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Summary This Duncan Corporate Logo Manual contains the rules and guidelines as they relate to the correct visual as a Brand. There are guidelines for the official colors, fonts (typefaces), and how they may be merged into acceptable documents or communications. We are not in a position to supply artwork in other format unless it is specifically required for paid for productions, or advertising. The logo may not be used if it does not conform to these guidelines. If you have any questions or comments please contact: Director: Daniel Tanielu Tel: (612) 735-3183 Email:



Everything is formatted to the these specifics for the original design. Later prints and duplications of this logo can vary once scaled by a vector based program.



324cm 195.5 cm 4.75cm 7cm


114cm 98cm



5.5cm 203cm



headthinker Font 148.07 pt #FFFFFF

Colors can be edited and/or replaced to suit the necessary branding for the corporation.

Duncan corp manual  

Class Logo Project

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