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THE DST KEY Coleraine Street, Oracabessa, P.O St. Mary Official Newsletter of Key Club Jamaica District Secretary - Treasurer September 2013

Back To School !!!

Volume XII

Issue 1

W WH HA AT T’’SS IIN NSSIID DE ET TH HIISS IISSSSU UE E!!!!  Greetings from DST Ijah B………...Page 1  Duties of the Club Secretary…..........Pages 2 - 3  Membership Update Center…..........Page 4  Youth Opportunities Fund…........…Page 5  Fun Wall…………………………….Page 6  Notices………………………...…....Page 7  District Board Members’ Contacts...Page 7

GREETINGS FROM DST IJAH B. Hey there Club Secretaries and Treasurers!  As you all know I am Ijah Brown, District Secretary – Treasurer for the administrative year 2013 -2014. This is my first newsletter to you guys and you can be sure to expect more throughout the year. So you may ask, what’s the purpose of a newsletter from the DST? Well, the reason for “The DST KEY” is simply for me to keep you, the club secretaries and treasurers, up – to – date on what’s happening in Key Club International and the District. In the DST KEY I will, remind you guys of what your duties entail, inform you of the international and district events, suggest fundraising ideas, etc. so you and your club can be on top of things. So summer is over, and school is back in session, oh joy! It’s time to get back in a frame of mind to do school work and to go hard with service. I hope your summer was well spent and I wish for you all the best during this school year. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via email, phone call, text, oovoo or skype. My skype and oovoo name is ‘ijahbee’. Have fun reading this issue! Yours in love, friendship and service,

I. Brown Ijah Erica Brown District Secretary – Treasurer (DST)


DUTIES OF THE CLUB SECRETARY A good secretary is essential for any Key Club if it is going to function the proper way. The office of secretary is one of the most demanding in the Key Club organization. In the hands of the secretary are all the records, files and details that are important for the smooth operation of the club. A secretary needs to be prompt, neat and efficient.


Inventory of all Key Club property

Club bylaws

Key Club Guidebook

District bylaws

Minutes of all regular club meetings and board meetings

Names and addresses of present Key Club officers

Copies of current and past KEY CLUB magazines and district publications

Collected committee reports from committee chairmen

List of committee chairmen and members

Club’s past achievement reports

Club’s past monthly reports


Prepare board of directors meeting agenda with president.

Attend the board meeting and take the minutes.

Collect the monthly committee reports.

Submit monthly report to the district secretary -


Maintain a roster of club officers. Be sure to send any updated contact information to the lieutenant governor or district administrator.

After elections, notify the lieutenant governor or district administrator of your new club officers for the next year.

Maintain a complete club member roster and produce a club membership roster, electronic or printed version.

Collect and maintain the following information for each member: 

Member’s full name, home address, phone and e-mail

Preferred communication method: email, texting, phone

Date of birth

Date he/she joined Key Club

Committee assignments and offices held in Key Club

Service project interests

Personal and committee interests




Make sure that attendance is taken at every


meeting. 

Record the following about each regular Key Club

officers and advisors of the communication. 

meeting: 

Number of members present

Names of those absent

List of guests attending

Presiding officer

Speaker and subject

Dues collected from whom (if applicable)

Committee reports, written and oral


Any motions or decisions acted upon by the

Answer all correspondence promptly, and inform Give prompt attention to communications from the district and Key Club International offices.

Share correspondence with all club members.

Send thank you and/or congratulatory notes on behalf of the club.


Help choose the convention delegates, candidates and contestants and take care of all


materials and monies (if applicable) relating to them. 

Work with the president in completing the Annual Achievement report and any other award applications for your Key Club.

Assist the secretary-elect in becoming acquainted with his/her duties and receive all materials and knowledge base from the past club secretary.



MEMBERSHIP UPDATE CENTRE (MUC) Where do I go to access the Membership Update Centre and who does the logging in? To access the MUC you visit the Key Club International website, click ‘Dues & Reports’ and select ‘Membership Update Centre’ or you could just click  Membership Update Centre . Only Club Secretaries and Faculty Advisors will be able to access the system. It is imperative therefore, that they keep their log in information secured.

How do I use the Membership Update Centre? This is a frequently asked question, if you click  Tutorial Video it will take you through the steps of updating your club roster in the Membership Update Centre. This video is simple and straight forward so you shouldn’t have a problem updating your club roster after watching it.

Is the Membership Update Centre opened? The Membership Update Centre has been opened since the 9th of September.

When should International Dues be paid by in order to qualify for early bird? In order to qualify for early bird, the deadline for dues payment is November 1, but the regular deadline is December 1.

If you are still having a problem with the Membership Update Centre, don’t hesitate to contact me.

NB: Please be reminded that when updating your club roster in the MUC, you MUST complete ALL sections, especially the Invoice Section. At the end of updating your club roster you MUST click “PRINT INVOICE”. You must keep that invoice in a safe place.


YOUTH OPPORTUNITIES FUND (YOF) What is the Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF)? The Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF) is an endowed fund for Key Club International held within the Kiwanis International Foundation. This fund uses earned interest to help Key Clubs and Key Club members serve the world by providing grants for service opportunities. The fund also provides academic scholarships for higher education.

How much funding assistance can a club or Key Club member request? Clubs may request funding assistance ranging anywhere from US$100 to US$2,000. The committee typically funds those clubs who are asking for a portion of the total cost of the project, and clubs who are working with other organizations to fund and complete the project. Notification of the Key Club International Board’s decision will be mailed no later than January 1, 2014.

When is the deadline to submit the YOF form? There is only one funding cycle for the Youth Opportunities Fund; therefore applications must be received by October 15. Applications can be submitted via fax to the Kiwanis International Office at 1-317-879-0204 or snail mail to the Kiwanis International Office at: 3636 Woodview Trace Indianapolis, IN 46268-3196, USA Attn: YOF Application

How can I get YOF form?

NB: I highly recommend that you fax the YOF form instead of sending it via snail mail because it is a cheaper and more reliable medium for us, who are located outside of the United States of America.

As of September 2013, applicants must use the new YOF grant application. Previous years' applications will not be accepted. Click here to download the new application either as a printable Microsoft Word document or fillable PDF. This year one of my goals is to increase the number of clubs who apply for the Youth Opportunities Fund grant. This is a great opportunity to help fund your major projects so I highly suggest that you take full advantage of it. If you have any problems filling out the form, feel free to contact me.



Brain Teaser We are four brothers in this world and we're all born together. The first one runs and never wearies. The second eats and is never full. The third drinks and is ever thirsty, The fourth sings a song that is barely heard. Who are we? Answer: Water, Fire, Earth and Wind

Optical Illusion Depending on how you look at this image, you may see a portrait of a woman, or a silhouette of a man playing a saxophone.

Riddle Same Pronunciation What word starting with BR, with the addition of the letter E, becomes another word that sounds the same as the first?

Answer: Braking becomes Breaking


NOTICES JET’S INTERNATIONAL COASTAL CLEAN UP Date: Saturday September 21, 2013 Where: Palisados Strip Time: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm

DIVISIONS 1, 2 & 6 TRAINING CONFERENCE Date: Saturday September 28, 2013 Where: St. Andrew High School for Girls (Not yet confirmed) Time: 10:30 am – 1:00 pm



Monthly reports are due by the 5th of every month. Please remember that when emailing your reports you MUST send a copy to the following persons:  District Secretary – Treasurer  District Administrator  Your Lieutenant Governor  Faculty & Kiwanian Advisor

Click on the photos below to check out our facebook page (‘Like’ it) and twitter page (‘Follow’ us):

THOUGHT FOR THE MONTH Leadership without support is like trying to make bricks without enough straw. True leaders reinforce their ideas and plans with strategic partnerships, alliances and supportive audiences. ~Reed Markham, PhD

DISTRICT BOARD MEMBERS’ CONTACTS Name: Chevon Lewis Position: District Governor Email:

Name: Deveney Whitley Position: Lieutenant Governor- D1 Email:

Name: Shadaé Bingham Position: Lieutenant Governor- D6 Email:

Name: Ijah Brown Position: District Secretary-Treasurer Email: dst.ijahb@gmail

Name: Romaine Clarke Position: Lieutenant Governor- D2 Email:

Name: Chadene Myers Position: Lieutenant Governor- D7 Email:

Name: Anthony Kerr Position: District Bulletin Editor Email:

Name: Kemar Robinson Position: Lieutenant Governor- D3 Email:

Name: Navara Dennis Position: District Administrator Email:

Name: Jordon Thomas Position: District Webmaster Email:

Name: Bethloy Bingham Position: Lieutenant Governor- D4 Email:

Name: Karen Sinclair - Lym Position: Assistant District Administrator Email:

Name: Renisha Daley Position: Immediate Past Governor Email:

Name: Beswick Hudson Position: Lieutenant Governor- D5 Email:


THE DST KEY - September 2013  

Official Newsletter from the Key Club District of Jamaica District Secretary - Treasurer.

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