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New policy separates under- and upperclassmen lunches next year by EMILY FODOR Staff Writer At the new high school, the cafeterias will be divided into freshman/sophomore and junior/ senior lunch. This has created chaos for students whose closest friends happen to be older. In addition, we future sophomores are disappointed that we are stuck with, in essence, ourselves of a year ago. After maturing for over a year, once again we are segregated with less mature freshmen. Although upperclassmen may be glad that they’re no longer “stuck with freshman”, I, being a future sophomore, am not too thrilled. After moving up to the high school, I thought I was finished with the grade below us and being in close quarters with them. I guess that’s no longer the case. In addition, many other underclassmen are angered with this decision and the fact that there is little they can do about it. “It’s unfortunate because most of my close friends are a grade above me and I won’t get to see them,” says freshman Callie Sarcone. “It’s unreasonable that they’re doing what they’re doing without input from students.” Another aspect that is thrown into the mix is that this upcoming year, there is going to be more separation than ever. There are

certain wings and floors that correspond to certain grades. Also, there are the newly implemented academies-STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), Business and Law, and Fine/Practical Arts. This means that each academy will have the same groups of students in classes. This controversial policy, which is no longer being debated, can prevent new friendships from forming between grades. In our classes, we only see people in our grade for the most part, besides our two electives. I just don’t seem to understand what we have done to deserve this detachment from upperclassmen. Students with older or younger siblings are also unhappy with the decision. Junior Massimo Demetrio says, “What if I need to give my sister money or something? She’ll be a freshman next year and I probably won’t see her face once.” If the idea of the new high school is a new-found “large school in small community” format, then why are we students constantly divided? It will be hard to achieve unity with these new policies, and it prevents new friendships between grades from forming. School officials may think that they are creating order and more efficiency; however, underclassmen and upperclassmen alike disagree with it.

Photo/ Dana Speizer

DIVIDE AND CONQUER: The two separate lunch rooms in the new high school represent the line that continues to get bolder between underclassmen and upperclassmen. The decision to split the cafeterias has caused some dismay throughout community of MTHS.

F r e s h m e n

f o r e v e r

With a new Monroe Township High School for next year, many students will be forced to relive the confusion of freshman year. by AMBER KELLY Staff Writer

Hectic hallways, accompanied by confusing twists and turns, are what is to be expected freshman year in high school. Now, finally, it is the end of the year and we are able to easily navigate through the crowded halls of what was once an unfamiliar and intimidating place. It seems, however, that this comfort is short lived, and that in just a couple of months it is going to seem like we never stepped up from freshmen to sophomores, thanks to the new high school. The first day of freshman year, we were all nervous, knowing without a doubt that the second we stepped inside, it would be like entering a maze. The freshmen who were able to get to their classes without looking like lost puppies were considered the lucky ones. Unfortunately, the

majority of the freshmen, including myself, were left wandering around trying not to look like the clueless freshmen. We failed miserably. “I remember on the first day I had no idea where to go and I really didn’t want to have to keep

looking at my schedule. That just made me look stupid. And now that I‘ve gotten used to the school, it‘s like I‘m going to have to go through the same things in the new high school,” says freshman Stephanie Pasewaldt.

Many students have similar thoughts when it comes to the prospect of repeating the freshman experience in the new high school. Most of us know the halls of this school by heart. Now, everyone is going to have to relive the confusion of freshman year in the new high school. “Originally I thought the high

school we’re currently in was big. Compared to the three story building we’ll be in next year, it seems like nothing. I already see myself getting lost the first day,” says freshman Jessica McDonald. The transition of schools will be difficult for most students, no matter their grade level. For everyone, it will be freshman year all over again.

NEW HIGH SCHOOL HYPE: The new Monroe Township High School is getting prepared for next year’s students. The new auditorium, shown above, seats hundreds more

than the Marasco. On the left, Monroe Township High School’s initials are engraved onto the front of the school building.

Journalism I is so silly they called it The Monroe Falcon Fun Times.

The Monroe Falcon Staff salutes all American soldiers

Photos/ Dana Speizer

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June 15, 2011

A year of hard work pays off on The runway each student present their designs on stage by MINNA KIM Staff Writer

The students of Clothing I and II showed off their handmade outfits on the runway on Thursday, June 2. From businesswear to runway glitz and glamour, each student researched a topic and designed one or more outfits throughout the year. Under the coordination and direction of Ms. Pamela Valvano and Ms. Margaret Dey, the students personally designed clothing that was strutted down the runway. The students produced their own programs and junior Sarah Dos chose the background music to accompany the models. Students who participated for the first time this year were very nervous, but excited at the same time. “Since it was my first year doing this, it was kind of nervewracking to do it, but I was personally extremely happy to walk my outfit down the stage,” says freshman Audrey Kim. The teachers also commented about the feelings of each student at the end of the show. Ms. Valvano says, “The students were nervous and reluctant at first, but now they say

that they would definitely do it again if the chance comes.” Parents and friends alike were amazed by the outcome and quality of each item that was presented. “I enjoyed watching all of the clothing because they exceeded my expectations with the quality of work,” says freshman Jennifer

Park. “I also know that they spent a lot of time making each part, so I think I appreciated it more.” For the hour long show, the categories included school girl prep, businesswear, runway glam, military rocker chic, fashion frenzy, black and white, animal prints, floral, Bohemian, and formal.

READY FOR SPRING: The students model their floral designed outfits during the annual fashion show in the Marasco Performing Arts Center on June 2.

Just one pint of blood can save the lives of several people

Photo/Sarah Saiva MAKING A DONATION: Junior Nami Farrell offers to paint a student who just finished donating blood.

Many juniors and seniors throughout Monroe Township High School made a donation of blood for people who need it on May 25. One reason why there are more blood shortages during the summer is because students are out of school. The New Jersey Blood Services schedules most of their donation dates throughout the months of June, July, August, and September. “Students make up a large percentage of the blood donor popu-

sophomore Angelica Volo won the gold medal in recycle re-design. Junior Regina Caruso won first in the state and is advancing to the next round to compete in California with the other state winners. The fashion show ended in success as the efforts put into the night by the teachers and students shined through.

Photos/Minna Kim

The need for blood has never been greater

by EVAN KAISER Staff Writer

The winners of Family Career and Community Leaders of America were announced at the end of the show. Junior Valentina Panaullo won first in state for sportswear, junior Megan Tonkery won the gold medal in clothing construction, junior Bridget Barrow won second in businesswear, and

lation” says account manager Lynne Ross. “25% of the blood donors throughout the state are from high school and college. Sixty percent of the U.S population is eligible to donate blood, but only two percent in our region are eligible. One out of three people has a blood transfusion in their lifetime. The Blood Center of New Jersey needs approximately 250 donations of blood every day in order to meet the needs of patients in hospitals and medical centers. Each donated unit of blood is test-

ed and broken down into different components. People that need blood components include premature babies in intensive care, trauma victims, vehicular accidents, organ transplant patients, cancer patients, burn victims, surgery patients, and children and adults with blood disorders such as hemophilia, anemia and sickle cell disease. It is safe to donate blood. There is no risk of contracting any kind of disease through donating blood. Every donor receives his or her own sterile blood bag and needle. This is used only once, and then safely destroyed. The blood supply in the United States is much safer today than ever before. The risk of being exposed to HIV by receiving a blood transfusion is extremely rare and the risk of hepatitis transmission is greatly reduced  thanks to multiple levels of safeguards. There is no substitute for human blood. Every three seconds, someone needs blood. If you would like to find an upcoming blood drive to help save a life,visit Give a donation and save a life.

THE DESIGNERS OF TOMORROW: Junior Valentina Panaulla, junior Megan Tonkery, sophomore Angelica Volo, junior Bridget Barrow, and junior Regina Causo receive their awards for placing in the FCCLA competition.

Come one come all MTHS statistic students host a probability carnival by JULIA BACCHETTI Staff writer The AP and regular Statistics classes held their annual “Statistics Carnival” on June 3 in the media center. The carnival was the final project for AP statistics and probability and statistics classes. Each class was broken up into groups that were responsible for coming up with a carnival game of their own. The eight games were original and had a unique twist to tradition carnival activities. Among the different amusements were a ‘Pikachu’ theme door prize game, and a ‘Harry Potter: Triwizard Tournament’ spinner game. There was a set of rules for each game, and prizes earned if you had enough tickets. The goal for each group was to come up with a carnival game that would make the most

“profit”, or in this case tickets. Ms. Jackie Varacallo, the AP/ Probability and Statistics teacher, explained her class’s objectives, “Basically, my classes needed to come up with a game that would be the most lucrative, and gain the most tickets.” In the end one game was the winner - the box of cups. When walking around, anyone could tell each group put a lot of time and effort into their game. “Coming up with our final project was almost like starting a business,” says junior Arthi Suresh. Arthi’s ‘Up’ themed game was fun to play and very creative. It was one of the games that popped out at a player when walking by. All the students playing the games enjoyed the carnival. There had been one winner from the students that had the most tickets and received a basket of their own prizes.

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Photo/Dana Somers

Winners of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association 2009 & 2008 Gold Medalist certificate 2007 Bronze Medalist certificate

STEP RIGHT UP: A student playing the ring toss game at the AP and Statistics class carnival in the media center.

June 15,2011

School News

The band’s grand finale

MTHS’ bands perform after a year of hard work

Photo/ Robert Ostrager

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: MTHS Symphonic Band warms up after intermission before their final performance of the year.

by DANIELLE OSTRAGER Staff Writer/ Layout Monroe Township High School’s instrumental groups performed in the Marasco Performing Arts Center on Thursday, May 19 for parents, friends and family. Symphonic band, wind ensemble, brass ensemble, jazz band, percussion ensemble and the flute quartet performed a wide array of songs. They had been rehearsing both during class time and after school for this final concert of the year with director Mr. Martin Griffin and assistant director Mr. Alfred Hadinger. Jazz band performed two songs: Jeff Rinear’s “Blue Disclosure” and Howard Rowe’s “One and a Half O’ Clock Jump”, featuring soloists freshman Jesse Pedersen, junior Brandon Gurwitz, freshman Colin Lang, freshman Anthony Aversano and sophomore AJ DeMarco. Gurwitz says, “Making up a solo on the spot is not an easy thing to do, and there’s always a lot of tension before you play. But the key is to relax and just be comfortable

while playing. I think I played well in both songs, and so did the rest of the band.” Jazz band was followed by the brass ensemble, the flute quartet and percussion ensemble. The flute quartet featured juniors Sarah Lemelman, Sarah Krull, freshman Rebecca Eisnenburg, and sophomore Kelsea Schimmel. Following intermission, symphonic band and wind ensemble, an honors level music ensemble, performed multiple songs each. The seniors were then recognized by Mr. Griffin for their years of hard work in music. Senior Briana Halpin, a former flute player and current tuba player, says, “This was my last band concert. During the concert, I was sad to realize this. I’ll miss it next year.” The concert concluded with a performance featuring the symphonic band and wind ensemble together in a performance of Douglas Court’s composition “Rise Before the Sun.” This was not only the final concert of the year, but the final high school band concert to be performed before moving to the new school. Band director Mr. Griffin says, “The kids played their best, and the audience seemed to enjoy it.”

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Lively choral music fills the spring air

MTHS choral department performs their annual spring concert by CAMILLE RABE Staff Writer The Monroe Township High School’s choral department put on their annual spring concert on May 25 in the Marasco Performing Arts Auditorium. With festive music in the air, it allowed the audience to literally “spring” into spring. Directed by Ms. Jennifer Alagna and Mr. Jonathan Meszaros, the students spent hours of class time, and time after school, preparing for this performance. “When we practice in class, it helps the smaller groups prepare better because we get more done,” says freshman Scott Leitner. “During the concert, especially the spring one, I feel like as a group we do pretty well and so do the freshmen.” For their first song of the evening, the mixed chorus performed “All Ye Who Music Love”. One of the songs in the lineup was “The Lonely Goatherd” from the popular movie, “The Sound of Music”. Seniors Amanda Boccardi and Jay Scully had solos during the piece. The graduating seniors had a group solo in the song, “The Blessing”. “I enjoyed the senior song very much,”

says senior and concert choir member JJ Carofilis. “It was a fun, final way for the seniors to showcase what they have done for the music program.” After mixed chorus, freshmen chorus and the Harmonettes performed. As one of the most selective choral groups, the Harmonettes performed the Beatles’ hit, “All My Lovin’”. Men’s choir performed “Dúlamán” and “Viva L’Amour” with freshman Carlos Alcala and junior Matthew Younan as featured soloists. This after-school ensemble closed the first half of the concert. After a brief intermission, the women’s chorale, Chromatically Correct, and the all-male Tonics performed. The Tonics performed “And So It Goes” by Billy Joel and “Come Go with Me” by The Del-Vikings. Concert choir closed the show, singing five pieces in various languages, displaying a variety of musical tastes. “I felt that for most of the concert, it was the best performance of that the groups have given. It’s really encouraging and rewarding to see that, in a performance setting, that they stepped up and really knocked the audience’s socks off,” says director Mr. Meszaros.

Photo/ Camille Rabe

“FORGET YOU”, YOU’RE “COOLER THAN ME”: The acapella group, “Chromatically Correct”, composed and performed a mash-up of Cee- Lo Green’s popular hit “Forget You” and Mike Posner’s “Cooler than Me.”

MTHS recognizes young scholars National Honor Society inducts newest members in ceremony by DANA SOMERS Staff Writer

Monroe Township High School held its annual National Honor Society (NHS) induction ceremony in the Marasco Auditorium on Tuesday, May 24. NHS, established in 1921, is a very influential organization to be a part of. Each inductee must meet the requirements and excel in areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The new members had to write an essay explaining how they demonstrate these skills. They also must have at least a 90 grade point average. The evening consisted of various speeches from advisers Dr. Manjit Sran, Kathleen Dougherty and existing members, presentation of the new NHS officers, and the induction of new members. The ceremony began with the NHS choir members singing the National Anthem. Seniors and Harmonette members Jessica Sabanos and Kayla Eisenberg also sang their own version of “For Good” from the play “Wicked.” During the candle lighting ceremony, current NHS officers, Vice-president Smit Purohit, Treasurer Amanda Boccardi, Presi-

dent Keith Anacker and Secretary Rishi Sharma presented speeches reflecting scholarship, service, leadership, and character. The current 79 members welcomed the new 85 members as each inductee swore into the responsibilities of NHS. New officers for the 2011-2012 year were also announced after the candle lighting ceremony: President Jenna Rutsky, Vicepresident Arthi Suresh, Secretary Pawel Szczurko and Treasurer Dhruv Sandilya. Rutsky has a lot planned for the 20112012 year. “Since I was the president of the National Junior Honor Society in middle school I know I can handle the responsibilities. I have a lot of fun, new ideas that can help out our school and community.” As these new NHS members become seniors, they will have to prove that they belong in the society. They must maintain scholarship, service, leadership and character by partaking in various community service activities. The school has high expectations for the new members to maintain and uphold the responsibilities of being a part of the National Honor Society, and will succeed in doing so. Inductee Tiffany Wang says, “I am ready to take on the role of a member of NHS, and I will not let my school or community down.”


WELCOMING A NEW PRESIDENT: After the ceremony, inductee Jenna Rutsky is proudly welcomed into NHS as the new president for the 2011-2012 school year.


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June 15, 2011

“Paper Clips” the movie lives on Come watch and get to meet one of the students featured in the documentary by JACKIE HEATTER Staff Writer Casey Condra, one of the many students featured in the film “Paper Clips” will be at the Chabad Jewish Center of Monroe on July 25 at 7pm. Condra will be there to talk about the documentary and answer any questions given. This whole paper clips project was started by a middle school class from Whitwell, Tennessee in 1998. The 8th grade class wanted to find a way to honor the Holocaust victims. This came about because the area down in Tennessee is heavily populated with people who believe in the Christian faith and many of the students never talked to or had even seen someone of the Jewish faith. They used individual paper clips to represent each life lost in the Holocaust. Eventually, they were able to obtain a German rail car that was used to hold the millions of paper clips that were collected. This 8th grade class never thought their school project would evolve into one gaining worldwide attention. The actual paper clips were used because groups from Norway wore them as a symbol of resistance against the Nazis in World War II. Students from the school were not the only ones to participate in this event. As the project started spreading throughout

the news, celebrities started to send in paper clips. George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Steven Spielberg, Tom Bosley, and Tom Hanks were among the celebrities that were mailing in paper clips. Freshman Jeena Patel says, “I think it is cool how even famous people were sending in paper clips, and if I knew about this project, I would have liked to send in some too.” By the summer of 2004, the school had collected about 24 million paper clips, and in 2005 more and more were still coming. Most of the ones sent by mail contained letters dedicating the paper clip to someone or a letter to the students. The monument holds 11 million paper clips: 6 million for the murdered Jews and 5 million for the Gypsies, Catholics, and other groups. Around the transport car that holds the paper clips is a garden with statues in it. This monument was unveiled on November 9, 2001, which is the anniversary of Kristallnacht. Freshman Gabby Tumminia says, “By them using the German rail car, I feel like it brings something in from the actual time making the monument even more special than it already is.” This movie won several awards in different categories. At the 2004 World Cinema Naples Film Festival, it won the Audience Award for Best Documentary, and at theN-

Memorial Day parades Marching through our town to remember our veterans

ational Board of Review of Motion Pictures it won one of the Top Five Documentaries of 2004. These were only some out of the many awards this documentary won. Condra, who was in the film and ex-

Photo/Flickr ONE PAPER CLIP EQUALS ONE MILLION HEARTS: With the collection of over 30 million paper clips, this small town middle school created a memorial with each single paper clip representing a victim of the Holocaust during World War II.

D AR E to dr e a m

Sixth graders from Woodland, Oak Tree and Brookside participate in the annual DARE picnic. by AMBER KELLY Staff Writer

Photo/Casey Eggers MARCHING IN: Monroe and Jamesburg residents look on as the Fire Department marches down Railroad Avenue, honoring our veterans. Other groups in the parade included the jamesburg Police and Fire Department, Manalapan Fire Company, MTHS marching band and Color Guard and Girl Scout troops.

by CASEY EGGERS Staff Writer Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday on the last Monday of May, which fell on May 31 this year. Formerly known as Decoration Day, it promotes remembrance of U.S. soldiers who died while in the military service. The holiday was first created to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War. It was extended after World War I to honor Americans who died in any war. It began as a ritual of remembrance and reconciliation after the Civil War, but by the early 20th century, Memorial Day was an occasion for more general expressions of memory. Citizens visited the graves of deceased relatives, whether they had served in the military or not. It also became a long weekend increasingly devoted to shopping, get-togethers, fireworks, trips to the beach, and national media events. Right here in our own neighborhood, we also celebrate Memorial Day by having annual pa-

rades. Jamesburg and Monroe have parades to celebrate those who risked their lives for ours every year. We also have many veterans in our area that take place in the parade. The Monroe and Jamesburg parades started at 10:00 AM on May 31 in Veterans Memorial Park. Some of the groups featured in the parade were the Jamesburg Police and Fire Department, Manalapan Fire Company, MTHS Marching Band and Color Guard, Girls Scout Troops, and others. “The Memorial Day parade is something I go to every year,” says freshman Taylor Paulikas. “It’s so much fun and I love seeing all the different people they have each year.” Memorial Day parades are different all around the country, consisting of various groups of people, to celebrate the love we have for our troops. Although Memorial Day may be celebrated differently all around, one important factor is there in all of them. The memories and love we have for all the troops that lost their lives for us.

perienced this whole project personally, will be a great person to answer the many questions people will have after viewing the documentary on July 25 at 7pm at the Chabad Jewish Center of Monroe.

The DARE picnic on June 25 in Thompson Park is an annual event full of games and fun organized for the sixth grade graduates of the DARE program. The three elementary schools, Oak Tree, Woodland and Brookside, enjoy the day alongside the community’s police officers while learning that a good time is easily accomplished without the use of drugs and alcohol. DARE stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. It is a program meant to teach students about the dangers and consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. “DARE students get the facts about the harmful effects of underage drinking, tobacco use, the dangers of using illegal street drugs, and abusing prescription medications,” says Sergeant Lisa Robinson, a key member in DARE education. Throughout the year, the students are shown real life situations where people suffered because of drugs and alcohol. They also learn how illegal substances directly affect their bodies. After their time in the classroom, the students move on to DARE graduation, where they are recognized as young adults readying themselves for a life free of harmful substances. As a way celebrate their newfound knowledge and their commitments to a drug free life, the students, along with the dedicated police officers, participate in activities together at the DARE picnic. “Organizing the picnic is a collaborative effort among the schools, parents, businesses within our community, and the entire Monroe Police Department. The picnic is funded through the Police Department’s P.B.A. and S.O.A., as well as a few businesses within our community,” says Sgt. Robinson. There are two main highlights of the picnic. First, there is a fun competition of tug of war between the three schools and the police officers. The second event consists of a New Jersey State Police’s North STAR Medivac landing near the picnic and the crew informing the stu-

dents of the importance of the Medivac. The DARE picnic is an entertaining event meant to showcase the sixth grade graduates’ success in the program. Freshman Jessica Mcdonald says, “I remember the DARE picnic. It was a lot of fun and overall DARE was really cool. The whole program, including the picnic, is something I’ll never forget.”

Photo/Amy Antelis

DARE TO ROAR: Darren the Lion, the DARE mascot, walks beside a Monroe Township Police Officer at last year’s picnic.


June 15,2011



How fast can a shrimp run? Unnecessary overspending by the NSF causes controversy by JACOB EGIERD Staff Writer

Art/ April Mariano

UNNECESSARY RESEARCH: The National Science Foundation spent over $550,00 to test the endurance of shrimp by having them run on an underwater treadmill.

Oklahamoa Senator Tom Coburn accused the National Science Foundation of rampant overspending on useless scientific research. In his report “The National Science Foundation: Under the Microscope,” he criticizes the group for wasting at least three billion dollars in 2010 on unnecessary projects that have little to no benefits. Coburn’s 73 page paper reports on the NSF’s ridiculous budgets for small unneeded projects. He says that the government should be cutting costs in tough economic times, not raising them. In response, an NSF spokesperson claimed that the foundation uses a “gold-standard approach to peer review,” and is very cautious with how they spend their money. However, things like using taxpayer money to host jello-wrestling tournaments in their McMurdo base in Antarctica have led the public to believe otherwise. The organizer of the jello-wrestling event was fired from his position. In an e-mail he sent out to his former co-workers, the former

employee denounced the NSF, digitally recreating higher-ups who fired him as “fun the 1964/65 New York World fair, Nazis” and said that he shouldn’t making a rap video for YouTube, have gotten ”terminated for hav- creating a robot that can fold launing harmless jello wrestling.” dry, and finding out the social and He also mentioned that he and his psychological effects of Farmville. colleagues had organized a Polar Although Coburn had lots of Plunge event before the jello wres- criticism for the NSF, he also comt l i n g plimented them on where their firing of some of m a n y the employees who employ“Approximately $550,000 were responsible for ees went some of the more was spent to test sick skinny irresponsible misshrimps’ endurance and dipping. haps of the agency. ApDana Topousis, an metabolism by building them NSF proxispokesperson, m a t e l y a mini underwater treadmill stated that “While $550,00 no agency is withto ‘run’ on.” w a s out flaws, NSF has spent been diligent about to test addressing concerns sick shrimps’ endurance and from members of Congress about metabolism by building them workforce and grant management a mini underwater treadmill to issues, and NSF’s excellent re“run” on. After vigorous test- cord of tracking down waste and ing, research, and analysis, the prosecuting wrongdoing is apparscientists found out that the ent from Sen. Coburn’s report.” sick shrimp “did not perform as The NSF uses about $6.9 milwell and did not recover as well lion a year, which makes up about from exercise as healthy shrimp.” one fifth of all taxpayer funded Other NSF research includes research from colleges, universireviewing the ticket prices from ties and government agencies.

Banned from prom Heroin Houdini Student asking classmate to be prom date l e a d s t o b a n f r o m p r o m by TOM MARTINELL Staff Writer James Tate, a Connecticut senior at Shelton High School, was

banned from the prom for constructing a banner outside the school on May 6, asking Sonali Rodrigues to senior prom. Tate’s message said, “Sonali Rodri-

Art/ Jacob Egierd

PROM PROPOSAL: James Tate created a banner, like the one above, asking Sonali Rodrigues to the Shelton High School prom.

gues, will you go to prom with me? HMU –Tate”. “HMU” means hit me up. Rodrigues said ‘yes’ to Tate. However, school officials claim that Tate and his friends trespassed, and Tate risked his life when he stood on a ladder to hang up the banner between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. Freshman Mike Rela said, “James Tate should be allowed to prom because it was a dumb reason to be banned. The school was too strict.” Tate and his friends received one day of in-school-suspension each and, according to the school policy, any student suspended after April 1 will have their prom privileges taken away. The high school senior was all over the media, including appearances on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, the “Today” show, and was awarded the “Person of the week” award by ABC anchor Diane Sawyer. A Facebook page titled, “Let James Tate Go To The Prom” had over 197,000 people join in less than a month. Freshman Tim Forrest said, “I am not surprised this many people joined the Facebook group because James Tate was banned for a stupid reason.” Even Houston Texans quarterback Dan Orlovsky supported Tate. The former Shelton High School student said that the punishment was “ridiculously harsh”. In the end, the attention eventually led headmaster Beth A. Smith to allow Tate and Rodrigues to attend the June 4 prom. The policy for suspended students going to prom has been changed now to a case-by-case basis.

Kindergartener brings heroin to school, thinking it was magic


ABRACADABRA: Roosevelt School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was the home of a recent heroin bust of a kindergartener on May 17, 2011.

by KIMBERLY CANGELOSI Staff Writer A kindergartener at Roosevelt PreK-1 School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania handed out stamped bags of heroin to three other classmates on May 17. No charges have yet been filed, but the children were sent to the hospital for evaluation. School officials not only found heroin, but also razors in the boy’s locker and backpack. They retrieved the heroin, which was in stamped bags with a picture of a bunny coming out of a hat. The police are still investigating where the boy retrieved the drugs from. He told police that he found the substance at home and gave them to classmates, thinking it was magic. The boy’s mother was surprised about the incident and allowed the police to search her home; the police found nothing. The families of the three classmates discovered their child had brought home the drug, and notified the

school and authorities immediately. “I’m surprised that they didn’t press charges on this kid because he had possession of an illegal drug. Yeah, I understand that he’s a kid, but there should be at least some consequences for this child. He has to learn somehow,” says freshman Carly Corbisiero. This incident is almost like the one that occurred in early March. A fourth grader from Thomson Elementary in Washington D.C. brought cocaine to school and shared it with classmates. The child claimed to have found the drug in his step-father’s car. As a result, he himself was not charged with illegal drug possession, but the step- father was. Freshman Jessica McDonald says, “I’m starting to notice that younger aged kids are starting to be introduced to drugs. I think that bigger consequences should be enforced for incidents such as these. It will teach the children lessons to show that their actions are not acceptable.”

Top Tens

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Top 10 cars for teenagers

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Top ten biggest sports blunders

The most affordable, efficient and safe cars for teenagers T h e t o p b o b b l e s , m i s t a k e s , a n d f a i l s o f o u r s p o r t s w o r l d by ANJALI PARMAR Staff Writer

by MATT GORDON Staff Writer

Finding a parent approved, safe, cheap and nice-looking car is a hard process for teenagers. Going from dealership to dealership is an annoyance to parents and for teenagers who just want to get on the road as soon as possible. To get you on the road faster, safer and cheaper, here are the top 10 cars for teenagers.

Our sports world has always given us a way to watch our favorite athletes do things that we never thought possible. But we have also seen that they really ARE all humans and make mistakes just like the rest of us. Here is a countdown of the best of those so-called “mishaps” and “fails”.

10. Ford Fiesta The Ford Fiesta is a front wheel drive super-mini. It is larger than a city car, but smaller than a family car. It has electronic stability control, a driver’s knee air bag, and excellent crash testing scores. It has a low price and great fuel economy. The Ford Fiesta has voice control of cell phones and iPods. It ranges from $13,000 to $16,000 depending on the type of model you get.


09. Honda Insight This car encourages teenagers to take the ride nice and slow. It is easy on the gas and brakes as well. It is also easy to park, which is a plus for teenagers. It has a five year warranty and a three year coverage plan. At the low price of $18,000 for a new one, the Honda Insight is a great buy for teenagers.

07. Nissan Maxima A medium-sized car that will easily fit a few bulky items. It is very comfortable since there is a lot of leg room, which is a plus since many cars lack that. It has a nice interior and a very stylish exterior as well. The older versions also have many of the same qualities. but for a cheaper price and a little different look. It is a great highway merger, but not powerful enough for reckless driving. Depending on the type of model, the price ranges from $14,000 to $20,000.

6. 2004 American League Championship Series After going up three games to none on the hopeless Boston Red Sox, Derek Jeter, Yankees Captain said that the next game was a must win for them. Obviously it was since the Red Sox won the next four to win the series and eventually their first world series in 88 years. Sorry Yankees fans, but what do you expect from a Mets fan?

06. Ford Focus For $12,000-$16,000, the Ford Focus is small, but has a very stylish exterior. It comes with different trims and styles that can appeal to every individual. The fuel economy is also a great characteristic. The body shape of the car is built like a shell purposely to protect from collisions.

01. Volkswagen Jetta S This 115 horsepower engine, automatic car has enough energy for safe highway merging. The layout is very simple, which will make your teen safer since they will not be distracted. There are minimal to no blind spots in the car as well, which will cut down on reckless driving. To finish this great car off, it sells at $17,000 and comes with three years of free maintenance.

10. Cacophobia – Make sure to get your beauty rest because cacophobia is the fear of ugliness.


9. Didaskaleinophobia – This phobia is the fear of going to school, a new excuse for kids to stay home.

8. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliaphobia – It’s pretty ironic that this long word means the fear of long words. 7. Logophobia – Much reading won’t be done with this phobia because it means the fear of words.


6. Lachnonophobia – Either kids are not eating vegetables because they are not fond of the taste, or they are afraid of them.

4. Miracle of Music City In the 2000 Wild Card Playoff between the Tennessee Titans and the Buffalo Bills, the Bills had a one-point lead with 16 seconds left in the game. On the last kickoff, the Titans made some lateral passes that eventually ended up with a 75-yard touchdown run by Titans player Lorenzo Neal. This blunder sounds a lot like the Stanford band, but this was in a playoff game and had much more significance.

04. Kia Soul Basically like the Kia Forte, except it is less expensive, ranging from $13,000-$18,000. It is a bit bigger in the back seat and has a cargo bay, which is good for bulky items. Unlike the Kia Forte, it is bigger like an SUV with a box-car body shape.

02. Toyota Corolla Many critics say that buying a Corolla is like buying full time babysitting, which might be a turn off for teenagers. However, it is a great characteristic for parents. Besides it being sold at $16,000, it is very roomy, simple and extremely safe. It resulted in great crash-test scores as well. As a result of the quality of the car and the quality of how it was made, the car should last past teen years and well into college.

To have a phobia is to have a persistent fear towards a specific object, action or situation that leads a person to compel against it. People have heard of the common phobias arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, and claustrophobia, the fear of being enclosed in tight spaces, however, here’s a list of the top 10 oddest phobias. It’s hard to believe that people are actually afraid of these things.

5. Andres Escobar This blunder not only resulted in a loss for his team, but the loss of his own life. After accidentally deflecting the ball into his own net in the 1994 FIFA World Cup against the underdog U.S. team, Escobar tragically lost his life in his native Columbia. The death is said to be a result from his own goal and many believe that the team’s loss resulted in big gambling losses for local drug lords.

05. Nissan Altima It is larger than a Civic and has excellent handling. It works perfectly in all types of areas. The horsepower ranges from 150-245. It is very spacious and comfortable as well for a small car. It is widely available, so it will not be hard to get. The newer models cost around $20,000, but older models can be sold at a much lower and affordable price.

03. Mitsubishi Lancer At the price of $15,000, the Mitsubishi Lancer has knee airbags and standard electronic stability control. The Lancer has an aggressive, racing style look, which appeals to teenagers and still has safety precautions that appeal to moms.

9. Tony Romo In the 2006 NFC Wild card game, the Dallas Cowboys lined up for a potential game-winning field goal with 1:19 left in the game, down 2120 to the Seattle Seahawks. When the ball was snapped, place holder Tony Romo, future starting quarterback, bobbled the ball and came up a yard short after trying to get the first down by running the ball.

7. Chris Webber Timeout In the 1993 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, Chris Webber of the Michigan Wolverines called a timeout after being doubleteamed by two North Carolina players. Problem was that Michigan had already used all of its timeouts and Webber was charged with a technical foul. Michigan ended up losing the game 77-71.


by DANA SOMERS Staff Writer

10. Fred Lorz 1904 Summer Olympics He ended up finishing first in the Men’s Marathon. However, just before being crowned champion, it was discovered that he had been driven in a car for 11 miles of the 26 mile race. This is far from a fail for me since he went ninja and no one noticed him entering and riding in the car for most of the race.

8. Stanford Band On November 20, 1982, the Stanford Cardinals faced the California Golden Bears in their 85th football matchup. After Stanford had taken a 21-19 lead at the last second, all they had to do was make sure that California did not score on the last kickoff. Apparently, the band thought the game was already over and ran onto the field. Instead, the Golden Bears ran through trumpeters, saxophonists and the drum line for the game winning touchdown.

08. Kia Forte It is affordable, safe and very appealing to the eye. There is plenty of space in the car, so people or things will not be squished or uncomfortable. It has six airbags, anti-lock brakes, and is reasonably priced at $16,000.

Top oddest phobias


3. Steve Bartman In the 2003 National League Championship series, the Chicago Cubs were looking to advance to their first World Series since 1945 against the Florida Marlins. With a 3-0 lead in the top of the eighth, the Cubs, who were already up in the series 3-2, were destined for their goal. However, on a pop out that could have been caught by a Cubs player for an out, a fan by the name of Steve Bartman reached over into the field and deflected the ball away from the Cubs player. After this incident, Bartman was escorted out of the stadium and the Marlins went on to score eight runs and won the World Series. The Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908, 103 years. 2. Bill Buckner With the Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets in game six of the 1986 World Series, Mets outfielder Mookie Wilson came to bat with two outs and the Mets down by one in their last at-bat of the game. Sure enough, Red Sox pitcher Bob Stanley threw a wild pitch, allowing the tying run to score. Now with a man on third counting as the winning run, Wilson hit a slow ground ball to first baseman Bill Buckner. As the ball rolled up to him, Buckner let the ball roll under his glove, allowing the winning run for the Mets. The Mets went on to win the last game and the World Series. 1. Various horrible trades and Draft Picks Brett Favre for a first round draft pick? Dirk Nowitzki for Robert Traylor? Obviously, most of these trades and draft picks would seem horrible today, but how were these teams supposed to know that they were trading away future Hall of Famers for future busts (maybe recruiting would have helped)? Here are some more horrible draft picks and trades… Dominique Wilkins for Danny Manning Sam Bowie drafted over Michael Jordan Darko Milicic drafted over Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade Jamarcus Russell= Biggest draft bust in history

5. Octophobia – It is odd that someone would actually be afraid of the figure 8.


4. Gamaphobia – If you get left at the altar on your wedding day, your fiancé may have gamaphobia, or the fear of getting married.

3. Arachibutyrophobia – Don’t eat peanut butter if you are afraid of having it stuck to the roof of your mouth. 2. Phobiaphobia – If you are phobiaphobic then you will probably be afraid of this list of phobias. 1. Pantophobia – Good luck if you are pantophobic because you are afraid of everything.


Farmville steps up Lady Gaga + Farmville = Gagaville by MIRANDA MARESCO Staff Writer Zynga, the creator of many games featured on Facebook, released a new version of Farmville. Gagaville, inspired by Lady Gaga, was available for users from May 17 to May 26. Farmville players were treated to “a Gaga inspired farm in-game, which will showcase Lady Gaga’s style and themes from the album and videos... think crystals, unicorns, sheep on motorcycles,” Zynga said in a press release. The game had a variety of features added to it each day. Other incentives to play included exclusive access to “Born This Way” songs before the album was officially released. From May 17 through 23, Farmville players could unlock and stream a new unreleased track per day and special bonus remixes. “I loved listening to all of her new songs that weren’t actually released yet to the public,” says freshman Sam Domke. New merchandise was cre-

June 15, 2011



ated for the market found in Farmville. Some of the animals included the Mohawk Cow, a Biker Goat, a Crystal Sheep, and plenty more exotic animals. There were also some crazy crops that could be planted such as Crystals, Electric Roses, Jewel Trees, and some other fun, Gaga-themed plants. Other decorations for Gagaville included the Electric Chapel and the Crystal Castle. One last decoration that is very popular in Farmville is clothing. Gagaville included many Gaga-inspired looks such as a “Hipster Outfit,” a “Biker Outfit,” and a “Gaga Fan Outfit,” along with some neat accessories. Also, for people who pay to play, a $25 Zynga Game Card allowed a free download of Lady Gaga’s new “Born This Way” album plus exclusive bonus tracks when the album was released on May 23. So many more people began playing Farmville because of the new Gaga addition, which is now over.


GAGA COMES TO TOWN: Lady Gaga and Zynga teamed up to create the game Farmville into a colorful world of new music called Gagaville

The Hangover Part II: A hit or miss? The wolfpack returns for another journey by ERIN ALSTON Staff Writer In the follow up movie to the record-breaking comedy “The Hangover” comes the highly anticipated “The Hangover Part II,” released to theaters Memorial Day weekend. The wolf pack returns for another adventure as Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), Alan (Zach Galifiankis), and Doug (Jason Bartha) journey to Thailand for Stu’s wedding. Things take a turn for the worse when the gang finds themselves searching the city of Bangkok for his future brotherin-law, who has gone missing. Newcomers such as Mel Gibson, Robert Downey Jr. and Diddy make an appearance in the film, as well as two familiar faces, Ken Jeong and Mike Tyson, who starred in “The Hangover.” Todd Phillips, the man behind “The Hangover” in 2009, returns to direct the sequel. Phillips also co-wrote the screenplay for “Old School,” and “Road Trip,” two profitable box office movies. There still remains the unanswered question for whether or not the “Hangover Part II” will be as successful and antic-filled as the first one. One thing is for sure, many people are excited for its premiere. “The first one was hilarious,” says sophomore Damien Swaine. “Usually the second movie isn’t as funny as the first, so hopefully it’s not a disappointment.” Many speculations as to the humor of the film are questioned. As it has been many times in the past in the film industry, the sequel to a film is not as lucrative as the first movie made. Some believe that the quality of the second movie can ruin the viewing pleasure of the original. “Sometimes a sequel can ruin the whole movie experience,” says sophomore Amanda Lensen.

Photo/AP Images

THE WOLFPACK IS BACK: The cast of the “The Hangover Part ll,” poses for the May issue of GQ Magazine.

“When you watch the second film, you start to think that maybe they should have just left the movie off where it ended. Some movies just can’t be added on to.” “The Hangover” ended with the gang being able to make it back to Doug’s (Bartha) wedding in time. The ending scene showed them scrolling through racy pictures of their night in Vegas. “I’m so excited for the ‘Hangover Part II, it’s going to be sick,” says

freshman Paul Baclayon. “They definitely gave it an ending that’s easy to add on to the storyline.” “The Hangover Part II” was expected to rake in most of the box office tickets over Memorial Day weekend, also running up against another sequel that came to the silver screen, “Kung Fu Panda 2.” “The Hangover Part II” released Monday, May 30 and received an MPAA rating of R for some strong sexuality and language throughout.

Heroes on the big screen

The much anticipated superhero movie packed summer begins by MINNA KIM Staff Writer The two most profitable comic book franchises, DC Comics and Marvel, revealed to release movie adaptations of their comics throughout the summer of 2011. The release of “Thor” on May 6 marks the beginning of a summer filled with movie verisons of comic books. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is cast down to Earth to live with humans due to his arrogance. On Earth, he uses the powers he gains to fight the dark forces sent by a villain from his homeland of Asgard. Coming to the big screen right after the first comic book hit “Thor”, Marvel’s mutants return to the big screen for the last movie of the X-Men series with “X-Men: First Class”. This movie focuses on Charles Xaiver (James McAvoy) and Erik Lensherr (Michael Fassvender) before they became Professor X and Magneto. They were the

closest of friends, working with other mutants to stop the villain Armagedonn before the rivalry between Professor X’s X-men and the Magneto Brothers emerged. Following the last X-men movie, the much anticipated “Green Lantern” from DC Comics will finally arrive in theaters on June 17. “I can’t believe they are finally releasing the movie version of the “Green Lantern”. I’ve been waiting for years for them to release it,” says junior Jonathan Kim. The Green Lantern Corps consist of warriors who each wear a ring that grants them superpowers. However, when their enemy Parallax threatens to destroy the peace in the universe, the fate of the world depends on their first ever human recruit, Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds). To conclude the string of comic book movies, “Captain America: The First Avenger” is set to premiere in theaters on July 22. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) volunteers for a top secret research

project that transforms him into Captain America, defending the beliefs and morals of America. With the previous release of “Hulk” and “Iron man I” and “Iron man II” and with the release of “Thor” and “Captain America: The First Avenger” this year, many comic book fans are anticipating “Marvel’s the Avengers”. “After hint after hint, I cannot wait until they finally get the best four superheroes into one Avengers movie,” says sophomore Camille Caballar. The story follows four superheroes and how they merge to protect S.H.I.E.L.D, the international peacekeeping agency that appears or is symbolized in all four movies. Each one of these superheroes will be brought to life through the big screen during the summer of 2011. Photos/Flickr

STARTING IT OFF: Chris Hemsworth stars as Marvel legend Thor to begin the superhero packed summer on May 6.


June 15,2011



who’s and what’s Let the games begin! The “Doctor Who” has space, time, Widely popular young-adult novel, the Hunger Games, scores a chance on the big screen


BEST SELLER COMES TO THE BIG SCREEN: The best selling young -adult trilogy, “The Hunger Games”, is finally coming to theaters next year to showcase new talent and exhilarating action sequences.

by NEENA REGALADO Staff Writer With the film’s release nearly a year away, fans are eagerly anticipating the movie adaptation of “The Hunger Games” trilogy. Based on the top selling book by Suzanne Collins, “The Hunger Games” takes place in a postapocalyptic world in the country of Panem where sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen, played by newcomer Jennifer Lawrence, must fight to the death in the country’s annual “Hunger Games.” Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth landed the roles of

the leading men of “The Hunger Games”. Hutcherson will play Katniss Everdeen’s fellow tribute, Peeta Mellark. Liam Hemsworth will play Katniss’s best friend and hunting partner, Gale Hawthorne. With last month’s release of the casting list, the initial reaction of the fans has been very mixed. Reactions varied from absolutely loving the cast to completely hating them. Sophomore Jessica Guo says, “I loved “The Hunger Games”, but I feel that they could have gotten better actors to play the guys.” Hutcherson is well-known for his roles in “Bridge to Terabithia” in 2007 and last year’s “The Kids

Are All Right.” In most of his movies, Hutcherson usually plays the role of the troubled child or teen. He has hardly ever been exposed to action movies, which leads some “Hunger Games” fans to believe that he is not ready to play the role of Peeta Mellark. Many “Hunger Games” fans still see Hutcherson as the scrawny little kid in “Bridge to Terabithia” and not as the mature and sophisticated Peeta Mellark. Sophomore Danica Calusin says, “Although the books were absolutely amazing, I don’t think Josh Hutcherson will be able to live up to the role of Peeta Mellark based on his past roles.” Hemsworth became a breakthrough actor after his film alongside Miley Cyrus in “The Last Song” in 2010. His performance in the movie made him a heartthrob for teens everywhere, but it is questionable if he will be able to tackle the role of the rebellious, yet protective Gale Hawthorne. Ever since the book’s release in 2008, fans have been craving a movie to capture all the action and suspense of “The Hunger Games”. Despite the criticism about the cast, “The Hunger Games” will give the movie industry a chance to showcase new actors and talent. With all its awards as a book, the gripping young-adult trilogy will give the “Twilight” and “Harry Potter” franchises a run for their money.

and witty characters by ANNIE WANG Staff Writer “Doctor Who” turns aliens, space and history from nerdy to super cool. The Doctor is a time lord that is the last of his kind, traveling through space and time. A new season of “Doctor Who” premiered on April 24 on BBC America. The stars returned as Matt Smith playing the Doctor, Karen Gillan playing Amy Pond, and Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams. In the new season, they did the impossible, from meeting the soul of their “time machine” called the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space) to finding out who the mysterious River Song is. The Doctor is a witty and quirky man that has an interest in different planets and historical times.

or horrifying the situations are. “Doctor Who” originated in the United Kingdom back in 1963. Throughout the years, the show has grown more mysterious and entertaining. When the Doctor is facing death, he regenerates to a different looking man. In real life, that just means the director finds a new star for the show. His regenerations help keep the show fresh and active for a new generation of viewers. Each new episode takes place in a different time period than the last one. The show could take place in World War I one episode, and then a boat sailing through the galaxy. At the end of every season, the writers of “Doctor Who” string all the episodes in the season into something dangerous and entertaining. ““Doctor Who” always has

Iconic Boyz rock the stage on ABDC

They came to prove that anyone can dance by SHARON CHANG Staff Writer As the youngest crew on “America’s Best Dance Crew”, the Iconic Boyz are represented New Jersey on the latest season to be the best crew. Even though the Iconic Boyz did not win, they put up a good fight and came in second. From week one to week nine, the Iconic Boyz improved their chore-

ography to impress the judges and show that, no matter how young they are, they bring as much effort as any other crew on the show. In the beginning, they were onetwo step choreographers, but after a couple weeks of being on “America’s Best Dance Crew”, the Iconic Boyz gave it their all and did not disappoint anyone. Every week, they surprised the audience, fans and judges with what they could do.

Art/Sharon Chang

THEY NEVER GIVE UP: This is the Iconic Boyz’ symbol they used to go through each competition. The Iconic Boyz came in second place toI aM mE on the show “America’s Best Dance Crew” on Sunday June 5.

“The Iconic Boyz are a dancing sensation and are filled with excitement,” says freshman Mike Skibs. Each member on the Iconic Boyz crew brings their own style and originality to make their dances unique and stand out from the other crews. They are all extremely committed to each other and dancing. One of the dance members, Louis DePippa, gave up basketball and baseball for dancing. “The Iconic Boyz are all talented with their dancing and they are really good!” says freshman Colleen Gerndt. Geo Hubela from the Iconic crew in “America’s Best Dance Crew” season one is the Iconic Boyz teacher, but the Boyz have to make up their own choreography without Geo. They struggle from their challenges on the show because some are extremely difficult for some of them. For example, Thomas Miceli cannot do isolations very well, but the Boyz turned that struggle into something better. “I find it really cool how the Iconic Boyz are brave enough to go on national television and go against adults that have been practicing their whole lives while the Iconic Boyz have only been practicing for maybe eight or nine years,” says freshman Mike Nichols. Forget the haters and love the fans. There is a reason why the Iconic Boyz made it on the show and got as far as being the top two crews. The Iconic Boyz have all the love and support and proved to the judges that they are not just boys who dance and mess around.

Photos/ Flickr

UP, UP, AND AWAY (TOP): The TARDIS is one of the main keys in the show, “Doctor Who”, to help the characters go through space and time. THE PREVIOUS DOCTOR(BOTTOM): David Tenneat, pictured with the Sonic Screwdriver, played the 10th doctor from 2005-2010.

He brings a new meaning to “curiosity killed the cat”. The way he investigates problems causes him to not only to risk his own life, but those of his partners, Amy Pond and Rory Williams, too. Amy Pond and Rory Williams are not only the Doctor’s partners, but friends, too. Amy Pond is a spunky character that helps the Doctor on his journey around time and space. Rory Williams is Amy Pond’s adoring and dorky husband. He has been by Amy’s side, no matter how dangerous

something new that even when you hate the episode, you can’t stop watching,” says “Doctor Who” fan Charlie McDonnell. The show has won five awards in the British Academy Television Awards and an overseas award in the People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Sci-fi show. Not only have the British appreciated the show, but so do people overseas. Whether someone lives overseas or in the United Kingdom, “Doctor Who” is enjoyable for all teens and adults.


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Summer concerts 2011 in New Jersey by GRACE JUNG Staff Writer It’s already summer concert season and it looks like it will be a big one. This year, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, and many more big name artists will be touring through New Jersey. On June 19, 20, 23 and 24, Swift’s Speak Now World Tour 2011 will come to the Prudential Center in Newark to promote her blockbuster “Speak Now” album. She was originally only supposed to perform on the 19 and 20, but after such good feedback, she quickly booked two more days. Swift will be playing 90 shows in 19 countries spanning four continents this year. On June 19, Katy Perry will also be performing at the Prudential Center as part of her California Dreams 2011 World Tour. The tour is for promotion of her album, “Teenage Dreams”, which was released in August 2010 and has sold five

million copies worldwide since. From June 16 to 17 is Glee Live!, performing at the Izod Center in East Rutherford. Glee Live! In Concert! will be performed by the cast of the popular television series, “Glee”. The tour was created by Ryan Murphy, the creator of the show, in response to audiences’ overwhelmingly positive reaction to the show. As for special guests, it is a possibility that Cee Lo Green, singer of the well-known song “Forget You”, will be featured. Rihanna will be performing at the Izod Center on July 21 with J. Cole and Cee Lo Green opening for her as part of her Loud tour. Rihanna seems to be having a tough time selling tickets for her tour. Concerts in Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver and Indianapolis have already been cancelled due to low ticket sales. On August 5, pop diva Britney Spears will be performing at the Izod Center for her Femme

Photo/AP Images

CONCERT CRAZY: Pop diva Britney Spears will be performing at the Izod Center on August 5 to promot her album, “Femme Fatale”.

Fatale Tour to promote her new album. Opening for the tour is Nicki Minaj, along with Jessie and The Boy Toys and DJs Nervo. Fans are excited for Nicki Minaj’s appearance on the tour. Freshman Haley Millan says, “Nicki Minaj is my favorite artist out right now. I think she’s a great entertainer and I love her style of clothes and music. Seeing both her and Britney Spears at the same time is like a dream to me.” On August 20 is Selena Gomez and the Scene performing at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel to promote her hit album, “A Year Without Rain”. Joining Gomez is Christina Grimmie, YouTube singing sensation, who will serve as the opening act. Alongside these individual artists is the famous Vans Warped Tour and the Starburst Summer Concert Series at Six Flags. This year, the 17th annual Vans Warped Tour will take place on July 24 at Monmouth Park Racetrack in Oceanport. Bands such as A Day to Remember, Asking Alexandria, Simple Plan, August Burns Red, The Ready Set and over 60 other bands will be playing on tour. Freshman Sydney Murano says, “It’s the greatest event of the year. It’s like Bamboozle, but 50 times crazier.” The Starburst Summer Concert Series at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson will be on Thursday, July 28 at around 5:00 P.M. This year, it will feature We The Kings, The Summer Set, Downtown Fiction and a few other bands. The concert is free with theme park admission or a 2011 Season Pass. If you haven’t done so already, hurry and start planning your concert-filled summer before shows are sold out.

June 15,2011

Tanning catastrophe can be fatal Tanning leads to fatal skin cancer melanoma

Photo/ Flickr

TANNING LEADS TO DEADLY SKIN CANCER MELANOMA: Tanning can be extremely harmful and cause melanoma, a type of cancer, which if not treated can be deadly.

by ALE DURAN Staff Writer Some teen girls and young women would do anything to look good, but they do not realize the risk they are putting themselves through with tanning. Tanning is very common in New Jersey, but the tanning fever started after the hit show “Jersey Shore” began airing on TV. The Italian stars inspired many viewers to follow their motto to tan and look as dark as they could get. “I don’t go tanning-tanning anymore because Obama put a 10 percent tax on tanning,” complained Snooki after Obama placed a 10 percent tax on tanning due to the economic downfall. Tans are caused by UV rays that damage the cells. UV radiation can lead to premature skin aging that may cause skin cancer.

Melanoma is the most life threatening skin cancer. If melanoma is treated early, it is almost always curable, but if not, the cancer can spread through every part of your body and be fatal. The American Cancer Society estimates about 120,000 melanoma cases each year in the US. The first sign of melanoma is often the size, shape and color of a mole or may even appear as a new mole. In men, melanoma may often appear on the upper half of the body, on their shoulders and hips. In women, it often appears on the thighs and lower legs. In people with colored skin, it often appears under the fingernails and toenails, on the palm of the hand, and even on the soles of the feet. Next time you want to go tanning, remember the consequences may catch up to you later, and don’t forget your sunscreen.

Women in armed forces

Combat restrictions for women by ANDREA DURAN Staff Writer

The 2012 budget may include a vote that could lift barriers to women serving in combat jobs in the U.S military. This may be a problem to women interested in heading to the army after high school. Federal law makes it clear that the Navy and Air Force prohibit women from serving in direct combat roles, including infantry, armor, cannon field artillery, and short range air defense artillery. The Army stated that “direct combat takes place while closing fire with the enemy by fire, maneuver or shock effect”. It seems like the military is trying to prevent sexual harassment and attempting to eliminate sex discrimination. They are trying to protect women, but women are just as equal as men. Many women feel they are doing the same things men are doing, such as risking their lives, but yet people do not seem to see or acknowledge their work. The Women’s Armed Services Integration Act of 1948 gave women a permanent place in the regular

military services, but contained restrictions in their assignments. Loretta Sanchez a senior member of the House Armed services committee has prepared an amendment that would determine that combat exclusions hurt advancement opportunities for women. The 2011 Defense Authorization Act requires the defense department to analyze and evaluate assignments for women in the military. Sanchez’s legislation, Women’s Fair and Equal Right to Military Service Act, states that women are already serving in combat. As of 2011, more than 260,000 women have served in war. As a student who wants to serve in the Army after high school, these restrictions will make it much harder to be part of the Army because they are restricting women from so many jobs and opportunities. Saddam Hussein stated, “The participation of women is some armies in the world is in reality only symbolic.” Hussein’s words are somewhat true because women are going out there risking their lives and protecting America just like men, but receive none of the credit.


U.S ARMED FORCES, WOMEN ARE IN COMBAT: Combat restrictions are trying to eliminate women from front line, but it seems like they are the ones leading the way.


June 15, 2011

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The future of Google: Chrome OS

Google releases new brand of laptops featuring Google Chrome OS by ANTHONY PARADISO Staff Writer Millions of people have heard of the famed company Google, mostly through its huge search engine and web browser, Google Chrome. Now Google is taking the next step by releasing a new brand of laptop running Google’s own brand new operating system called Chrome OS. The new “Chromebooks” boot up in just eight seconds. They will not use a hard drive, but rather a cloud system, so that any saved data can be accessed from anywhere. Users can open all of their files from an entirely different computer that is also running Chrome OS. With the Google cloud, users will not have to worry about losing any personal information in case of a crash or virus. There will be no need to constantly

back up information because it will be done automatically. Google states on their website that “Chromebooks are built and optimized for the web,” so many of the features will rely on Internet access. The Chromebook will come in two models, one that supports WiFi as well as 3G and one that only supports WiFi. Models with 3G will include 100 MB of free mobile data a month from Verizon Wireless. The laptops automatically update themselves without annoying pop-up prompts. All web apps also update automatically over time. All of the content on the Chromebook, including the OS itself, stays up to date. Chrome OS is based on the Google Chrome web browser, but will also contain some offline features like camera connectivity. Many web apps can even be accessed of-

fline with HTML5. The operating system will also use Gmail, Google Maps and other Google software. The new laptops are receiving overall good comments. Freshman Kenneth Sandoval says, “As with any new operating system, it will be strange at first. The cloud and the laptops themselves look cool.” With so many other laptop brands and operating systems out on the market today, including Windows 7, Mac OS X v10.6 and even Linux, Chrome OS may be difficult to sell. There is already a lot of competition between Microsoft and Apple, so Google joining the fray may not be a wise decision. However, Google believes it has a chance because Microsoft’s netbook sales have declined and there has not been a demand for Intel processors. The new Chromebooks will be available starting June 15.

P.S. the PSN was hacked

Sony Playstation 3 has its first and biggest security breach.

Photo/Flickr JUST WANTING TO PLAY: Angered gamers find no point in logging onto PSN due to breaching problems in the Playstation system.

by CARLOS ALCALA Staff Writer With the biggest security breach in all of Sony’s history, Playstation gamers became impatient with the uncertain future of the Playstation Network (PSN) on April 20. The PSN consists of multiple things: an online store, access to the Internet, online play, and music/movies. When the security breach occurred, all of this was shut down. It put millions of people’s identities in danger now that this group could possibly have access to all of their personal information like credit card numbers. Hackers compromised over 100 million accounts and information. In order to reassure Sony fans, Sony recommended changing passwords and account names. Shortly after the first attack, additional security breaches were made. User accounts were being hacked and information was continuing to be leaked. On top of putting Sony to shame, hackers changed user’s passwords by simply typing in the gamers’ e-mail and date of birth. “It seems that as more problems happen with Sony, the more I feel

embarrassed by it all,” says freshman Faris Arafat “It’s not like I hate Sony, I just feel they could

have done more to prevent it.” With more unsatisfied customers, Sony decided to announce a plan that would hopefully keep gamers happy. Customers can choose from select games to download from the PSN for free, as well as additional benefits for premium member deals. The attempt to interest gamers was successful. Even though most were more satisfied, there were still some who continued to remain unhappy. “I’m surprised Sony isn’t broke right now after all the problems they went through,” says freshman Afraz Siddiqui. As Sony slowly recovers from the security breaches, users have been able to play online, listen to their purchased music and watch their movies. On June 7, it was confirmed and announced that the PSN was finally back up and running again the way it used to.

Photo/Flickr PLAYSTATION NETWORK TERMS OF SERVICE: When hackers broke into Sony’s PSN. they severly violated its TOS. “You may not modify the online client, disc, save file, server, client-server communication, or other part of any game file, or content.”

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NEW FEATURES: Google’s vice president of product management Sundar Pichai talks about the new features of Chrome OS at a Google IO developers conference in San Francisco on May 11.

Return to comics DC comics rebooting series starting with #1 by GABRIELLE GUARNERI Staff Writer This month marked a new start for DC Comics, literally. DC Comics released a press release on June 1 stating that starting August 31, most DC Comics will have their first issue rereleased. DC Comics has stated that this will “launch a historic renumbering of the entire DC universe line of comic books with the 52 first issues”. The issues to be rereleased includee Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, The Fury of Firestorm, Hawkman, Green Arrow, Justice League International, Mister Terrific, Captain Atom, and DC Universe Presents. Those listed above are a mere 10 of the 52 first issues to be rereleased starting August 31. The release of these comics brings new artists, new titles and new starts for some of the most popular DC Comics. Justice League will be one of the two to be released first. Speculations have risen as to what changes have been made to the original characters and plots, but as of right, now DC Comics has not commented on the topic. The only thing known is the release date, possible title and formatting changes, and newly designed animations. Among the designed animations, rebooted characters will have newly designed costumes, but will still have their well-known insignias.

Certain characters are even getting changes to their physical appearance, but most will remain the same and just become more advanced. “You’re trying to keep the iconic elements there, but at the same time freshen up the look so that people are intrigued by what they’re seeing and hopefully come and sample the wares,” says Jim Lee, artist of the new rebooted comics. Lee also says, “It’s not just about straight superhero characters and stories. We’re going to use war comics, we have stories set in mystery and horror, we’ve got Westerns,” referring to formatting and design changes. All employees at DC Comics are aware of the risks that this reboot may pose, but most are hopeful nothing will go wrong. In rebooting the series’, there are many risks posed such as losing readers, lacking fan bases, and people ultimately who stop reading because their interest in the character is no longer there. “I’m excited and nervous to see the comics come back. I’m excited because I enjoy them, but nervous because they might be too different from the originals. I’m hopeful though,” says freshman Sam Domke, an avid DC Comics reader. Hopes remain high as we wait to see just what DC has up their sleeves, and we hope for the best as to how it will affect our favorite characters.

Photo/Flickr - Gage Skidmore NEW DESIGNS, NEW GENERATION: DC Comics displays posters of the Justice League at Comic Con in San Diego. Several of DC’s comics will be rebooted and receive a makeover.


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NJ beaches may be partially restricted

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Ashton Kutcher is the new Charlie Sheen Kutcher will replace Sheen on the next season of “Two and a Half Men” It looks like the real winner here is Ashton Kutcher who will be replacing Charlie Sheen on the next season of “Two and a Half Men”. Sources say Kutcher (“That 70s Show”, “No Strings Attached”) put the final touches on his contract to be on the next season of “Two and a Half Men”. Personally, I think that Kutcher will be a great addition to “Two and a Half Men.” He’s a very good actor that made “That 70’s Show” one of the funniest comedy series ever made. Freshman Faris Arafat says “I think that Ashton Kutcher will make a great addition to the show because Charlie Sheen isn’t as good now that he does [drugs] and thinks he’s a warlock.” Freshman Brandon Van Dzura says “It’s bad because I can’t picture Ashton Kutcher playing Charlie Sheen’s role, but it’s good because I believe that Ash-

June 15,2011

Beaches off limits

The Falcon News

by MJ BURDISS Staff Writer

ton Kutcher is funnier and more talented than Charlie Sheen.” There are multiple reasons why Sheen is being replaced, but there was one reason in particular that got him fired. There were some things that probably didn’t help his case, like doing drugs, having porn star girlfriends, and thinking he was a warlock. The big thing that actually got him fired was the series of rants against the series’ creator, Chuck Lorre. Although Charlie Sheen did a great job in “Two and a Half Men”, I believe that Kutcher far exceeds the talent and comedy of Sheen. As to whether or not Kutcher will actually replace Sheen’s role as Charlie Harper or just be another character in the series is unknown, but I believe that no matter what role he plays, he will do amazing and make the show even greater than it was before.

“Personally, I think that Ashton Kutcher will be a great addition to ‘Two and a Half Men.’”

by KALI BUSSEY Staff Writer New Jersey beach go-ers are outraged by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who plan to restrict parts of public beaches from citizens in the near future. The EPA is a federal agency that protects the health of the people, and the environment. Their job is to identify harmful things in the environment that could further affect people, and regulate them to make them safe. The EPA does various jobs such as making sure drinking water is safe, and protecting the ozone layer by trying to find alternatives to putting harmful gases in our atmosphere. The EPA has proposed to Governor Christie to let the towns decide access to the beach, including when and where. However, the Governor will have the final say in restrictions. What they will do is simply put up signs either reading “Private Property” or “No Public Beach Access”, meaning no one can get on the beach. People assume that they will restrict parts of public beaches where you may not gain access to, due to the fact that people own homes located on the beach front. Most beaches in New Jersey require you to pay to get on the beach for the day week or month, but anyone is allowed to purchase a badge. With the exception of beaches with major property front like a hotel, anyone can gain access. However, people who live remotely close to the beach front

want to own the land located in front of them. This isn’t fair to other people who live in the town, or people traveling to the beach. People also pay taxes to help support the beaches; they deserve just as much access. Yet with people wanting to own their beachfront, soon all sandy beaches will be owned and other travelers have no beaches to get on. “Beaches should be available to everyone, not blocked off for people who own a house 30 feet from the beach. And even if they did own that 10 by 10 plot of land, how is that even useful to them? What are you going to do with a small square of sand,” says junior Michael Galluccio. Unlike the beaches, oceans are not owned by the towns they

are located in; they are free bodies of water. The town can divide the beaches all they want, but there is no way to divide the ocean amongst property owners. Controversy will begin when people start crossing over into each other’s land by ocean. Property owners will be outraged and start problems within the town. “If everyone that lived by the beach tried to own a plot of land, everyone would get about a foot of land and no one would be able to access the beach,” says property beach owner in Seaside, Bob Lichtenstein. Everyone should be able to access the beach, and be able to share it. Citizens should understand the beach is a part of the environment, not a toy.

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OFF LIMITS: New Jersey beaches go-ers may not be able to gain access to beaches in the near future due to laws giving the town the right to decide when and where access allowed.

RIP snow days Students can use virtual schooling during snow storms by JENN ANDREWS Staff Writer


SNOW DAY: Holding classes online during blizzards is not the best idea. Phone lines are likely to be down and computers will be slow if they are working at all.

Schools across the country are using online schooling to keep students updated with their school work during snow storms. Various schools have been experimenting with online schooling to see if it is an effective way of keeping students on track with their work. Personally, I think this would not be as effective in our school, or any school district for that matter, for several reasons. First of all, you have to consider the fact that not all students have a computer, or enough computers for every child in their family at home to work with. Think about all the kids in our school that buy discounted lunches. The school cannot expect parents to purchase computers just for these few days of snow storms. Another thing to consider is the non-school environment. As compared to a classroom with textbooks and teachers, students at home are not able to ask ques-

tions and get detailed responses Eventually, students would get from their teachers as easily if they bored of it and work would not could if they were with the teach- be as efficient. Students would ers personally. The communication not work up to their full potential. “I’m going to be completely honest would be a longer process. It would cause so much confusion that it with you, after about an hour or two would not be worth the struggle. at the computer, I would stop try“I could imagine it being very ing,” says junior Michael Galluccio. What many difficult to people do not ask ques“As compared to a classroom think about tions… I is that during don’t really with textbooks and teachers, snow storms, believe that at home students are not able computer conI would get nections are as full of to ask questions...” more prone to an underfailure. Difficulty standing to connect to the of something through a key board and web would just be a mess, espescreen as I could with a teacher cially with a massive amount of being there physically,” says ju- students trying to log on, all in nior Andrew Young-Hyman. the same area, at the same time. Many believe that this will have Imagine sitting at your computer for six hours. At least in school a snowball effect. More and more you have the opportunity to get up schools experiment with virtual and switch classes. You can chat classes each year. I do not agree with your friends in the hallway with this idea, for the better of between classes. At home, you the students. They have enough are tied down to your desk and stress, and can always use a day computer for six straight hours. off in the middle of the winter.

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