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The editorial staff takes a look back at the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2005. Features, Page 6

The Monroe Falcon would like to wish the Administration, Staff, and Students of Monroe Township High a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season.

The Monroe Falcon Monroe Township High School ¦ 1629 Perrineville Road ¦ Monroe Twp., 08831 ¦ Vol. VI Issue 3¦ December 23, 2005

Put on Your Walking Shoes New York! By KAREN HYE Features Editor

Jenny Sia reads her original poem at the MTHS Poetry Café.

Gone But Not Forgotten 1940-2005 Richard Pryor, the brilliant comic, transcended barriers of race by revealing the entire range of America’s humor, from its rural origins to its raunchier urban expressions. He died at age 65 of a heart attack.

Longtime radio talk show host Howard Stern broadcasted his final radio show last Friday. Howard Stern has now moved to Sirius Satellite Radio where he hopes to continue his infamous career.

The Indianapolis Colts became the 5th team to go 13-0, but they were unable to be as great as the ’72 Dolphins. The Colts lost 26-17 to the San Diego Chargers on Sunday Dec. 18th.

For the last few weeks, news has been buzzing of a possible New York City transit strike. Although many thought it would never happen, the inevitable has occurred. The MTA has gone on strike throughout NYC and the four boroughs, creating enormous problems for residents, commuters, and tourists. At 12:01am on December 20, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, or MTA, went on strike in Manhattan and the four boroughs. The strike began in Queens on December 19, when the workers and the union could not reach an agreement. Due to unsanitary working conditions, pay rates, and retirement benefits, the union workers have decided to strike. As of now, all employees will receive full benefits at age fifty five, but

the union wants to increase the age to sixty and may rely on public transportation. two. This change will only affect new Victoria Kolemba commented, “I’m a little employees. With over 22,000,000 people frustrated with the mass transit situation, because I can’t living in New York, go to my favorite and thousands of places in the city...” people commuting Ms. DeLaurentis from the surrounding also commented areas, this strike that someone close is going to affect to her was affected millions of people. when they had Commuters and tourists are not to reroute their left without options. commute because Taxis are still of the strike. available and the City It is government is pushing obvious that many people to consider car will be affected by pooling or walking. this strike, and with Photo/New York Times Independent cabs have the holiday season also been made available, and fortunately in bloom it is unclear what will become of for New Jersey residents, this will not the rest this week and the upcoming New affect the N.J. Transit. Year’s Eve celebration. The metropolitan With the Big Apple nearby, staff and tri-state area will be waiting with bated and students visit New York frequently breath so see what will unfold.

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas By JAMIE SILVERSTEIN Spotlight Editor Is the holiday season truly the craziest time of the year? The answer is yes, and it all has to do with the gifts! When your loved ones tell you “just buy what you know I will like,” what are you supposed to do? Guess? Even if you know the people on your shopping list inside and out, you still may have a huge brain lapse and forget what to buy. The Falcon is here t o help. Below are categories of favorite gifts this season that should help on you holiday gift giving. For Her: * Cashmere Fingerless Gloves For serious Midwest winters, she’s going to need something more substantial than these fingerless cashmere gloves. But for when

she wants to rock the ‘80s look, or keep her hands warm while still being able to use her fingers, these cute gloves fit the bill. Available in grey/pink and turquoise/dark blue. More fingerless gloves.

* Philosophy Gift Set Philosophy makes a variety of different spa gift sets, all of which contain products that smell so good, her mouth will water. * Candle Gift Set Candles can make any setting more festive (or romantic). This set by Fresh includes three different scented candles: Sake, sugar, and grenadine. If that’s not quite her speed, we’ve also got vanilla, mango, pomegranate, violet, fig, orange, peppermint, and chocolate, to name just a few. Browse our candles department. For Him: * Godiva Chocolate Let his taste buds go wild with a box of sweet sensations. With all the different choices, personalized picks, you can’t go wrong! * Season DVD’s of Seinfeld and Family Guy These are two classic television shows that all men enjoy, get the seasons for him to enjoy.

School News

Dec. 2005 Vol VI. Issue 3

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Working With Children III: Shaping Tomorrow s Teachers through their experience in the classroom, class because she wants to go into teaching the seniors will learn valuable lessons in and loves kids. Through her experience the field of education. They will be able to there she has learned to work with different easily understand age groups the techniques and how to get and qualities that and keep kid’s a gifted teacher attention. She enjoys working possesses. with the children Stefanie because of Wolsky, a MTHS how “teaching senior is currently affects their life working with Mrs. so much. You Dinsmore, a second are teaching grade teacher at kids things that Barclay Brook. they will use for Known better there the rest of their as “Miss Stefanie,” Miss Stefanie works with Ms. Dinsmore s life.” Stefanie she works with the second grade class on handwriting. also says that being children on handwriting, Photo/Karen Hye apart of the Working social studies, science, and sometimes Spanish. For her two or with Children Three program has given her so hours there Miss Stefanie helps the a greater appreciation for teachers here at students, checks their work, and they ask MTHS, “I appreciate them more because her questions. The seniors only have to I get to see all of the hard work that is put teach each grade twice and in between their into teaching.” lessons they must help the regular teachers This new program seems to be a and create bulletin boards. great addition to the MTHS community. In Stefanie’s opinion, this class By working closely with children and is very important for the seniors because teachers of all grades, students will be able it gives students interested in a career in to learn valuable lessons that will take them education, “a heads up to what teaching through their college years and careers. will be like and they are given a chance to change career plans before college if they don’t enjoy teaching.” She chose to take the

the teachers, teach lessons, and observe the teachers at work. During the school year By KAREN HYE the seniors will visit two different grades. Features Editor The curriculum includes working very closely with the elementary teachers. This year a new class has been Through their guidance, the seniors create lesson plans, added to the MTHS tests/quizzes, selection, Working with projects, Children Three. Taught and even by Mrs. Rosenberg, grades. After this senior only class is teaching the final addition to the their two Working with Children m a n d a t o ry program. The idea behind l e s s o n s, the class is to enable the both the seniors to receive valuable elementary hands-on experience in t e a c h e r an elementary classroom. and Mrs. Three days a week, during The ladies of Working With Children III Rosenberg must seventh and eighth periods, Photo/Karen Hye grade the senior the students venture to their on their performance. It is hoped that assigned schools and classrooms to help

2005-2006 College Acceptances

Adamiec, Alicia Baginski, Natalie Cohen, Adam Collura, Amanda Crawford, Monica

Durant, Jason Girgis, Marina Gitto, Michelle Goldberg, Darren Halpern, Matthew Harris, Stephanie Hendler, Steve Herring, Grant Hetzell, Jenna Hye, Karen Kazar, Cory Kelch, Henry Leatherwood, Mike McCarthy, Danielle Pilecki, Matthew

Samet, Dana Scanlon, Ray Shiffner, Allison Solanki, Kinjal Waksmundzki, Paulina Williamson, Steven Zawistowski, Mark

Berkley College Montclair State Nova Southeastern Univ. West Chester University Johnson & Wales Univ. The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College Johnson & Wales Univ. N.J. Inst. of Technology Drexel University Rutgers University Richard Stockton College East Stroudsburg Univ. West Chester University Universal Technical Inst. Christopher Newport Univ. Old Dominion University Univ. of Rhode Island Calwell College Centenary College Marshall University NJ. Insitiute of Technology

MTHS Students Have The Floor By KAIVAN SATTAR Staff Writer The Model United Nations Club at MTHS is an extremely worthwhile experience for all students to take part in. Participating students prepare for a multischool conference in January, where a mock session of an actual UN meeting is held in Washington D.C. The United Nations is an international confederation of all “peace-loving states.” Established in 1945, it seeks to promote and maintain international harmony among nations. When an issue is brought to the UN, countries will collaborate to help solve the problem. Considering the largeness of this global scale, a highly organized system for administrating problems, proposals, and “resolutions” had to be created; our Model United Nations club attempts to emulate this system, giving each student the opportunity to represent a nation and create a resolution, or plan of action, for his or her country’s particular issues. The United Nations is subdivided into different groups such as the Security Council

The College of New Jersey Berkely College East Stroudsburg University Richard Stockton College West Chester University Mass. Coll. of Pharmacy Rutgers Univeristy Rutgers University Penn State Penn State/University Park University of Illinois West Chester University Rutgers University Richard Stockton College

Attention all Seniors: If you have been accepted to college and your name does not appear on this list, please fill out the appropriate forms in guidance. Once you sign up, your name will be added to the list.

Karen Hye

Adam Liebross

Jon DiPierro

Alissa Stampoulous Tara Axelrod

Victoria Kolemba

Jamie Silverstein Katie O’Brien

Matt Madorma

Alex Koropsak Justin Meccia

Ray Scanlon

Steven Williamson

Mike Leatherwood

and the General Assembly. The GA, for example, is further split into “committees” such as Political and Security, Economic and Finance, Social and Humanitarian, etc. etc. Each committee is responsible for different aspects of a nation’s overall wellbeing. Each student is then assigned a nation and a committee, and writes a “position paper”, which outlines their country’s feelings and opinions on various pressing global issues. These positions are then further condensed into “draft resolutions” which, at the actual conference will be used to create an actual mock resolution of the United Nations. MTHS students find the MUN to be a fun, yet beneficial, experience. Says Alejandro Sosa (’06): “It’s a really great thing to join… it allows students to educate themselves on international matters, and improve their writing and speaking skills at the same time.” While it is too late to join the club this year, interested students can look forward to it again in the fall. The club is led by advisor Mr. Andersen. Watch closely for updates as we report on the upcoming conference in January.

The Monroe Falcon s Mission Statement

The Monroe Falcon is a school newspaper dedicated to reporting on news and events that affect the Monroe Township High School community. We will work to keep our reporting fair, objective, and timely in order to most efficiently serve our audience. Input from the school community is welcome, though contributions to the paper must maintain the same level of integrity and quality that we as a staff strive for. Advisor: Ms. Sandy Appel-Bubnowski

Dec. 2005 Vol VI. Issue 3

World News

Roe v. Wade Brought Back to Supreme Court By VICTORIA KOLEMBA World News Editor In the 2005 movie “Monster-In-Law,” Jane Fonda plays a famous feminist journalist that has just found out that she is to be fired. Her days of being in the spotlight are going to come to an end. In her final live broadcast she interviews a popular “bimboesque” singer and experiences an on-air meltdown. After Viola (Fonda) asks a Brittany Spears clone her opinion on the Supreme Court ruling of Roe v. Wade, the vapid girl absentmindedly relates this famous 1973 abortion case to boxing and answers “Oh! I don’t condone boxing.” In her frustration, Viola attacks her interview subject, landing herself in a rehabilitation facility. This scene in “Monster-In Law” truly exemplifies the need for teens to spend less time focusing on their “fashion heroes,” and more time on the laws that control their lives. If this law was to be changed, a woman’s right to choose will be lost. Women everywhere would lose their rights of privacy which is currently guaranteed. Now, thirty two years after defining the current abortion law, the United States Supreme Court is taking up its’ first abortion case in five years. The case can potentially impact the teenage population in the United States for years to come. Since the Roe v. Wade case, the Supreme Court decision has been questioned in New Hampshire whether to reinstate a law that requires parental notification 48 hours before an abortion can be performed on a woman under the age of 18.To some, a never-enforced New Hampshire law requiring parental notification before a minor has an abortion is a backward step for women’s rights. To others, it protects parents’ right to know if their child is having an abortion. The current law states that abortion is

legal in all fifty states. In this decision, the Supreme Court decided that women had the constitutional right to abortion, and that this right was based on an implied right to personal privacy stemming from the Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments. With their decision, the Court also set up a framework in which the woman’s right

Photo Courtesy of Google

to abortion and the state’s right to protect potential life shift. During the first trimester of pregnancy; the state may not regulate any abortion due to woman’s privacy right, which at this time is strongest. During the second trimester, the state may regulate abortion only to protect the health of the woman. During the third trimester, the state may regulate or prohibit abortion to promote its interest in the potential life of the fetus, except where abortion is necessary to preserve the woman’s life or health. After having this law in effect for five years, people are finally questioning its logic and morality. Although abortion is defined as the termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or of a fetus that is incapable of survival, does abortion really hurt the potential baby and the mother? There are many answers to this question. According to state law, abortions are not performed on viable babies, or babies from twelve weeks on. Also, first trimester

abortions (first three months of a pregnancy) do not cause pain in the zygote, embryo, or fetus. Medical professionals agree that the cerebral cortex has not developed to the point where it can receive pain until around twenty eight weeks. Eighty eight percent of all abortions in America are performed before the twelfth week of pregnancy. Eleven percent occurs between thirteen and twenty weeks, and the final one percent come after twenty. Over half of all abortions are performed before nine weeks, when the embryo is smaller than a dime. Concerning the psychological response from the mother, if the abortion has been done during the first trimester, there is usually a sense of relief. Extensive studies have shown that women who experience severe guilt, remorse, and emotional trauma are those who either had psychological problems before the pregnancy, or those who experienced extreme conflict with family or sexual partner as they made their decision. Although Roe vs. Wade did indeed define the current abortion law, it did not invent abortion. As long as there have been pregnancies, there have been abortions. Medically safe and legal abortions have created some health benefits, despite the claims of anti-choice ideologues. Modern medicine has developed safe, swift and humane abortions as opposed to the 1950s, when inhumane abortions were at their peak. If the practice of abortion was declared illegal, it would not stop them from occurring. Some teenagers who get pregnant rely on the existing law for options. Pro-choice activists’ position has always been to support every woman’s right to choose, while pro-life activists oppose any legalized abortion. Teenagers must begin to focus on this decision that could potentially impact their lives in the future. (Facts and Statistics courtesy of Planned Parenthood)

Controversial Gang Leader Stanley Tookie Williams Executed By ALEX KOROPSAK Local/ National News Editor Stanley Tookie Williams, founder of the notorious Crips, was found guilty of murdering four people in 1979. He was executed by lethal injection and pronounced dead on December 13, 2005 at San Quentin State Prison in California. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governor of California, released a “Statement of Decision,” stating that Williams’ request for clemency was denied on the grounds that he was convicted of prior homicide charges. His first murder took place on February 28, 1979, when he and three others entered a 7-11 store where clerk Albert Owens, was working. Williams ordered Owens to the back and shot him twice, killing him. He then ran away with one hundred and twenty dollars. On March 11, 1979, two weeks later, he robbed a family-operated motel, where he shot and killed three family members and ran away with one hundred dollars in cash. After spending twenty four years in prison, Williams claimed he had become a changed man. Williams also said that he received an unfair trial that consisted of irregularities. The possible discrepancies in Williams’s trial were thoroughly and carefully reviewed by the courts. However, the jury decided that the inconsistencies were negligible, and that Williams deserved

the death penalty. book series was published. In 1998 he Williams’ plea for clemency was published Life in Prison, and in 2004 not based on innocence, but rather his Williams published a memoir called Blue “personal redemption”. His argument was Rage, Black Redemption. that he should not be executed because he According to the “Statement of did not kill anyone, but his former, sinful Decision”, the dedication of Williams’s self did. Through his personal redemption, book Life in Prison casts significant doubt of he became a new man whose mission was personal redemption. The book was written to make a positive impact on the world. several years after he claimed his personal He believed that he should redemption experience. The not be punished with the statement questions Williams’ death penalty for his past dedication of the book to transgressions. inmates who are serving time Williams protested that he for violent crimes. As cited had no reason to apologize by the “State of Decision”, for these murders because “Without an apology and he did not commit them. atonement for these senseless and brutal killings there can According to the “Statement be no redemption.” With of Decision”, after Williams was arrested for these Photo Courtesy Google all of this information, Mr. crimes and awaiting his trial, he reportedly Schwarzenegger denied Williams’s request conspired to escape from custody by for clemency. As Stanley Tookie Williams blowing up a jail transportation bus and killing the people in it. Documents of was on his death bed, an estimated 1,000 this plan were found written in Williams’ people stood outside the gates of San own handwriting. Williams never went Quentin and held a peaceful vigil, reading through with this plan, but the fact that he from Mr. Williams’s books. Shortly after was planning to do this conflicts with his midnight the crowd began shouting “Long redemption story and of his innocence of Live Tookie Williams!” At 12:35 a.m. Mr. not deserving the death penalty. Williams, co-founder of the Crips, was Williams has written books that pronounced dead. While some viewed do send out this same message. His books his death as a martyrdom, many saw it as mainly talk about avoiding prison and nothing more as a murderer who paid his about the gang life-style. In 1996, Tookie price. Speaks Out Against Violence children’s

Page 3 JOHN’S BARBER SHOP For a Great Haircut


18 West Railroad Ave. Jamesburg, NJ 08831 (Across from Post Office)

Monday 9-5 Tues.-Wed.Thurs 8-5:30 Fri. 8-6 Sat. 8-6

Exchange of Land Evokes Bitter Opinions By STEVEN WILLIAMSON and RAY SCANLON Co-Editors in Chief In early December, a hearing was held in the Marasco Center to decide whether or not the new high school should be built on park land. The hearing began at seven in the evening and did not end until near one in the morning. Concerned citizens arrived from all over Middlesex County to have their say. The auditorium itself was split into two separate factions, and comically resembled a British parliamentary hearing. Yet there was nothing comical about the hearing once it began. Monroe Mayor Richard Pucci opened the forum, which elicited grumbles and groans from his opposition. Pucci began by citing that Thompson Park would actually gain 117 acres with the land swap. The soccer fields would be relocated and upgraded, while the reconstruction of the school would save local taxpayers over $20 million. “All are winners,” Pucci said, noting that the proposed land swap had the support of the Board of Education, Municipal Council, PTO’s, and local Republicans and Democrats. Superintendent Ralph Ferrie followed, saying that the district was increasing by 350 students per year, and that the current schools alone were not adequately sized. The current high school would be turned into a middle school, which would take pressure off of the painfully overcrowded Applegarth Middle School. Assemblyman Bill Baroni (R) stated bluntly “We need a public high school across that street to educate these kids.” Arguments were raised against the land swap, and although several were valid, some were nothing more than mere spectacle. Tom Nodhstein, the first man to argue against the plan, accused the school board of “looking for the cheap way out.” Mr. Nodhstein then proceeded to raise his hands above his head, give two peace signs, and run up the aisle cheering at his own speech. Joseph Cathes Jr., a man from North Brunswick, came down to offer his two cents on the land swap. Mr. Cathes suggested that the school build on the land it was proposing to swap, which is hilly and densely forested. To clear the forest and level the land would cost taxpayers much more than simply building on an already cleared field. After arguments were traded back and forth throughout the night, the hearing finally came to a close. The remaining few attendees left tired yet accomplished. No date has been set for an official decision on the land swap, but citizens are pushing for a date in January of 2006. It remains to be seen if Monroe will finally approve a new high school, or if a land dispute will delay the decision yet again.

Dec. 2005 Vol VI. Issue 3


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Desperate Housewives: America s New Soap Opera mother when she had admitted that she became a little “desperate” after raising Marc and his siblings. The drama that comes alive on Wisteria Lane branches out “Yes, each new day in suburbia brings from Cherry’s own life in some way. The impeccable cast of the show is the key with it a new set of lies. We persuade reason for why Desperate Housewives has ourselves that we can live with our sins, done so well into its second season. As the or that we can live without him. Yes, each credits roll once an episode is night before we fall asleep we over the names that flow out lie to ourselves in a desperate, of the television can singledesperate hope that come handedly represent the morning - it will all be true,” spectacular acting that goes are the unforgettable words into every episode. Felicity said by Brenda Strong that Huffman, Teri Hatcher, can summarize the main idea Marcia Cross, and Eva that comes out of the hit show Longoria are the four leading Desperate Housewives. ladies who take over the Amazing reviews flowed all screen every Sunday night at over the world after the first nine o’clock on the ABC. In episode was aired of this hit Image/Google every episode the ladies act show. In this series the secrets out the dramas of everyday women in such and truths of suburbia women’s lives are a realistic way that it becomes empowering uncovered. The realism of the struggles of for “housewives,” to have their problems the show are understood by all audience finally spotlighted. members who in some way can always The four women portray everyday relate. Whether it be connecting to losing people so well that they fit their characters a baby, or getting a divorce. The series perfectly. Whenever the women are on the came from the producer’s, Marc Cherry’s,


screen together it is as if they are truly best friends. Desperate Housewives was even the first television series that had not even completed its first season to win the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series. That award alone can support the fact that the cast of the show truly belong together while on stage. Musical and special effects also help the show run smoothly every time it airs. The music that is played in the beginning of mostly every episode is somewhat ironic by how “perfect” it tries to make the neighborhood seem since in every house on the block there are secrets that are rather obvious. When something suspenseful is going to occur the music in the background adds anticipation and excitement and makes the audience want to watch the show again to find out what will happen next. In a recent episode someone breaks into Gabrielle Solis’ home and the minute the music comes on the tension fills in the room while waiting to see what is going to happen. In some television shows special effects can ruin the realism of what is happening, but the falling down the stairs

and amazing stunts add to the greatness of the show. The tagline of the show is “Everyone has a little dirty laundry,” and that statement is the only way to describe the concept of Desperate Housewives. This comedy, drama, and mystery show can only be described as being a breathe of fresh air. People are filled with endless secrets and Desperate Housewives shows that everyone is hiding something. It is refreshing to finally have a show that is realistic since it relates to its audiences’ lives.

You Couldn t Have It Any Better By KAIVAN SATTAR Staff Writer

Snowed In At the Box Office: Movies to See this Winter By JOHN ALVES AMANDA ZAHN Staff Writers Leave your house, put on a warm jacket, and head to your local movie theatre over the winter break! There are many movies coming out in December that are worth watching. All the bases are covered for the various genres of entertainment, with new comedy, horror, drama, romance movies being released. One funny and entertaining movie to see is Hoodwinked. The movie is based on the classic fairy tale “Little Red Image/Google Riding Hood.” Furry and feathered cops from the animal world, Chief Grizzly and Detective Bill Stork, investigate a domestic disturbance at Granny’s cottage, involving a girl, a wolf and an axe.

The Ringer may bring you to tears, but Get your adrenaline flowing with Wolf only because you’ll be laughing too hard. Creek. It was supposed to be the vacation When Steve Barker finds himself running of a lifetime in the Australian Outback, but dead last in the corporate rat race, he tries a trio of backpackers took a detour into the to sink to an all time low by rigging the depths of unrelenting terror. Based on true Special Olympics. Barker pretends to be events, Wolf Creek is the haunting story of intellectually challenged. He their unthinkable ordeal is completely out-classed by – a mounting nightmare his fellow Olympians, who so real that it was are not only better athletes, destined to be a horror but better people. With a legend. unique workout routine, the The chick flick of the Olympians train Barker to season is Rumor Has It. go for the gold, and in the Sarah Huttinger finally process show him how to agrees to marry her be a true winner at heart. boyfriend Jeff, but she is For the hopeless romantics, not at all sure if marriage a good movie to see is is what she really Casanova. When Giacoma wants. As conflicted as Casanova discovers she is about life, her Francesa Bruni, he meet his professional career as Image/Google ultimate romantic match. a journalist is not any Casanova succumbs to the only better. She then meets Beau Burroughs, woman ever to refuse his charms until a millionaire, and begins to discover more he can prove himself to be the one man about her family’s secrets. worthy of her romantic ideals. Caught up in Remember, when you get too cold from a whirlwind of disguises, Casanova begins playing in the snow, you can always go out to see the difference between the allure of and watch an exceptional movie. conquest and the power of true love.

Sinatra and Smalls Collide in New Mix Tape The majority of the record features The Notorious B.I.G’s classic raps with the music of Frank Sinatra in the background. The music is not straight from a Frank “Blue Eyes Meets Bed Stuy”, an Sinatra album though, it is actually modified underground mix tape recently produced, into Hip/Hop beats to match The Notorious features two late greats, The Notorious B.I.G B.I.G’s rhythm and flow. Also in three or and Frank Sinatra. four of the songs, This album is a they kick off with collaboration of The Sinatra singing his Notorious B.I.G’s original songs, then original lyrics and the music changes Frank Sinatra’s classic to a Hip/Hop beat tunes. and B.I.G starts The album hit to Rap. The songs underground listener’s from each artist ears in late May of are matched up 2005, but just found a exceptionally well main stream audience together and they in late October. sound like brand The mix tape was new songs. produced by Brooklyn The production of Image/Google native DJ Cappel, and this album is very co-produced by his assistant, DJ Smitty. clear and well done. One could tell that the The record features past hits from both producers have had some good experience popular artists including appearances by with production and took time on this Tupac Shakur, Nancy Sinatra, and Ashanti.


project. It is amazing how evenly the hits are matched up and how well they really sound together when they are slightly modified. One song where this is shown greatly would be in the track number one, when the songs Juicy by B.I.G and the popular song New York, New York by Sinatra are collaborated. The speed of the both pieces is modified to match exceptionally and it really makes you appreciate the music of both performers. I would have never thought in a million years that I would hear Frank Sinatra and The Notorious B.I.G on one album together and I was very skeptical when hearing about it, I thought it was going to be terrible. Lets face it, the difference between the two artist is like night and day, it seemed like their was no way it could work, but surprisingly the producers got it done. The album was very entertaining and enjoyable to hear the hits of each artist another time in a whole other way. Again if you are not over thirteen I would not recommend the album due to explicit lyrics.


The up-and-coming Franz Ferdinand followed up their smashingly successful debut album with the newest “You Could Have It So Much Better” on October 3. They are a British alternative rock band hailing from the town of Glasgow, Scotland, whose self-titled album “Franz Ferdinand” won the 2004 Mercury Music Prize. The energetic young band has a distinct sound that appeals to many. It is heavily influenced by styles of the late 80’s, including garage rock and post-punk. Last year’s single “Take Me Out” topped US and UK charts, turning many heads and exposing this fresh, new band. If you liked “Take Me Out” and the general feel of their first album, you’re sure to like the opening track on the new CD “The Fallen”- my personal favorite. In fact, the group has often been labeled a “singles band”. Albums from other bands often weave stories and tales into their music- Franz Ferdinand’s music consists almost entirely of short, usually catchy and uplifting, three-minute singles. Critics complain that the two discs sound too much the same… but if you have a winning formula, why shouldn’t you stick with it? There are a few songs on this CD that stick out noticeably from this mold that the band has created for itself. The mellow tones of “Walk Away” and “Fade Together” are a nice change from the constantly lively lyrics and sounds of the rest of the album. The name “Franz Ferdinand” actually comes from the Austrian Archduke in the early 1900s, whose assassination by activist Gavrilo Princip started a chain reaction of events leading to the beginning of World War I. Some of the band’s older songs follow this theme, and have a deeper, more somber tone for them. All in all, the band’s plans for the future seem to be exactly what they have been: blithe, vivacious hit singles, probably nothing serious for a while- though it would be interesting to see how such an endeavor would turn out. “You Could Have It So Much Better” consists of thirteen short tracks. Fans of Franz Ferdinand’s first album will enjoy the second, and new listeners should pick it up anyway for a brief but enjoyable listen.


Dec. 2005 Vol VI. Issue 3

Calling All Artists to the Drawing Board! By BRITTANY HOROWITZ Staff Writer Maintaining good grades and attending necessary school meetings while trying to attend after school games is enough to stress out any student. However, there are those little parts of school that can put a smile on anyone’s face, such as Monroe’s many clubs. Schools are not obligated to provide after school clubs for students, yet Monroe Township High School is filled with countless after school activities that students look forward to every day, such as Art Club. This year, Mrs. Gold has assumed

the role as the teacher advisor for art the help of Mrs. Gold, students will be casting individual body parts, club, and things are going and then eventually putting them wonderfully. Meetings take together to create one big figure. place on Thursdays, and The sculpture will be white involve endless creativity and embellished with different from students. Art is all about articles of clothing. Mrs. Gold taking chances and creating describes the sculpture as being something, an “Artistic Frankenstein”. It is and art club expected to be completed by the offers that end of February, and students chance to are encouraged to attend art club all of those to help build the sculpture. The who are final result will be displayed in interested. the MTHS Media Center. Art club is It is a great experience open to any Photo/ to be a part to of an activity that student who would like to participate, lets a person express their interests while remaining in a school environment regardless of Mrs. Gold adds that one of the best their artistic parts of art club is that there are so prowess. many different students that take Art club part in the club, yet they get along members because of the common interest have already created many they share. different projects. Members If you are interested in have also started their first joining the art club, please see large project of the year, a large-scale cast sculpture. With Photo/ Mrs. Gold in Room 245.

Meetings take place on Thursdays, and involve endless creativity from students.

Page 5 Heartfelt Gift Giving By JAMIE SILVERSTEIN Spotlight Editor When Bill Gates’ father turned eighty, he received 33.3 million dollars towards a foundation close to his heart. This gift will endow scholarships to law students that commit to careers in public service. The five students chosen for this yearly award will receive full scholarships for tuition, academic costs, and living expenses at the University of Washington. The students must work at least seven years after graduation at non profit agencies to pay back the loan, organizations or government This is the largest scholarship gift ever for Washington University. The program is designed to last for eighty years. The president of the university has said that

The Fantastic Fashion of Winter 2005

buy them with new outfits! They keep you warm in the winter and stylish all holiday long.

By JAMIE SILVERSTEIN Spotlight Editor Have your friends, family or loved one’s asked you for stylish and trendy clothes for this winter? Are you one of those people who are out on style and need an update? Well below are fashion trends of 2005 fashion that will impress everyone and make your gift giving process this holiday season easier. • Casual with Flash- The latest trend is taking a cute casual tee shirt with a peasant knee length skirt and classic flat shoes with long gaudy necklaces and big chandelier earrings. With this style you make your outfit cute yet fashionable. • Layers! - They love the longer shirts! Buy long tank tops and layer them with a shorter tank and a wool shrug and you are good to go with a pair of jeans. • Winter Boots (Furry and Tall) - Whatever you where this winter you can make most outfit’s look cute with furry winter boots. These come in all colors and heights. Some are short and furry, and others are tall and suede.

Places to find these styles are at the following stores: ( * is fairly expensive, # is moderate, and = is low prices)


Whichever styles they are they will boot up your outfits! Beads/sequins/and glitter- Take any shirt but make sure to style it up with a sequined belt, or a long beaded necklace! You can where sweat pants nowadays and a plain white tee shirt and make it look trendy with a long layered wood beaded necklace. Make any outfit happen with these fashionable new looks! Scarves and shawls- They make these long rectangular items in every color and every fabric, now you just have to go out and

• H&M # • American Eagle * • Abercrombie and Fitch* • Hollister* • Aeropostle# • Wet Seal# • Nordstrom* • JC Penny# • Burlington Coat Factory# • Macy’s# • Express* • NY& Co# • Kohl’s= • Target= • Walmart= • Rampage* The holiday season is madness for style and fashion for all the parties attended and gifts to be bought, so go out and get fashionable! Take these cool trends and apply them to your style or the wardrobe of others. This season of fashion is flashy and fun so have a good time with it!

Bill and Melinda Gates Image/Google

one reason that dedicated students never apply to Washington is because of the high expenses. “There are some lawyers that never apply to us because they feel they can’t afford it and some who do and can’t accept because of the difference [in pay],” Boruchowitz said. “The financial sacrifice is real, and so doing away with three years of law school debt is a tremendous advantage and will make a real different for .those people.” This impressive gift from Gates is about to change the lives of five college students thanks to the dream of his father.

Celebrate Life! Come see Spirit Ensemble Hear African, Jazz, R&B and Reggae melodies! Sunday January 26, 2006 2pm MTHS Marasco Center Sposored by Monroe Recreation Department

Look Who s Talking If there can be an immediate change to the school, what would it be? By JAMIE SILVERSTEIN Spotlight Editor

Name: Danielle Deldandio Year Graduating: 2008 Answer: “The up and down staircases”

Name: Erica Infuso Year graduating: 2006 Answer: “Seniors should be able to have as many absences as we want.”

Name: Bobby Sandhu Year graduating: 2008 Answer: “Longer lunch periods so I can do my homework.”

Name: Grant Herring Year Graduating: 2006 Answer: “Escalators to replace stairs, to keep traffic moving, less walking!”

Name: Andrew Cocuzza Year Graduating: 2007 Answer: “Junior Parking!!”


Dec. 2005 Vol VI. Issue 3

By THE EDITORIAL STAFF It is the end of the year again and before 2005 comes to a grinding halt, the Monroe Falcon wishes to look back on the past year to celebrate. Festivities begin with “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly,” a fun compilation of the year’s best (and worst) events, news, and entertainment. Sit back and enjoy this year in review, because before you know it, 2006 will be upon us.

World Affairs: The Good

The Red Cross has been helping the world since 1882. It serves the nation in times of disaster and national calamity, working to ease human suffering on a global scale. This year, the nation experienced many hurricanes, earthquakes, bombings and other natural and manmade disasters. The Red Cross provides treatment and medicine to victims when needed. Running more than 80 thousand relief efforts a year, and having more than 170,000 volunteers available, the Red Cross is there when you need them to be.

The Bad

Mother Nature chose the year of 2005 to display the true power of her fury. On August 29, Hurricane Katrina barreled down on New Orleans. This category four hurricane affected the lives of over half a million American citizens, and caused about $200 billion worth of damage. A 7.6 earthquake rocked the Kashmir region between Pakistan and India on October 8th, turning once busy villages into piles of rubble, leaving 30,000 people dead. Another earthquake in Iran had left thousands more dead and homeless. The ruthless weather of 2005 has caused billions of dollars in damage, and is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

The Ugly

In Africa, domestic violence, rape, female genital mutilation and stonings are of special concern. One of every three women who are kidnapped, raped or held for ransom are victim to “honor killings.” It is often the intimate partner or family member of the victim that is the executioner. These so-called “honor” killings take the lives of thousands of young women every year, mainly in Western Asia, North Africa and parts of South Asia. Many cultures condone, or at least tolerate, a certain amount of violence against women. However, gender-based violence is recognized as a major public health concern and a serious violation of basic human rights in Africa. discipline their wives as they see fit.

Page 6

Local News:


It was truly amazing to see how our country responded to those who were affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Local town districts, American Red Cross, even the NFL and other major sports have contributed to hurricane relief. Both the MLB and the NFL opened some of their stadiums to provide shelter for the refugees. American Red Cross and other relief programs went to the storm ravaged areas with food and other necessary items. Local churches went down to New Orleans to help those less fortunate and to give them hope. Celebrities as well as private citizens donated millions of dollars to relief efforts. It was truly amazing to see America come together in a time of need.

In 2004, the Boston Red Sox broke the Curse of the Bambino, winning their first World Series Championship since 1918. This year it was the White Sox’s turn. The city of Chicago celebrated their first World Series Championship since Shoeless Joe Jackson led the 1917 Sox to the Fall Classic. Two of the three “curses” have now been broken. However there is still one left, the “Curse of the Billy Goat” and the Chicago Cubs. Will they be next? We will have to wait and see.

The Good

The Good

Here at MTHS: The Good

The 2005 MTHS fall sports’ teams completed their seasons on a high note. The boys’ soccer team finished the season atop their division. They made it to the GMC finals and the group division finals for the

The Bad

In the early days of Major League Baseball, there were very few true “homerun hitters.” Players concentrated not only on home runs, but also batting average, stolen bases, and defense. However, over The Bad the past ten years, the game of baseball On July 17, 2005 the small town has turned into a home-run derby thanks of Jamesburg was struck by Mother Nature. to steroids. Players such as Jose Canseco, What started Mark McGwire out as a and Barry light rain Bonds have all storm turned been accused into one of of taking these the biggest illegal drugs to disasters enhance their the town performance had ever and gain an witnessed. advantage over The town the rest of the was hit with league. Before seven to the 2005 season, eight inches Commissioner of rain which Bud Selig demolished i n t r o d u ced Photo/ m a n y random steroid testing with penalties for buildings and roads in the town. People violators. Selig has since stiffened the were forced to evacuate their homes and penalties to fifty games for a first offense, workplaces so as not to be caught up in a hundred games for second offense, and the flooding. Later that night, reporters a lifetime ban for a third offense. These from various news stations such as ABC 7, new penalties will hopefully rid baseball NBC, and Fox 5 were at the disaster site. of steroids and all performance-enhancing Monroe and Jamesburg worked together drugs. and managed to rebuild the streets of The Ugly Jamesburg in time for the 2005-06 school Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Terrell year. Owens has consistently been one of the The Ugly best receivers in the NFL on the field. Off The New York City Transport Workers the field, however, it is a whole different Union called a strike after working story. Owens has been a major distraction, desperately with the Metropolitan whether because of contract disputes or Transportation Authority to agree on a new conflicts with teammates, coaches, and the contract before the deadline. The deadline media. The Eagles and their Head Coach has come and gone and now the strike is in Andy Reid have had enough. Before their full swing. Many New Yorkers are being Week Nine game against the Redskins, the forced to find alternate ways to get to work team suspended Owens for four games through carpools and busing. It is illegal for and told him not to return to the team. The a New York mass transit worker to strike suspension was eventually brought to an and the city is fining the union $1 million arbitrator, where it was upheld, leaving Terrell without pay for the rest of the 2005 per day on strike. NFL Season.

Photo/Karen Hye

state tournament. The girls’ field hockey team was one of the dominating teams in the division and made it into the GMC tournament. The Falcons football team finished their season with a record of 8-3, the best record in the history of the school. Cross country information here.

The Bad

When the bell rings at MTHS, thousands of students flood the hallways, hoping to get to class on time. Sometimes, getting to class on time is not an option because Monroe’s hallways are a nightmare. With 1,391 kids trying to all switch classes at one time, students are better off trying to walk through a stampede of African elephants. When Monroe first opened thirty one years ago, the student population was a mere 130 students. Classes contained only ten to twelve students, and there were only thirty teachers for the whole school. Classes are now overflowing, some containing over thirty kids, and the amount of teachers has quadrupled.

The Ugly

The ugly of Monroe Township High has plagued students and staff alike for many years now. Preventing vandalizm and disrespect for others property seems to be a never ending battle we all fight but can never win. Whether it be scribble on desks or defiling marks on the beautiful murals in the halls, respect for others and their work may have hit an all time low. Though it may seem harmless at first, the amont of people one mark on a hallway mural effects is huge.

All in all, 2005 was a year full of suprises. Here’s hoping to a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2006. Have a happy new year MTHS! -The Editorial Staff


Dec. 2005 Vol VI. Issue 3

Nine and Counting...Fighting a Fad? By RYAN HUSSEY Staff Writer Nine. That’s right. Nine fights have taken place in Monroe Township High School this year so far. Yes, someone has been counting and this number is not far off from the exact Photo/Google number, give or take a few. But has fighting become a natural part of high school culture, or is it just a fad? Many high school students think of fighting as a right of passage to be considered “cool” and to establish their reputation as a “force to be reckoned with.” Others may think that fighting is just another way to get out of school for ten days. For example, a MTHS student who participated in a fight this year stated this as his reason for fighting. He also said that it could be a “win-win” if you get out of school and get to hit somebody you do not like. But the lonesome few think that fighting is

just another fad that susceptible teenagers turn to, some needing serious mental help, to get attention. Sure, fighting, as teenagers know it, can be any of these. But the real issue is if it will always be present in the quantity it is today, or if it will wear off over time like a worthless fad, such as Furby™ dolls. (Mine still will not sing.) Remember in the “old days” where kids would fight after school? It would always be something like “Meet me after school at three o’clock, behind the swing set on the playground. If you don’t show up, then you’re a chicken.” Several junior and sophomore witnesses of fights this year said, “Now, somebody can catch a left hook in the face in the middle of the hallway on his/ her way to fourth period.” Not only is this dangerous, it is simply not traditional or moral anymore. It not only brings danger to any students in the hallways, teachers and staff members are in danger, as well. It also shows that high school students do not have strong morals and

principles like they had in the past. Fighting, in most cases, should not take place anywhere, let alone a high school hallway or cafeteria. This demonstrates that high school students today have little or no respect whatsoever for the administration, other students, or even themselves. When people fight in school, it proves that they have no tolerance for the person they are fighting and that they do not have enough pride or dignity to restrain themselves from “disturbing the peace” during school hours. Participants of these brawls should be ashamed of themselves. There is not really a point in getting suspended for ten days or sometimes even getting sued just to get a few hits on someone who might have said something bad about you. High school students need to show more reverence and value for their morals and others’ as well. And the question is posed again: is fighting a fad that will wear off eventually or is it now a way of life for high school students? Apparently, according to the opinions of these MTHS students, it is far more than a fad. In fact, fighting is closer to an epidemic that has consumed a considerable amount of the high school population.

...has fighting become a natural part of high school culture, or is it just a fad?

Participants of these brawls should be ashamed of themselves.

Page 7 Busy Work Shop One Year Anniversary


By CHRIS LEE Guest Writer It was a very cold morning when I first got into line around 11:00AM for the Busy Work Shop First Year Anniversary. Busy Work Shop is a flagship store in the heart of Manhattan. It carries “A Bathing Ape,” a well known clothing line in Japan. A Bathing Ape is a limited clothing line that carries a set number of shoes, t-shirts, jeans, and outerwear. The Busy Work Shop opened on December 12th 2004, and to celebrate their First Anniversary they released limited series of shoes and a matching t-shirt. When I arrived, there were about seventy people in line. The store finally opened at noon, and within an hour they had sold out of the BWS first year anniversary t-shirt. At the end of the day I walked out with a pair of Bapestas and smile on my face. It was a great experience. If this was what the first year anniversary was like, imagine what is going to happen next year!

You Live, You Learn: Life Lessons Actions Speak Louder Than Tabloids was fourteen and paying for everything on my own. After awhile everything was gone, we sold our boat, we stopped taking vacations, and we never went out to eat. You Cry… Watching my dad struggle to pay bills and Life can change in a second, with counting ever cent was frightening. the snap of a finger, or a crash of a car. After fourteen years of being in Unfortunate things do not just happen to the dark, my eyes were opened to a world unfortunate people. Anything can happen of responsibility and pinched pennies. My to anyone; fate does not discriminate. inability to realize all that I had taken for Early in June, 2002, as eighth granted was disturbing. The worst part grade was ending, I received the worst was not even the financial change, but news of my life. watching my dad. He sat home watching “Dad was in a car accident,” my brother Oprah and folding clothes, when he would screamed. usually be running around or building “Shut up, you liar,” I replied. houses. His franticness when bills arrived “No, Karen, I’m serious,” he cried. shut down all the selfishness I had left My heart sank. I found my mom in me and maturity was forced to foster. standing in the kitchen, silent. My father Worst of all I was left with the slap-inhad called, but my mom the-face understanding that could only decipher that he for years I had taken my own had been in a car accident, father’s life for granted. The unaware of where he was feeling was unbelievable. or what had happened. I began telling him I love For hours my him, and spending more family searched hospital time with him, beginning to after hospital for my grasp the fact that not only dad, but it seemed that he had not been financial status and material possessions admitted anywhere. Finally, sometime can disappear, but more importantly, the before 1:00 am, we located him at Robert life of those you love. Wood Johnson in New Brunswick. He had Never again will I walk blindly, assuming been rushed there by helicopter. Seeing that things are here to stay. Every day I my dad in the hospital the next day was thank God that this happened the way it incredibly difficult. My dad was told that did. Through a potentially tragic event I he had not suffered any serious injuries, was able to discover but weeks later we found After fourteen more of myself and out that he had sustained more from my family. a spinal injury that would years of being in the I have been left with leave him permanently dark, my eyes were the permanent maturity disabled. only obtainable through Realizing that my opened to a world constant faith and a dad could never work again of responsibility and firm belief in fate. No was shocking, but at first I matter what is thrown pinched pennies. at me from this day on do not think I was able to comprehend the financial I know that I will get strain it would put on my family. At first through it with my head high and my heart little things started to disappear. I stopped strong. getting my allowance and my parents ...You Learn. would not pay for my things anymore. I

By KAREN HYE Features Editor

Worst of all I was left with the slap-in-theface...

making has been going towards many charities. Her Angel Foundation has provided millions of dollars to charities and individuals worldwide. She recently donated money for fifty homes to be built Important news stories involving for the Hurricane Katrina victims. celebrities are most interesting when they Musicians such as Madonna, Sir Paul report infidelities, bad behavior or their McCartney, and Joss Stone all challenged latest fashion mistakes. Recently, the the stereotype of “bad behavior” by media watchdogs are beginning to see donating their time and talents for the a more committed group of celebrities, production of the Live 8 concert in July of who are more concerned with the starving 2005. This concert enlightened the world’s people of the world as opposed to their population to the poverty and suffering body types. The new celebrity ideal is to that exists in many third world nations. become involved Five days after the with the world’s concert was aired, the suffering people G8 World Leaders by putting their committed to money to work for increasing monetary a better world. aid by fifty billion A celebrity’s dollars by the year commitment 2010. to his or her Although many chosen charitable celebrities have been organization often actively changing goes unnoticed by the way people fans. For example, view them, skeptics Whitney Houston remain. When asked has been in and about how she feels out of rehab over about celebrity the years and is involvement in still linked to drug charities, Dhara use. Tabloids, Deak, a student at however, never MTHS, responded, Photo/Google write about “I think it’s a good the Whitney Houston Foundation for idea, but sometimes I think they do it just Children that she owns and runs to help to say that they did and to get attention, but kids. Her foundation has created a special there are celebrities that do it all the time care pediatric unit at UMDNJ University and they’re good.” Hospital, and provides funding to The Most celebrities are misjudged and Hale House in Harlem. It has also donated their genuine characteristics are hidden hundreds of thousands of dollars the behind the tabloid pieces that are flooding families of military personnel who have news stands. Instead of judging people served in the Gulf War. on their supposed behavior, it is essential Oprah Winfrey is known for the millions to learn about their involvement in true of dollars she has made from her hit show humanitarian efforts. and up and coming magazine O, but not everyone realizes that the money she is


Dec. 2005 Vol VI. Issue 3


Did the BCS Committee Finally Get it Right? Southern California and No. 2 Texas. Both of these teams are unbeaten this season. Between the teams, there were three Heisman Trophy nominees including the winner, USC running back Reggie Bush. The Fiesta Bowl is featuring The BCS, or Bowl Championship Series, was originally established to correctly the Notre Dame Fighting Irish (9-2) and the determine the Ohio State national champion of Buckeyes (9college football while 2). Since Ohio enhancing a bowl State is ranked system that is nearly in the top four one hundred years old. of the BCS At certain times, the standings, BCS has worked just they are fine in that the number automatically one team in the nation entitled to an would face the number at-large bid. Notre Dame two team in the nation. is ranked sixth, and is Other times, it hasn’t worked so perfectly, Heisman winner Reggie Bush will lead also guaranteed a bid, which forces No. 5 ranked and undeserving USC against Texas in the Rose Bowl Oregon (10-1) to settle for teams have advanced to the national level. The question is, did a Holiday Bowl berth versus Oklahoma (7the BCS get all the right teams in the top 4). Oregon has a better ranking than Notre four bowl games this year? Some may beg Dame, yet they aren’t even in any of the top Bowl games in the BCS. to differ. The Orange Bowl this year features Let’s start with the most important bowl game this season, the Rose Bowl. The game two teams who have missed out on the this season is between No. 1 University of top BCS bowl games for the past few

By ALEX KOROPSAK Local News Editor

Month of December Crucial For NFL teams Manning has taken the responsibility of leading his team again this year. After going undefeated in their first thirteen games, the Colts were striving for a perfect The month of December can be season. The last team to go undefeated an NFL team’s best friend or worst enemy. was the 1972 Miami Dolphins. The Colts The month separates the good teams from determination was spoiled by the now 9-5 the teams that are left to play for nothing San Diego Chargers on Sunday, December 18. The Colts drop to more than pride. As 13-1 after the 26-17 loss the New Year rolls in, at home. A loss to the the top teams in the second place team in the league are filled with AFC West has proven that intensity and desire. the Colts aren’t divine. The regular season is Even though the Colts coming to an end, and undefeated season hopes the playoffs begin to have vanished, positive slip into the minds of thoughts still remain in the players, coaches, Indianapolis. The Colts and fans. have wrapped up the AFC Even though some South title, along with teams already know a home-field advantage their season has come throughout the playoffs. to an end, there are still As the weeks pass, many a number of teams that team’s seasons will be are contenders in the Chargers RB Michael Turner breaks coming to a close, and their playoff race. The New an 83-yard run to seal the victory. fans will begin to think of York Giants are on top of next year. However, the best the NFC East, the Chicago Bears control teams will live on, and will battle to get to the NFC North, Tampa Bay has the number the biggest game in sports. Super Bowl XL one spot in the NFC South, and the Seattle will set the stage for the best teams in each Seahawks are in charge in the NFC West. division.The playoff New England has race is extremely bounced back and close, and many teams earned the top spot in have proven to be the AFC east, shocking evenly matched. The many. Surprisingly, the next few weeks in the Cincinnati Bengals have NFL will be intense, taken charge of the AFC shocking, and expect some games to come North, while the Colts lead the AFC South. down to the final seconds. February 5, The AFC West is in the grip of the Denver 2006 is the date that the two best teams Broncos. in football will go head to head in front One of the most talked about teams in the of millions for the Super Bowl, ring, and league this year has been the Indianapolis bragging rights. Colts. Last year’s league M.V.P. Peyton


The Colts drop to 13-1 after the 26-17 loss at home.

seasons. The Atlantic Coast Conference Champion Florida State is facing the Big Ten Champion Penn State. This is the sixth Orange Bowl for the Florida State Seminoles in their last eight seasons. The Sugar Bowl will have the SEC champion Georgia (10-2) playing the Big East Champion West Virginia (10-1). Locally, New Jersey has a college that is playing in a bowl. Rutgers is making a bowl appearance for the first time since 1978, taking on Arizona State in the Insight Bowl. “We’re very happy to be representing Rutgers University, and the state of New Jersey, in the Insight Bowl,” said head coach Greg Schiano, “and we’re looking forward to having the opportunity to win our eighth football game this year.” Overall it seems as if the BCS did its job in selecting the best teams for the bowl games. It should be an exciting 2005-2006 Bowl Week.

Wrestling: Young, but Still Strong By MIKE LEATHERWOOD Sports Editor The Monroe wrestling team is coming off a strong season last year, finishing with a 11-9 record. Although they lost last year’s GMC champion Mike Goff, the Falcons are returning four top wrestlers, including seniors Justin Lupo (275), Grant Herring (171), District 20 champion Al Rotundo (125), and sophomore Justin Mazor (135). Although the Falcons lost many of their starters last year to graduation, a number of freshmen and sophomores have stepped

Al Rotundo returns as one of the leaders of the team.

up in their place, including Ryan Worden at 189, Brendan Hodel at 112, Nick Garibaldi at 152, and Jake Nale at 215. Among the rest of the starters are Blaine Miller (103), Brian Mackiewicz (119), Wally Seeman (130), Keith Douglas (140), Danny Urbanowicz (145), and Kevin Urbanowicz (160). The Falcons opened their schedule on December 16, with a 54-18 victory over rival Spotswood. Winners included seniors Justin Lupo, Al Rotundo, and Grant Herring and freshman Blaine Miller. The Falcons are hoping to have another successful season and good luck to them the rest of the year.

Jamesburg Drugs -Health Care Needs -Film Developing

-Surgical Supplier -Greeting Cards -Cosmetics (Nothing Over $1.99) -Over the Counter Medicines -Copy/Fax Center -Photo Finishing -Photo & Cable Bills


24 West Railroad Ave. Jamesburg, NJ 08831 (732) 521-7777

Page 8 Falcons off to a Good Start By ADAM LIEBROSS Co-Editor in Chief It was a cold, quiet December night, but inside the Falcon’s Nest it was a loud environment ready for great basketball. The Falcons started their season off with a game against a good Colonia team. As the two teams warmed up, the crowd was roaring; the players said that they had trouble hearing each other on the court. After Monroe’s center AJ Rudowitz won the opening tip, the team was off and running. Monroe’s Fab Five, who has never played together, gelled immediately The combination of juniors Vinny Mahmoud and Colin Horsch and seniors Bernard Mitchell, Kyle Horsch, and AJ Rudowitz, came out on fire and showed Colonia that they are as good as they said that they were. Monroe lead throughout most of the game, but in the fourth quarter, Colonia’s Nick Allan hit a bunch of key jumpers to tie the game. As the game was winding down, senior center AJ Rudowitz received a bounce pass and dribbled through the hole and gave the crowd what they were looking, a two-handed slam dunk. This got the whole crowd out of their seats and onto their feet, giving Monroe enough to pull ahead. Then, just when Colonia thought that they had a chance to come back, Rudowitz converted a timely 3-point play, sealing the game for the Falcons. Rudowitz finished with 27 points, leading all scorers for the game. After an opening night victory, the Falcons came back on Saturday to play against Howell. Monroe was on top right out of the box and never looked back. Monroe led throughout the entire game and the crowd let Howell know about it. Monroe turned the game into a quick victory after the first quarter. By the end of the game, Rudowitz finished with 19 points and more than 10 rebounds. After the horn sounded to end the game, the team’s excitement was ended with the crowd doing the newest tradition of chanting, “We Love Turco.” Monroe now has to continue the winning streak and defeat the teams in upcoming weeks. The Falcons did just that defeating Carteret and Princeton, moving up to 3-0 in the season. They’re hoping for a good year and look forward to facing their rivals, the Spotswood Chargers.

Boys Basketball Upcoming Schedule By MIKE LEATHERWOOD Sports Editor

1/3 1/6 1/10 1/12 1/14 1/18 1/21 1/24 1/26 1/28 1/30 2/1

at North Brunswick at Sayreville at South Plainfield Woodbridge at Bishop Ahr at Colonia at New Brunswick at Carteret North Brunswick at Perth Amboy at Spotswood Sayreville

December 2005  

MTHS's newspaper

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