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It seems so quiet here in Del Tura. I feel like I own the golf course. I’m out there all by myself. When you leave Del Tura the traffic is gone and there are no lines at Publix. Wow—it must be summer time in North Fort Myers. I hope you have been enjoying the dances planned by our great entertainment committee. This committee works hard to ensure the residents have fun events to attend the entire year. Be sure to check the HOA web site or your copy of the Tower for the dates and bands that will be playing. Also, Nick has been having some fun events in the Fountain Grill and outside patio area. Check the bulletin boards for the specials and join in the fun. It’s important to support our restaurant, pub, and beauty shop. They make life more enjoyable for all of us. As I write this article (May 7th) no agreement has been reached between Hometown and the HOA regarding the sidewalks. Florian has agreed not to send any more rule violation notices regarding the sidewalks until an agreement has been reached. Currently you are required to keep your front sidewalk “broom clean.” Hometown considers the sidewalks as part of your lot and the resident’s responsibility to keep clean. The HOA contends the sidewalks are common area and it is the responsibility of Management to keep them clean and in good repair. I will continue to keep you informed of any updates regarding our sidewalks at coffee each Tuesday. The Board will be meeting with Florian and the Regional V.P. Gina, in early June to discuss amenities. What amenities would you like to see added, changed or updated? Please send me e-mail or drop off a note in the HOA office and let me know your thoughts. Things we are considering are: a bigger library with sitting area; more exercise machines along with a larger area; an office for a Home Health Agency; food and drinks pool side. Please let me know what you think. Del Tura is our home and a very special place. When I was fifty years old, I dreamed about retiring-to a beautiful place with swimming, tennis, exercise classes, golf and most important—lots of really nice people to call friends. My dream came true; how about yours? The Wall-----yes, it is taking longer than the Great Wall of China. Cape Coral requested changes, which Hometown completed and returned to Cape Coral. It was then approximately six weeks before Cape Coral looked at them.

We are waiting (not patiently) to hear from Cape Coral. Lee County has a hearing scheduled for midJune concerning the fines against Hometown for noncompletion of the wall. More to come--- soon I hope I’ll let you know. Our series of speakers at Tuesday Coffee Hour continues through the summer months. I have been able to schedule the following physicians: June 19: Dr. Christopher Dawson, M.D. Orthopedic Specialists of SW Fl. July 10 : Dr. George D. Markovish, M.D. Joint replacement for hips, knees and shoulders—Getting optimal results— Robotic Surgery at it’s finest July 24 : Dr. Robert Fullweiler, D.O. Shoulder pain & rotator cuff repair I am still working on getting a speaker for August 21st. I hope you have enjoyed these physicians and their topics. If you have a topic you would like covered, let me know. We have big plans for the 4th of July. Jay and Liz Flanagan along with Tony and Glenda Oliver have agreed to oversee this big event. Linda and Irv Storma are busy planning the parade and won’t even tell me who the grand marshal will be. Behind the scene, working up a storm, is our favorite lady, Molly Walker. She will make sure we are doing it right and that we don’t forget anything. Nick has been busy planning the food, drinks, and entertainment. There are many sporting events planned along with a poker run. I’ve even heard that our resident Fortune Teller will be there. The only thing missing this year will be Trash and Treasures. Because of the work involved in this wonderful event, we will be doing it only one time a year. So please hold on to all those “treasures” until our big winter event. We don’t have room to store things, so please don’t drop anything off at the Clubhouse; save them until November. The HOA office will continue to be open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. until noon. If you would like to volunteer for the office or coffee hour, please drop me a note. We always need help, especially when the “snow birds” go north. Be sure to check the HOA web site for the latest updates on the wall, sidewalks, entertainment and sports. Have a great June and July and I will see you at coffee hour on Tuesdays.





NEWSWORTHY Good Timers News By Susan Savitt

“Animals are such agreeable friends -- they ask no question they pass no criticisms.” George Eliot         Do you know Barb Simmons’ friend “Jack,” DeDe Eschenburg’s friend “Misha,” Pat Clemens’ friend “Chipper,” Janet Clemens’ friend “Rosie,” Fran Pouliot’s friend “Pepper,” Nancy Skorlinski’s friend “Molly,” Jean Barciz’s friends “Betsy” and “Bingo,” Jan Van Amburg’s friend “JV,”  Lyn Bailey’s friend “Honey,” and my friend, “Violettah?”  If not, you are missing out on meeting some of the most beautiful or handsome loyal friends in Del Tura.  Just ask any of these people and they will regale you with stories about their pets and tell you what good friends they are.  Fran Pouliot, for example, took in “Pepper” several years ago when a neighbor left Del Tura unable to take him with her.   Now they are inseparable. Fran and her friend share daily ice creams, cart rides, and afternoon naps.  Others have wonderful memories of pets that were their friends in the past such as Betty Clark’s “Dino,” Winnie Guzkowski’s “Lacey,” Mo MacKinnon’s rescue dog, “Skye,” Alice Harris’ “Lil Schatzi,” and Barbara Boyd’s “Tchin-Tchin,” a show dog, who achieved the highest AKC Obedience Class honors, yet never came when she was called!    One of our members can tell an unusual story about owning a monkey who saved her cat from spinning itself to death in the clothes dryer!  Guess who?  The answer will be shared in our next column.  Remember, friends come in all shapes, sizes, and forms and leave a lasting impression on our lives.         As promised last month, here are the winners of this year’s Road Rally: North Side: 1st place, Lyn Bailey and Carin Crouse; 2nd place, Joan Whaley and Millie Hanrahan; 3rd place, Joan Johnson and Peg McTernan.  South Side: 1st place, Gloria Ellis and Millie Ciccarelli; 2nd place, Pat Clemens and Janet Clemens; 3rd place, Cora Dunn and Betty Clark. Esther Kuntz and Charlotte Sanborn created a challenging, fun event.  Thanks also to Fran Pouliot for hosting the Pizza Party after the Rally.  

    The mint juleps flowed as we cheered on our favorite horses at the Kentucky Derby party (see picture on back page) at the Starlight Ballroom.  Thanks to Gloria Ellis, who did a wonderful job of organizing, and Louise Dodge and Anna Wilson who assisted.  We all sang “My Old Kentucky Home,” and Louise Dodge, DeDe Eschenburg, Lynn Everett, Judy Fuhrman, Fran Pouliot, Bill Southwick, Nancy Skorlinski, Cathy Wallace and I donned chapeaus for the occasion.  Kentucky chicken and pot luck dishes were yummy.  Thanks to our friend Ron Raming for technical help in setting up the event. Win, place, or show, a fun time was had by all.        The May birthday dinner was held at The Edison, hosted by Joan Whaley and Mo McKinnon.  The historical decor and, of course, the food, was enjoyed by all.  Members celebrating May birthdays were: Violet Coumbe, Nancy Lich, Jan VanAmburg, Joan Whaley and Jean Barciz.        The combined June and July birthday dinners will be hosted by Peg McTernan and Judy Fuhrman.  We are eager to find out what the theme will be as Judy’s children’s theme party last summer was so much fun.  Attend the June Good Timers’ meeting on the 5th of June at 5:00 p.m. at the clubhouse to get theme, time, place and other details. New members are always welcome.  Attend the next meeting or call Pat Clemens at 567-0716 for further information.  We were pleased to welcome Anna Wilson and Mary Lou Pudlo at our May meeting.        Whether you are a snowbird or at home in Del Tura all year, have a happy, healthy summer filled with many “good times.”   




NEWSWORTHY FISH TRANSPORTATION ALERT The Fish Transportation Line has been available to our friends in Del Tura for many years and is evolving. Numerous volunteers have made themselves available to transport those in need of rides to doctor’s appointments and other limited services, e.g. food shopping and other convenience stops while being otherwise transported. Unfortunately, on occasion, we have some folks who are burdened to find multiple rides over a period of time, which can become an “overload” problem for those who book these rides and for the volunteer drivers as well. During the busy winter season when our community grows vastly in numbers, understandably we are challenged in our mission. Likewise, in the summer months, many of our volunteers, bookers and drivers, are on vacation up north, so another challenge exists. Because of these and other situations that have come to our attention, the Fish Board and the Transportation Committee have agreed on the following policies:

Limit of two rides per person, per week.

If you have booked a ride, and it has been confirmed with your driver, please let that person know if your status for pick-up has changed. If the driver arrives at your house and cannot raise you by knocking, calling out your name, or attempting to reach you by phone, then in order to be sure you are not in trouble, the transporter will call 911 to investigate your status. Unfortunately, we have had a few incidents here in Del Tura where someone has fallen or had a medical emergency that has not been discovered in time to provide them with the help they needed. You are much too special to us for us to allow that to happen. If you live alone, and especially if you have health issues, we suggest that you provide Fish Transportation with the phone number of a relative or neighbor (who may have a key to your house) so that we can contact them if we suspect you may be in trouble. If you or someone in your family is to be transported by car to a doctor’s appointment, and is not able to get into the vehicle without being lifted, be aware that our Fish Volunteers are not trained to lift him/her into the vehicle nor are they legally able to do this. There are insurance implications and liabilities for both the driver and the one being transported. If we cannot accommodate you, according to the policies above, we will attempt to provide you with information regarding local transportation services outside of our community. The Volunteers of Fish Transportation are both grateful and honored to be of help to you, our friends here in Del Tura. Please do not hesitate to call us on the Fish Line if we can be of service to you. Sincerely, Gail Reeve, Fish Transportation Chairman.





“Change is good” has been the motto and philosophy of BETTY WRIGHT of Madera Court who is the current Secretary of our HOA Board of Directors and has also recently assumed the post of Del Tura Representative for the FMO (Federation of Mobile Home Owners of Florida, Inc.). Born in Danville, VA, Betty was forced to embrace change at an early age when family circumstances broke up her family and she spent much of her childhood living with her grandparents on a farm. She left home at the age of seventeen and became employed as a mortgage loan processor. At twenty-two she married and eventually had four children, two daughters and two sons, and now is a proud grandma to fourteen grandchildren ranging in age from three to thirty. She also has two three-year-old great- grandsons. She and her husband were married for twenty-four years before he died in 1985. Betty spent most of her working career in the mortgage industry and for sixteen years worked for the Bank of America from which she retired in 2009 as a corporate vice-president. Her last nine years of work there were in Florida with FHA and VA programs. She became adept at writing policies for mortgage lending and also training materials to be used for their employees. During this period of her life, Betty moved to and lived in many different locations all over the US, always seeking better employment. She also enjoyed traveling to other countries. One of her favorite destinations was Scotland, which she visited five times. In 2001, thinking the climate here would be better for her mother’s health, she brought her to Fort Myers. She discovered Del Tura and thought the amenities we offered would be perfect for her mother and would help keep her active.

She was also impressed with how friendly all the people here were. After moving here, Betty kept working for the Bank in her own office at home. After her mother had died and Betty retired in 2009, she took a year off to take stock of her own situation. She often indulged in her favorite pastime of reading and also found time to garden and care for her two little dogs. She resumed her interest in genealogy, which she had worked on since 1972. Being one of eighteen cousins in her generation, she has compiled genealogy books for all the others. She even held a family reunion of 43 people at Del Tura in 2004. Last year Betty became active in our community. As Board secretary she has rewritten the HOA Policies and Procedures and revised the Bylaws. Now as FMO Representative she is hoping to be able to reverse the losing membership of that organization, at least locally. Betty brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our hardworking Board of Directors and we’re happy to have her in our midst.

Del Tura Home Wanted To Rent 6 to 12 months as of September 15. I would like to rent before buying in Del Tura.

Call Fred at 239-220-4569




SPORTS Nine-Hole Women’s Golf Association By: Claire Mick

Our League’s last tournament of the season, the Member/Member, was held on April 11th and 12th. Congratulations to the following winners: Flight 1 1st Place: Marianne Denman and Gail Gottsacker 2nd Place: Barbara Boyd and Shirley Williams 3rd Place: Barb Jones and Judy Riordan Flight 2 1st Place: Susan Belpulsi and Sharon Daniels 2nd Place: Nora Chandler and Lynne Sabel 3rd Place: Pat Alley and Geri Kremer Members enjoyed a delicious cookout at the Main Pool immediately following the last day of play on the 12th. Thanks to Gail Reeve for her excellent planning and coordination of this event; to all members who provided excellent side dishes and desserts; and to our gracious male chefs for their “seasoned” expertise at the grill. We’ve reached the end of a very busy and successful winter season for our League and most Snow Birds have returned to their northern residences. A couple of reminders for our annual members: 1) League play on Thursdays has been changed to 8:00 a.m., in an attempt to avoid a bit of the oppressive heat as the day progresses. 2) The LEGA (Ladies Executive Golf Association) schedule for the summer months is posted on the Bulletin Board. Hope many of you will plan to participate in these fun summer games with other Clubs in this Association. As a reminder, LEGA is a wonderful opportunity for year-round members to play at other local courses and to develop new friendships with their members. In addition to regular announcements at the weekly tournament play, members are reminded to regularly review published announcements on our Bulletin Board to obtain specifics for all planned events. New members are always welcome to join the Nine-Hole Women’s Golf Association at any time during the year. Don’t hesitate to contact Marlene DeGraaf at 599-4404 for more information.

Men’s Golf

By David Bilodeau The summer is fast approaching here at Del Tura and course maintenance is in full swing. The West, South, and North courses will be closed at times, and the Pro Shop appreciates your understanding in this matter. We all benefit from the repairs being done. Here is a note from 9-hole chair Jack Riordan: The Nine Hole Men’s Gold Flight is still very active with a varied schedule of formats coming up this summer. Although several of our members have headed north to enjoy families in a cold and rainy environment, we still have a good-sized group staying here to enjoy the sunshine, warm weather, and occasional showers. We have been fortunate in that most of our members are still hale and hardy, and we are waiting for Frank Lattanzio and Ron Clancy to recover from some recent health issues and return to join us on the course. We would like to tell everyone that if you want an enjoyable experience, you need to play with the Gold Flight. We would like to welcome Ralph Radcliffe as our newest and most senior member. And this note from 18 hole Men’s Association President Donnie Soper: On May 1, 2 and 3, 34 golfers from Del Tura played in The Spring Classic in New Port Richey. This is the third year many of us have played, and some have played longer. All 34 won door prizes from hats to putters to full sets of clubs. Almost half of the players from Del Tura won trophies for finishing in the top 3 in their flight, a few won closest to the pins, and Del Tura won the women’s and men’s putting contests. Cash was also won in the daily skins games. We all had a great time! The following Holes In One were recorded recently: Mike Moore on 9 North - April 6th. Ron Cole on 8 West - April 17th. And TWO for John Umberger! 7 South - April 9th, and 7 North on April 23rd. (7 must be his lucky number!)




GAMES ROUNDUP Pinochle Scores By Eleanor Lingeman 4/11/12 Jack Blevons Sue Dunigan Pat Wagner 4/25/12 Fred Fasolo Peter Slusarski Sue Dunigan

Friday Afternoon Bridge By Sylvia White and Joan Baumann 4/16/12 Joan Johnson Esther Kuntz 4/13/12 Joan Baumann Agnes Rand Joan Johnson


4/20/12 Sylvia White Dot Troast

Ray Dean Don Dean Ralph Lingeman

4/27/12 Ed Arnett Joan Baumann


Wednesday Afternoon Bridge By Marjorie Davis 4/24/12 N/S Mimi O’Connell/Dee Nelson Cathy/Paul Quinlan Bob Sell/Dot Troast E/W Ann/Miller Elas Dee/Lou Rotolo 5/1/12 N/S Sandy Mihok/Deloris Nelson Cathy/Paul Quinlan Eleanor Bergman/Shirley Sullivan E/W Al/Hennie Ostema Lou Hiban/Bill Trachsel

Peter Slusarski Ray Dean Bill Trachsel

Tuesday Night Euchre By Marcella Carothers 4/17/12 Kathy Boesel Audrey Person Debby Taylor Sue Maginn (tie) Marcella Carothers 4/24/12

Anita Harmon Audrey Person Jolan Israel Sue Maginn 5/1/12 Ray Dean Winnie Guzowski Don Dowell Audrey Person 5/8/12 Ray Dean Nancy Skorlinski

Tuesday Evening Duplicate Bridge By Deloris Nelson 4/10/12 Carol Marra/Jerry Moore Mimi O’Connell/Geri Schilling Sandy Mihok/Deloris Nelson 4/17/12 N/S Carol Marra/Jerry Moore Cathy/Paul Quinlan Deloris Nelson/Geri Ruetenik E/W Fred/Pat Rogers Ann/Miller Ekas Don Mick/Eric Palmgren

Sunday Evening Duplicate Bridge By Carol Marra 4/1/12 Cathy/Paul Quinlan Carol Marra/Eric Palmgren Betty Borgenson/Bill Trachsel 4/12/12 Deloris Nelson/Shirley Sullivan Hennie/Al Oostema Cathy/Paul Quinlan 4/22/12 Cathy/Paul Quinlan Betty Borgenson/Bill Trachsel tie Hennie/Al Oostema 4/29/12 Cathy/Paul Quinlan Deloris Nelson/Geri Ruetenik tie Al/Hennie Oostema

4/18/12 Mary Toms Donna Mc Keown Janet Wick 4/25/12 Janet Wick Ed Arnett Donna Mc Keown 5/2/12 Ed Arnett Joan Baumann Sylvia White 5/9/12 Donna Mc Keown Marge Davis Agnes Rand





Rates for classified ads will be as follows: Rates for 2 to 3 lines of ad will be $8.00, or if you pay for one yr. the cost will be $50.00; and 4 to 5 lines will be $13.00, or if you pay for one yr. the cost will be $100.00; and 6 to 8 lines will be at $20.00 per ad. No ad over 8 lines will be accepted. Place ads by calling BART @ 5994404 We use only one page for the classified ads. “The Tower” does not inform you when classified ads expire. However, the letters in parenthesis at the end of your ad tells the expiration date PROFESSIONAL PAINTING Without Professional Prices! Interior/Exterior, 23 years experience, Power Washing, Home Maintenance and repairs! Del Tura resident. Call Jim or Suzi Smith 543-2046(j/j12)

HANDY MAN – Electrical - Plumbing - Wood rot, Carpentry, Screen repair, Ceiling Fans, etc. Del Tura Resident Chuck 731-0188,(d12) RENTAL DEL TURA185 Las Palmas fully furnished w/golf cart. Call Vanessa 774-644-4434 (f13) RENTAL: 203 LAS PALMAS fully furnished, two bedroom, two baths, two car garage, golf cart available. Facing South Pool. Ideal Rental for teachers and other summer vacationers. Reasonable rates with all utilities included. Sorry no pets and no smoking. Call 543-4074 or (978) 337-4322(j/j12) RENTAL AVAILABLE – May thru Dec 2012, 2 br/2 ba, Golf course/lake view/corner lot. Nicely furnished/ equipped home, includes golf cart, (4 seater) 2 adult/ 1child’s bikes. All amenties. Neat, modern and clean. $350/per week-$1,100.00/month. Call Chris: 603-2281960 or 603-300-0556 (cell)(j/j12) WINDOWS cleaned inside/outside. Power washing Small repairs jobs. Marty 731-2670, Dave 5437370(mar13) KITTY SITTER. Going away but can’t take kitty? I will come twice daily to care for needs and make kitty happy. Call 543-8486(a/s12) PAINTING & lANDSCAPING: Interior/exterior, caulk 1-2 coats, Trimming, mulch, roof & gutter cleaning. Brick and mortar repair. BEST PRICE, FREE ESTIMATES. Resident, call Sean Sullivan anytime 731-3710(aug/sept12)

DO YOU NEED A RIDE to and from the airport, or to Doctors’ appointment or need to go shopping and can’t get out? Please call Norm Reilly 567-2292(f 13) HOUSE CLEANING: Have your home cleaned by a efficient and trustworthy Del Turian who is reasonable and use her own products. Call Judie 731-1373(d12) HANDY MAN, painting, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, wood rot, ceiling fans. Del Tura Resident. John Belpulsi 239-543-5085 or 239-313-8029(mar13) LOCKSMITH Auto/Home Lockouts, Locks Repaired, Installed or Re-keyed. Del Tura Resident. Louis Rivet 543-1434(o12) RIDES to and from the airport. Gerald J. Dyer, 231 Las Palmas Blvd. 731-1696.(f13) GARAGE DOOR AND OPENER TUNE-UP $25.00. Oil, adjust, and reprogram. Post light sensors replaced. Call Jim O’Brien( resident) 239-8491644(may13) VINYL & LAMINATE floors installed, sub floor repair, also painting and power washing. Lic. & Ins. Del Tura Res. Call Stan 731-9756(a/s12) GO FISH! Inshore fishing trips. $200 for 1/2 day, including license, bait and tackle. 4 people max. Lic & Ins. Captain Dave 217-0335(j/j12) “PRESSURE WASHING”. Houses, driveways, walkways. Call Del Tura Resident. Denny at 5438811(a/s12) HANDYMAN Plumbing, Electric, Hot Water Heaters, Screening and General repairs. No job too small. Del Tura resident. Call Bob 656-3904 or 240-3711(j/j12) HOME FOR RENT (2012-2013) 903 Via La Paz2B/2B Fully furnished w/Golf Cart. Reasonable rates in + off season. Min. 2 mo. No pets + no smoking. Call Wayne: (508) 728-5438(mar13) HOUSE CLEANING SERVICE, reliable, honest, & friendly service. Del Tura resident. Call Karen @ 543-1434.(o12) HOUSE SITTING SERVICE w/monthly walk thru & e-mail reports. $25 / mo. Painting, power washing, lawn service avail. Call Joe @ 239-671-8875(j/j12).






8:00 - 9:30 Tai Chi Marjorie Lord 543-9072 9:00 Shuffleboard, Open 9:00 - 12 Noon Bird Carving Bernie Forsey 217-6024 9:30 - 10:00 Turazumba 10:00 - 10:45 Aerobics Teddy Reid 731-7251 11:00 - 12:00 Bingo 11:00 - 12:00 Water Aerobics, North Pool Linda Storma 997-9066

Monday PM

1:00 - 4:00 “May I” (card game) Norrine McLaughlin 543-1276 1:00 - 3:00 Billiards, Harry Christopher 997-7345 1; 45 Computer Club Starlight Ballroom Marty Riley 217-0766 3:00 - 5:00 Choralaires Edna Smith 543-2467 5:00 p.m. Softball Mon/Wed Cape Coral, Northwest Complex Jay Flanagan 543-1640 7:00 Mah Jong Rheta Kanen 731-0809 7:00 Shuffleboard, Open Bob Crawford 777-8290 Summer April --- Aug



8:00 - 9:00 Blood Pressure Readings (Summer, only first Tue. of the month) 8:30 Coffee Hour, Starlight Ballroom 10:15 - Mixed Bowling, All Star Lanes Dave Csuy 770-6254 1:00 - 12 Noon Tap Lessons 11:00 - 12:00 Water Aerobics,

Tuesday PM

1:00 - 4:00 Oil Painting Gerri Robbins 731-6390 1:00 - 4:00 Canasta Norrine McLaughlin 543-1276 Hand and Foot (card game) Betty Scheetz 609-477-9147 3:00 - 6:00 Bocce Tom Lord 543-9072 3:00 Shuffleboard, Open 5:00 Good Timers Meet 1st wk of month Peg McTernan 543-3144 4:00 - 6:00 Investment Club 2nd & 4th wks Ed Daly 731-2364 7:00 - 9:00 Choralaires Edna Smith 543-2467 7:00 - 9:00 Euchre Marcella Carothers 731-3315 7:00 - 9:00 Good Timers Cards B-I 6:45 - 10:00 Duplicate Bridge Deloris Nelson 731-9503



8:00 Men’s 18 Hole Golf League Leo Daniels 567-1198 8:00 - 9:30 Tai Chi Marjorie Lord 543-9072 9:00 Men’s 9 Hole Golf League Jack Riordan, President 543-3753 9:30 - 10:00 Turazumba 10:00 - 10:45 Aerobics Teddy Reid 731-7251 11:00 - 12:00 Water Aerobics, North Pool Linda Storma 997-9066 11:00 - 12:15 Yoga Practice Starlight BR Dea Wells 283-5603

Wednesday (Summer) PM

12:30 Shuffleboard (Traveling League) Glen Tointon 920-309-1294 Winter Jan ---- March 1:30 - 4:30 Open Bridge M. Davis 543-4225 5:30 Dominos June Malonson 652-4151 7:00 - 10:00 Pinochle Ralph and Eleanor Lingeman 543-1209 7:00 - 10:00 Billiards, Women Anna Wilson 731-3604



8:30 Women’s 18 Hole Golf League Ruth Ann Blevins, Pres. 543-8134 8:30 Women’s 9 Hole Golf League Judith Riordan 543-3753 9:00 - 11:00 Tap Practice 11:00 Porcelain Doll Class Ruth Slatky 731-5853 11:00 - 12:00 Water Aerobics

Thursday PM

1:00 - 3:00 Men’s Billiards Ed Berkowicz 731-4979 2:00 - 3:30 Yoga Practice Dea Wells 283-5603 3:00 Mixed Bowling, All Star Lanes Gloria Ellis 731-5693 1:00 Shuffleboard, Open 6:15 Doors open for Bingo 7:00 - 10:00 Bingo (from October to March) Erv Storma 997-9066



8:00 - 9:30 Tai Chi Marjorie Lord 543-9072 9:30 - 10:00 Turazumba 10:00 - 10:45 Aerobics Teddy Reid 731-7251 11:00 Porcelain Doll Class Ruth Slatky 731-5853 11:00 - 12:00 Water Aerobics North Pool Linda Storma 997-9066



12:30 Shuffleboard practice Jack Blevons 731-0892 1:00 Shuffleboard 1:00 – 4:00 Open Bridge Sylvia White 731-5168 7:00 Cribbage Ruth Slatky 731-5853





8:00 - 10:00 Tennis, Mixed Open 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. Video Corner open in library 2:00 Fun Bowling All Star Lanes Doris Meyer 731-1937



6:45 – 9:30 Duplicate Bridge Carol Marra/Cathy Quinlan 543-5995 Other Contact Information: Blood Bank: Joyce Cuffe 543-6038 Books: Librarian: Althea Gonya 567-0260 China Painting: Ruth Slatky 731-5853 Del Tura Repertory Company Jackie Keen 731-9619 Equipment Loans (Medical) Rich Symes, (Chair) 731-1308 Neil Miller 731-3628 Equipment Loans (Loan Closet) Valerie Coache 543-6425 FISH (Friends in Service Here) Glenda Oliver 834-8699 FMO Membership Betty Wright 292-5860 Alice Harris 731-1397 Golf, Ladies (LEGA) RuthAnn Blevins 543-8134 HOA Membership Doris Meyer 731-1937 HOA Office 731-3461 Name Tags Fran Pouliot 543-6141 Tower Editor Ray Connolly 543-7705 Tower Delivery Chair Person Anna Wilson 731-3604 Video Library Elaine Schnur 567-1108 Volunteers for Coffee: Bob Albert 731-6863

Sound Systems

Dave Jacobs Judy Jacobs Fred Hall Erv Storma


Charles Note Doris Meyer Peg Note

567-4598 567-4598 731-1890 997-9066 731-5615 731-1937 731-5615

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