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Remembering The Mechanic This book celebrates a man whose legacy is written by honesty, hard work and what he passes down to his sons and daughters. The Mechanic embodies values that become the Craftsman brand. We want to honor that ethic. The Craftsman brand is built on trust. We know our customers value honesty, hard work and reliability. Craftsman has come a long way since it began in 1927. New technologies pave the way for humanity. But while we applaud this brand’s countless innovations, we remember where our values took root.

This is my father.

Our hands reflect our business and the tools we use. I wonder if my hands will ever tell stories like his.

This is my son.

Our hands are calloused and stained with oil, blood, sweat and tears. No amount of soap could wash this history away.

Yeah, we like to collect things. I still have the tool kit my grandfather gave me for my fifth birthday.

And you can’t help buying a few new tools when you’re a mechanic, even when the old ones last forever.

No, we’re never really closed, and we don’t think twice about working into the night.

We know that cars love to break down at the worst time and place. Owning a business isn’t always just about a paycheck. Sometimes it’s about being a good neighbor.

We don’t waste anything around here. We can’t afford to. It’s a bad business practice anyway.

And some things are worth keeping forever. Part of the beauty in life is passing those things on to your children.

I’ve been doing this my whole life. My father taught me and I taught my son. But sometimes I need a fresh set of eyes.

I’d like to think I’ll never be too old for this. I find peace and security in the weight of a wrench in the palm of my hand.


If this Craftsman hand tool ever fails to provide complete satisfaction, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

1927 - Present

Dana Stalker - Writer /Ar t Director/Photographer


Craftsman Brand Book  

This book celebrates the independent mechanic and how he embodies the values of the Craftsman brand.