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Generosity of Del Tura Once again everyone pulled together in Del Tura in support of the

FISH BAKE SALE FUNDRAISER Some of the folks involved are pictured here: Chairperson Michelle Prianciani

Sue Symes

Bake Sale Banker

Bake Sale Display

Busy Betty Scheetz

chelle Prianciani Bake Sale Chair Michelle and Baker Stu Carter

Tons of Cookies

Best Wishes For A Very Happy Easter & Happy Passover!

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From the President’s Desk

Greetings to you all. February, March, and April seem to be such busy months that there isn’t time to read about them—only to live them (and perhaps begin to long for the quiet that is summer). So beyond congratulating the Entertainment Committee and organizers of special events for an exciting season, I shall limit myself to some very

quick updates. As of this writing, there has been no progress in hiring a new manager—not because Hometown is neglecting us, but because finding someone qualified is difficult. I do, meanwhile, want to express thanks to those who are filling in to keep things moving, not only on the everyday items, but also on some of the long-term issues such


Participants need only tie a bunch of balloons to their bollard light to indicate items for sale; neighbors are welcome to pool their items however they see fit. The only requirement is that all unsold items are removed from the sidewalk by 2:00 p.m.; they should not be left out over the week-end for Monday’s trash collection.

Death Notices



Wilfredo (Eddie) Coligado Bill Sullivan Connie Carter



HOA Liaison: DONNA BURNS PHILLIPS Many thanks to all the volunteer residents who have donated their time to “The Tower”. We are looking for more volunteers. Please Help!

“When what went down won’t come up, call Uplifters!” Tile Cleaning Available ▲ Residential ▲ ▲ Commercial ▲


Home Insurance &DOO8V7RGD\


• Homeowners • Personal Service • Auto • Protection • Flood • Peace of Mind • Business • Senior Care Products For All Your



Dennis Agrusti Agent/Owner Deltura Resident 20 years experience/ Former Allstate Agent 944 Country Club Blvd. #201B Cape Coral, FL 35990

Office: 239-574-7283 Cell: 239-810-6283 Exp 4/14 4/14

HOA BOARD 2014 President - Donna Burns-Phillips


Vice President - Jim Stenzel


Secretary TBD Treasurer - Ruth Ann Blevins Director - Desi Pedersen

543-8134 314-852-6601

Director - Mary White 307-631-5945 Director - Kevin Wilcox


Director Doug Prianciani


Director Charles Smith


5/14 3/13

Our Community Garage Sale (open to residents of Del Tura only) will be held Saturday, April 19, from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

as the dog park and the flooding problems in the San Lucian area. Electrical problems continue to plague the repair of lake fountains. Management keeps working on the issue and the Board keeps asking about it, but again, as of this writing, the problems have not been solved. Short of importing several whales to periodically blow water into the air, the only practical response seems to be to keep asking (perhaps “nagging” is a more precise word). Our community garage sale (open to residents of Del Tura only) will be held Saturday, April 19, from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Participants need only tie a bunch of balloons to their bollard light to indicate items for sale; neighbors are welcome to pool their items however they see fit. The only requirement is that all unsold items are removed from the sidewalk by 2:00 p.m.; they should not be left out over the week-end for Monday’s trash collection. Finally the HOA Board expresses is best wishes for the two retiring members, Ron Raming and Mary Kay Romagano, and welcomes its two new members: Charles Smith (2015) and Doug Prianciani (2016). We are delighted to have them with us. Stay safe and well.

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MARK YOUR CALENDAR April 1 April 1 April 5 April 9 April 14 April 17 April 19 April 20

April Fools Day Good Timers Meeting Italian Dinner HOA Quarterly Members Meeting Passover begins at sundown Easter Egg Hunt Community Garage Sale Easter

I’m lost. See classifieds for my details.


Please help reunite me with my family.

PRO ADJUSTER CHIROPRACTIC and Grace Medical Associates 239-997-8100



Man Manual Adjustment Instrument Adjustment Instru Licensed Physical Therapist Massage


Massage Therapy Mass 1/2 H Hour $ Only


The patient and any other person responsible for payment has the right to refuse to pay, cancel payment, or be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination, or any other treatment that is preformed as a result of and within72 hrs of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee, or reduced fee service, examination or treatment.

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Thank you to all the wonderful people who worked the 2014 winter pancake breakfast. We could not have done without all of you. Our profit was $658.13 Thank you again, Jayleen Ruffalo Kevin & Louise Wilcox A note to all our Del Tura friends and neighbors, Harold Kellam, a winter resident for the last nine years and a resident also of Owego, NY., passed away Thursday, March 6, 2014 at Hope Hospice in Cape Coral after an eight year struggle with Lewy Body Dementia and Parkinson disease. He is survived by his best friend and life partner of thirty years, Geri Cheevers, and three children, 3 step children, 2 grandchildren, four step grandchildren and four step great grandchildren from his extended family. He will be missed by all of us in his family. A memorial service will be held in New York in June Geri Cheevers

Health News

By Mary White Music, music, music! According to an article published in Mental Health Practice, using music and singing can improve quality of life for people over 65 by easing pain, anxiety and depression. The practice of music can be used easily and effectively as therapeutic nursing intervention. In older people, music was found to have a positive influence on well being by providing enjoyment, social interaction, improved memory and social inclusion. Del Tura offers all the therapy you want with our wonderful dances, professional shows and

Name That Tune or Karaoke in the pub. Come out and sing and dance and let your life be filled with joy and well being. No drugs needed. Our April after Coffee speakers are: April 8 - Tyson Eye Center - Senior Eye Health April 11 - Brookside/Sterling House-Innovative Senior Care April 22 - Dr. E. Gomez - Institute of Orthopedic Surgery FOR THE LACK OF INTEREST THERE WILL BE NO MORE COFFEE SPEAKERS AFTER APRIL 22, 2014.







Zachary Minnick Owner

Paradise Aluminum s'544%23 s3/&&)4&!3#)! s3#2%%. s6).9,3)$).' s6).9,!#29,)# 7).$/73


Our family would like to thank everyone for the words of kindness and sympathy you expressed to us during the recent loss of Cora’s husband and my brother, Eddie Coligado. Please keep him and our family in your prayers. Sincerely, Teresita Webber and Cora Coligado


I want to take this opportunity to thank the people responsible for making Connie’s Celebration of Life such a success. The crowd and the outpouring of love for a very special woman overwhelmed me. If she could have been at her own party, she would have loved every minute. So many people worked so hard, I think, because Connie was universally loved for her sunny disposition and positive attitude. First, I’d like to thank Molly Walker and Judie Welch for organizing it all. Next, I thought Pastor Tom Willets gave a wonderful eulogy. He did his research, didn’t he? Very important to me was Ron Raming, getting the rolling pictures up on the screen. One of my sons didn’t make it down because of bad weather up North so at the last minute; I asked Ron if there was any way he could videotape the service. He looked at me for a few seconds and then said, “I was going to do it anyway and surprise you�. What a great guy, eh? Thanks too, to the people in the sound and lighting booth, the people who decorated the tables, Nick for some delicious food and Mandy for making it go around so everyone could eat. Also, Joan, Bill, Tracy and Brad for serving beverages. Linda Storma asked if she could help and I said I hadn’t thought much about desert yet. She said wait here and came back in 10 minutes and said it was all taken care of. Thank you all who brought something for desert. Edna Smith called me and asked if I would like her to provide the music. I thought she meant to play the piano. I was overwhelmed when I saw the whole Choralaires up front. Another indication of how much Connie meant to so many. I’m still in shock so if I’ve forgotten anyone I apologize for that. I do appreciate everyone who made this celebration such a tribute to Connie. I love you all, Stewart Carter





s#/.#2%4% s'!2!'%3#2%%.3 s-/"),%(/-%2//& #/!4).'3 s#/.#2%4%$%#/2!4)6% /6%2,!93


Lic. #NA07-00095

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Prepare for Health Care Costs in Retirement As you save and invest for retirement, what are your ultimate goals? Do you plan on traveling the world? Purchasing a vacation home? Pursuing your hobbies? People often think and plan for these costs. Yet, too often, many of us overlook what potentially could be a major expense during our retirement years: health care. By preparing for these costs, you can help yourself enjoy the retirement lifestyle you’ve envisioned. Many of us may ignore the impact of health care costs because we just assume Medicare will pay for everything. But that’s not the case. In estimating health care costs during retirement, you may find that $4,000 to $6,000 per year per person for traditional medical expenses is a good starting point, although the amount varies by individual. Furthermore, this figure does not include the costs of long-term care, which can be considerable. To illustrate: The national average for home health aide services is nearly $45,000 per year, and a private room in a nursing home is nearly $84,000 per year, according to a recent survey by Genworth, a financial security company.

So what can you do to help cope with these costs? Here are a few suggestions: 


t ,OPXUIFLFZEBUFT5IJOHTDBODIBOHFJOZPVSMJGF CVUUSZUPJEFOUJGZ BTDMPTFMZBTQPTTJCMF UIFBHFBUXIJDIZPVQMBOUPSFUJSF5IJTXJMMIFMQZPV spot any coverage gaps before you become eligible for Medicare at age 65. Also, be aware of the seven-month window for enrolling in Medicare, beginning three months before your 65th birthday.

t 3FWJFXZPVSJOTVSBODFPQUJPOT.FEJDBSFBQQSPWFEJOTVSBODFDPNQBOJFTPòFSTPNFPUIFSQBSUTUP.FEJDBSF JODMVEJOH1BSU% XIJDIDPWFSTQSF scription drugs; Medigap, which covers gaps in Parts A and B (in-hospital expenses, doctor services, outpatient care and some preventive services); and Part C (also known as Medicare Advantage, which is designed to replace Parts A, B, Medigap and, potentially, part D). You have several options for Part D, Medigap and Medicare Advantage, each with varying coverage and costs, so choose the plans that best fit your needs. (To learn more about Medicare and supplemental insurance, go to






This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.

Edward Jones, its employees and investment representatives do not offer estate-planning, tax or legal advice. “Adam Hromiak AAMS, CRPC is a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones Investments in Cape Coral on 3571 North Del Prado Blvd. Suite 7 Entrada Plaza, 1/2 mile West of Rt. 41. He can be contacted at 731-6338� 12/14

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BINGO — Thank You!

Erv and Linda Storma The 2013-2014 Bingo season is over and we had a lot of fun! Thank you to all the people who worked this year. Most have been with us for many years and we couldn’t have done it without you. John Bilancio always had fresh coffee and cookies and Audrey was there to help. Jack and Janet Blevons sold the Specials, which paid out more than $9,000! And Sandy Rolando was there to take your money. Bill Kohlhagen and Bill Trachsel have been helping for so many years and we really appreciate it! We always had people to call back...Anna, Jean and Gloria all helped. The Hot Ball this year was handled by Ruth Ann Lutgen and paid out over $1700.00. And then there is Linda Schoonmaker...she was our partner all year. She handled all the jobs including caller and hot ball. She is the one who stepped up to the plate and will be taking over Bingo for the 2014-2015

season. It is a big job and we are made some wonderful friendso grateful to her. She is going to ships in the process. Thank you need help this year. You only need for your constant support. to come 1/2 hour early and you can still play bingo. Erv and I will help out when we can but if you are looking for a rewarding volunteer opportunity, this is it! We will miss a lot of things but especially the people who came almost every week. You have become like family and we have DEL TURA

8-9/14 8-9/14


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On the sixth day, God turned to Archangel Gabriel and said, “Today I am going to create an area of land called The Northeast. It will be a land of outstanding natural beauty. It shall have tall hills and rolling plains full of game and eagles, beautiful sparkling lakes bountiful with bass and streams full of trout, forests full of deer and turkeys, valleys with fertile soil with an abundance nutrients to grow things, and rivers teeming with fish.” God continued, “I shall make the land rich in resources so as to make the inhabitants prosper, I shall call these inhabitants Northeasterners, and they shall be known as the most friendly people on the earth.” “But Lord,” asked Gabriel, “don’t you think you are being too generous to these Northeasterners?” “Not really,” replied God.. “Just wait and see the winters I am going to give them!”

Chef’s Corner Peanut Butter Squares 1/2 cup Margarine 1/2 cup Peanut Butter 1/2 cup Sugar 1/2 cup Brown Sugar, firmly packed 1 Egg 2 Tbsp. Water

1 1/4 cup Flour 3/4 tsp. Baking Soda 1/2 tsp. Baking Powder 1/4 tsp. Salt 1 (6 oz.) package Semisweet Chocolate Morsels

BAKE: In a greased 13x9x2-inch baking pan at 375 degrees for 20 minutes. Cool then cut.

* Optional: May add 1/2 cup chopped nut with the chocolate morsels if desired.


In a small bowl, mix together the flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt and set aside. Cream margarine, peanut butter, sugars and egg together. Stir in water and dry ingredients. Fold in chocolate morsels*. Spread in the prepared pan and bake as directed above.

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We have had a few calls lately about cats digging under houses, living under the house and causing damage. Firstly, cats do not have the proper type of paws to move bricks, rocks or wood used to block entrance under a house. Raccoons and opossums are more likely the wild animal responsible for moving the rocks or bricks aside. Secondly, by their very burrowing, digging and nesting nature the squirrels, raccoons, armadillos and opossums will



3/$67(5,1*,1& 48$/,7<352)(66,21$/6(59,&( 7< <35 35 Bands and Ornamentals Stucco and Plastering Contractors 3rd Generation Craftsmen

(239) 543-4104 0$1<6$7,6),(' &86720(56 ,1'(/785$ /LFHQVHGDQG,QVXUHGRX0043803

Check Your Neighborhood 12/14 12/13





Del Tura Save Our Strays Report cause more damage than the cats. Cats are looking for a dry, warm shelter away from the elements and will then take up residence. Solution: Bricks and rocks are only a short term solution. Being a responsible homeowner, the long term solution to this issue is to physically seal the location with chicken wire or lattice - once you are certain the cats are not inside. Be sure to search for kittens before confirming that the cats have left especially during kitten season (April through October). If you want some help to ensure that the cats are not inside please contact us 786-4015391. Several cats have been tested

for Feline HIV and Leukemia, the SOS Committee is pleased to report that to date we have not had any positive results. We have had three cases of Mange which is contracted from humans. In humans this is known as scabies. Two cats with the Mange infections had to be euthanized. The third one was loving nursed back to health and returned to the Del Tura Feral Cat community. All in all this means that the Del Tura Feral Cat Community is quite healthy. Thank-you for your assistance in helping ensure that Del Turaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Feral Cat Community is healthy. Helen Wythe 786-401-5391

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TESTIMONIALS: STIMONIALS: Marge ~ Heritage on her check-up:

William ~ Bayshore Village on his replacement:

Teri ~ Carriage Village on her replacement:

“I have had other a/c companies come to my home, but your technician Bob was by far the most honest and very prompt. After servicing my unit, it seems to work 100% better. He did a YHU\WKRURXJKMRE,ZRXOGGH¿QLWHO\FDOO\RXU company for future service needs and / or a new unit.

“It is nice working with people who do what they say they are going to do. It is also nice to see you carry an excellent credit rating. This makes us feel good and not used. When you are a snowbird, this makes a difference. Thank you.”

“If I am home or away from home, I can trust this company. They will evaluate the issues and propose solutions. The products and service are excellent. This is the second unit I have purchased from Custom Cooling because of the honesty and integrity of George Ellsworth, Jr. and his employees. 5/14

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Nothing “FISHy” about this Bake Sale

By Michelle Prianciani If you were at the clubhouse in the morning on March 4, you were sure to see tables full of tantalizing home baked goods! To support the FISH Bake Sale, your friends & neighbors baked cakes, brownies and pies in many delicious varieties. Michelle Prianciani was asked to

be the chairperson for the event and she called upon everyone that she has met, and people she hasn’t met, to answer the call to bake. She had not bargained for the overwhelming outpouring of help from Del Tura residents to bake, sort, portion, price, arrange, and otherwise help her with this bake sale. She has been heard to say, “Really

Evelyn Picklesimer ............................................................................................. ... ................................................... ......

Cakes by Evelyn L.L.C. Cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, scones,

biscotti, cheesecakes ................................................................................................ ... ... ...... ... ................................. ......


239-599-8579 (c) 813-389-4338 Tara Woods Resident

nice people live in Del Tura”, and the residents here proved her to be correct. Thank you to each and every one of you who brought goodies and made donations to our cause. Our bake sale was overwhelmingly successful! We sold out of everything and we made over $800.00 for FISH. A little fishy told this writer that FISH President, Ginnie Benjamins and the FISH Board have some very special plans for this money. FISH stands for “Friends In Service Here”, and although everyone is not a member of FISH, it is obvious that our community is full of people who are examples of being in service to each other. Following is a list of people, in no particular order, who accepted the invitation to bake or donate or help in some other way with our bake sale. If your name is not included, please accept our apology for the oversight, but

understand that your contribution was greatly appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please forgive any misspellings… Zella Hoyt, Gail Shannon, Jayleen Ruffalo, Darci Rockenbaugh, Linda Beiermann, Wendy Wells, Nancy Davy, Norrine McLaughlin, Ann Boncore, Esther Williams, Joanne Nitka, Sherry Plisch, Debbie Winsor, Ginnie Benjamins, Lucy Schaefer, Linda Schoonmaker, Sue Symes, Rich Symes, Gerry Benjamins, Douglas Prianciani, Lynne Miller, Brenda Sharp, Dianne Bevilacqua, Nancy Collins, Kay Nezamis, Betty Scheetz, Skipper Cook, Sharon Daniels, Marcia Peterson, Liz Flanagan, Ann Jordan, Sue Highfill, Carol Marra, Carm Tyler, Joan Baumann, Joann Ryan, Linda Tremblay, Susan Bailey, Stewart Carter, Mary White, Barbara Boyd, Sue Savitt, Rita Immoor, Rita Salman, Debby

Taylor, Sally Keith, Karen Rivet, Shirley Gallant, Doris Meyer, Louise Cullen, Esther Kuntz, Jennifer Trout, Bonnie Evangelist, Jacqueline Keen, Pat Beccarea, Wilma Antaya, Ellie Haug, Mary Crosby, Marty Riley, Nancy Denny, Karen Stenzel, Justine Fitzgibbons, Margaret Zanger, Gay Luders, Molly Walker, Linda Storma, Carolyn Cole, Charlene Routolo, Miller and Ann Ekas, Kathy and Bob Moore, Connie Ashcroft, Helen McGilloway, Jean Barciz, Barbara Wodell, Charlene Osborn, Ruth Anten, Michelle Prianciani, Ron Raming, Diana Camp, Mike Scott, Don Anten, Rod & Maureen Monroy, Donna Burns-Phillips, Jeanne Racine, Elayne Jordan, Bart and Marlene DeGraaf, Bonnie Sharpless, Marge Lord, Christine Raynor and anyone who is not identified but who was never overlooked.

Board Certified American Board of Podiatric Surgery Fellow, American College of Foot Surgeons

* * Heel Pain? Call Us! We Can Help. * * Dr. Joseph F. Campbell, D.P.M. Dr. Bradley A. Habuda, D.P.M. BUNIONS HAMMER TOES HEEL SPURS



NORTH FORT MYERS TAMIAMI PLAZA 16251 North Cleveland Ave., Suite 7

North Fort Myers, FL 33903


Call 656-6565

.&%*$"3&"/%.045*/463"/$&1-"/4"$$&15&%tNEW PATIENTS WELCOME

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FISH April News

What can I possibly say about how blown away I am by the volunteers in the FISH organization? I will try by telling you first about a luncheon, which was held at the Broadway Palms Dinner Theatre. I attended in February with other members of FISH. The luncheon was put on by RSVP, which is the Retired Senior Volunteer Program. This was to honor those who have volunteered in Lee County. At this luncheon two of our own in Del Tura were each, given pins honoring their over 400 hours of volunteerism in 2013. WOW! Please give a pat on the back to Ruth Anten and Rich Symes. Del Tura is so lucky to have these two people live in this community. Speaking of being lucky, let me tell you about Michelle Prianciani. Michelle, in the middle of acting, along with both her husband and daughter, in Jacqueline Keen’s production this year, chaired FISH’s Bake Sale, which was held on March 4. Michelle did such a good job that over one

hundred of our wonderful Del Turians baked cookies, brownies, pies, and cakes and then on Tuesday morning many, many people purchased everything! Thank you for your generosity. FISH is very lucky indeed to count Michelle as a member. Way to go Michelle! If you ever have received a birthday or anniversary call from FISH, you have Charlene Osborn, a FISH volunteer, and her committee to thank. If you have received a birthday card or a get-well card or a thinking of you card, you have Ruth Anten, a FISH volunteer. If you have your fruit picked for you, you can thank Sherry Plisch and Rick Rudzik, two FISH volunteers, and their committee. If you have ever received a Holiday Basket, you have Sue Symes, a FISH volunteer, and her committee to thank. If you have ever needed someone to drive you to an appointment, you have Christine Raynor, a FISH volunteer, and her “Bookies” and drivers to thank.

If you have ever come home from the hospital and find a hot meal delivered to you, you have Joanne Nitka, a FISH volunteer, and her committee to thank. If you have ever looked at the bulletin board by the main pool and have seen information about FISH, including Thank You notes, you can thank Rich Keen, a FISH volunteer. If you have ever needed a piece of medical equipment, delivered directly to your home, you can thank Rich Symes, a FISH volunteer, and his committee. I want to thank three more FISH volunteers; Carolyn Cole, who as vice-president steps up whenever she is needed; Gerry Benjamins, who keeps our finances in order; and Betty Scheetz, FISH Administrator, who tracks all our hours and is the liaison with the Retired Senior Volunteer Program in Lee County. Thank you to everyone who has donated his or her time to FISH. Without our volunteers we would not be able to help people in need. With all our volunteers, sometimes there is a time we can not help. Recently FISH had someone

inquire if we could check on her everyday. That would really be impossible for FISH to handle. A lot of people live here alone and we feel that if they do not have a family member or friend or neighbor to check on them, please call Senior Choices at the Elder Helpline at 1-866-413-5337. They are located at Merchant’s Crossing and are the area’s agency on aging in Southwest Florida. Fish President, Ginnie Benjamins

FISH to reach us please call 997-FISH (997-3474) DEL TURA RESIDENT 543-1434

LOUIS RIVET - LOCKSMITH MOBILE SERVICE • Residential Commercial Auto • Auto Lockouts • High Security • Master Key Systems Key Control Systems • Locks Rekeyed • Code Cut Keys Safes • Key All Locks Alike LOUIS RIVET CRL BONDED









239-694-1205 ZZZ6LJJV$&FRP

Preventative Maintenance Improves System Efficiency and Performance. FREE Estimates on Replacement Systems and Second Opinions. Count On Our Certified, Professional Technicians!


12/14 12/13


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Book Review

THE BOOK THIEF By Markus Zuzak


Submitted by Eleanor Bergman



The story of “The Book Thief” begins in the early 1930’s as Hitler starts his rise to power in Germany. It is the true story of Liesel Menninger’s life - a life of courage, love, grief, death and survival during the years of Hitler’s terror - filled dictatorship. The story is related by Death from Death’s point of view. Liesel is only nine years old when her mother takes her and her brother to live with Hans and Rosa Huberman, a foster family, in Malching, Germany. On the journey her brother dies, and at the gravesite Liesel picks up a book par-

tially hidden by the snow near her brother’s grave. It is “The Grave Digger’s Handbook”, left by accident at the site, and she takes it. This is her first act of thievery and it changes her life forever. Liesel is illiterate and this begins her love with books and words as she learns to read in her new home. Her foster father, Hans, teaches her to read starting with her first stolen book. Soon she is stealing books from Nazi book burnings, from the Mayor’s library when she delivers laundry there for her foster mother - or wherever a book can be found. The reading takes place secretly in the middle of the night in the basement of the Huberman home. During the years that Liesel lives with the Huberman’s, life becomes more fearful and Liesel becomes a full fledged

book thief. At one point Leisel’s foster parents hide a young Jew in their basement. These are dangerous times to do such a thing, but the experience opens up Liesel’s world. She endures hunger and constant fear of bombing from the Allied planes. Liesel reads aloud to calm the children and elderly during the scary hours in the air raid shelter. Their town is eventially destroyed. Many friends are killed and experience the cruelty of the Nazi regime. Liesel Meminger survives the war, marries and raises a family. She lives to be an old woman and her life represents beauty in the wake of brutality during that violent time. “The Book Thief” is a compelling story and a worthwhile read.

The Tower |

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Volunteer I Am Twenty-four hours in every day. Where can I go to give some away? For my time is a gift. My experience gold, All I desire… Is a small hand to hold.

MOBILE HOME DEPOT €–œ™Gt–‰“ŒGo–”ŒGwˆ™›šG~ˆ™Œ–œšŒHG * Mobile Home Supplies * RV Accessories * Air Conditioners * Aluminum Products * Screen Rooms * Carports

* Tubs & Showers * Toilets & Sinks * Vanities & Tops * Kitchen Cabinets * Water Heaters * Storm Awnings

* Doors & Windows * Siding & Skirting * Steps & Rails * Anchors/Tie Downs * Roof Coating * Shutters

14940 N. Cleveland Ave. North Ft. Myers FL 33903

(239) 543-3300

A tear to wipe, a child to soothe A lonely patient to comfort when blue A harried worker to lend a hand to.




By Eileen Thompson


For my time is my own. I give it for free. A volunteer I am. A volunteer I’ ll be.


There’s no need for you to strike up the band For I rarely seek out the fanfare of man. I simply have time to give quite away To help those in need and brighten their day.

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Other Contact Numbers

Contact Information NON-EMERGENCY CALLS - SHERIFF'S DEPT. - 239-477-1000 Blood Drive -Taina Class - Recruiter Lee Memorial Hospital 239-424-3828 Coffee Hour - Tues. AM coordinator Kevin Wilcox 731-8474 Co-Librarian Kathleen Quigley 543-4329 Co-Librarian Barb Jones 543-6922 Contractor Survey Results Dennis Cottini 217-0592 Del Tura Repertory Company Jackie Keen 731-9619 Entertainment Committee Chairperson Heléne M. Glasson 217-0592 Equipment Loans- Medical Rich Symes 731-1308 Equipment Loans- Medical Rick Rudzik 543-3662 Equipment Loans - Alternate Linda Storma 997-9066 Equipment Loans - Winter Val Coache 543-6425 Loan Closet - Other - Household, etc. Loan Closet - All Year Kevin Wilcox 731-8474 Feral Cat Information "SOS" Helen Wythe 786-401-5391 FISH- Friends in Service Here Ginnie Benjamins, Pres. 322-9863 FMO Membership Alice Harris 731-1397 Front Guard Gate 731-2523 Golf, Ladies (LEGA) Ruth Ann Blevins 543-8134 HOA Membership Doris Meyer 731-1937 HOA Office- new location - 18571 Avenida Escorial Mon.- Fri., 9 AM - noon 731-3461 Homeowners Grievances/Issues 731-3433 Memorials Judie Welch 731-1373 Name Tags HOA Board - Tuesdays Seminars (HOA Board President) Donna Burns Phillips 731-2760 Tower - Advertising - Bob Stein 941-349-0194 Tower - Editor Doris Meyer 731-1937 Tower- Delivery coordinator Joyce Fischer 731-3305 Video Library Elaine Schnur 567-1108 Welcome Committee Marlene De Graaf 599-4404 Sound Systems David & Judy Jacobs Fred Hall Jim Stenzel Rick Morgan Lighting Charles & Peg Note Doris Meyer DEL TURA


567-4598 731-1890 940-0327 628-0786 731-5615 731-1937

News From Hometown

We are sad to say, but we are coming to the end of another season in Del Tura. All of our snowbird friends and neighbors will be going back to their “Other” homes. With that being said, I just want to remind everyone that we have a suggestion sheet for closing up your home. Please stop by the office and pick one up. Also make sure that you leave the power on to your bollard light, and make sure we have your current address and phone number on file. Just a reminder that we have moved. So stop in and see us in our new office located in the clubhouse. Our phone number is (239) 7313433. Anything related to sales ie…applications, rentals, accounting questions can all be answered at the sales office. That phone num-

ber is (239)731-3330. We are planning an “Easter Egg Hunt” for your grandchildren ages 2 to 10. That will be held on April 17. Details will be announced at coffee hour as well as posted on the electronic sign. As you all know, we are still looking for the Community Manager. Hometown has been busy interviewing, looking for the right person for all of us! I would like to wish all of you and your family a Very Happy Easter!! Julie Rath Assistant Community Manager Del Tura Country Club

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Entertainment News period of three days in January! We discovered that there are so many fabulous entertainers available in Southwest Florida; it was difficult to pick a few to bring to Del Tura. The selection process is a joint effort of the committee and everyone who wishes to is encouraged to be part of the process. Listed below are our selections for the upcoming season, which begins this month and ends in May of 2015.


We hope that you will enjoy our selections, support the HOA and attend as many of these shows and dances as you can. Thank you for your support last season! Heléne Glasson Entertainment Committee Chairperson



With the month of April, a new season begins for the entertainment in Del Tura. For the 20142015 schedules, we will bring back some favorites and add some newcomers. I am sure you will enjoy them. Unlike other years, the committee dealt solely with an agent and had him select several acts for us. This year we were more hands-on with our selections. Members of the committee attended two very interesting showcases and saw 53 acts over a

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By Dianne Roderick

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Corner of Pondella and Old 41


Come to the people you can trust!

26 Cardinal Drive N. Fort Myers, FL 33917




Another spring is once again upon us. Hard to believe that the first quarter of the year has passed! The days and weeks seem to fly by so swiftly, especially here in Del Tura. Our busy lives keep us on a continuous treadmill, leaving little time to think about the seasons. Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s get off our treadmills for a short while and think about how the springs here compare to the earlier spring times of our lives. For each season there is a reason to celebrate life and all of its gifts. Spring allows us to pause, reflect, and watch the beauty of nature unfold before our eyes. Like an artist that brings a blank canvas to life, nature blesses us with so many wondrous gifts. With each spring comes a chance to focus on the new life and rebirth of the fauna and flora that surrounds us. How do these miracles compare to our own lives?

Like the gentle spring rains that will quench the thirsty grass, spring also gives us a chance to cleanse our hearts and souls, a chance to celebrate the new life surrounding us here in Paradise. We can all agree that spring is certainly quite different here than it was up north. I can remember getting so excited about the daffodils popping up in April, then a frost would appear and those beautiful, hopeful spring flowers would disappear. We are so blessed to awaken each day to these continuous miracles of nature. Imagine that we are artists with large, blank canvases in front of us. We are asked to paint a mural that would depict the springs of our lives, past and present. After a brief recollection of our thoughts, we dip into the palette that holds all the special colors of our lives. Our brushes are suddenly filled with elegant greens to create a lush green field. Next our sky is covered with the most beautiful shades of blue. These colors may be the only similarities between you and the other artists. Each mural will tell your story and the shades of each color that you choose will tell a unique story of your lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s journey. In my mindâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s eye the earlier springs of my life up north bring me back to those carefree days of my youth. Finally saying farewell to those cold, dark, gray days of winter, and looking forward to the brighter, longer days of the

new season. More time to spend outside playing with our friendsflying our kites, playing baseball, or riding our bikes. Kite flying! That memory would definitely have a special place on my mural. The colors would be bright and depict happiness, and unfortunately some sad, dark colors, too. I remember our Dad patiently showing us how to make our own kites out of newspaper, and old pieces of sticks. Then going to Momâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s old rag bag sack (nothing ever went to waste) to find some material for the tail. We couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t wait to get that tail and ball of string attached! We would be so excited-so careful to find the right spot, so very cautious. guessed it! In no time our beautiful soaring kite was tangled on a tree limb, or telephone wire. Well, we did have fun while it lasted! Of course it wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t all play. Each spring brought changesand with each season came more responsibilities. Our murals of the past are filled with colors that represent our struggles and accomplishments, they define who we are. The scenery may change along the way for each of us but each new spring gives us an opportunity to renew and reflect on our lives. Like a new blossom, spring gives each of us a chance for new beginnings; perhaps fill your next blank canvas with more vibrant colors!

Specializing in Concrete Slabs, Drives, Patios and Sidewalks Spray Crete â&#x20AC;˘ Stucco â&#x20AC;˘ Landscape Curbing â&#x20AC;˘ Keystone

TOMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S CONCRETE, INC. â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;n Tractor Service

Backhoe â&#x20AC;˘ Grading â&#x20AC;˘ Filll â&#x20AC;˘ Top Soil â&#x20AC;˘ Rock â&#x20AC;˘ Bush Bus Hogg

â&#x20AC;&#x153;No Job Too Smallâ&#x20AC;?

(239) 543-3700 5/14 5/14


CELL: (239) 849-5375 5/14 0513

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Turazumba and Jane Fonda Aerobics


If you want to have fun when you exercise try Turazumba, which is the Del Tura version of Zumba. A picture of our group on Valentine’s Day is attached. This class is held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:15 a.m. if the previous class, Tai Chi, is finished or 9:30 a.m. if it is not. Sometime we use weights, but if you don’t have your own, we have some for you to borrow for this class. Turazumba is over at 10:00 a.m. At 10 a.m. on Monday and Friday we have Jane Fonda Workout CD and on Wednesday we have

Jane Fonda Body Sculpting DVD. They are over about 10:40 a.m. Weights are used for the Wednesday class and mats are used for both Jane Fonda classes. We have weights and mats you can borrow. Attached is a picture of this group on Valentine’s Day. I have read that exercise helps burn those calories, lubricate the joints, increases circulation, helps lower cholesterol, strengthen and stretches those muscles, increases bone density, and helps improve coordination and balance. So please come and join us and find out if these types of exercises are for you.


If You Take Good Care Of Your Golf Cart It Will Take Good Care Of You! The best way to keep your cart in top running condition is to take care of the little problems before they become BIG ones. Call us to pick up your cart, give it a check-up and deliver it back to you!


BATTERIES ES • TIRES & WHEELS WH • PARTS & ACCESSORIES We Rent 2-Passenger, 4-Passenger and 6-Passenger Carts


Pick-Up and Delivery! 1/15

By Teddy Reid



HOURS: Monday - Friday 8 AM-5 PM Saturday 9 AM-2 PM; Closed Sunday

17521 N. Tamiami Trail N. Ft. Myers, FL 33903

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A Del Tura Entertainment Committee Sell Out Success


The Atlantic City Boys


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Meet Your Neighbor

By Sue Dunigan JACQUELINE KEEN (Person of the Year) 4136 Via Aragon The 2014 PERSON OF THE YEAR award was presented to Jacqueline Keen at the recent Quarterly Board meeting. Once I had the pleasure of interviewing her for this article for The Tower it was very evident why she was chosen for this honor. I rang the doorbell, and saw through the window that the dining room table was laden with dozens of beautifully presented gift bags. The door opened and I was welcomed into the home by both Jacqueline and Richard Keen. I motioned to the dining room table and Jacqueline (Jacquie - as she is often called) explained that they were gifts for her staff for the show. It was then I realized opening night was just a few hours away and she still chose to give me time for this interview. I doubt few people would have taken the time to do so on such an important event day. Jacqueline was born in England in 1943. Her mother was French and her father English. Jacqueline shared freely about her up bring in England with a strong French influence and about her education in a private Catholic convent. At the age of thirteen she began to travel from England to France each summer for three months to study French at a school run by the convent. Her father would put her on the train which would take her to the ship that would carry her on to France. As a very young gal she also would travel to Paris to be with her grandmother and simply loved everything Paris in those days. She was often treated to high tea on Champs Elyse, “It was a very elegant and amazing experience of that era in France”, Jacqueline said. She added that she was bilingual for years. Jacqueline has vivid memories from her childhood of what it was like to live in England during the war. More than half the homes on her street were in rubble and life was lived in uncertainty of what the next day would bring. The rationing was increased after the war, which made for a very harsh reality in the immediate months and years following the war and the challenges of rebuilding the cities and lives from what was literally in shambles everywhere. Business college followed with her engaging in her first job with The Institution of Mechanical Engineers in London. She moved on to become a personal assistant to an editor for a large publishing company. Jacqueline married the son of one of the directors of the company and became a stay at home mum for her son and daughter. During those years she found time to serve her community in the local government. In her spare time Jacqueline trained as a professional theatrical make-up artist and discovered her love for the backstage of theater as she worked with various theatre companies in the area. In 1992, Jacquie moved to America, buying her home here in Del Tura. Jacquie, of course, became involved with the theater company here. We all know that she is so gifted and

seems to have been born for the theater and it is interesting to discover that she acted and sang for the very first time here on our own Del Tura stage. Jacqueline became the director of The Del Tura Rep, and has just completed twelve shows as the director. She has chosen also to invest her many talents in creating, writing, and directing the Christmas pageants. Having done three she is now in the process of creating the next one. As with all creative people, the process is a seemingly endless thing, something is always bubbling up from within them. The love story of Jacqueline and Richard sounds like something Jacquie would write for the stage. They were both single when they moved to Del Tura. They met through mutual friends. Neither were interested in a relationship but it was meant to be and they were married. Their children and grandchildren were in their wedding and have all become fast friends. They have lived at this present address for twelve years. To share about the life of our 2014 Person of the Year, I need to share with you the love of her life, Richard Keen. Rich taught Junior and Senior high school English for thirty years on Long Island, New York. Rich got his first computer after he retired. He said there was the usual Aaron Nelson anxiety in setting it all up and learning from ground zero about computers. So when he chose his first email address the word anxiety seemed appropriate to be a part of that address. Those who communicate with Rich and Jacquie by email will know what this means. Rich has served on the FISH board for the past nine years. Jacquie quickly adds that Rich is her producer for the Of S.W. FL., Inc. Spring Shows as well as the Christmas pageants. He handles so many things “Your One-Stop Complete Auto Care Center” for her, including putting all the teams together, like the set builder team and Computer Diagnostics all the computer stuff and stays on top of reserving the rooms for the months of airs General Repairs practice. Jacqueline emphatically shared ning Air Conditioning that she could not do the shows without OFF Rich, as he deals with so many of the dec Auto Electric with this w tails and makes things happen that only a Brakes good producer can do. ad! Jacqueline will be in England by Tires the time this article goes to press, and the last performance of “To Be ContinASE Certified Master Mechanic On Duty ued” has concluded. She travels back to England twice a year to see her children Serving North Fort Myers Since 1988 and two special grandchildren. Right Family Owned and Operated after the shows she always spends a All Credit Cards Accepted few weeks there and again at Christmas time with Rich. No doubt this is where she gets some of her inspiration during these times away. Our lives are enriched, indeed, because Jacqueline chooses to share her many talents so freely with us of the Del Tura family. We affirm and (Across the street from Athenian Restaurant) congratulate her, our 2014 Person of the 4/14 #MV-08999 Year!

(239) 321-6666

Mobile Pet Grooming






20 Cabana Ave., N. Ft. Myers

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Tai Chi on Chinese New Year’s By Karen Brennan


If you happened to be driving down the Tamiami Trail on a warm evening in early February, you might have seen a group of men and women from Del Tura in the parking lot of the Ichiban Restaurant doing a series of graceful moves - as well as a few aggressive fist chops and heel kicks. This was the preamble to our annual Tai Chi dinner that celebrated the beginning of Chinese New Year - 2014 is the Year of the Horse. The Tai Chi group meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8:00 a.m. in the Starlight Ballroom. Under the leadership of Pat Gilmour

and Marge Lord, we do a series of warm up exercises and then diligently follow a Taoist Tai Chi routine. Tai Chi is a most pleasant activity that promotes good balance, flexibility and a peaceful demeanor. All of these qualities can be helpful in a golfing community such as Del Tura ,where on occasion, one might find oneself caught in a bunker, entangled in the rough - or completely out of bounds.

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3000 OFF


With work performed

ANY SERVICE (or Senior Discount)

Every jobneat, clean and on time. Consultations to explain each job to you and/or any family member. Perry Sisson, Lee County resident since he was 19 months old!

Family Owned and Operated for 25 years in the Fort Myers area!


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Anyone who watched the recent TV show, 60 minutes, might be very squeamish about going to the movies because of the possibility of ‘bed bugs’ in the plush 12/14


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Video Library

By Elaine Schnur

30-DAY TRIAL Money Back Guarantee


Tom Bennett ................................. 217-6106 Tom Longo .................................... 567-0738 Bob/Betty Huyvaert ............... 847-913-3735 David Spilotros ............................. 217-0440 David/Sharon Daniels ............ 585-727-0491 Fred/Carole Morgan ..................... 543-1380 Stanley/Carol Loson .............. 518-496-8418 Bob/Isobel Albert ................... 518-209-5968 John/Christine Raynor .................. 599-4760 Michael/Margaret Johnson ........... 567-0539 Chuck/Michelle Reese .................. 691-5558 Thomas/Kathleen Hoffay .............. 731-0442 Wanda Davis ................................ 994-1596 Joe/Mary Kay Romagano ............. 567-4711 Rick/Sandi Morgan ....................... 322-6211 Dave/Nancy Denny ....................... 567-1688 Peter/Astrid Kaschube .................. 565-8809 Jim/Pat Corbett ............................. 410-9392 John/Moa Shearer ........................ 204-1044 Rudy/Jeanne Ruttendjie ....... 847-204-7147 Paul/Janet Coconis ................ 740-819-0196 Jose/Fernanda Nogueira ....... 508-406-8523 Glenn/Mary Kay Tointon ........ 920-309-1294 Robert/Deanna Essex ................. 599-4242 M.Greg/Donna Roberts ............... 599-4170 Joseph/JoAnn McDaniel ............... 405-3701 Terry/Linda Kinzel ......................... 543-6542 John/Priscilla Peterson .......... 517-331-0559


“It’s so good I fit my mother with them. She loves them and so will you.”

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Please bring your phone number to the the HOA office and also email it to: moredor1034@AOL. com and it will be published.


of the seats, rodent droppings under the seats, germs on the armrest, etc. Need I say more. Why not rent a movie from the Del Tura video library and watch it in the comfort and clean lines of your own home.

Horacio Rodriguez

JOHN NOBILE BC, HIS Heaing Aid Specialist Audioprosthologist


231 DEL PRADO BLVD S. #5 CAPE CORAL FL. 33993 (2 Blocks South of Hancock)



(239) 645-2303

2710 Del Prado Blvd. #2-148 Cape Coral, FL 33904


CFC 1426990

The video library is available to all Del Tura residents and visitors, each Saturday afternoon from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. My recommendation for the month is BLUE JASMINE. The casting and acting was all great. It was so entertaining and interesting that I can see it again and the fact that Cate Blanchett, the star, won this years Academy Award, as best actress, proves my point. Our latest additions include: • SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK • ENOUGH SAID • PARENTAL GUIDANCE • THE WAY WAY BACK • CAPTAIN PHILIPS • THE MASTER

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By Susan Savitt “Wrinkles will only go where the smiles have been.” ~Jimmy Buffett


Thanks, Lyn Bailey, for sharing an article with me from the November issue of Time Magazine that expands on the above quote. Wrinkles get no respect, and are very unwanted. This article tells us they should be embraced, as they are a result of the experiences and emotions in our lives that make us a unique person. One has only to reflect on a few of the actresses from the recent Academy Awards broadcast who have had extensive facial surgery to show the alternative, a face that looks like plastic and is unable to share any emotion with no uniqueness. New members Nan Lowther and Sylvia White, were welcomed at the March meeting by our new vice-president Mary Lou Pudlo who ran the meeting in Peg’s absence. Bravo, Mary Lou. Job well done! We thank Anna Wil-

son for serving as secretary of the Good Timers for the past few years, and we also thank Lyn Bailey for agreeing to once again fill the position. The March birthdays of lassies Debra Alt, Lyn Bailey, Pat Clemens, Bev Kruger, Kathleen Quigley, and Barbara Simmons were celebrated at a dinner held at T.P. Houlihans restaurant. Peg McTernan and Alice Harris, who wished everyone “Erin go Bragh” hosted this dinner. The April birthday celebrants are Alice Gash, Sylvia Miller, and Jean Cochran. The April dinner will be held at the 3 Fisherman Restaurant hosted by Alice Gash and Sylvia Miller. Members are looking forward to the seafood and the beautiful water view as well. Date and time will be shared at the April 1 meeting. One of the favorite events of many Good Timers is the annual Road Rally, which this year will be held on April 10. Esther Kuntz, Pat Gilmour, and Bonnie Sharpless will be the hosts and creators of the scavenger hunt list the par-

ticipants will be given to check off as they find items on porches, lawns, and houses throughout Del Tura. The event is timed; so do not be surprised to see participants riding through the streets in their golf carts, eyes pealed to locate the items. There are prizes and a pizza party following the event in the Poinciana Room at the clubhouse. Members do not have to be in the Road Rally in order to attend the pizza party, but we do encourage all members to participate in this fun event. The cost for the pizza is $2.00 per person. Perhaps one of our Sherlock Holmes sleuths who have won the rally many times such as Alice Harris, Barbara Boyd, Millie Ciccarelli, Gloria Ellis, Louise Dodge, Esther or Pat will give you some winning tips. Peg has asked for volunteers to host and help with the annual Kentucky Derby party, which will be held on May 3 in the Starlight Ballroom. Past hosts will be glad to fill you in on details at the April 1 meeting. This is another special event that is a favorite of the members. Happy Spring, one and all! Forget about your wrinkles, and enjoy the important things in life - family, friends, love and laughter.

Happy Hounds Mobile Grooming SHWSDPSHULQJ



Good Timers News




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FISH Fruit Picking Project

The following is the year to date report for the FISH Fruit Picking Project: Presented by Rick Rudzik and Sherry Plisch - respective co-chairpersons. We had a season of lots of work and a troubled citrus tree situation. The results are as follows: The committee picked 2,879 pounds of fruit (as opposed to 8,250 pounds last year), which included grapefruit, oranges, lemons, star fruit, avocadoes, and tangerines. We had thirty four residents offer up their fruit as compared to 62 from last year and are most grateful to those who participated. Again, this is a reflection of the serious “Citrus Greening” disease that all of Florida is experiencing. Once the trees are affected there’s no saving them and many of our past donors have elected to destroy their trees. As a result of this and for future consideration and planning we would like to urge you to inform the committee of any kind of

fruit that we could harvest even if the fruit is from residents/ neighbors that are seasonal and the trees need to harvested and the “drops” disposed of. It doesn’t matter what kind of fruit, including ones I haven’t mentioned, like mangoes. The harvested fruits were delivered to area soup kitchens primarily to Suncoast Estates and the Martin Luther King Soup Kitchen from which they were distributed to the Harry Chapin Food Bank and CCMI outlets. We had a very enthusiastic team this year as we fielded 25 VOLUNTEERS to whom we are very grateful. We spent less than $50.00 for supplies, as we were able to recycle cartons from local stores to collect the fruit in. I would like to mention the names of the committee, as they should be commended. They are: Betty and Dave Scheetz, Ruth Anten, Sherry and Barry Plisch, Joanne Nitka, Rick Rudzik,

Sandy Rolando, Yolande Lavoie, Vivian and Charles Gray, Diana Gross, Ellie Haug, Diana Camp, Maria Soper, Sue and Rich Symes, Gilles Tremblay, and “newbies” Susan Bailey, Tae De Gregorio, Steve Chytry, Fran Knoodle, Peggy Peters, Michelle Prianciani and Al Oostema. These volunteers were there when we needed them and we thank them for their many hours of support in this project that not only helps the needy but the residents and their property maintenance! Special thanks to Barry and Sherry – they did a lot of picking on their own – Let ‘em know! This project is ongoing (not based on a calendar but on availability of fruit) and continues to be one that serves our residents and community needy, as well. We appreciate and thank all the residents for their continued support of this well deserved endeavor!

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AIRPORT? SHOPPING? ERRANDS? DEPENDABLE Del Tura resident. Linda Storma (239) 997-9066 (aug/sept14) SULLIVAN QUALITY PAINTING & PRESSURE Wash, Lawn maintenance, roof/gutters & small jobs. Resident Sean Sullivan 731-3710 (feb15) HOUSE CLEANING: Have your home cleaned by an efficient and trustworthy Del Turian who is reasonable and uses her own products. Call Judie 731-1373 (dec14) LOCKSMITH: Auto/Home Lockouts, Locks Repaired, Installed or Re-keyed. Del Tura Resident. Louis Rivet 543-1434 (oct14) RIDES to and from the airport. Gerald J. Dyer, 231 Las Palmas Blvd. 731-1696 (feb15) GARAGE DOOR AND OPENER TUNEUP $25.00. Oil, adjust, and reprogram. Call Jim O’Brien( resident) 239-849-1644 (may14) “PRESSURE WASHING” Houses, driveways, walkways. Call Del Tura Resi(aug/sept14) dent. Denny at 543-8811

HANDYMAN – General Repairs, screening. Del Tura Resident, Roy. Call 239-560-1337 (may14) ARTWORK - Portraits, Murals, Lessons, Art &Wine Parties. Bill Gimbel: 941-286-1233 or DelTura resident.(aug/sept14) CLEAN 4 U - Del Tura resident that is prompt and reliable. Call Cookie 239-770-1455 (oct14) JIM’S HANDYMAN’S SERVICE – Power washing, bleaching, carpentry services, roof & gutter cleaning and any of your other needs. 10% Del Tura resident discount. Call 208313-1321/ 599-8760 Del Tura resident (dec.14) NEED A NOTARY? Call Brenda Blasie, a Del Tura Resident at 239-543-6104 (apr14) IVETT’S HOUSECLEANING SERV. – reliable, caring & professional. Free estimates & reasonable rates. Del Tura res. 650-771-5714 (dec14) HANDYMAN – Electrical – Plumbing – Wood Rot, carpentry, screen repair, ceiling fans, etc. Del Tura resident, Chuck. 731-0188 (jan15) NITSCHE FOR SALE – at Ft. Myers Memorial Gardens. Call Peggy at 239-731-2514 (apr14) LOT FOR SALE – in Sarasota County. Call Peggy for details. 239-731-2514 (apr14)

HOUSE CLEANING SERVICE, reliable, honest, & friendly service. Del Tura resident. Call Karen @ 543-1434 (oct14)

KITTY SITTER - Devoted animal lover. Cat owner for 25+ years. Will come twice a day. Call 239-543-8486 (jun/jul14)

NOTARY SERVICE by appointment. Call Carolyn after 6:30pm. Del Tura resident, 239-292-6691 (aug/sept14)

WANTED: DEL TURA RENTAL for JFM 2015. Prefer large home with lanai or deck and wifi. Non-smokers, no pets Contact Dick or Janet Beech at r-beech@, or 519-635-2777. (may14)

LAMINATES, wood rot, power wash, int./ ext. painting, plumbing, gutters, roofs cleaned. Res. Ref. Call Stan 731-9756 (jan15) Window Cleaning at call Dave 239-543-7370


Tura (apr14)

AVON products sold by Del Tura resident. Call Pat 239-567-1567(Home) (apr14) or 631-838-4323(Cell) HOME REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE – roof & gutter cleaning, landscaping, brick repair & more. My Special Pressure Washing for $85! Call Mike Stark for free estimate. 239-543-6961(aug/sept14)


RENTAL DEL TURA - 185 Las Palmas fully furnished w/golf cart. (feb15) Call Vanessa 774-644-4434

RENTALS – Looking to rent or need help renting? Call John Belpulsi (239) 313-8029. I also offer a HOME WATCH (aug/sept14) and NOTARY SERVICE.

Resurfacing Specialists - 25 Years

LOST CAT: Boo is short-haired & all black w/blue-green eyes. Med. Size, spaded w/ front & back claws. She’s friendly, 5+ yrs. old with no collar. Call 716-247-7775 (apr14) 3 WHEEL ER – Never sale - $300.

ELECTRIC SCOOTused. New $642. For Call 941-916-8573 (apr14)

LOOKING FOR EBAY PRO – commission 25% of proceeds. Beautiful China, Crystals and several liquor collectables. Call 941-916-3449 (apr14)


PROFESSIONAL PAINTING - Without Professional Prices! Interior/Exterior, 25 years of experience, Power Washing, Home Maintenance and repairs! Del Tura resident. Call Jim or Suzi Smith 543-2046 (apr14)


Rates for classified ads will be as follows: 2 to 3 lines is $8.00/mo, or $50.00 if you pay for one year; 4 to 5 lines is $13.00/mo, or $100.00 for one year; and 6 to 8 lines is $20.00 /mo. No ad over 8 lines will be accepted. Deadline is the 15th of each month. Place ads by calling: 941-349-0194 or 941-539-0205 email: We use only one page for the classified ads. “The Tower” does not inform you when classified ads expire. However; the expiration date is at the end of your ad in parenthesis (mo/yr). Please make checks payable to: Island Visitor Publishing, LLC

Driveways -- Garage Floors (Epoxy) Court Yards -- Patios Spray-Crete -- Pavers -- New Concrete Brick and Block Work -- Free Estimates No Job Too Big Or Small Del Tura Customer References Licensed and Insured

Call (239) 850-6722 or 368-2196

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Tuesday Bowling League is Winding Down

By Glen Tointon This year’s Tuesday bowling league has been one of the most enjoyable yet! As we near the end, four of the six teams are still in the running to take home the coveted trophy (okay, maybe just bragging rights). In first place as of March 11, are 3 guys and a gal made up of Diana Camp. Gerald Dyer, Lou Rotolo, and Tom Janer. Second is We Try with Evelyn Laflin, Joan Whaley, Ron Boshaw, and Marlene Haag. In a close third is Team 2 comprised of Bill Trachsel, Dave Lane, Janet Ragone, and MaryKay Tointon. The other teams, The Geriatrix, Advil Junkies, and Cellar Dwellers, are made up of Geri Ruetenik, Jerry Sadowski, Tony Ragone, Carm Tyler, Glenn Tointon, Jean Barciz, Bart DeGraaf, Dave Denny, Glenn Camp, Gay DEL TURA

Luders, Marlene DeGraaf, and Dave Csuy. Our top bowlers this year are: High average for women: MaryKay Tointon 158, Joan Whaley 146, and Carm Tyler 143. High average for men: Jerry Sadowski 177, Bart DeGraaf 168, and Dave Denny 163. Our season ends with our bowling banquet on April Fool’s Day, (quite apropos don’t you think?). If anyone is interested in joining next season as a full time player or a sub please contact Glenn Tointon at (920) 309-1294 or Dave Csuy at (239) 543-9746. We would love to have you. The league averages very from 177 to 114 so you don’t have to be good; you just need to want to have fun! We start our season at the end of October. Think about joining and have a great summer


Men’s Golf Association News

By Jay Flanagan As the chaotic month of March turns to April things become much quieter in terms of tournaments. Both the 18-holers and the 9-holers will continue their Wednesday competitions at 8:00 a.m. with the games scheduled as follows: April 2 – Red, White and Blue; April 9 – Shamble (Low Net); April 16 – Low Net, Low Putts; April 23 – 2 Man Best Ball (2 Flights); April 30 – Low Net. Since the last publication of The Tower a number of tournaments have been completed. In the Member-Member competition Tim Trout and Dan Haag had an outstanding second day shooting a best ball of 120 to top the team of Steve Buco and Dennis Flynn by two shots. The teams of Rich Cordeiro and Jack Berling and Jerry Butler/Steve Lafreniere tied

Friday Shuffleboard League

By Jack Blevons We just finished week 17 of our 18 weeks of playing on March 7. We have just one more week of league play and our season will be over for another year. I can’t believe how fast the weeks went by. I can hardly believe it will be over next week with just the 8-Team Tournament to follow on March 21 and the Bust-Up party on March 28. Anyhow, we had another nice day to play. It was

really windy, which seemed to have an effect on our discs today. You wouldn’t think that the wind could affect them but it did move them as they slowed down. So, with one last week to play, which will be over by the time you are reading this, the standings after today’s play are as follows. The “A” Flight leaders are Jack/Janet Blevons in 1st place at 43/8 followed by Bob Crawford/Ben Hargraves at 40/11 and Glenn/Mary Kay Tointon and


Donna Crawford/Len Fleming tied for 3rd place at 32/19. The “B” Flight leaders are Dave/ Nancy Denny at 38/13, followed by Mollie Brown/Ellen Slusarski (Ed Dye has been subbing for Ellen) and Chuck/Marcella Carothers tied for 2nd at 26/25 and the teams of Leon/Mary Lou Buss and Gail Hargraves/ Judy Lessard just one game back at 25/26. Looks like another season of the trophy winners to be decided in the last week of play. As they always say, it’s not over until the last disc has been pushed! It could very well be that we will be playing an extra game or two to play off some ties. Anyhow, in my letter to the May Tower I will have the final standings for the 2013-2014 season and the trophy winners in the “A” and “B” and also will have the results of the 8-Team Tournament and the trophy winners in that along with how the Bust-Up party on March 28 went. Look for my article in May.

for third with scores of 181. In the Mixed Tee Flight, Tom Zeigler and Bill Kelly ran away from the field by posting a 173 score and a 116 best ball on day two. Bill Weddleton and Mike Overholser finished second at 179 and four teams tied for third at 181. They were Don Mick/Miller Ekas, Stan Young/Jim Hinchberger, Ron and Dan Winsor, and Mike Uhlich/ Tony Oliver. The 3rd Flight of the event was the White Tee flight and the duo of Jim Brown and Joe Heidecker were crowned the champs by burning up the course on day two to the tune of 117 and a total of 179. Joe Bevilacqua and Marcel Bedard finished second with 181 and Bob and Doug McCrank along with Bill Immoor/ Gary Perkins tied for third at 182. The Member-Guest tournament featured 48 teams comprised of a member and guests that came to DEL TURA

Del Tura from all over the country. The two day event broken into two flights consisted of at day of “best ball” at 80% of handicap and the second day of straight scores at 100% of handicap. The overall champions of the weekend came from flight 2 as the team of member Tony Oliver and his guest John Stewart blew away the field with an overall score of 170 and a second day of 115. Jim Brown and Dave Nelson were 2nd in flight 2 at 182, and Bruce Raymond/Mark Murphy 3rd at 183. In the first flight the team of Bill Cook and Jeff Duncan got by Steve Lafreniere and Chic Palmer when Cook sunk a putt for a birdie on the first playoff hole. Both teams finished the eighteen holes at 180 necessitating the extra play. Don Soper and his partner David Hayes just missed the playoff at 181 and finished third.

Amigo News

By Jay Flanagan The Del Tura Amigos Men’s Softball team has continued to be one of the best teams in the Mark and Mary Ford League. Their games have been played on Mondays and Wednesdays at Carmelita Park in Punta Gorda. At press time, the team owns a 17 and 2 record and find themselves in second place with three games yet to be played. Lake Fairways leads the league at 18 and 1 record with their only loss coming at the hands of the Amigos. The third and final game with Lake Fairways is still on the schedule and the winner of that game will be the regular season champions. The team has had a great combination of tight defense and big offensive numbers to keep the team at or near the top of the standings all season. Particularly strong infield play has really stymied the league opponents and at press time there are fourteen of the eighteen players hitting at a .500 clip or better.

Pitcher Rick Manuel leads the hit parade by batting over .700 with leftfielder Don Vadeboncoeur, first baseman Dave Denman, shortstop Jim Hamilton, infielder Jerry Beiermann and infield/ outfielders Mike Scott and John Ruttman all hitting close to .700. The excellent pitching of Manuel and Tom Walsh has been keeping the opposing batters off balance giving the defense an opportunity to do their stuff. At the completion of the regular season a one day tournament was held among the top four teams in the standings. The champion of the year was determined at this time. The team is most thankful for the tremendous following that has been at each game and hope that many will support the annual fundraising cookout that will take place at the Main Pool on April 6, 2014, between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. Price of tickets is $5.00 per person. Tickets are available from the Amigo players.

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SPORTS PAGE Susan G. Komen For The Cure Golf Tournament


Del Tura Nine-Hole Women’s Golf Assoc.

By Rita Immoor

By Ruth Ann Blevins The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Golf Tournament was held on March 15, 2014. As the tournament was held after the deadline for articles to be submitted for the Tower, all winners, amount raised, and pictures will be reported in the May issue. 192 golfers participated in the “Bragging Rights Only” 6 person Hit and Sit Scramble Golf Tournament. The morning started with registration and continental breakfast. Pink Ribbon Mulligans, 50/50, and Raffle tickets were available for purchase. Three new golf bags were donated for the closest to the pin prizes for the ladies, and a dozen golf balls and $50 Gift Certificate were donated for the men (3 West, 3 South and 3 North) and ladies (7 West, 7 South and 7 North). Winners of the closest to the pin will be in the May Tower. In addition, the winners of the Mixed Flight, Ladies Flight and Men’s Flight will be in the May Tower. This year M&B Travel/GolfAhoy sponsored 2 Hole-in-One prizes. Designated Hole-In-One holes are 6 South and 8 North. Both courses have identical prizes and both may be won in the tournament. Each player will have one chance. M&B Travel/GolfAhoy is a cruise travel agency with a specialty for golf cruises. In case you are wondering what M&B stands for, it is our very own Marlene and Bart DeGraaf. Much thanks to all the ladies who provided goodies for the continental breakfast before golf. Lunch following golf was provided by the Fountain Grill - grilled chicken wraps with all the trimmings, pasta salad and chocolate sheet cake for desert. Ice tea was also provided. All proceeds will stay in Southwest Florida and benefit our local Susan G. Komen for the Cure Affiliate.

The best part of February in Florida is avoiding the weather up North. This year we truly savored our sunshine and glorious blue skies as we golfed and socialized. One funny part is how you can tell those who have been in Florida for a while from new arrivals. In January and February, those whose blood has thinned are bundled in long pants and jackets while the more recent arrivals are comfortable in sleeveless shirts and shorts! February 13: Three best balls on par 3’s, 2 best balls on par 4’s Winning team consisted of: Jean Wiley MaryKay Tointon Nancy Woods Barbara Dienna February 20 North: Hit and sit scramble -- Winning team consisted of: Gail Gulino Ruth Pharr Wilma Sargent Sue Symes Susan Belpulsi February 27: Our Invitational


on February 27 was a resounding success; the day that was forecast to rain us out turned out to be sunny and great for golf! The prizes and room decorations awed both our members and guests. Kudos to those who had any part in its planning and implementation as well as from the setup to the cleanup. A special YOU GO GIRL! To Kay Martin who once again outdid herself. Overall, a total success and our guests were already trying to save their club a slot for next year! March 6: North -- Even Holes 1st Place -- Jean Wiley Tied for 2nd -- Betty Ferazzi and Shirley Williams In addition to regular announcements at the weekly tournament play, members are reminded to regularly review published announcements on our Bulletin Board to obtain specifics for all planned events. New members are always welcome to join the Nine-Hole Women’s Golf Association at any time during the year. Don’t hesitate to contact Marlene DeGraaf at 599-4404 for more information.

Wednesday Traveling Shuffleboard League

By Glenn Tointon This year our traveling league has expanded to eight teams by the addition of Lake Fairways and Laurel Estates. The other teams are Tara Woods, Lake Arrowhead, Six Lakes, Windmill Village, Heritage, and our own Del Turians. Thanks to a great group of shuffle boarders, we are having our best year ever. At present we have won 185 games putting us in fourth place, just slightly out of third. Our season ends on March 26 with a tournament at the county courts.

Topping our list of winners is Donna Crawford with a record of 27-8, followed by Bob Crawford at 26-9 and Janet Blevons at 21-8. The rest of the team, in no specific order, is made up of Jack Blevons, Dave Denny, Judy Lessard, Glenn Tointon (captain), Pete Slusarski, Glenn Camp, Diana Camp, Marlene Eck, Al Oostema, Leon Buss, MaryKay Tointon, and Mary Lou Buss. If anyone is interested in joining our group for next year, either as a player or a sub please call Glenn Tointon at 920-309-1294.


18-Hole Women’s Golf Association

By Carol Marra We needed our 31 days in March for all that was planned. The Valentine’s Tournament, won by Bonnie and George Evangelist (1st Flight) and Connie Ashcroft and Jim Dupuis (2nd Flight) seems a distant memory as we welcomed Spring to Del Tura. The Member-Guest was our first event. Louise Bowers and Kay Rolader were our Co-Chairs with the theme of “Spring Fling”. The format was best ball. First place winners, with a low score of 49, were Peggy Deems and Marie Buco. The rain held off, lunch was delicious, lots of winners and $300.00 in 50/50s were given out. The next event for LEGA was March 12 at the Landings. In April we will be going to Burnt Store. Sign up is in the Dungeon. If you have any questions on LEGA see Ruth Ann Belvins. It is an inexpensive and enjoyable opportunity to visit other clubs. Usually six to eight players go; the format is always low net; and you have lunch! Our President’s Cup began March 12. It was 4 days, March 12, 13, 19 and 20. The format was Match Play. March was also the Susan G. Komen Rally for the Cure on March 15. It is played in teams of six, and over 192 were

signed up at this writing. And, just when you think you have run out of golfing options, the men held their Jack and Jill tournament the 26 and 27. This included one day of best ball followed by low net to determine the winners. The month ended with a Pro-Shop sponsored ABCD tournament on March 29. Many of our friends and neighbors head home after March and it was one last chance to play golf together in a Del Tura event. Contact Liz Flannigan at 543-1640 if you are interested in joining our Association. It is possible to be a year-round member or an Associate Member if you are only here for a few months. Liz can explain your options. Nancy Collins had a holein-one on Feb 13, (The Valentine’s Tournament) on 7 North. Congratulations to Nancy. Check in the Pro-Shop for any group lessons. They have been very popular this winter and will continue if there are enough players. Want one more strange penalty? You are on the tee and you swing and miss! Oh, the humiliation! And a one stroke penalty. Next hole you hit a fabulous drive only to discover that you are out of bounds by two inches. Two stroke penalty! (The penalty is stroke and distance.) Personally, I will take the long drive and deal with it!


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(239) 242-8422

Happy Anniversary to...

5/21 ....Tom & Jan Condos........................17 years 5/22 ....Jim & Suzi Smith ............................4 years 5/23 ....Lou & Dee Rotolo.........................61 years Miller & Ann Ekas ........................61 years 5/24 ....John & Carol Essary .....................56 years Lewis & Marilyn Egizi .................46 years 5/25 ....Don Dowell & Carol Hancock ......23 years Chuck & Shirley Thompson .........22 years Joe & Carol Vigilant .....................51 years 5/27 ....Bill & Alice Kelly .........................14 years 5/28 ....Chet & Charlene Mowrey .............19 years 5/29 ....Fred & Carolyn Brueggeman ........15 years Don & Linda Vadeboncoeur .........42 years 5/31 ....Henry & Val Moreau .....................45 years

Happy Birthday To...





Prime Rib Dinner




May Birthdays & Anniversaries

5/2 ......Al & Ida Capuano .........................72 years 5/5 ......Hank & Gail Reeve .......................52 years Denny & Marianne Erikson ..........52 years 5/6 ......Jerald & Helen McMillan .............14 years 5/9 ......Frank & Debbie Gianino.................. 1 year 5/10 ....Edward & Barbara Wills ..............52 years 5/12 ....Dave & Laura Cahill .....................30 years 5/14 ....Roger & Doris Thurber .................65 years Bill & Barb Laird ..........................65 years 5/15 ....George & Patricia Storminger.......49 years 5/17 ....Michael & Linda Schoonmaker ....38 years 5/19 ....Gary & Gay Luders .......................36 years Bob & Doris Meyer ......................58 years James & Mary Sheets....................30 years

Jill’s Joint

Landis ALUMINUM DIY Materials • Screen Rooms Replacement Windows • Acrylic Windows Vinyl Windows • Storage Sheds Utility Rooms • Roof Overs Carports • Room Additions

Proudly Serving N. Ft. Myers For Over 25 Years Still Family Owned and Operated!!

239-995-2229 12/14


on any do-it-yourself material order!! Ask about our installation specials!


Bring this ad into the store for a



5/1 ..........Kenneth Estabrooks Verna Sheldon 5/2 ..........B J Bauer Adele Guthreau Terry Kinzel Mary Ann Wuerdeman 5/3 ..........Joan Kachel Robert Malonson Hilda Taylor 5/4 ..........Charles Margiotta Kay Rolader 5/5 ..........Joe Murdoch John Umberger 5/6 ..........Brenda Cook George Storminger Onallee Trachsel 5/7 ..........Archie Hayes Judy Michael Myles Roberts 5/8 ..........Rhonda Cheney David Paugh 5/9 ..........John Cook Pete Doyle Mary Ann Doyle Mary Geffken Frank Gianino Evelyn LaFlin Chuck Selbach 5/10 ........Joan Stevenson Edward Wills 5/12 ........Barbara Clancy Joseph Kaydo 5/13 ........Jean Barciz June Doyle David Lane Phyllis Thorkelson

5/14 ........Gay Dye 5/17 ........Peter Israel Michael Johnson Edna Smith 5/19 ........Dave Denny Susan Dunigan Vera Lingeman 5/20 ........Rosalie Christopher David Scheetz Joan Whaley 5/21 ........Marlys Norve 5/22 ........Tom Janer 5/23 ........Jeanne Csuy Joseph Reardon Mary Terrence 5/24 ........Jean Cornwell Nancy Lich Dina Lord Mike Mitzlaff 5/25 ........Pat DiNitto 5/26 ........Fred Brueggeman Marlene Haag Michelle Reese 5/27 ........Peggy Deems 5/28 ........Violet Coumbe Margaret Johnson Marcia Peterson 5/29 ........Francis Heisler Richard Taylor 5/30 ........Shirley Hornig Bob Lefrancois 5/31 ........Alice Kozik Shirley Matlin Barbara Urbanke

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Numbers from 1 to 9 are inserted into sets that have 9 x 9 = 81 squares in whole. Every number can be used just once in every column and row. 1. Every number can be used just once in the blocks of 3 x 3 = 9 square blocks. 2. Each row of 9 numbers ought to contain all digits 1 through 9 in any order 3. Every column of 9 numbers should comprise all digits 1 through 9 in any order Every 3 by 3 subsection of the 9 by 9 square must include all digits 1 through 9

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The Daily Activity Schedule is updated on a monthly basis. Please submit corrections or additons to Dennis Cottini: 217-0592 or email –, prior to the 9th of each month.

Daily Activity Schedule

Activity/Contact Information








Exercise Tai Chi , Marjorie Lord, 543-9072







Jane Fonda Aerobics, Teddy Reid




Water Aerobics, North Pool, Marilyn Miller, 731-9934




Yoga Practice, Starlight Ballroom, Dea Wells 283-5603



Tura Zumba, Teddy Reid, 731-7251

Sports Billiards, Men's, Harry Christopher, 997-7345



Billiards, Women's, Ann DeGrande, 989-2206 Nov-Apr Bocce, Nov-April - Peggy Terrasi 603-236-2209

6:30-9:30 4:15

Bocce, Nov-April - Sheila Vona, 443-8389


Bocce, Oct-May


Bowling For Fun, All Star Lanes, Cheryl DeCara, 543-8751


Bowling, Mixed, All Star Lanes, Dave Csuy, 543-9746, Oct-Mar


Bowling, Mixed, All Star Lanes, TBD


Golf, Men's 18 Hole League, Don Soper, 217-0879


Golf, Men's 9 Hole League, Jack Riordan, Pres., 543-3753


Golf, Women's 18 Hole League, Ruth Ann Blevins, 543-8134


Golf, Women's 9 Hole League-Marianne Denman, 543-5968


Shuffleboard, Jack Blevons, 731-0892 Shuffleboard, open

1:00 9:00

Shuffleboard, Open, Robyn Geren, 839-6674 Shuffleboard, Traveling Team, Jan-Mar, Glenn Tointon 920-309-1294 Softball, Punta Gorda, Jay Flanagan - 543-1640 Tennis, Mixed, Open - Dave Harting, 599-8575

2:30 12:30 5:30






Games Bingo - Oct-Mar, Erv & Linda Storma 997-9066 doors - open 6:15 Bingo - Starlight Ballroom - all year

6:45-9:00 11:00-12:00

Bridge, Duplicate - Deloris Nelson - 731-9503


Bridge, Duplicate-Carol Marra 731-0845


Bridge, Open - Marjorie Davis - 543-4225


Bridge, Open - Sylvia White - 731-5168


Canasta - Norrine McLaughlin , 543-1276


Dominoes - June Malonson 652-4151


Euchre- Marcella Carothers - 731-3315


Hand & Foot - Card Game, Betty Scheetz - 609-477-9147


Mahjong - Marianne Denman - Card Room II, 543-5968


Mahjong- Dianne Bevilacqua- Card Room I, 567-2234


Mahjong- Glenda Oliver - Card Room II, 834-8699 Mahjong- Rheta Kanen, 731-0809 May I - Card Game- Norrine McLaughlin -543-1276



7:00 1:00-4:00

Pinochle - Eleanor Lingeman, 543-1209


Other Activities & Clubs Wood Carving- Bernie Forsey, 217-6024 - Nov-May


Blood Pressure Readings - before coffee in the Clubhouse Ceramics, Janet Ragone, 543-7818





Choralaires-Edna Smith, 543-2467 - Nov-Mar


Coffee & Social Hour - Starlight Ballroom Computer Club-Marlene Eck 543-9249, 1st&3rd Wed.


Good Timers-1st wk of Month, Peg Mc Ternan 543-3144


Investment Club, 2nd Tues. of mo. Bob Miller, 731-5609






Library - open every day Oil Painting - Gerri Robbins, 731-6390 Oct-May


Paper Crafting/Card Making-Mary Kay Tointon 920-309-2121 Video Corner- check hours in the Library Writers Group - Jack Dunigan- 599-4221 - Poinciana Room -1st Tues. of each month

9:00 1:00-3:00 10-11:30

The Daily Activity Schedule is updated on a monthly basis. Please submit any corrections or additions to Dennis Cottini - 217-0592 or email -, prior to the 9th of each month. Thank you

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To list events on the internet, please e-mail, and submit pictures & text in digital form. Tower Delivery:

HOA Board:


HOA - The Homeowners Association of Del Tura Inc. MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION Name: ________________________________________________________________________ Del Tura Address: _______________________________________________________________ Phone: _______________________________________________________________________ Owner Check Here: _______

Renters Check Here: ________

Charles Smith @ 313-1822

Dues: $12.00 U.S. annually for homeowners and renters. Make check payable to: HOA Del Tura. Mail or deliver to Doris Meyer, 246 Las Palmas Blvd., No. Ft. Myers, FL 33903, 731-1937. If mailed, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of HOA cards.

LOAN CLOSET HOA - Tower Delivery Travel Plans Please Do Not Deliver “The Tower” during the time I/We are away. Name: __________________________________________________________________________ Del Tura Address: _________________________________________________________________ Date-Will be away from: ____________________ Date-Will return on: _______________________ Please complete and return to the HOA Office.

For the correct listing of your

Birthday & Anniversary e-mail to or return this form to the HOA OFFICE

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ANNIVERSARY Name: ______________________________ Month (Spelled)____________ Day: ______ Year married: ________________________ Number of years married as of 2014: ______


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Del Tura Address: ____________________ ___________________________________ Phone: (_____) ______________________

BIRTHDAYS Name: _____________________________ Address: ___________________________ __________________________ (Required) Phone #____________________(Required) Month (Spelled)____________Day: ______ Name: _____________________________


Email Address ______________________ _____ 1 Year Membership $22.00 _____ 3 Year Membership $55.00 # Of registered Fl. voters in household: ____ Non-Florida Address if Applicable: __________________________________ __________________________________ Which months do you NOT live in Florida: ___________________________________ Recruiter Name_______________________ Send To: FMO, P.O. Box 5300 Largo, FL 33779-5300

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• Where there’s a will, I want to be in it. • The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it’s still on my list. • Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak. • If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong. • Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. • To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many is research.

• I didn’t say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you. • In filling out an application, where it says, ‘In case of emergency, Notify:’ I put ‘DOCTOR.’ • Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are sexy. • I used to be indecisive. Now I’m not so sure… • To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target. • I’m supposed to respect my elders, but it’s getting harder and harder for me to find one now.

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Games Round Up



By Carol Marra

By Deloris Nelson

1/26/14 Carol Marra/Eric Palmgren Don Ruterford/Meg Gohl Mimi O’Connell/Geri Schilling

2/11/14 Carol Marra/Jerry Moore Linda Lane/Dawne McHugh Dee/Lou Rotolo Anna Ekas/Deloris Nelson Don Mick/Eric Palmgren Lou Hiban/Bill Trachsel

2/9/14 Meg Gohl/Don Rutherford Carol Marra/Eric Palmgren Betty Borgenson/Deloris Nelson 2/16/14 Betty Borgenson/Geri Reutenik Carol Marra/Eric Palmgren Mimi O’Connell/Geri Schilling 2/23/14 Meg Gohl/Don Rutherford Carol Marra/Eric Palmgren Betty Borgenson/Geri Reutenik tie Mimi O’Connell/Geri Schilling 3/2/14 Dave Harting/Richard Houtman Betty Borgenson/Geri Reutenik Mimi O’Connell/Geri Schilling


Tues. Night EUCHRE Mac’s Daughter Cheerful Spirit and Caring Soul


Call Sharon A Del Tura Resident

By Marcella Carothers 2/11/14 Bob McCrank Marcella Carothers Peter Israel (tie) Dick Slusarski 2/18/14 Rick Walker Ron Rivard Ray Dean Jean Wiley 2/25/14 Anita Harrington Pat Somers Diane Gillenkirk Priscilla Peterson

2/18/14 Ann Ekas/Deloris Nelson tie Don Mick/Eric Palmgren Mimi O’Connell/Geri Schilling Meg Gohl/Don Rutherford

3/4/14 Kathy Boesel Sharon Walker Elaine Slusarski Roger K.

2/25/15 Al/Hennie Oostema Don Mick/Eric Palmgren Ann Ekas/Deloris Nelson Carol Marra/Jerry Moore 3/4/14 Don Mick/Eric Palmgren Ann Ekas/Deloris Nelson Dave Harting/Richard Houtman Mimi O’Connell/Geri Schilling

Diverse Experience In


College Educated s English Speaking s Licensed CNA-Certified HHA Flexible Hours 6-6/14



Computer Problems I Come to You!

Whether you need some help with a program or have a problem with your computer, I can help —or there’s no charge. Pine Lakes Resident Bob Heft — 239.543.2580 Internet, iPad, Tablet, Kindle, Email, Windows 8, Printer & Wireless Network Help Available—$25/hr.


SPECIAL (up to 5 vents)



PINOCHLE SCORES 12/18/13 Marcella Carothers Bill Trachsel Don Dean 1/8/14 Onallee Trachsel Ray Dean Marcella Carothers

1/15/14 Fred Fasolo Lance G. Florence Dean

2/12/14 Ray Dean Bette Buescher Bill Trachsel

1/22/14 Fred Fasolo Kathy Boesel Sue Dunigan 1/29/14 Don Dean Fred Fasolo Brenda ?

2/18/14 Don Dean Ray Dean Anita Harrington 2/26/14 Sue Dunigan Florence Dean Anita Harrington

2/5/14 Ray Dean Don Dean Marcella Carothers

3/5/14 Onallee Trachsel Sue Dunigan Dick Boesel


FREE F Dryer Dry Vent Cleaning Included With Special


By Eleanor Lingeman


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Red Hat Sizzlers off D Del Tura


Red Hat Sizzlers of Del Tura is looking for members. If interested please call Lynne Mack Queen at 543-4084 (after 10:00 a.m. PLEASE) or e-mail her at

LOVE IT & LIST IT Are you ready for an exciting change but love living in Del Tura? List your home with us, and move into a brand new home at Del Tura with our special residentexclusive deal! Call today to learn

more about this limited-time offer. 239-731-3433


Invite your friends to live at Del Tura, and you could earn up to $1,000 when they buy a new home.* Call 239-731-3433 for details.

When listing your home, pay close attention to your bathrooms. Presentation is everything, so be sure you have freshly laundered towels, new soap in your soap dish and spotless mirrors.


*Offer restricted to Hometown America owned homes. Customer must register the resident who referred them at the time of their initial visit. Residents who refer will receive money after closing of escrow. Others terms may apply.

List your home:

(239) 731-3433

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Meet Your Neighbor

KEVIN & LOUISE WILCOX (Couple of the Year) 5539 SAN LUIS DRIVE The COUPLE OF THE YEAR award sounded intriguing to me and I was so pumped to be asked to interview this year’s recipients. What does it mean to be given this type of award? What kind of people is this honor bestowed upon? I have seen their pictures in the Gallery in the Club House--but I had never met them personally. I am sorry to have missed the presentation of the Award at the recent quarterly Board Meeting, so getting to meet them in their own home was a pleasure. I was greeted at the door by both Louise and Kevin. Immediately their genuine friendliness made me “feel at home” in their spacious dining room. The zest they have for life and serving others began to ooze out of them, as their life story unfolded over the next several minutes. Kevin was born and raised in Upstate New York. His dad worked for IBM so they moved a lot. He moved to Chicago when he was eighteen years old, where he met and fell in love with Louise. Louise (better known as “Lou”) was raised in the Northwest side of Chicago

living in the same family home until she left home to marry Kevin. Kevin landed a job with Marshall Fields, Inc and worked there throughout his whole career. Lou a very active and committed stay at home mom, went to work for the same company after the children were raised. Kevin was a supervisor and Louise was an electrician. No, I did not get that wrong. Lou repeated, with a coy smile, “I was the electrician, my husband a supervisor.” They bought their first house together shortly after getting married and raised their three children in that very home, living there for thirty-seven years before selling and coming to Del Tura. It was with an air of quiet contentment that Lou shared and Kevin injected his own comments about the fact they had never argued in front of their children—always being able to work out any differences in privacy. They showed me pictures of each of their children. They both had huge smiles as they talked about their four adorable grandsons. Retirement came into the picture when they were “oh so tired of the cold weather” and health issues brought them to Florida in May of 2010. They checked out a lot of communities in this area but the minute they came through the gates





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of Del Tura Country Club there was “no looking back”. They returned to Chicago and ended up buying their home here, by seeing only an outside picture of it that his dad had taken for them. Lou and Kevin go to most all of the shows and dances and hang out at the Pub. Kevin swims at North Pool as often as he can. They plan, when time affords it, to take up golfing on a regular basis. (“That means when Kevin learns to say no”, Lou said “squinching” her nose up at Kevin---and he grinning back at her). What about the Couple of the Year award? Well, let me share with you what I learned about all their activities and volunteering here to make life better for all who are a part of the Del Tura family. I do not have the space in this article to share more than a glimpse of how Lou and Kevin have impacted our community in the years since their arrival. Lou is the Nominating Committee Chair for our HOA board, which takes an unbelievable amount of time. She and Kevin work closely with Jayleen Ruffalo, as co-chair on the pancake breakfast, as well as working on the Ice Cream Social. Lou also helps Kevin with the Coffee Hour each week. Lou does all this, while still working in a local Target store, as part of the Hu-

man Resource team, a promotion she received after working for Target for just two years. Hmmm, she’s shining bright on the job, as well as volunteering here at home. Kevin’s position as one of the HOA Board Directors includes overseeing the Coffee Hour preparations of the coffee and refreshments. He is responsible for the supply cage, making sure all supplies are well stocked, purchased, organized, and taken care of for all the events. Kevin also works all year for the loan closet as organizer and distributor of the items available for use (a great percentage of the items available to our community are to accommodate visitors in our homes, especially for children). The loan closet is not part of FISH and

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does not supply medical equipment. The additional things Kevin volunteers his time and invests his energy into with gusto are varied. Among the long list is serving as a driver for FISH, he delivers The Tower, serves as a team member for building the sets for all the shows including the Christmas pageants. The average service hours for Kevin are about three hours a day not including all the daily phone calls and emails. During event times it is massive hours each day taking care of all the details involved. They both giggle about their routine of going over to the Club House every Monday night getting set up for early Tuesday morning Coffee Hour, which they so enjoy and could not think of missing. Yes, it is evident that Lou and Kevin are a very special couple who work well and happily together and without a doubt have earned the 2014 Couple of the Year award. They chimed in together to end our time together by saying, “ We love being here. The best thing about living in Del Tura is the feeling of community and family--- serving and living life together.” Thank you, Lou and Kevin, we are happy you are here!

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KIM JENKINS Saturday, April 26, 2014 ~ 7-10 PM Ticket Sales Begin on April 8 before coffee $ 8 HOA Members - $10 Non-members HOA Members only the first day of ticket sales. Others ticket sale dates April 15 & 22 are open to everyone.

Kim Jenkins is an exceptional vocalist with the versatility and range to cover a wide variety of music. His ability to capture the sound and essence of the artists he emulates is amazing! Combined with an eclectic repertoire of Top 40 hits from the 50's & 60's that you know & love, every performance is an outstanding entertainment event! At his shows, audiences want to get up and dance! At his dances, audiences are thrilled with his showmanship!

BYOB and snacks, Doors open at 6:30 PM

x HOA SPONSORED ~ NO REFUNDS For additional information, call Heléne Glasson ~ 217-0592

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