next generation to know that they are capable of breaking through glass;; they don’t need to surround themselves with toxic individuals only looking to gain from their oppression and misfortune. Women built this world and they are more than capable of changing it. For more information in regards to signing up for this event please contact us at

Recently, Diversity Theatre had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Marjuan Canady, an up and coming producer, writer and actress. Watch as Canady tells us all about her up and coming projects as well as being a featured influence to our most recent “Diva Swirl” project. To view this video, click here.


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