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Volunteer abroad to make a positive impact on society. Make a difference, immerse yourself in a different culture, develop your skills, challenge yourself. And while you're at it, add a valuable and unique experience to your CV. Make the most out of your summer and experience the things that matter.

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What is Summer Abroad? The Summer Abroad Program is a scheme run by AIESEC Belgium offering students and recent graduates the opportunity to contribute positively to social change in a foreign country while experiencing another culture by volunteering abroad this summer in a variety of different projects across the world. With this program you can gain the opportunity to:  Create a social impact  Strengthen your CV  Build a global network  Improve a foreign language  Explore the world

What are the requirements? The Summer Abroad Program does not have strict criteria for entry however, there are some requirements participants must fill to be accepted:    

Students and recent graduates who have left school in the last two years Between the ages of 18 – 30 Available for between 6 – 10 weeks between June – September Lived in Belgium for a minimum of 6 weeks

What is the cost? AIESEC Belgium charges an administration fee of €195 (+VAT if applicable) for our Summer Abroad Program. As a not-for-profit organization this money is primarily used to cover our costs with any remaining money reinvested locally in AIESEC Chapters. While in country it is usually arranged the participants will receive free food and accommodation or a stipend to cover this, with participants themselves covering airfares, insurance and other costs.

Which countries are available? AIESEC Belgium has partnered nationally with Brazil, China and Sri Lanka to ensure high quality delivery of summer experiences in projects relevant to local students, while also matching these projects to the timelines of Belgian examinations. You can click on the images below for more information. If you are interested in discovering another country we recommend you apply and talk to your local office for more information on other destinations that they can offer you this summer.

| AIESEC in Belgium |Rue Royale 221 Koningsstraat, 1210 Brussels, Belgium | | | Tel: +32 2 219 9464 | Fax: +32 217 4793 |

Option 1: Global Citizen, Third Sector The NGO management initiative is AIESEC Brazil’s largest initiative and offers exchange participants a great opportunity for personal and professional development generating direct social impact. The program will consist of short term internships with job descriptions related to the studies of business students in small and medium sized associations, foundations and other non-profit organizations. The job description will be related to the area of business studies and could be focused in one of the following areas:  Communications: Institutional branding, institution communication, web portals, social media, volunteers recruitment etc.  Project and Program Management  Organizational Management & Planning  Fundraising & Sales: Events management, developing projects and campaigns, direct fundraising and sales  Financial Management & Accounting. Specific Program Recruitments: A language level of either B1 for Spanish or A2 for Portuguese is required.

Option 2: Global Citizen, Education Project Educational projects of AIESEC Brazil are a way to directly impact a community to deliver cultural and educational workshops for elementary, middle and high school students. Teams of participants will deliver educational activities in schools about on a range of issues the activities are delivered through workshops, lectures and recreational activities. The job description:  Workshops: Run on a range of topics such as social responsibility, entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence, global citizenship and global trends  School Activities: Can include language trainings, motivations activities with teachers and participation in current school projects

| AIESEC in Belgium |Rue Royale 221 Koningsstraat, 1210 Brussels, Belgium | | | Tel: +32 2 219 9464 | Fax: +32 217 4793 |

 Extra: Interns can assist the institution on finding and developing new educations methodologies. Specific Program Recruitments: None.

Option 3: Global Citizen, University. A perfect setting for exchange of academic and cultural knowledge, which translates into personal and social growth. A team of interns will be delivering cultural and educational activities in universities about the international political organization of emerging market countries The job description:  Lectures: Run about your home country as well as other topics ranging from international career opportunities, international business, economics and international relations.  Conversational Sessions: Run on world issues such as socioeconomic issues and global policies.  Workshops: Run around a range of topics including; Hard skills, soft skills, career planning, negotiation simulations, UN simulation forums.  Event: A final event will be organized throughout the project which will be open to the public. Specific Program Recruitments: None.

About Brazil             

National name: República Federativa de Brasil Languages: Portuguese (official), Spanish, English, French Ethnicity/race: white 53.7%, mulatto (mixed white and black) 38.5%, black 6.2%, other (includes Japanese, Arab, Amerindian) 0.9%, unspecified 0.7% (2000) National Holiday: Independence Day, September 7 Religion: Roman Catholic 74%, Protestant 15%, Spiritualist 1%, none 7% (2000) Literacy rate: 88.6% (2006 est.) President: Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (2003) Land area: 3,265,059 sq mi (8,456,511 sq km); total area: 3,286,470 sq mi (8,511,965 sq km) Population (2010 est.): 201,103,330 (growth rate: 1.1%); birth rate: 18.1/1000; infant mortality rate: 21.8/1000; life expectancy: 72.26; density per sq km: 22 Capital (2003 est.): Brasília, 2,562,963 Largest cities: São Paulo, 18,333,000; Rio de Janeiro, 11,469,000; Salvador, 2,590,400; Belo Horizonte, 2,347,500; Recife, 1,485,500; Porto Alegre, 1,372,700 Monetary unit: Real

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Option 1: Explore China Project This project is aimed at raising awareness among youth on cultural heritage and its protection, providing an opportunity for global youth to experience in depth the real China. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the amazing and ancient history of art as well as promoting this cultural resource to better engage local youth and the public The job description will mainly be related to working and running activities in a local museum and will encompass the following:  Receive cultural training in a museum  Volunteer at a museum as a cultural guide and activity organizer  Assist the museum planning promotion, organization for exhibitions  Design and run art and cultural course for youth  Research local Chinese culture to create video log. Specific Program Recruitments: None

Option 2: Hope of the Future This project aims to bridge the gap between Rural China and its urban areas, developing and inspiring children from rural China. You will first start the project in one of China’s main cities where you will receive trainings and cultural preparation before with your project group to a rural middle school where you will spend the remainder of your project The job description:  Training: Upon arrival in China you will receive volunteer training and cultural preparation for you project  English Course: A core part of the project will be delivering English word course to students. Please note it’s not required to be a native English speaker for this.  Workshops: Delivered on topics of youth social responsibility  Research: Participate research on rural development. . Specific Program Recruitments: Available to start late June | AIESEC in Belgium |Rue Royale 221 Koningsstraat, 1210 Brussels, Belgium | | | Tel: +32 2 219 9464 | Fax: +32 217 4793 |

Option 3: Other Education Projects Many AIESEC chapters around China run local educational project with a focus on English language educations, internationalism and cultural sharing. More information about these projects can be found during your application process through your local AIESEC chapter in Belgium The job description:  Language Education: Running language classes in local schools in an interactive and engaging way to help local children improve their English skills  School Projects: Contribution and participation to current school projects  Workshops: Running cultural workshops about global culture and broadening the horizons of local students. Specific Program Recruitments: None.

About China 

National name: Peoples Republic of China - 中华人民共和国

        

Languages: Mandarin (official), Mongolian, Tibetan, Uyghur, Zhuang Ethnicity/race: Han Chinese 91.51%, Zhuang 1.3%, other Religion: Buddhism, Taoism Literacy rate: 93.3% (est 2000) President: Hu Jintao Area: 3,704,427 sq mi (9,640,821 sq km); Population (2010 est.): 1,339,724,852. Capital (2003 est.): Beijing 19,612,368 Largest cities: Shanghai 22,315,426; Tianjin 11,090,314; Guangzhou 11,070,654; Shenzhen 10357,938; Dongguan 8,220,937 – There are over 40 cities in China with more than a million inhabitants and more than 120 built up areas with more than a million people! Monetary unit: Renminbi (Yuan)

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Option 1: Education Project The main objective of this project is to develop English language skills of school children. Interns will engage in a traineeship in Sri Lanka to teach English to Sri Lankan students. You will have the opportunity to create a unique learning environment for the local students ages 8 – 14 to develop their English speaking and comprehension skills. This will not only improve the English language skills of the children but also gives them the opportunity to interact with different cultures and open their minds to the world. The job description will mainly be related to working and running activities in a local museum and will encompass the following:  Building confidence within students to understand and speak basic English  Teaching basic English writing, spellings and grammar according to provided curriculum.  Deliver interactive learning sessions to make the students talk in front of audiences  Share important cultural facts from your home country  Event: Prepare students for speeches and role plays at a learning networking day attended by all schools participating in the program. Specific Program Recruitments: Clear spoken English

Option 2: Entrepreneurship Project Interns will be working for SMEs, NGOs on business development for a set period of time. These interns will work in the organization in fields such as marketing, human resources and Finance to add value to their host organization bringing innovative ideas to the business while developing the skills of other employees. The job description:  Business Development: Assist local organizations in developing their businesses  Workshops: Organizing workshops on Universities and in other companies on topics such as entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, sustainability and business skill development with the assistance of other foreign interns Specific Program Recruitments: Study background in business or economics. | AIESEC in Belgium |Rue Royale 221 Koningsstraat, 1210 Brussels, Belgium | | | Tel: +32 2 219 9464 | Fax: +32 217 4793 |

About Sri Lanka           

National name: Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Languages: Sinhala, Tamil Ethnicity/race: Han Chinese 91.51%, Zhuang 1.3%, other Religion: Buddhism 69.1%, Muslim 7.6%, Hindu 7.1%, Christian 6.2% Literacy rate: 90.7% (est 2001) President: Mahinda Rajapaksa Area: 25,332 sq. mi (65,610 sq. km); Population (2010 est.): 21,481,334 Capital (2003 est.): Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte, 115,826 Largest cities: Colombo, 681,000; Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia 232,220; Moratuwa 202,021 Monetary unit: Sri Lankan Rupee

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