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Featuring twists on the classics to look for in America’s favorite vacation location in the upcoming season.

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Thesis     Le+er  from  the  editor Elements  of  design   Line               Texture       Light         Color         Space         Shape       Form         Principles  of  design   Balance       Harmony       Massing       Rhythm       Emphasis       ProporLon     Scale            




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What it is really all about...‌

Tradition, Pride, Beauty, Luxury, Pure Happiness, Salt Water, Great Restaurants and the most beautiful architecture and design debatably, in the whole country.


Hello to all, thanks for picking up this edition of The East Ender! After growing up and living 18 years in the Hamptons, it has become more than my home but a way of life. I have always found the style and beauty just breathtaking since I could even remember. In this issue, you will see a lot of classic styles revamped in Hamptons homes because after all isn’t that what we’re all about? Everything is truly new again. I know I can’t wait for the summer to start, so start preparing your vacation homes. Hope to see you in The Hamptons! XO Danielle L Streeker


Elements of Design

Line Texture Light Color Space Shape Form

3 Â

Straight Horizontal Straight Vertical Curved Tightly 4 Â

A trend that we at The East End have seen a lot of lately is hardwood in the kitchen. Usually it is deemed too hard of a surface for a room that you are primarily on your feet for but it’s not the 1950s anymore, people! Who is actually in the kitchen all day everyday? We love this trend because not only is wood very easy to clean but odds are it will match the rest of the house even better, and look how gorgeous it looks. With long horizontal lines running through the kitchen. . It gives great length and continuity. If looking for a new home this season, look out for hardwood in the kitchen, its going to be big!

Majors Path,   Southampton   5

A common feature in many homes is a fireplace. Out here we/re all about stone work and bringing the outdoors in as much as possible and embracing its beauty. In this Sagaponack home, the owner decided to use the stone feature all the way up the wall which really accentuates the fireplace. The vertical lines up are very active and are very affective for Establishing a focal point.

Sagaponack, NY   6  

Curved lines are dynamic in small spaces. They create flow and Rhythm which isn’t easy to create. An awesome Way to use some curved lines in your vacation spot is with a spiral staircase. Its definitely a spin on an old or even sometimes childish feature but the spiral staircases uniqueness can be used in a positive way. Sag Harbor, who definitely takes the cake on the trendiest and most daring area on the south fork utilizes these stairs so often it doesn't’t even seem taboo anymore. Sag Harbor,  NY  


Reflective, Non-Reflective and Tactile Textured

8 Â

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, but that’s why we keep it around. Adding mirrors to any space INSTANTLY adds depth and gives the illusion that the room is that much bigger. If your home isn’t exactly the size you had hoped for adding mirrors against blank walls or at the end of a hallway will really revamp the whole house. Mary’s Lane,   Southampton  


Harvard Lane,  Hampton  Bays  New  York  

Non-reflective surfaces are found all over homes across America. One style we love is an exposed brick feature in any given room. It really pops and it brings a little bit of a city feel into any home.


Sea Green  Designs,   Southampton  

The texture of a piece of furniture or material gives it its own beauty. In some materials it’s almost like you can see how each strand was woven. That’s why we like linen so much. Always will look like a classic but can be modernized with funky colors and shapes of furniture and décor.


Natural, Floor Lamps, Task 12 Â

Natural Light Natural light is a beautiful thing to wake up to! Consider rearranging the bedrooms in your home to take full advantage of the sunshine!

13 Â

Floor lamps are both functional and decorative and can be found in almost any room of a home. Because they are not harsh overhead lights, try adding them to rooms with low wattage bulbs to achieve a romantic ambiance

14 Â Â

Task lighting is very functional in a workplace like a home office. There are a lot of styles and colors available for purchase.

15 Â

Monochromatic Analogous Direct Complementary

16 Â


Defined as only having one color which may seem boring but there are so many options with shades. A lot of the time we see this represented in nature! The outdoors are always an inspiration for design because of its natural beauty. Â

17 Â

Colors that are touching each other on the wheel generally look quite good together. A bright, beachfeely analogous color scheme we use on the East End is a Blue and Green combination.  18  

You can not go wrong when choosing a complementary color scheme. We recommend choosing similair shades of each such as a pale yellow and a light lavender!

19 Â


S P A C e







When thinking of a natural shape, think of something that is in pure form in nature. As of more recent, a lot of swimming pools have been taking a natural kidney shape opposed to the normal rectangle. It gives a nice flow.

22 Â

Abstract shapes aren't just in art! They are found in interiors as well. Different spaces require different entry ways and this door is a little abstract, veering away from the norm.

23 Â

A ton of textile prints have interesting geometric shapes and as of lately we’ve been seeing a lot of interestingly laid bricks, pavers and tiles to spice up any area.. The detail is gorgeous.

24 Â


Non Objective Natural Abstract

25 Â

Is not meant to mock or be anything in particular

natural 26 Â

Meant to look like another form or figure

objective 27 Â

Unclear if it is modeled after something else. Â

Abstract 28 Â

PRINCIPLES Balance, Harmony, Massing

Of Rhythm, Emphasis, Proportion, Scale

design 29 Â


VISUAL          VISUAL   SYMMETRY      SYMMETRY   When looking at a point on a house or in an interior, it is visually appealing and looks even on both sides.  

Hampton Bays,  NY   31  

Visual Asymmetry

Fanning Avenue,   Hampton  Bays  

There are some cases where asymmetry is visually appealing but most of the time it just looks misplaced or unfinished. 32

Some of the most beautiful architecture we’ve seen on Long Island incorporate symmetry in their structure with windows, columns, arches and so on. Personally, I feel like a home is not truly a home without some awesome curb appeal! 33 Â



Colors can truly make or break a space! Like stated in previous articles, a few good ways to go would be monochromat ic, analogous or complementa ry! So get out your color wheel and get to painting!

Unity through color

35 Â

Mixing furniture styles, sizes, patterns and colors is very in and shabby chic right now which is a common style in Sag Harbor as well as Water Mill. We like the feel that a mixed group of chairs and couches gives off, it’s the perfect amount of put together for this style home.

Variety Through Furniture 36 Â

Using a mix of fabrics as well as a mix of furniture strides towards a haute hippie feel. If you have the courage to do it, carpe diem and go grab some new dĂŠcor!

3 7 Â

Actual Density Optical Density


Actual Density When an object is truly as dense as it looks, has weight and is tangible.

39 Â

OPTICAL DENISTY An object may seem dense or heavy but it is just vision!

40 Â

Contrast Repetitive Climatic

41 Â

Repetitive Rhythm is found everywhere because more likely than not, more looks better. Especially in gardening, a repetition in flower arrangements can really boost curb appeal.

Repetitive Rhythm Hill Street,  Southampton   42  


Climatic Rhythm This is still very repetitive, and its used to keep up the pace for the main event!

44 Â

Focal point visual Focal point structural

45 Â

Emphasis on a Visual point

East Hampton,  NY  

The focus in a room is drawn to the biggest or nicest feature of a room. Our favorite feature for bedrooms and living rooms are either a nice chandelier or a fireplace. For a visual point this is an added feature rather than an architectural feature. 46

Gin Lane,   Southampton  

Architecture is truly a work of art, it is no wonder why structural features are so often a focal point of a room. They so quickly grab ones attention and are very sought after in the market. Archways, vaulted ceilings, exposed beams and so many other beautiful details can steal the show in a room! 47

In proportion versus out of proportion

48 Â


What is in and what is out?


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Streeker, danielle f13 ecu the east ender  
Streeker, danielle f13 ecu the east ender