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Gwynedd-Mercy College

GMC Students Attend National Political Conventions

Gwynedd-Mercy College senior Daniel Freed (far right) with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett (center) and other interns at the Republican National Convention

By AnaLee Rodriguez

Two senior students from Gwynedd-Mercy College were selected to participate in prestigious political activities over the duration of a couple of weeks this August. Senior Daniel Bencardino traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina to attend the Democratic National Convention and academic seminars sponsored by the Washington Center. Bencardino was selected by Dean of Arts and Sciences Lisa McGarry and former Vice President of Academic Affairs Bob Funk after an interview process before he was officially selected to attend. At the convention Bencardino thought it was great and interesting to hear the speeches that took place. He also enjoyed the receptions each day at the convention. “I learned that it’s really important to get involved, whether or not you feel like your vote will change anything,” said Bencardino. “It may be hard to stay up to date with everything and every individual who runs for public office, but it’s good to know what your local parties stand for and to participate as actively as possible.” Senior Daniel Freed also went to academic seminars run by the Washington Center, but these were held in Tampa, Florida for the Republican National Convention. “The first week I was in Tampa, we spent most of our time at academic seminars that featured different guest speakers: politicians, journalists etc,” said Freed. Also at

the convention they spoke to the students about campaign strategies and the need for bipartisanship in the modern government. “I was amazed at the convention; there were so many people from all over the country,” said Freed. “The delegates from Texas all dressed in matching clothes every day, usually blue and red shirts and white cowboy hats. They were hilarious to look at.” Freed also had an unlikely brush with celebrity while at the convention. “I was walking through a hallway and literally walked into George Will. I got bumped and pushed the poor guy into the wall,” laughed Freed. While at the conventions, Bencardino and Freed also got a chance to intern with the Pennsylvania Democratic and Republican parties, respectively. As a result of their internships, both students got to experience politics on another level. It is rare for students to get this much exposure into political groups during a presidential election year. “This experience enlightened me to the fact that politics aren’t boring at all,” said Freed. “The delegates from Pennsylvania really know how to party.” Bencardino and Freed both worked almost non-stop for the two weeks that they were at the conventions, but they met people from around the country and also got to be a part of history.

December 2012

Hurricane Sandy Wreaks Havoc In Area

By Daniel Freed

From October 28-29, Gwynedd-Mercy students joined the rest of the Eastern seaboard in battening down the hatches and waiting out the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. Classes were cancelled on Monday, October 29th and Tuesday, October 30th as the campus waited to regain power. “We lost power around 8:30 Monday night and didn’t get it back until Tuesday afternoon,” said senior Ryan Donnelly. Some buildings, including the Admissions House, were without power until Wednesday afternoon. For Donnelly, the hurricane cost him more than just lost study time and a dark room. “My Xbox got fried during the storm and lost all its memory,” he lamented. Even weeks after the wind and rain subsided, the scars of the storm still remain. Downed trees litter Gwynedd’s campus, including a huge tree that was knocked down outside the Griffin Complex. Fortunately, there was no damage to campus buildings during the hurricane and although inconvenienced by flooding and power outages, students remained safe during the entire ordeal.

Featured Stories Inside This Edition of The Gwynmercian: *Student-Run Political Survey (p.2) *Maryland Immigration Center Trip (p.2) *Freshman Survivor Retreat (p.2) *Men’s and Women’s Basketball Preview (p.3) *Cross Country Update (p.3) *Soccer and Track Updates (p.4) *Women’s Tennis Falls In CSAC Championships (p.4) *National Mercy Honor Society 2012 (p.5) *Business and Education Building Update (p.5) *Take 10 (p.6) *Broken Window in St. B’s (p.6)

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Gwynedd-Mercy College

Gwynedd-Mercy Students Play Pollsters For Recent Election

By Blaine Grisak

Students had a lesson in being pollster reporters this semester. They found both apathy and engagement while learning about the significance of youth input in the election. The Introduction to Journalism class at GwyneddMercy College did a straw poll of 168 students. The survey asked, “If the election were held today what would you do?” Students answered: vote for Obama; vote for Romney; still undecided; or decided to not vote. The results indicated that President Obama won over the students of Gwynedd-Mercy with 33.93 percent of the students, while only 23.81 percent preferred Romney. Also, 14.29 percent were undecided at the time of the poll, which took place before the election. A large number of students also appeared apathetic or turned off by the election with 27.98 percent refusing to vote. That number is large and provokes the question: Why, if you have the right to have a say in who is the leader of your country, would you not vote? In follow up interviews, many students at Gwynedd opted out of the election said that it was because they feel that their vote wouldn’t mean anything, they weren’t registered, or they wouldn’t have the time. In general they did not realize that their vote could affect the election. This disinterest in voting also favored Obama. The percentage of non-voters was higher than the percentage who

Eye-Opening Experience For Gwynedd Senior At Maryland Immigration Center

By Liza Leyes

My experience about immigration with the Justice Advocacy Program in Washington DC was very educational. On the first day, we met other Mercy schools around the world and developed friendships with other students. We visited so many places in Washington, DC, such as Casa De Maryland, the Capital Visitors Center, and even got a chance to meet with legislators. Casa De Maryland is a place that works with lowincome immigrant communities and helps people join programs and activities that will help them succeed in life. Not only does the Casa De Maryland help low-income immigrants, but they also help low-income Latinos and their families. Their mission is to help immigrants and Latinos improve their quality of life and have full access to resources and opportunities. While in Casa De Maryland, we met with people who are fighting to stay in the United States. Their stories were

said that they would vote for Romney. Young people do have an impact on the election. There are 30,672,088 people between the ages of 18-24, according to the American Census Bureau. This is 9.93 percent of the entire United States population and 13.08 percent of the voter-eligible population. Therefore, if a presidential candidate can win over the young people and the young people vote, these votes can help a presidential candidate win. In the 2008 election between Obama and John McCain, President Obama won over 66 percent of the youth vote, which were people between the ages of 18-29 according to CNN. If everybody between the ages of 18-24 voted and 66 percent of them had voted for Obama once again, it would be an extra 20,448,058 votes, so young voters were a sought after prize in the election. Obama in particular worked hard to get the youth to the polls in his get out the vote drive. In the end, young voters helped the president win reelection. He won 60 percent of their votes and did particularly well in crucial swing states like Pennsylvania, according to the Pew Research Center. His support was down from his first presidential run, but it was still enough to help him carry the day. Along the way, journalism students at Gwynedd-Mercy College learned a lesson in conducting and reporting poll results with a civics lesson to boot.

Casa de Maryland

very touching and made a lot of students want to reach out even more to help immigrants. Immigration is a very big topic to discuss and people who are immigrants do not have a lot of say in whether they can stay in the United States or whether they must leave. Students like myself have a great deal of power and if we as a whole do not stand up for what is right, then the fight is meaningless. Therefore, people with the same beliefs about immigration should come together and stand up for their rights, as well as the rights of immigrants. Overall, I benefitted from this experience very much and students of all ages should be involved in some sort of a movement. It does not necessarily have to be about immigration; it can be about anything that you strongly believe in. As long as you stand up and have people that believe in the same thing you do, then the process should be beneficial. Many people in the world today do have a say, but tend to keep their mouths closed even when they have so much to say.

December 2012

Second Annual Freshman Survivor Retreat a Success

By AnaLee Rodriguez

On September 21st, four fantastic freshmen went to the San Alfonso Retreat house in Long Branch New Jersey for the Freshmen Survivor Retreat held by Campus Ministry. The group that went on this beach trip included freshmen Katie McGuigan, Bridget Pody, Meghan McAssey, and Shermeir Porter. “The view was so beautiful! When you looked outside the doors, from either the second or first floor, you could see the waves hitting the rocks. The ocean was so calming and relaxing,” said McGuigan. The house that the students stood at is directly on the beach where they can see the sunrise from the balcony that overlooks the beach waters. “I was utterly astonished by the beautiful view of the beach,” said Pody. This retreat was meant as a way for first year students to meet other students and get to know one another as well as themselves. “We were applauded and filled with more wisdom and strength then we had before we attended the retreat. I gained more confidence in myself and also a better understanding of who I am,” said McGuigan. Students at the retreat also participated in a volunteer activity, which was making blankets for Project Linus. “The retreat was a great experience for me to make new friends and even become closer with the friends that I made beforehand,” stated Pody. Students had fun and connected with new and old firends, while helping people in need. These four individuals learned how to survive their first year in college, while getting away and spending time on the beach. Some of these students want to become leaders next year and run specific events that are held on the retreat. “The retreat was very fun and a wonderful experience to learn about getting involved. I enjoyed the prayer rituals, taking long walks on the beach, and watching the sunset on the deck every night,” said Pody. These students had an experience that not many students have had a chance to have at Gwynedd-Mercy College. This was only the second year of this Freshmen Survivor Retreat and it was a success. These four students had a great time and will never forget the friendships that they made on this weekend getaway in Long Branch New Jersey.

Gwynedd-Mercy now offers a minor in Communication! A minor in Communication is a great addition to any major and will be beneficial to your job hunt! Contact Janis Chakars at for more information.

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Gwynedd-Mercy College

December 2012

S p o r t s High Hopes For Women’s Basketball Team

By Cara McArdle

The defending CSAC women’s basketball champions are back at it again. Monday, October 15th was the opening day of the 2012-13 basketball season. With only two seniors graduating and nine returning players, the Griffins have high hopes for this upcoming season. Junior Jordan Dominic has a lot of expectations for this season, “I really want to win the CSAC championship again and make it further into the NCAA tournament,” she said. There are six new additions to the women’s basketball team, five freshman and a transfer sophomore. The nine returning players combined with the six new players bring a healthy diversity to the team. The Griffins started their first day of practice with two-a-days. Their first practice was more of a walk through, teaching the new players the offense, defense, and the teams terminology. The second practice was when they “got after it” as Head Coach Keith Mondillo is known to say. “Our goal for this year is to get better and closer as a team everyday,” said Mondillo. The team definitely plans on doing that; junior Taylour Alston plans to have pasta parties at her house the night before big games to make sure the entire team is on the same level going into the game the next day. Liza Leyes, the only senior on the team, wants to go out with a bang her senior year. “After experiencing the thrill of winning the CSAC Championship last year and making it to the NCAA tournament, I know we can get back there again and I want to make sure we do. Playing hard everyday and growing as a team is our only option,” she said. With the season just starting, the Griffins have a long way to go to accomplish these goals, but if they continue to work hard and grow together, it is definitely a possibility.

Women’s Basketball Schedule (Home Games in Caps)

Gwynedd-Mercy Tip-Off Tournament Fri. 11/16/2012 Fri. 11/16/2012 Sat. 11/17/2012 Sat. 11/17/2012

Montclair State vs. Salisbury 6 p.m. PENN STATE-ABINGTON 8 p.m. Consolation 12 p.m. Championship 2 p.m.

Sat. 11/24/2012 at Juniata College 2 p.m. Mon. 11/26/2012 at King’s College 6 p.m. Sat. 12/1/2012 CENTENARY COLLEGE 2 p.m. Wed. 12/5/2012 NEUMANN UNIVERSITY 6 p.m. Sat. 12/8/2012 at Keystone College 1 p.m. Sat. 12/15/2012 EMORY & HENRY COLLEGE 2 p.m. Tue. 12/18/2012 RICHARD STOCKTON COLLEGE 7 p.m.

Days Inn Classic (Gettysburg, Pa.)

Wed. 1/2/2013 vs Salisbury University 8 p.m. Thu. 1/3/2013 vs Gettysburg or Alvernia 2/4 p.m. Mon. 1/7/2013 at DeSales University 6 p.m. Wed. 1/9/2013 at Cairn University 6 p.m. Sat. 1/12/2013 BAPTIST BIBLE COLLEGE 2 p.m. Mon. 1/14/2013 at Immaculata University 7 p.m. Wed. 1/16/2013 CABRINI COLLEGE 6 p.m. Mon. 1/21/2013 CEDAR CREST COLLEGE 6 p.m. Wed. 1/23/2013 at Notre Dame of Maryland University 7 p.m. Sat. 1/26/2013 at Rosemont College 1 p.m. Wed. 1/30/2013 IMMACULATA UNIVERSITY 6 p.m. Sat. 2/2/2013 at Marywood University 1 p.m. Wed. 2/6/2013 at Cabrini College 6 p.m. Sat. 2/9/2013 NOTRE DAME OF MARYLAND UNIVERSITY 2 p.m. Wed. 2/13/2013 at Neumann University 6 p.m. Sat. 2/16/2013 ROSEMONT COLLEGE 2 p.m.

By AnaLee Rodriguez

The GMC Cross Country teams are doing great this season, with the men winning the CSAC championship. Marywood University was the heavy favorite in the women’s conference and “is on another level right now,” said Griffin Head Coach Michael Dager. The women are looking at placing higher than any other GMC cross country team at Regionals, which means placing higher than the 2008 squad who finished in 19th respectively. The men are the elite in the conference right now. They are the favorites in the conference, but the final race for the title will be an intense one due to Keystone College’s young and determined team. The conference race was on October 27th. The men are also looking ahead to Regionals and are envisioning a top ten finish. “It would be our third in a row,” remarked Dager. Senior Tyler Rooke has had a great season thus far. “Rooke has improved tremendously over the last

By Cara McArdle

Monday, October 15th was the start to the GwyneddMercy men’s basketball season. With only seven returning players and ten new players, Head Coach John Baron anticipates a different type of year then most because the new players out number the returning players. They started their season with two-aday practices. Both practices consisted of a lot of teaching, since the new players need to learn how the team operates and what is expected on a daily basis. “Practice needs to be intense and full of energy. The way we practice carries over into games,” says senior Doug Berzins. Although there are a lot of new players on the team, the first two practices of the season were surprisingly intense and the players went hard. “The new players are picking everything up a lot quicker than I expected,” said senior Frank Champion. Berzins, Champion, and Brendan Stanton, the three seniors on the team, are “determined to win the CSAC championship this year. It’s hard to know what to expect with so many new players but we still plan to go hard and don’t want to lose a game, especially on our home court.” The men’s basketball team will definitely be “bringing the juice” this year as head coach John Baron says. Make sure you come out and support the men’s and women’s basketball teams this year.

Men’s Basketball Schedule (Home Games in Caps)

NYU Men’s Basketball Tip-Off Tournament

Sat. 11/17/2012 vs John Jay College 3 p.m. Sun. 11/18/2012 vs NYU or SUNY-Geneseo 1/3 p.m.

Gwynedd-Mercy XC Teams Starting Season Strong

Men’s Hoops: New Faces, Same Intensity

twelve months and he is running number two for us this season,” said Dager. Two newcomers, Patrick McCurry and Christina Smith, are determined and youthful athletes. They both are making huge impacts for the Griffins. Junior Brett Kubiak is also making his name heard loud and clear on the raceway by being named an All-American. “Kubiak is running very well, his goal is [to be] in a position to qualify for Nationals at the Regional Championship on November 10th,” stated Dager. Kubiak is out for revenge, since last season he missed qualifying by two places. Overall the Griffins are looking superior, strong and ready to race. They performed very well at the conference championships and are looking at heading to Regionals and Nationals this season. Conference Championships were held on October 27th at Marywood University.

Tue. 11/20/2012 Thu. 11/29/2012 Mon. 12/3/2012 Wed. 12/5/2012 Sat. 12/8/2012 Sat. 12/15/2012

at Penn State-Berks 8 p.m. JOHN JAY COLLEGE 7 p.m. at Marywood University 7 p.m. NEUMANN UNIVERSITY 8 p.m. at Keystone College 3 p.m. at Baptist Bible College 1 p.m.

Radisson Invitational hosted by Univ. of Scranton Mon. 12/17/2012 vs Alvernia University 6 p.m. Tue. 12/18/2012 vs Scranton or St. Joseph’s L.I. 2/4 p.m. Thu. 1/3/2013 Mon. 1/7/2013 Wed. 1/9/2013 Sat. 1/12/2013 Wed. 1/16/2013 Mon. 1/21/2013 Wed. 1/23/2013 Sat. 1/26/2013 Wed. 1/30/2013 Sat. 2/2/2013 Mon. 2/4/2013 Wed. 2/6/2013 Sat. 2/9/2013 Mon. 2/11/2013 Wed. 2/13/2013

ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE 7 p.m. CENTENARY COLLEGE 7 p.m. at Rosemont College 8 p.m. CAIRN UNIVERSITY 4 p.m. CABRINI COLLEGE 8 p.m. KEYSTONE COLLEGE 8 p.m. ROSEMONT COLLEGE 7 p.m. at Centenary College 2 p.m. IMMACULATA UNIVERSITY 8 p.m. at Cairn University 2 p.m. at Immaculata University 7 p.m. at Cabrini College 8 p.m. MARYWOOD UNIVERSITY 4 p.m. BAPTIST BIBLE COLLEGE 7 p.m. at Neumann University 8 p.m.

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Gwynedd-Mercy College

December 2012

So Close, Solid Soccer Freshmen to Play Yet So Far: Seasons Thus Far, Key Role Lady Griffins Fall Championships On in Griffin Track In CSAC Tennis The Way and Field Success Championships For Griffins?

By AnaLee Rodriguez

This year’s edition of the Lady Griffins tennis squad dominated the tennis courts for the fifth year in a row. Yet another strong season saw the team march all the way to the CSAC Championships. However, despite being strong favorites to take the title for the fifth straight year, the women fell 5-3 to Marywood University in the championships. Until their loss to Marywood, the Lady Griffins went undefeated this year. It was the fifth consecutive season that the tennis team went undefeated. “We all dedicate a lot of our time to the team during the season and out of season, but it’s worth it because we earn everything we have worked for,” said sophomore Gabrielle Muller. This year was a fight to the finish for the Lady Griffins and despite a disappointing end to the season, they still accomplished a great deal of success.

By AnaLee Rodriguez

Both the men’s and women’s soccer teams at Gwynedd are looking to continue solid seasons. The women’s squad has had a great season so far and recently dominated, outscored, and outshot Baptist Bible College. The Lady Griffins walked away with a 3-0 victory. The men’s team is also making some noise on the field. The Griffins recently tied Immaculata University’s Mighty Macs 1-1. The elite Griffins will soon be fighting for contention spot in the CSAC Championships. “Hopefully, like last year, we can make some noise in the playoffs. We lost 2-1 to Neumann in double overtime who made it to the sweet 16 in NCAA’s. I expect a better finish than last year and to win a championship for our seniors,” said junior Christian Pembroke. Both teams have been working hard to ensure a spot in the CSAC Championships. The men’s and women’s teams would both like to come back to GMC with a championship title. On a more somber note, the GMC soccer program recently suffered a tragic loss. Gwynedd-Mercy alum Tom Petroski passed away in October. Petroski played soccer at Gwynedd during his collegiate career. His sister, Kerri, is a current student at GMC and is on the women’s soccer Team.

A huge tree outside the Griffin Complex was blown down during Hurricane Sandy in late October. Fortunately, there was no damage to the building or any cars.

By AnaLee Rodriguez

This upcoming winter and spring track seasons are going to be intense, because the Griffins having a strong team and a shot at competing for the conference title. The men and women’s teams have lost some key athletes due to graduation, but the team has a strong freshman class coming in. “The track and field team has tons of talent this year, both among returning athletes and within the freshmen class. In fact, this is probably the most talented group of freshmen we’ve ever had,” stated head coach Michael Dager. Both teams are working hard in the off-season to come bursting out with speed and strength to take the conference title at the Mason-Dixon Championships. “Both teams should be in the running for the outdoor title. We think we can firmly establish both teams as top 10 programs in the Mideast Region,” said Dager. The dominant GMC Griffins started official practices on October 29th and their first meet is on December 1st at the Ursinus College Invitational.

GMC students Daniel Freed (left) and Deige Bencardino (right) recently took part in a televised CBS3 presidential debate panel. Before the debate, Freed and Bencardino got a tour of the CBS studios and posed at the anchor desk.

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Gwynedd-Mercy College

December 2012

National Mercy Honor Society Announces 2012 GMC Inductees Interested In Shooting/Editing Video In Gwynedd-Mercy’s Brand New Studio 48? Contact Ryan Donnelly For More Info. A new class of members of the National Mercy Honor Society called Sigma Phi Sigma has been inducted this past September. Members of Sigma Phi Sigma emulate and posse’s high grade point averages and have strong ideals of fidelity, scholarship and service. The Keynote speaker at the induction was Professor Rebecca Krause. She shared some wisdom with the new and returning Sigma members and congratulated them on their fine work ethic and morality. Dr. Carol Breslin, Dr. Robert Funk and Eileen Wood were honored into the SPS family along with the new inductees.

Congratulations to our 2012 Student Inductees:

Cindy Braeunig, Caitlyn Hartey, Kelsey Homont, Tieneasha Jones, Frank Malpica, Katelyn McElhare, Christine Michalski, Sanjeel Patel, AnaLee Rodriguez, Caitlin Weniger, Amelia Wood

Are you a good journalist looking to get published, but are unsure where to go?

Students And Faculty Become Forever A Part Of Gwynedd-Mercy College

Come to The Gwynmercian! We accept most stories and will work to make sure that you get published. Contact Daniel Freed ( or AnaLee Rodriguez ( for more information.

On October 17th, a number of Gwynedd-Mercy students and faculty members got a chance to forever be a part of the college. With construction on the outer shell of the new academic building nearly completed, students and faculty were permitted on the construction site to sign their names or leave little messages on the steel beam that was to be placed last. President Kathleen Owens (above) was one of the faculty who chose to be immortalized on the beam.

Page 6 The Gwynmercian

Gwynedd-Mercy College

Griffin Take 10: Student Edition By AnaLee Rodriguez Have you ever seen a familiar face around campus and wanted to know more about the person? Well, now is your chance to get to know the people in your neighborhood. Griffin Take 10 is a feature in which The Gwynmercian spotlights outstanding individuals in the Gwynedd-Mercy community with short, 10 question profiles. This edition’s featured student is Daniel “Deige” Bencardino.

1.) What is your major? Biology with minors in Chemistry and Philosophy.

6.) What is your favorite movie? Kill Bill.

2.) What Clubs/Activi7.) What are your plans ties/Sports are you after graduation? involved in? The Honors Committee, Student Advisory Board, and the Philosophy Society.

3.) What are three things you cannot live without? Art, education, and horror movies.

4.) What is your favorite food? Probably chicken caesar salad.

5.) What is your favorite TV show? Adventure Time.

December 2012

Shattered Window Reported In St. Bernard’s

By Migdalia Brito

Students who arrived at St. Bernard’s were surprised to see a cracked windowpane in one of the classrooms. On October 4th, at approximately 1:25 a.m., housekeepers discovered the broken windowpane belonging to room 17 in the lower level of St. Bernard. It is unknown exactly when or who broke the windowpane. Public Safety did nightlight rounds at approximate 9:00 p.m. that night and the windowpane was not broken. Pictures were taken and a report was filed. No word from Plant Services on why the windowpane was broken or who is responsible for the shattered glass window. However, it has since been replaced.

10.) What advice would you give to GMC students? Make sure you make your education your own, as often as possible. Be engaged and never be afraid to ask a question or speak your mind.

I’m applying for an internship in Wolf Ecology Education and I want to work for awhile before going to graduate school for Anthropology.

8.) What is your best experience being a student at GMC? Probably being an RA, honestly. It introduced me to great people and really helped me to grow as a person.

9.) What is your favorite animal and why? Wolf. I find their relationship with humans both ecologically and artistically very profound and provocative, as well as their biology and sociology very interesting. Plus, they’re really handsome animals.

Want to write for The Gwynmercian, or learn more information? Contact or rodriguez.a1@

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Gwynedd-Mercy College

December 2012

Gwynedd Gallery

Steelworkers lifting the final I-beam into place on the new business and education building

Merry Christmas from

the Gwynmercian!

One of many trees that were knocked down during Hurricane Sandy. This pine tree landed between the parking lots of the Art Barn and Admissions House.

Page 8 The Gwynmercian

Gwynedd-Mercy College

December 2012

A Gwynedd-Mercy student signs her name on the final steel beam to be placed on the new academic building that is currently under construction

Gwynedd-Mercy’s RAs party it up outside Keiss Hall

The Gwynmercian Staff

Gwynedd Valley, PA 19437 Volume 64, No. 1 November 2012 Editors-in-Chief......................................Daniel Freed and AnaLee Rodriguez Writers...................................................Migdalia Brito, Blaine Grisak, Liza Leyes, Cara McArdle

We hope you enjoyed reading this edition, and continue reading many more editions! If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail or


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