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June 7, 2013 Vol. 1, No. 1

Published as a forum for student expression at Innovation Diploma Plus High School, New York City

The BATTLE of the SHOES A survey shows that IDP students like the same shoes that are popular.

Winner and loser: Nike Air Jordan 3 / Cement, top left, and Nike Air Force 1 HIgh, right. Others in the poll, left to right: Reebok Kamikaze 2; Reebok Question “Georgetown,” Adidas X Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0 / Black Patent Leather; Jordan Spiz’ike “Poison Green

BY FLORY ARZU Based on a survey I handed out to the students at Innovation, kids basically just like to follow everyone else and have the same likes as others. Most students picked sneaker #3, which are known as Jordan 3 cements. The sneakers were released early this year, and as usual there were many people who stood on lines overnight to get these sneakers. These sneakers were wanted by many people, which was also shown in the IDP survey since they received the most amount of votes. The sneakers are generally white with zebra print in certain areas and the Jumpan sign is red.

‘Romeo & Juliet’ at the Black Box Stage Free!

This sneaker is a great accessory and can worn with a variety of different outfits. People are also drawn by the use of the print, and all animal print in general is a big hit this year. This sneaker also received a lot of its votes because of the Michael Jordan. name. Certain students stated that they picked the sneaker because he is their favorite basketball player. The sneaker that received the least amount of votes was sneaker #6, the Nike Air forces. These sneakers have been out for years now. Many students stated that that was one of the main reasons they disliked these sneakers. They thought they were too old school.

BY JOSHUA BURGOS “Romeo, O Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?” Here we have a line that you probably recognize, a famous line from one of Shakespeare’s most well known plays; “Romeo and Juliet.” If you have ever had any interest in “Romeo and Juliet” but for whatever reason you were not able to see it, or

The sneakers are high-top grey Nikes with a reddish, orange lining. These sneakers can’t really be worn with any kind of outfit, unless it has these specific colors. This may be a reason a lot of students didn’t like them. Usually people buy sneakers that can be worn in any kind of situation. Others thought the sneakers were too boring and didn’t really stand out, which takes us back to the ones they did like, the 3’s. Maybe if the Nike sneakers contained some kind of animal print or print of any kind that caught the buyer’s eye, they would have a higher amount of votes.

if you’ve seen it before and would like to see it again, then you are in luck. Because students of Frank McCourt High School, Global Learning Collaborative, Urban Assembly for Green Careers, and Innovation Diploma Plus have all joined forces to recreate this beloved play, and the best part for you is it is absolutely free for you to

attend this event at the Black Box Theater! This production of “Romeo and Juliet” will be shown on two days, Thursday June 6, at 7:00 p.m and Friday June 7, at 3:00 p.m. Now what separates this version from every other version you may have seen? Well, in this version of the (Continued on Page 2)

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PROM 2013

Some of the cast at dress rehearsal. Left to Right: Kate Nelson, Cristal Silvestre, Emmanuel Bueno, Josh Burgos, Raquel Willard, Charlene Trejo, Eddy Taveras, Frank Perez, Gina DiFrisco, Milena Blue Spruce Photo by Karina Baerga

‘Romeo & Juliet’ Today at 3 p.m. (Continued from Page 1) play, things are just a bit tweaked. While much of the play’s dialogue remains unchanged, the setting for it all has been changed. This original version is set in the 1500s in Verona, Italy. This version is set in the 2013 in New York City. Swords have been replaced with guns, music is modernized. Here we have a group of young teenagers that have all devoted much of their time after school to rehearse to create this masterpiece just for your entertainment.


Stop the Fake Love BY FLORY ARZU Today’s generation is getting worse by the minute. Teens are being killed every day, a lot of the time because of stray bullets. On Saturday, May 18, 2013, a 14-year-old girl, Daja Robinson, was killed by a stray bullet while riding on a public bus in Queens. This is a sad story because no child deserves to lose

The director of the production, IDP theater teacher Sean Turner, says that the inspiration for the play came from the acting club, they spoke with him and said that they’d like to do it. According to him this process was not an easy one, there were a lot of schedule conflicts, and the biggest conflict of all was getting the actors to show up at rehearsal when he needed them to be there. The director as well as the actors have all contributed much of their spare time into this production and it is a great story to see, he said, especially since it is being told by students.

Photos courtesy of Principal Casey Jones

their life that way, but the putting pictures of her on the situation and how way other people are your phone and writing they feel about losing a reacting to the situation, long essays about her loved one. In a song especially online, makes and how much you miss some random girls made me even more for this girl, upset. they stated: ‘Putting pictures of her on “She was too After the incident, 90% of your phone and writing essays pretty to die.” the people writing So pretty about how much you miss her, about her on people can’t even though you never met d i e ? T h i s social websites her, is just out of control.’ didn’t even know honestly her -- yet they makes no made videos and sense to me her, even though you songs about her. I feel because at one point we never met her is just out like people are being so are all going to die – of control. fake, and they should no matter how pretty we There should be a way really stop showing all are. that only the people that the fake love. I Our generation actually knew this understand if you want continues to get dumber person for a while can to show respect to her and dumber. A lot of write how they feel about and her family but people also just use

people’s deaths as a way to get likes on Facebook and for people to show sympathy. I showed my respect by writing RIP on Facebook. I understand why people are concerned about this horrible loss, because this young girl could have been any of us, and that scares me. But the fake love has to stop. Flory Arzu expects to graduate in August. How do you feel? We’d like to publish your view in a future issue. Send it to:

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