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Betty Shabazz Delta Academy Catching the Dreams of Tomorrow, Preparing Young Women For the 21st Century Farwest Region Electronic Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 2 December 5, 2012 Chapter News Spotlight on Los Angeles Alumnae’s Shabazz Delta Academy

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NAME: Betty Shabazz OCCUPATION: Educator, Civil Rights Activist, Nurse BIRTH DATE: May 28, 1936 DEATH DATE: June 23, 1997 EDUCATION: Tuskegee University, University of Massachusetts

Betty Shabazz Delta Academy Committee Report

Los Angeles Alumnae serves 25 girls between the ages of 11-14. Ten sorors challenge the girls every 3rd Saturday for 2 hours by engaging them in activities that emphasize math, science, technology, selfesteem, and non-traditional careers. This chapter also unlocks the secrets of how to study and how to be assertive in a positive way by teaching the girls strategies for learning and focusing on leadership development. They also spend time providing sisterhood enrichment opportunities to help their young girls respect themselves and other girls. Activities are interactive and presented through seminars and field trips. Sorors also arrange for their Shabazz Delta Girls to perform community service. Want to learn more? Contact Chairs Wilda Gilliard, Rhyan Foster & Krishna Smith at

Los Angeles Alumnae Academy Girls

Shabazz Girlz R Deep Each year, Blacks In Science sponsors an overnight camp- in at the Pacific Science Center. This year, the overnight included a tour of the King Tut exhibit. It was so much more than just what was found in King Tut’s tomb. There were statues and sculptures and a variety of artifacts buried with rulers dating from Egypt's Fourth Dynasty into the Late Period (about 2600 B.C. to 660 B.C.) This is what 16 Shabazz Delta Academy Girlz were exposed to the at the 2012 Ron McNair Camp-In. This year the girls are learning about careers in archeology and anthropology with STEM and social science activities themed Shabazz Girlz ‘R’Deep: Introduction to Archeology and Anthropology. We are networking with the education department at the Burke Museum and using their Burke Boxes to simulate archeological digs. At the end of the year, the girls will work in teams to create a new culture, design artifacts and bury them (shoe box with shredded paper) for a different team to ‘discover’ and ‘describe’ what the people valued and imagine why. At the same time, we are asking the girls ‘dig deep’ to try and be introspective about their developing personalities. They created their ‘mini-me’ paper dolls and labeled one side with the traits they like about themselves and the other side with those traits that are challenges. They will update their ‘mini-me’s’ throughout the year. Shout out to Sorors Jonelle and Tarra who joined us and braved the experience-but still, not gonna’ lie, at 1:00am, we were wondering how crazy are we?? Some of our girls (and some of the 500+ kids) never went to sleep but they told us about security stopping by a few times! Seattle Alumnae Chapter Fabulous URLS that support SDA goals Secret Lives of Scientists and Engineers This is a wonderful website operated by Public Broadcast Service. 32 scientists and engineers share their talk about their respective career paths but also share what they like to do when they are not being scientists and engineers. It is contemporary, multiethnic and both sexes are represented well. Videos are short and entertaining. Good discussion starters to help

girls realize that scientists are well rounded regular folks. sts/alexandrea-bowman/show/ask-alexandreayour-questions/ This URL takes you to a website with ready-made activities for 6-8 graders related to physical and mental health topics like Bullying; Alcohol,Tobacco and Other Drugs; Stress Management; Mental and Emotional Help. lts.asp?category=58 When Girls Bully Easy to read article to use as talking points about the way girls bully (which is much different from boys) as it deals with the societal pressures that girls experience. Simone Marean, MEd, Chief Operating Officer of the Girls Leadership Institute and Rachel Simmons, author of Odd Girl Out direct a program that teaches confidence-building and leadership skills through a series of workshops and camps throughout the year. Marean says these skills are important because many girls don't speak out about how they feel, instead trying to be the stereotypical “Good Girl” who is nurturing, caring and sweet. Website shares other links and this complements our SDA national curriculum really well. -do-girls-bully/ You Can Offer the SDA girls an Overnight Experience Plan ahead (minimally 8 weeks in advance) to give yourself time to complete the protocol. It must be for a regional meeting, such as Delta Days in Sacramento, or an event sponsored by a reputable organization. Contact Regional Risk Management Coordinators at and to get the Risk Management Compliance Form. Complete the form and send to our Regional Director at and the chairs of Program Planning and Development at