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Medical Simulation -What’s Next!-

Lustrum Congress Dutch Society for Simulation in Healthcare 20 March 2013

DSSH Lustrum Congress 2013 Medical professionals are challenged with providing optimal care in difficult and sometimes dangerous situations -every day. It is not so much the health care system, but the professionals working in it that make the difference in providing optimal care for our patients. But how to take our doctors, nurses and other health care professionals to the next level in building knowledge, skills and self-efficacy? How do we protect our patients when training our professionals? How to adapt to ever changing working conditions safely? The 2013 Theme for the DSSH Lustrum Congress is “What’s Next!” Within the very heart of the largest Academic Medical Center in the Netherlands, the AMC, an excellent opportunity is created to gather, exchange ideas and truly interact. The latest developments and ideas on how to train current and future generations of health care professionals using simulation and serious gaming solutions are shown and discussed. Enjoy a variety of lectures, workshops and themed sessions. A Congress, truly exploring the boundaries of training within healthcare. A Congress, ‘where worlds meet’. Interesting for the medical professional, teacher, medical educator and designers of simulation and serious gaming applications. Get your hands-on experiences with the latest products at our large Expo center; participate in ‘Go see the Designer’ (‘Komt een dokter bij de designer’); and visit the ‘Pop-Up’ Innovation Area to get inspired by the next generation of ideas and solutions. The signature of the Congress is Dutch, but many presenters will present in English and presentations are supported with English language slides to promote and facilitate interaction with our non-Dutch speaking Congress delegates. The board of the DSSH wishes you a day of inspiration and new horizons in training health care providers at the DSSH Lustrum Congress! Marlies Schijven, MD MHSc PhD President Dutch Society for Simulation in Healthcare - DSSH - www.dssh.nl/en

What’s Next! Your

Keynote Speaker at the DSSH Congress:

Walter Eppich On Faculty Development and Faculty Maintenance in Medical Simulation Healthcare simulation educators require specific skills and expertise to design and implement high quality simulation-based training. Considerable effort must be invested in developing simulation faculty as well as in efforts to support ongoing skill progression and maintenance. For example, while some simulation faculty only implement and debrief established scenarios, others must design new scenarios for diverse groups of trainees and use advanced debriefing techniques. Development and longitudinal integration of simulation curricula for undergraduate, graduate, and continuing professional education requires additional unique skills. The evolving field of assessment in healthcare professions education will also become an increasingly important area of growth. The speaker will draw on his experience teaching basic and advanced simulation train-the-trainer workshops and developing faculty at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and other venues to address four main themes: 1. 2. 3. 4.

High-yield targets for faculty development How to develop and promote debriefing expertise How assessment can drive quality improvement A tiered approach to organize faculty development efforts

Certainly a KeyNote not to miss out on!

Program Overview Time

Parallel Program

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Plenary Program - College Hall 4 CONGRESS OPENING

Medical Simulation - What’s Next!

09.20-09.40 Workshop 1

Embedding games and simulations in medical education: level up or game over?

09.40-10.00 Workshop 1

Getting ready for the real deal: Experience through simulation

10.00-10.20 Workshop 1

Don’t wipe out the wetlabs!

10.20-10.45 Coffee / Tea / Expo

Coffee / Tea / Expo

10.50-11.10 Workshop 2

Situational Awareness: danger to patients- it’s out there -especially if you’re not aware

11.10-11.30 Workshop 2

Ambulance Control: reducing aggression against our caregivers using the power of serious gaming

11.30-11.50 Workshop 2

Medical Simulation Centers: the future perspective of the Experimental Centre for Technical Medicine

11.50-12.10 Workshop 2

Trends and results of the European Basic Laparoscopic Urological Skills Exam

12.10-12.30 Members Meeting*

Members Meeting*

12.30-13.30 Lunch / Expo

Lunch / Expo

13.30-14.50 Sessions

Science and Young Talent Session

14.50-15:15 Coffee / Tea / Expo

Coffee / Tea / Expo

15.20-15.40 Workshop 3

Patient-specific rehearsal prior to endovascular aneurysm repair

15.40-16.00 Workshop 3

A Unity based real-time, high-fidelity veterinary case simulator

16.00-16.45 KeyNote

On Faculty Development and Faculty Maintenance in Medical Education




Reception / Expo

Reception / Expo



Marlies Schijven, MD MHSc PhD

Ralf Krage, MD PhD

Alma Schaafstal, PhD Aaron Anderson Goos Huijzer, Surgical Animal Technician Maurits Graafland, MD

Ludmilla Garmers, MD MSc

Emily Jacometti, BA Remke Burie, MSc MBA Willem Brinkman, MD

Alma Schaafstal, PhD & Gabriëlle Tuijthof, MSc PhD Liesbeth Desender, MD

Esther Barsom, BSc

Márton Balogh, DVM Walter Eppich, MD MEd Marlies Schijven, MD MHSc PhD * DSSH Society Members Only

Parallel Program Time

Parallel Sessions


13.30-13.50 Intro Science and Young Talent

College Hall 4

13.30-13.50 Intro Serious Gaming

Coster Zaal G0-209

13.30-13.50 Intro Simulation

Fonteijn Zaal G0-209

13.50-14.00 Science & Young Talent

College Hall 4

13.50-14.00 Serious Gaming

Coster Zaal G0-209

13.50-14.00 Simulation

Fonteijn Zaal G0-209

14.00-14.10 Science & Young Talent

College Hall 4

14.00-14.10 Serious Gaming

Coster Zaal G0-209

14.00-14.10 Simulation

Fonteijn Zaal G0-209

14.10-14.20 Science & Young Talent

College Hall 4

14.10-14.20 Serious Gaming

Coster Zaal G0-209

14.10-14.20 Simulation

Fonteijn Zaal G0-209

14.20-14.30 Science & Young Talent

College Hall 4

14.20-14.30 Serious Gaming

Coster Zaal G0-209

14.20-14.30 Simulation

Fonteijn Zaal G0-209

14.30-14.40 Science & Young Talent

College Hall 4

14.30-14.40 Serious Gaming

Coster Zaal G0-209

14.30-14.40 Simulation

Fonteijn Zaal G0-209

14.40-14.50 Science & Young Talent

College Hall 4

14.40-14.50 Serious Gaming

Coster Zaal G0-209

14.40-14.50 Simulation

Fonteijn Zaal G0-209

Themed Sessions (8 min. presentation +

2 min. discussion)

Moderators Alma Schaafstal, PhD & Gabriëlle Tuijthof, MSc PhD Marlies Schijven, MD MHSc PhD & Stephanie Klein Nagelvoort, MD PhD Henk Schreuder, MD PhD & Joya Smit, MSc



The Magic Mirror: your body inside out

Esther Barsom, BSc

Serious communication: developing a game to train oncologists’ consultation skills

Ellen Smets, PhD

Lessons learned introducing simulation into educational curricula for midwives and nurses

Veerle Dekocker, MSc

Simulation for hysteroscopic surgery: boxtraining or VR simulation?

Julienne Jansse, MD

Can gamification improve healthcare?

Horst Streck

Simulation training in robotic surgery

Henk Schreuder, MD PhD

Joint stressing magnitudes during knee arthroscopy

Jonáh Stunt, MD

The ABCDE game: how to prepare your residents at the ER playfully

Mary Dankbaar, MSc

Game versus Simulation

Jan Willem Huisman, MA

Training clinical reasoning: time for a serious game?

Joost van den Berg, MD

A serious game to improve decision making in airway management

Maartje van Haperen, MD

The experiences of a state-of-the-art exam course for Dutch residents in vascular surgery using simulation

Els Reeuwijk, MSc

Towards a generic tool for creating robotic patient simulator scenario diagrams

Johan Korten, BSE

GeriatriX, a serious game for medical students to teach complex medical reasoning in geriatrics. Let’s play!

Joep Lagro, MD MSc

Use of the Simodont in dental education

Dirk Bakker, DDS

Validating the Force and Motion Surgical Trainer (ForMoST): What did we learn!

Tim Horeman, MSc

CLinIC, A 3D hospital to train stressful situations

Roy Ackema, MSc

Implementation of a compulsory National practical skills curriculum in urological residency: the 40 hour Training in Urology Project!

Barbara Schout, MD

Parallel Program: Workshop 1 Crew Resource Management: a workshop on education and simulation Workshop Hosts: Ludmilla Garmers, MD MSc anesthesiologist MC Alkmaar, simulation instructor VUMC Amsterdam & Dick van Groeningen, registered nurse anesthesist CRNA, coordinator resuscitation and simulation training program VUMC Amsterdam

In clinical environments, non-technical skills are essential to a sound team performance and safe patient care. While training technical skills may assure proficiency at specific tasks, it does not address error prevention through effective communication and decision making in complex dynamic situations. Crew resource management (CRM) has been used for many years in the aviation industry and has been generally shown to enhance learning, and promote desired behavioural changes. Simulation training can create an optimal team performance by combining technical skills training with CRM simultaneously. In this workshop, Crew Resource Management keypoints will be discussed and practiced, and implementation possibilities will be discussed.

Location: Coster Zaal G0-209

Parallel Program: Workshop 2 Narrative simulations for improving patient safety and healthcare quality Workshop Hosts: Michaël Bas, Chief Executive Officer Ranj Serious Games, Rotterdam & Bart van de Garde, Chief Technology Officer Ranj Serious Games, Rotterdam

Most of the simulations in healthcare are designed to train technical skills / physical actions. Less known are the narrative simulations that train the more cognitive or mental aspects of healthcare. Narrative games are based on interactive story lines, in which choices the player make affect the outcome of an immersive narrative. The player is one of the characters. Such narrative simulations are particularly effective to train awareness of one’s own behavior, desires and intentions. Based on several case studies, the specific odds and quirks are visualised. In an interactive workshop we will look into the issues raised by the participants and will try to conceive some narrative game solutions. This workshop consists of: • • • •

Selection of the raised issues Searching possible solutions Defining implementation prerequisites Describing basic game play

Location: Fonteijn Zaal G0-209

Parallel Program: Workshop 3 Training your communication skills using virtual roleplay Workshop Hosts: Jorrit Kuipers, MSc Technical Director Green Dino BV Coordinator DATA Technical University Delft

Communication skills are essential for multidisciplinary operations in emergency situations. Frequent training on monthly basis is necessary to improve skills and lower erosion-of-skills (EOS). In practice this is not possible. Virtual roleplays offer new opportunities for training of multidisciplinary operations. In this workshop we demonstrate CBRN-trainer. CBRN-trainer is a new tool that aims at improving communication skills in multidisciplinary operations. CBRN-trainer is a multi-user online serious game. Emergency workers of different disciplines can join a scenario and work together to achieve specified common goals. CBRN-trainer is developed by Green Dino for ACM Opleidingen.

Location: Fonteijn Zaal G0-209

Go see the Designer!

Pre-registration recommended - in collaboration with Are you considering to develop a Serious Game? Do you have a brilliant idea for a simulation, game or app, and would you love to chat with an experienced professional without feeling hassled or urged? Do you have no idea where to start? Now is the time. You can sign up for a free, orienting consultation with game designers considered succesful in health application solutions at the DSSH Lustrum Congress. The programme is coordinated by the Dutch Game Garden (DGG), a non-profit organization supported by the City of Utrecht, the Province of Utrecht in the Netherlands and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Committee. No financial interests of the Dutch Game Garden apply in selection of the game developers. The DGG matches the doctor / health care professional with the selected designers. You may register yourself for ‘Go see the Designer’ online upon your DSSH Congress Registration. Submitting your consultation purpose upfront will ensure an optimal match with the designer. As there is limited opportunity to participate, and to ensure appropriate matching, online registration for this event is much recommended.

Innovation area and Exposition Center Come and experience the latest developments. The DSSH offers young innovators / startups the opportunity to showcase and reflect on their ideas at the Innovation Center. The large Exposition Center is at the very heart of the AMC and provides a selection of simulation companies, serious and applied gaming companies and institutes / initiatives focusing on training the medical professional. The exposition Center and Innovation Area (location: Vrijzaal) are freely accessible for both DSSH delegates and visitors / personnel of the AMC during the DSSH Congress. Not to be missed!

Congress Information Accreditation: Accreditation has been requested for medical practitioners with a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) obligation at ABAN (medical specialists) ADAP (paramedics) LVO (OR assistants) and NVAM (anesthesiology assistants). Registration: DSSH membership is not required to register. Only DSSH members

who have paid their DSSH membership dues are eligible for registering at member rates for the Congress. You may register online* for the Congress via: http://www.dssh.nl/en/dssh-congress/dssh-congress-2013/congress-registration The Congress registration desk will be open 20th of March 2013 at 08:30 CET+1 for on-site registration and Congress badge pick-up.

Congress Registration Fees (catering included): € 15.- DSSH Student Members -must be able to show Student-ID at registration desk € 95.- DSSH Members Category Medical Residents and Paramedics € 155.- DSSH Members € 40.- non-DSSH Students -must be able to show Student-ID at registration desk € 185.- non-DSSH Members Category Medical Residents and Paramedics € 245.- non-DSSH Members Not a DSSH Member? Something worth considering! Enjoy a substantial reduction on the registration fee, and many other benefits for only € 50.- per year (standard membership). Students may join the DSSH for only € 20.- ! Visit our website htp://www.dssh.nl/en for more information. * Our cancellation policy: please visit the DSSH website for regulations

Congress Venue: Academic Medical Centre (AMC) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Address: Meibergdreef 9 1105 AZ Amsterdam, NL. You may visit the hospital website for directions: http://www.amc.nl/web/Het-AMC/Adres-en-route/Adres-en-Route.htm

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