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Family Mediation


The break-up of a family, whether marital or common-law, often gives rise to difficulties such as painful emotions and financial distress. These stressors can make it difficult for you to work out the affairs with your former spouse for the well-being of you and your family. Family mediation can help resolve these differences!

- YOU DECIDE what is best for your family, not the courts - PROBLEM SOLVING instead of battling in courts - CONFIDENTIAL: discussions and negotiations will not end up in court - LESS expensive than going to court - TRAINED MEDIATORS in the family law field - Resolve issues in WEEKS NOT MONTHS OR YEARS - SAFE, secure and respectful meetings - EVERYONE WILL have time to SPEAK - REDUCES HARMFUL IMPACT of divorce and separation on you and your family

What is it? Family mediation is an effective way to resolve family law issues outside the court system. It gives you the power to make your own decisions and to settle your own differences. The mediator’s role is that of an impartial facilitator, who guides the decision-making process without taking sides or making decisions, and helps parties consider options in order to choose the best one for their situation.

Family Mediation

The process is completely voluntary and confidential with parties agreeing in writing that all statements made during the mediation cannot be repeated in Court should negotiations breakdown. The goals of the mediation are for parties to reach an agreement that can be filed at Court concerning parenting plans and child support, or variations of an existing Court Order as well as the drafting of a separation agreement to finalize a divorce.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT? - If both agree to meet with the mediator, then each of you has a ½ HOUR FREE CONSULTATION - PRE-MEDIATION MEETING with the mediator individually before mediation starts to determine whether it is the right process for you - Then JOINT SESSIONS until an agreement is reached or it breaks down - You are FINALIZING YOUR SEPARATION (not marriage counselling) - The purpose is to explore OPTIONS and the goal is to reach AGREEMENTS that work FOR EVERYONE - Mediation is VOLUNTARY - it’s YOUR CHOICE to take part - It’s WIN-WIN, NOT a WIN-LOSE SOLUTION - FOCUSSING on the PRESENT and the FUTURE, not the PAST - Mediators HELP you COMMUNICATE and reduce tension in the process - The mediator is NOT A JUDGE or your lawyer - Mediation requires FULL DISCLOSURE AND GOOD FAITH from all parties

WHAT DO YOU mediate? - SEPARATION AGREEMENTS - PARENTING PLANS - VARIATIONS TO AGREEMENTS AND COURT ORDERS - THESE SUBJECTS MAY INCLUDE a) child custody and access b) child support and special expenses c) division of debt and property d) spousal support

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