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by Denise Smithwick 1. World Wide Web Research Tools (print) Education-Related Sites Resources for English Language and Literature Miscellaneous Research Links 2. Conducting Research on the Internet How to Choose a Search Engine or Directory Boolean Searching on the Internet Using Internet Explorer 6 Internet Search Engines. 3. Major Search Engines and Directories Shopping Search Engines Multimedia Search Engines: Image, Audio & Video Searching Kids Search Engines 4. Search Engines & Subject Directories 5. 6. Kid's Search Tools- 7. Federal Resources for Educational Excellence- 8. K-12 Music Resources For Music Educators

9. Internet Public Library- 10. Refdesk- 11. Eric- 12. Edu. Cyber Playground- 13. Education World Research Center- 14.

Bill Huitt’s Home Page(Education)-

15. Academic Info- 16. Internet Sources On-line- 17. Starter Tips for Internet Research- 18. Search A Lot- 19. Internet Resources for Special Children- 20. Beyond General World Wide Web Searching 21. Blue Web N- 22. Library of Congress- 23. Cool Sites for Teachers- 24. Sites that Help Classroom Teachers- 25. Searching the Internet- 26. 27. Internet Search tools Quick Reference Guide 28. Human Anatomy On-Line- 29. Web Ferret Free Version- *********************************************************



AltaVista Galaxy Professional Director AOL NetFind GO/Infoseek Directory Ask Jeeves Gogeter Cybersleuth Hot Sheet Eduseek Joe Ant Exactseek Kablum Excite Looksmart Select HotBot Lycos A2Z Internet directory First Government for Kids The Info Service Galaxy Magellan Gigablast


Google Open Directory Internet Public Library Starting Point Kanoodle Search Beat Kidsite Slider Kinderstart StudyWeb Lycos Suite 101 Northern Lights Total Seek Open Search Yahoo Sprinks Webtrawler WiseNut **META-SEARCH ENGINES**

All the Web Fast Search

PedagoNet Educational Search Beaucoup 600 Search Engines Profusion CNETs Multi-Search Page Savvy Search Multi-Search Copernic Agent SurfWax Chubba DeBriefing Websearch MetaSearch


WebSeek Datavor Webreference Search Engine page Highway 61 Multisearch **EDUCATIONAL PORTALS** GeniusFind

ADE –Distance Learning Center Inference Find BellSouth Education Gateway Ixquick Copernicus Educational Gateway Mamma,Mother of All Search Engines Cornell Theory Center Gateway Mentor Gateway to Educational Materials Metafind MarcoPolo Metacrawler Multisearch McRel Northwest Region Education Laboratory Southwest Educational Development Lab

Internet Research Techniques  

Helping you with research

Internet Research Techniques  

Helping you with research