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DEL TURA H. O. A., Inc. Board of Directors Special Meeting Tuesday, June 19, 2012 in the Del Tura Clubhouse- Starlight Ballroom




Call to Order: The June 19, 2012 meeting was called to order by President Joyce Cuffe. In attendance at the meeting were Joyce Cuffe, Ruth Ann Blevins, Gloria Buzanis, Bart DeGraaf, Jay Flanagan, Helene Glasson, Tony Oliver, Ron Raming, and Betty Wright. Minutes of the Previous Meeting: The minutes of the previous meeting were not available to be read. New Business Revision of Hometown America’s Rules and Regulations: The meeting was held primarily to review the Hometown America (HT) rules and regulations at the request of Gena F. Paugh, HT’s Regional Manager and Florian O’Day, HT’s Community Manager. There was a great deal of discussion about the May 23, 2008 rules and the HOA Board finally agreed upon the following recommendations: Rule 1b: Change age limitation from 18 to 45; allowing those individuals who are leasing and are under 45 to remain until lease is up for renewal. Rule 9c: Reword the rule to provide current guidelines for recycled materials. Agency picking up recycled materials does not require bundling or separating materials. Rule 10a: Reword the rule to remove specific breed of dogs, and further clarify that homeowner will be responsible for the safety of other residents and, as such, aggressive dogs will not be tolerated. Rule 11a: Remove the reference to “applicable attachments and storage areas” as these are not allowed according to other rules referring to storage. Rule 11d: Remove second line of the rule or rewrite to clarify that HT is responsible for dead trees. Rule should also clarify the responsibility for removal of hurricane debris. Rule 11g: This rule needs to be enforced. Rule 11h: This rule needs to be enforced. Rule 11o: This rule has not been enforced. In addition the rule should be removed or rewritten to clarify that consistency in design of the bollard lights is required. Also previously HT paid one-half of cost of repair or replacement, this should be clarified. Rule12a: After the time listed (“6:00AM to Midnight”) remove the rest of the rule. Rule 12b: Change section “Vehicles are not to be on sidewalks, lawns, or vacant lots or undeveloped portions of the Community, at any time” to allow parking for

Del Tura HOA Special Meeting 19 Jun 2912

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special events; i. e. Vehicles are not to park on sidewalks, lawns, or vacant lots or on undeveloped portions of the Community unless approved by management for special events. Rule 13a4: Change “HOA/rec office” to HOA Office. Rule 14c: Rewrite rule to conform to current requirements, example: replacement of existing AC unit has not required prior management approval. Rule 16: Reword to clarify that “care giving” refers to caring for adults from outside the community. Rule 26a: The enforcement of rules needs to be reconsidered by management – in numerous instances guests or residents have violated this rule and there has been no staff member available to assist. Rule 27: Add back previous 2007 language consisting of “Variances to these rules and regulations may be granted by the Community Manager due to space limitations, design considerations, in cases where the intent of a rule or regulation is met but not the specific requirement or in such other circumstance where the exception will not disturb the quiet enjoyment of the Community by other residents or when the basis for the variance is deemed sufficient in the discretion of the Community Management.” Swimming Pool Rule 7: Change wording to read: No food, glass or pets in the pool; no glass or pets on the pool deck. This is suggested since food is served in grill areas and outside the Pub area – other suggestion would be to clarify what is meant by pool deck. Additional Rule: Recommend addition of safety rules for the golf course and cart paths; i. e., No walking and no bikes allowed on the golf course or golf paths. No dogs allowed on the golf course, leashed or unleashed. There was no additional business. A motion was made by Betty Wright to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Ruth Ann Blevins. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned. Respectfully submitted:

_______________________________________________ Del Tura H. O. A. Inc., Betty Wright, Secretary

Del Tura HOA Special Meeting 19 Jun 2912

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2012 06 19 Board Meeting Special