DSOP Financial Literacy for Kids and Teens

DSOP Financial Literacy for Kids and Teens

São Paulo, Brazil

Our DSOP CLIL series have been developed as an International Program designed to grow with the students, teaching them the DSOP Methodology of Financial Literacy, which encompasses a change of behavior based in 4 pillars: Diagnose, Dream, Budget and Save.

The series consists of 8 volumes, for ages ranging from 5-14 years old, all focused in teaching DSOP Methodology while using authentic English throughout the material.

The DSOP CLIL Readers approaches the subject of Financial Literacy with creative task-based activities to teach the kids how to observe, dream, attribute value to things, and save up.

The book packs come with a Student book in authentic English, plus a parent's supplement in order for them to become familiar with the subject. There is also a Teacher's book digitally available.

We are pleased to present our 2016 CLIL material.

For more information, if you would like to adopt our books in your school contact: idiomas@dsop.com.br