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Start Early

Recently I had an interesting experience. One day on my way to work, I had a sudden whim to sing a song – my primary school song that was sung in the school assembly. So I started humming that good old song. To my surprise, I could remember every single word of the song which contains almost 20 lines! It is very true that memory of children is “powerful” and lasts long. I could hardly believe that what I learned when I was six has been engraved on my memory and is still fresh in my mind. That explains why many educational experts advocate early learning for children. In this issue, Peegaboo greets our dear parents with a new look. This newly repackaged quarterly featured magazine arrives as A Complete Guide to Nurturing the Whole Child. It is our honour to have invited a team of professionals to investigate with parents the different aspects of learning and development for their children. With one voice, they all encourage parents to “start early”. They also share their great insights and practical tips on children learning. Our honourable “cast” includes: Janet Doman, the world-renowned specialist in infant education and brain development (P.11); Dr. Maggie Koong, the Chief Principal of Victoria Educational Organisation (P.22); Lead trainer Julie Fowlkes from Bring Me A Book Foundation, California


(P.38); former cycling athlete Hung Chung Yam (P.54); Dr. Raymond So, sports physiologist of the Hong Kong Sports Institute (P.48); Violinists Ayako Ichimaru, and cellist Laurent Perrin from the RTHK Quartet (P.62); Kathy Wong, Executive Director of Playright Children’s Play Association (P.64); Set & Costume Designer Wun Chun Sze (P.56); Children Musical Director Stephen Bolton (P.58), etc. These experts will help you nurture the whole child by illustrating how to create a balanced learning environment for your kid that encourages spiritual maturity, academic excellence and personal growth. We hope that you will succeed in developing your children’s talents and abilities to the fullest so that they will also make a positive contribution to society.

P11 Janet Doman Helps You Discover the Potential of Your Child 助你激發孩子潛能


近日,我有一個有趣的經歷。有天早上上班途中,我突 然心血來潮,想起小學時候每逢週會都會唱的校歌,我 更不其然地哼了起來。令我驚訝的是,我竟然可以把全 首大約20句的小學校歌,完完整整的記得一清二楚。原

來,小時候的記憶可以是如斯有「威力」,我居然可以將六歲時的記憶留住﹗難怪 幼兒學習專家們紛紛提倡「從幼學習,越早越好」。 今期《百家寶》專題季刊以全新面貌跟大家見面,以精采主題「專家雲集 教你培育 一個全人兒童」為新里程「揭幕」。我們有幸邀得多位資深專家跟你探討孩子於不 同範疇和層面的發展,他們皆贊成父母應從小激勵孩子學習,並為家長們提供了一 系列兒童學習的實用貼士和心得。今期的一級陣容包括:幼兒及大腦學習權威Janet Doman (P.11)、維多利亞教育機構總校長孔美琪博士 (P.22)、書伴我行(加州)基金 會的閱讀大師Julie Fowlkes (P.38)、前首席單車選手洪松蔭 (P.54)、香港體育學院 運動科學及醫學統籌主任蘇志雄博士 (P.48)、香港電台「弦樂四重奏」小提琴演奏

P22 'Spontaneous' Learning Outside the Classroom 跳出課室 自發學習

家Ayako Ichimaru和大提琴演奏家Laurent Perrin (P.62)、智樂兒童遊樂協會總幹事王 見好 (P.64)、舞台佈景及服裝設計師溫俊詩 (P.56)、兒童音樂劇導演Stephen Bolton (P.58)等等。 這些專家會分享如何為孩子製造一個平衡的學習環境,教孩子於智力發展、學術成 就及個人成長上皆有所突破,真正成為一個全人兒童。希望我們是次的製作能助你 一臂之力,幫你發展孩子的潛能,令孩子全面發展,同時回饋社會。

Chief Editor P54 Be a Good Sport 給孩子體育精神


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to sing a song – my primary school song that was sung in the school assembly. So I started These experts will help you nurture the whole chi...

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