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International Students and Scholars

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Students should attend every class meeting for each course they are enrolled in. Many students are at risk for being dropped from their classes and some could be suspended from their academic program because of poor attendance. Missing too many classes is unacceptable. It is important that students follow the guidelines give by their teachers at the start of the semester, and repeated many times during the semester regarding the mandatory attendance requirement. For students in the English Language Program ( ELP or ESL) not attending class could result in an automatic expulsion from the program, and from the university. If students are dropped in the middle of the semester, then they will not have the option of transferring to another school, or staying in the dorms until the next semester. Students in ELP must be enrolled in at least 18 billable hours. Any student that is dropped from their academic program or from ELP will be told to leave Purdue and will have to return to their home country. Expulsion, suspension, and unauthorized drop below the full course of study are all grounds for the termination of a student record in SEVIS. Students’ form I-20s will be terminated and students will be required by law to depart from the United States immediately, within 5 days.

Dates the International Programs Office will be closed during Winter Break

Maintaining Legal Status

Maintain valid, unexpired immigration documents;  Be enrolled full-time each semester;  Do not engage in unauthorized employment;  Apply for an extension of your I-20 before your documents expire if you need more time to complete your program;  Contact ISS immediately if there are any changes to your I-20 or to your personal or academic situation:  Change of name or citizenship;  Change of school, major or degree level;  Withdrawal or termination from program due to academic or medical reasons;  Departure from the U.S. for research, study or leave of absence; Always abide by all US immigration laws, including new and changed regulations.

The IPO/ISS offices will be closed on the following dates: November: 22nd, 23rd December: 24th, 25th, 31st January: 1st When the office is closed, there is no staff in the office to assist you in signing the I-20 for you. If you need a travel signature and waited until the last minute, you may not be able to get one before you leave. If you have any questions you’d like answered about immigration in a future issue of International Beat, please email us at We are here to help you understand the rules and regulations surrounding your F-1 visa.

GRADUATING IN DECEMBER? Don’t forget about OPT! If you are graduating this December, you may be eligible to apply for Optional Practical Training or OPT! OPT is work authorization granted to F-1 visa holders after they graduate to work for a period of 1 year in the United States. It may take 2-3 months to get OPT authorization from USCIS so do not waste any more time– visit ISS and file your OPT application right away! WE HAVE OPT WORKSHOPS THROUGHOUT OCTOBER AND EARLY NOVEMBER– SIGN UP TODAY IN CLO 176.

Change of Educational Levels for students in the English Language Program If you have COMPLETED the English Language Program by passing all Level 4 classes and will enter a FULL degree granting program at the beginning of next semester, you will begin a process called Change of Education Level at Purdue University Calumet. This is NOT an extension of your current I-20. If you are continuing on as a ‘Hybrid’ student, you are still in the English Language Program and will not be eligible to go through the Change of Education Level process. If you completed all requirements to move into your degree program, you must work with the staff of two offices in order to have a new I-20.  Office of Admissions: Submit all requested documents with application and respond to all required questions on the undergraduate application. Contact Joann Infante,, for questions about admissions process You must be admitted to your degree program before a new I-20 can be created  International Students and Scholars Office:  New original financial documents issued less than 6 months before the day you submit it to ISS showing a minimum amount of support of the equivalent of25,500 US dollars.  For SPONSORED STUDENTS, like those that have scholarships from SACM, your guarantee MUST be current through the next semester to have a new I-20 created for you. Start the renewal process NOW for the new SACM guarantee.  Provide us with your complete mailing address and best contact telephone number for the FedEx shipment. This should be an address that you can reach easily. Please send the shipping information via email to The I-20 cannot be created until you provide the new original financial document. If you leave the United States at the end of the current semester and have completed the English Language Program requirements, you CANNOT re-enter the United States on the I-20 issued to you for ELP. It will no longer be valid. If your visa has expired, you will need to have the new I-20 to renew your visa. And to enter back into the country. It is highly recommended you complete ALL of the steps to successfully transition to the university BEFORE you leave the country.

Traveling Outside the United States? Are you traveling home over winter break? You need to have your I-20 SIGNED for travel by either Marsha Gordon, April Valentine, or Katherine Haan.

Are You Transferring to a Different University? Students planning to transfer out of Purdue University Calumet have to complete the transfer out process.

First students must be sure that they have fulfilled all of the application You need to get the travel signature at least TWO WEEKS requirements at the new school and that they have been admitted to before you leave to go home. There is no guarantee that the the new school. staff will be in the office to sign your I-20 because many people tend to take some days off during winter break. The new school will issue a transfer release form that can only be completed by an immigration advisor/DSO. Students must present their new Need to renew your visa too? Fill out a STUDENT REQUEST admission letter from the new school when they bring the transfer reform requesting a visa renewal letter to be composed on lease form to the ISS office. your behalf to take with you to renew your visa. Students will meet with an immigration advisor/DSO to discuss the release date of their SEVIS record to the new school. The ‘transfer reInternational Students and Scholars lease date’ is the date on which the student’s SEVIS record will electroniMarsha Gordon 219-989-2559, Gorcally transfer to the new school. The new school will issue their I-20 to the transferring student after this April Valentine 219-989-2905 release date. Katherine Haan 219-989-2082 Monday through Friday: Walk in Advising 11– 2 pm Appointments 2– 5 pm

Please note: On or after this release date, students cannot change the transfer request in any way and they cannot continue to work on campus after the release date (unless it is approved OPT). If students wish to return to PUC it may be necessary for they to apply for readmission. Transfers cannot be made officially until after the last day of classes.

Events on Campus November Sunday









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World on Wednesday Intl Students and Staff share their stories 5 pm CLO 176



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22 Thanksgiving OFFICE IS CLOSED


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IHave you gotten a travel signature from one of the DSOs? F you are going outside the US, you need one!

Are you graduating this Fall 2012 semester? If you are graduating this semester from your degree program, congratulations! There are things you will need to know and understand regarding your immigration status once you have completed your studies at Purdue University Calumet. All students have a 60 day grace period upon graduating from their degree program in which to decide what their next step is in regards to their immigration status. Students can do one of the following:  Transfer to another school  If students want to transfer to a different school, they will need to complete the SEVIS transfer process, in where they indicate to the International Students and Scholars Office that they are going to attend a program at a different school. Students will need to provide us with an acceptance letter for the other school, a completed Departure form from Purdue University Calumet, and a SEVIS transfer form from the other school.  Change their educational level (Bachelor’s to Master’s)  Students will need to be admitted to their new degree program and provide updated financial documents for the I-20 to be created for their new degree program.  Apply for Optional Practical Training  Students can apply for OPT after they graduate as long as they complete and send in all OPT application materials within the 60 day grace period. PLEASE note we do not advise students to do this as it can take up to 3 months to have your OPT authorized and you cannot start working until you get approved and have your EAD card in hand even if your OPT date has come and gone.  Leave the United States  Please complete a departure form with the International Students and Scholars Office before leaving.

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International Beat Newsletter Fall 2012  

Immigration news for international students at Purdue University Calumet for the fall 2012 semester

International Beat Newsletter Fall 2012  

Immigration news for international students at Purdue University Calumet for the fall 2012 semester