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Mar 2012

FACEBOOK is the BUZZZ Word! Facebook has taken over as the most influential way of marketing the brands and connecting to customers. It is the Brand of brands. According to survey reports, Facebook has 845 million active users.

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Why Social Media Marketing is going Viral.

Think 2012 Presented by Delhi School of Management, DTU



Tapping the most inquisitive way of Marketing Delhi School of Management (DSM) was established in 2009 with Delhi College of Engineering acquiring a University status—being officially renamed as Delhi Technological University (DTU)—through a legislature passed by the Delhi State Assembly. Prof. P.B. Sharma, the then Dean of DCE, was nominated as the university's first Vice Chancellor. DSM is committed to the vision of inculcating the aspiring managers with a penchant for innovation, research, and experimentation. DSM strives to extend the seven-decade long legacy of Delhi College of Engineering aimed at imparting knowledge and skill to the highly promising youth of the nation. DSM trains its students to develop into techno-managers with the ability to manage complex, global and dynamic business environment, and in order to equip our students to face the challenges of an information and knowledge driven work environment, we provide them with the Triple E i.e. Education, Experience and Exposure. DSM is totally committed to the task of producing not only managers but techo-managers cum social-entrepreneurs, dedicated to the growth and upliftment of the society as a whole. DSM envisages at contributing to the development of a knowledge society by providing equitable access to the masses and broadening the span of their participation in higher education. Delhi Technological University (DTU), formerly known as Delhi College of Engineering, was established in 1941 as Delhi Polytechnic. The college has been under the government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi since 1963, and had been affiliated to the University of Delhi since 1952. DTU has had a long legacy of shaping the youth of the nation into future leaders by instilling in them the morals and values that lie at the very core of our cultural heritage. Over the last seven decades DTU has been the hub of creativity, innovation, and technological excellence in the field of research oriented education.

In yet another effort to extend the glorious legacy of DTU and to celebrate the spirit of innovation and competition that reverberates thorough our great institution, DSM proudly presents its Inaugural National Marketing Conference: Mark-e-Think 2012. The theme for the inaugural conference is Digital and Social Media Marketing. Mark-e-Think 2012 aims to serve as an intellectual forum for the ‘leaders of today’ to share their thoughts and vision with the ‘leaders of tomorrow’, thereby providing great stimuli to the future honchos helping them channelize their thoughts and expand their horizons. The conference is another step forward aimed at the holistic development of the aspiring managers.

Acknowledgement Of the efforts Mark-e-Think Panorama salutes and celebrates the innovative and competitive spirit of Delhi Technological University that has helped it evolve into a Centre of Global Excellence in the field of research oriented technological education over the last seven decades, since its inception as a Polytechnic back in 1941. Mark-e-Think Panorama embodies the dream of the great visionaries of our institution who propagated the importance of integration of education as a means to discover the unexplored territories of knowledge. Mark-e-think Panorama is a call to the youth and the energetic generation Y to come forward and contribute towards the holistic development of the nation, and help lay a strong foundation for a great future. Mark-e-Think Panorama immortalizes the resplendent legacy of DTU of making leaders committed to taking the nation forward on the Technological, Social, Financial and the Economic fronts. We thank the honorable Vice Chancellor sir, Professor P. B Sharma for his ever continuing support, guidance, and motivation, as a mentor as well as an administrator, that constantly instill in us the belief to trust our abilities. We would also like to thank the HOD, Delhi School of Management, Professor S. K Garg whose patience, perseverance, and persistence, both as a management guru as well as a guide, has been a great source of learning and inspiration to us. We would also like to extend our deepest gratitude to DSM’s highly distinguished faculty members whose mentorship has been pivotal to both our learning and professional grooming. We also offer our gratitude to the administration and staff of DTU for their continuing support. We are deeply indebted to our highly eminent guest speakers, who have been kind and generous in accepting our invitation to be a part of Mark-e-Think 2012, and who tolerated our incessant follow-ups and spared their invaluable time to provide us with the relevant information. We also express our gratitude to our highly supportive sponsors, who have been generous enough to consider our unremitting needs and requirements, and whose tenacity for perfection inspired us to go the extra mile. We are deeply thankful to our highly motivated team of Mark-e-Think 2012, which contributed to manifestation of this book in a multitude of ways. We also thank the highly enthusiastic students from different departments of Delhi Technological University for their contribution to Mark-e-Think 2012. The support and guidance provided by Sh. Vikas Gupta, Programme Mentor for MBA Ist – Year, is also highly appreciated and acknowledged. Last but not the least, we offer our deepest gratitude to the God Almighty for helping us circumvent the obstacles and instilling us with the courage and determination to make Mark-e-think Panorama a reality.

Regards, MARK-e-THINK 2012 TEAM

Message from our Vice Chancellor From the visionary behind DSM

Prof. P.B Sharma

Let me begin by congratulating the highly dedicated students and learned faculty members of Delhi School of Management for the commendable work they have been doing, since the very inception of DSM, under the vigilant supervision of Professor S. K. Garg, and for the commitment shown by them in living up to their true potential that has helped add a new chapter of excellence to the glorious legacy of Delhi Technological University. The fast changing world order has made Management and Technology inseparable, and their great unison is paramount especially in today’s parlance when the new knowledge lies at the intersection of existing disciplines. Today, as our great nation faces a leadership crunch, the fast emergence of DSM as Centre of Excellence in the field of Management Studies will go a long way in catering to the country’s ever growing need for Techno-Managers, dedicated to the growth and upliftment of the society as a whole. As the Techno-Managerial hub of India, what our esteemed institution mostly importantly requires is continuous and abated growth of excellence in the field of research oriented education. It’s indeed a matter of great privilege and rapture to hear that a young brigade of students from MBA I Year, under the guidance of faculty mentor Sh. Vikas Gupta, is hosting DTU’s Inaugural National Marketing Annual Festival, Mark-e-Think 2012 on March 3, 2012. It’s indeed heartening to see such levels of maturity, commitment and dedication at such a young stage. The year 2012 has been monumental to DTU with the institution celebrating seven decades of excellence with the highly successful hosting of the Global Alumni Conclave 2012, which saw the power of Alumni bridging the gap between the Industry and the Academia in an effort to take DTU to new heights of excellence. It gives me immense happiness that with the addition of a National Marketing Conference in its annual itinerary, Delhi Technological University would be adorned with another sparkling jewel in form of Mark-e-Think. In resonance with the theme for Mark-e-Think 2012, that of Social and Digital Media Marketing, I want to share my perspective on the importance of Technology Oriented Marketing in today’s tech-savvy age. Since time immemorial, Marketing has been one of the most potent tools known to humankind. From time to time, humans have found new ways to wield the infinite power of Marketing to bail out of difficult predicaments. Even in drastically varied avatars, Marketing never loses its over-riding importance. In fact, the element of surprise associated with a novel approach immensely adds to its efficacy. In today’s age of techno-knowledge outbreak, Marketing has an even more crucial role to play. With the tremendous increase in avenues of promise, the need to maximize one’s potential has become absolutely important. The infinite power of Marketing, both as a tool as well as a shield, can help us tread these unknown territories with a much higher probability of success. At a time when our great nation is on the verge of becoming a Global Economic Superpower, it is paramount that we keep abreast with the advancements of the age: be it in the field of Marketing, Economics, Commerce, Medicine, Science or Engineering. Let me conclude by entreating the highly promising youth of the nation to meet and greet the challenges of the day with confidence, poise, and a much-needed outlook for innovation so as to lay a strong foundation for our future. I offer my best wishes for the great success of “Mark-e-Think 2012”. DATE: 29.02.2012

Message from our Head of Department

From the Management Guru of DSM Prof. S.K Garg HOD, Delhi School of Management

Let me begin by extending my best wishes and warm regards to the highly dedicated team of students, which conceived the idea of hosting First Edition of Annual Marketing Festival, Mark-e-Think 2012. It’s indeed inspiring to see such a highly motivated assemblage of Students and Faculty members totally committed to the task of exalting DSM to new heights of academic and co-curricular excellence. What had started out as an idea has transformed into a full-fledged event, which we are witnessing today. I would also like to congratulate the faculty advisor, Sh. Vikas Gupta for providing his timely guidance that was pivotal to the conception of Mark-e-Think 2012. In the contemporary scenario, one must constantly strive to become the absolute best, for only the best can survive the onslaught of the rapidly changing business order. Just like the way telegrams were replaced by emails and telephones by mobile phones, the earlier marketing methods have been replaced by the new networking and social media marketing methods. It is the new language of marketing that has become so prevalent in today’s time, and the pace at which it moves gives it an edge over the conventional ways of marketing. Although, the basic principles remain the same, but the way it is implemented makes the key difference. Time is of a great importance today and that is one of the reasons that make these new marketing terminologies such a great success in the corporate world. Hence, it has become paramount to strike first and strike fast. In today’s time, marketing is the field with an extremely wide spectrum, and what adds an edge to it is the great union of functional expertise and technology savvy mindset. We at DSM are constantly trying to create a perfect blend of management and technology to cater to the ever growing needs of the corporate world by grooming holistic managers who can face the real world challenges with poise and confidence thus achieve excellence. I wish the event of “Mark-e-Think 2012” a great success.

Date: 29.02.2012

Prof. S. K. Garg HOD, DSM – DTU

The Motif

In this world of uncertainty the key to success lies not in striving to create absolute certainty, but in eking out a situation of near certainty needed for sustenance of an enterprise Today, every organization has become a part of a highly certainty. Obviously, technology has a key role to play dynamic business environment where the span of op- in it. The advent of information technology has made portunities is enormous and is growing exponentially. prediction possible in almost an absolute sense and is The plethora of available opportunities can only be helping mankind to take giant leaps and venture into the made full use of by tackling the pervasive uncertainty. unexplored realms of knowledge. This growing converThe key lies in finding the opportunity in crisis. While gence of knowledge and technology has given rise to a on one hand the growing competition is helping us ex- new age of Marketing: Digital & Social Media Marketpand our horizons, on the other it is paving a way for ing. uncertainty. This dilemma of uncertainty in the real world creates scenarios involving high level of risks. As we find ourselves at the crossroads of this technoSince the stakes are very high, the deciknowledge outbreak, the onus truly lies sion making becomes even more convo- The market dynamism with the future leaders to leverage the is often difficult to luted as a slight miscalculation can turn enormous potential of Digital and Soout to be disastrous. It’s absolutely para- cater to and probably cial Media to carve a niche for themmount to stay ahead of the competition to that’s where the catch selves and the nation at large. Mark-esustain in the business. Either perform or Think 2012 is an initiative by Delhi lies. perish! But, it’s easier said than done. School of Management, Delhi technoMURTAZA ALI Now, can we completely do away with logical University is a platform to galthe prevalent uncertainties? Probably not, vanize the highly promising youth of but proactive and calculative planning can surely help the nation by making them realize the importance of them keep under check. There is no guarantee even making the most of this tremendous opportunity of unafter doing everything correctly, one might be out of precedented growth and expansion. Mark-e-Think is an business if the opponent comes up with a better strat- attempt aimed at channelizing the thoughts and ideas of egy. the future leaders so as to help them identify and define the directives needed to tread the uncharted avenues of What is paramount is a level-headed planning followed Digital and Social Media Marketing. up by an immaculate execution. The market dynamism is often difficult to cater to and probably that’s where the catch lies. The closer we try to get to perfection, the more complex the situation becomes giving rise to uncertainty. Thus, it’s virtually impossible to get everything right, and even if one does there are others factors that must be taken into consideration. In the current scenario, even a slight miss can result in a decision going completely awry resulting in an absolute chaos. Well, the basic idea is to leverage all that is available at disposal to attain near certainty, if not absolute


to go for Social Media Marketing-

Reason 1: It's the most

cost-effective online advertising. Reason 2: You can have global reach with social media. Reason 3: You can attract targeted groups of people as potential clients/ customers for your brand. Reason 4: You can use the community aspect of social media to form your own community. Reason 5: You can use social media to establish your expertise. Reason 6: You can use social media to find cross-promotional partners.

The age of electronic commerce has brought the By:-Jennifer Wallington Beddoe globe closer

E-Commerce: The age of electronic commerce has made the Globe Smaller. Shrinking Spaces and contracting faraway Places. Traditional businesses and corporations are getting streamlined to "Online Portal" setups. Improved efficiency with automation, high customer satisfaction/ service and transparent transactions are the benefits of developing an e-commerce Infrastructure. The digital platform has made this global village a compact space. In recent times, it's been noted that 49% of all businesses in the United States are home based businesses powered by e-commerce in a certain shape or form, with a new online business starting every 6-8 seconds. 20 million home based businesses exist in The United States alone, and worldwide it is expected to be a robust $427 bn. industry. The trend has grown exponentially in the entire world! Key benefits of e-commerce are low start up cost, non-physical infrastructure, automated processes for customers (human intervention not required), easy license maintenance, and better profit margins. Front end E-commerce - Back end Networking: This form of e-commerce set-up allows people to build an e-commerce franchise with a support system in place to tap a global market, and at the same time does not require one to be physically present to earn money. The digital medium has given people that leverage to be present 24@7 (@365). On one end, we have potential customers who need products and services for already existing problems. These customers might already have or can make purchases from a renowned web portal. On the other end, we have capable and like-minded Business Expander Online Franchise Partners in different regions, countries and continents to expand the global footprint of the company’s portal on a profit sharing

basis, and thereafter earn a recurring royalty income for rest of their lives. Most companies of this nature reward business builders with flat profit share and royaltyloyalty income with a multiplier effect. In other words, the linear effort may be put in today but the multiplier effect (compounding) on the money pays you tomorrow, exponentially. The next key element in this kind of business venture is to leverage the consumer’s dynamism, time and effort, which holds tremendous potential in the long run. Apparently, what compounding does to money, leveraging (of people's time) does to Lifestyle. That’s what enables a billionaire to live a lifetime of freedom along with the comfort and luxury of wealth. Entrepreneurship: The economy of tomorrow will be fuelled by unconventional entrepreneurs who have the vision to drive the future. As the world moves a step forward towards a Non-Physical environment (E-Commerce), there will be a lot of people (customers) on the ‘giving end’ (shopping with money) of e-commerce. There will emerge a segment of people who will be on the receiving end of money from this e-commerce revolution. Such entrepreneurs in the next 5-7 years would be the Millionaires and possibly even Billionaires of the 21st Century. India needs such Entrepreneurs today. Our mission is to ‘Make A Difference In Every Life That We Touch’ by creating entrepreneurs in Network Marketing and use it an instrument of change in the Direct Sales Industry, that today is fast changing the demographics of business in the 21st Century. Our corporate philosophy is to “Raise Ourselves (Financially)” and then “help mankind” through sheer abundance that we accumulate. Our belief system is geared to the fact that everyone is born with a Purpose and once we achieve financial freedom, we can spend our time in trying to figure the true purpose without worrying about our basic needs of survival. We Believe in Creating Abundance. After all there is a lot of it out there.

Most importantly we believe in Women!


E-Commerce: The Shift Our world has moved from the Information age to the Knowledge or Consciousness age. We are Human Beings and Expansion is our nature. Our world is changing and expanding rapidly. While a lot of the physical expansion will continue, a totally different Non-Physical expansion is taking place. In this time a lot of what we know as well as the status-quo will be questioned and challenged every single day. New ideas will be born and innovation will be the key driver. What worked well in the past will not work in these times. The future is uncertain and solution to the problems will require a new set of tools. Every new day there will be a new challenge and it will require putting all the pieces together of a jigsaw puzzle. The evidence is all around us.

The Contemporary


A buzzword today, digital marketing has gained momentum during the recent past. Digital Marketing corresponds to the promotions on interactive platforms or digital media such as the internet or mobile. The term digital marketing is coined around interactive media agencies working to promote businesses through digital channels targeting specific audiences across the globe. It has left all critiques dumbfounded as no one has ever imagined that a day would come when the digital media would even reach to those who do not have an access to electricity. Eventually the mode has become more powerful than the man himself. Be it word of mouth, personal selling or any other technique, the digital marketing in real sense has become the barometer for success. Last week, a short message on my mobile stunned me, which said, “Door step rickshaw service uplabdh (available) and for more details, contact.......” I was literally taken aback and then I contacted the person. After that small chit-chat, I got to know about the business model and realized that digital marketing has opened up plethora of opportunities for the common man. You just need the idea and the world is within your reach. That smart rickshaw puller who has always been bothered by those unsolicited messages has finally found the opportunities in this era of digital marketing. In marketing terms we call this push marketing and digital marketing enables it. Banner advertising on Internet, Blogging, Paid promotions through pay per click campaigns, Email marketing campaigns, Product centric promotion through micro sites, Podcasts/ Video Marketing, Widget, Social Media Promotions, SMS/ MMS Marketing, etc., are the common forms which Digital marketing adopts. As of today, even for the purchase of low involvement product, the customer first approaches digital media and then makes the purchase. So not only the companies are benefiting from this, but consumers are also taking full advantage of this new marketing tool. It is believed that, “As techies home in, innovations sweep India,” and so is happening with the advent of digital technology. To quote a few, here are examples which testify the reality and accessibility of digital media. 1. Ekgaon : Following the “bottom of the pyramid” theory the Delhi-based Ekgaon (one village) Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is reaching out to village farmers in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Rajasthan. The information is customised to their specific soil, crop and weather conditions, besides alerts on stuff such as how much water would be released by the local dam authorities and when it would to reach their respective fields. Ekgaon built a software programme that runs on the cheapest cellphones and offers illiterate farmers the customised digital solutions related to the soil fertility, weather conditions and crops at a very economical price.

of Digital Marketing By Meha Joshi, AP, DSM-DTU

2. Passport Seva Project, an initiative of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), the Government of India in partnership with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) made a mark by launching the citizencentric Passport Seva Kendras for applications and issuance of passports. Passport Seva Project, a Mission Mode e-Governance project from the MEA, is transforming the passport issuance system in India by providing passport-related services to the citizens in a timely, transparent, accessible and reliable manner. 3. Recognising the several advantages of using bank accounts for disbursal of Government benefits, many State Governments decided to disburse NREGA payments social security benefits electronically through no frills bank accounts and in some states with such accounts operated through smart cards with bio–metric identification. Such accounts that have been opened to receive Government benefits/payments can become the basis for a host of other financial services and facilitate the objective of financial inclusion. There are many success stories highlighting the essence of digital marketing. The examples Aadhar scheme, modernisation in IRCTC, concept of paperless organisations, online libraries and tutorials, online talent sharing platforms are all set for a revamp. The emerging contemporary marketing can be best viewed today with the escalating likes of videos on YouTube, paving way for viral marketing and rising clicks on the various websites. Today, with the speed of thought the marketers are networking with the prospective customers with the help of SNS like twitter, Facebook, Orkut and capturing the likes and preferences of their products and services by means of these sites. Gone are those days when marketing and positioning used to be a difficult task. Today, digital media does the magic and any marketer can create its niche by being a bit different or should I say innovative in its approach. The competition of today starts not at how you do it with the help of digital media, but how well you do and grab the customers.

Social Media: The Marketing


"Yes, we can", said Barack Obama in his campaign, and this hitherto little-known senator became the first African-American to become the president of the United States of America on November 4, 2008. A major success factor in President Barack Obama’s "Yes we can" campaign was the use of social media and technology as an integral part of its strategy. The campaign’s social network, (MyBO) created a popular movement and a new method of campaigning by courting and mobilizing activists, donations, and voters through the Internet. Not only did Obama set fundraising records in more than one month by gaining support from a record-breaking number of small individual donors, but also changed the way elections were run and would be run in the future.

By:-Apar Chopra & Gunjan Batra

these sites for sales as well as brand promotion. With a top spot in the NM Incite’s Social Media Brand Equity Ranking (SMBER) Index, Samsung Mobile has created an unparalleled online buzz for the number of mobile phones launched. The Facebook App of Samung Mobile has 16,300,000 monthly active users, a proof of its digital visibility on its own.

Another example is of Volkswagen, a name heard often in today’s Indian auto industry, which entered the platform of social media with a contest on Twitter called ‘anything4jetta’, luring the customers to win some daily prizes for the best tweets and the grand Jetta itself. Its ‘Think Blue’ campaign, a non-profit organization, provides innovations and ideas for a healthy planet. The Welcome to the new millennium where old traditional methods ‘Volkswagen India’ page comes up with different contests now and and tools are no longer going to work (especially in the older for- then, and is having ‘The Beetle Icon Game’ presently on Facebook, mat). The media boom in the world has now entered, kicking and which gives a chance to win a Beetle t-shirt. screaming, into a great transition – convergence between new media and old. The impetus of global technological advancement This is a field with a wide spectrum of opportunities for all sectors and consumer demand has led us to a new era; one in which to come up with innovations to attract customers. KLM’s Royal breaking news now spreads faster—through Facebook and Twit- Dutch Airlines "Meet and Seat" program is using social media like ter—than any other form of media. Now there Facebook and LinkedIn to match up fliers with comare researches to find that why people are mon interests on the same flight to select seats tohooked to these websites. The inception of online gether. Similar is the Malaysia Airlines’ MHBuddy that streaming on the go has begun to oust the conwas launched last year, an application that has 3,000 ventional television set, which once used to be monthly active users, which allows its users to book the most convenient access point. Advertisers are and check-in through its Facebook page to see if any of also becoming wiser and shifting from what TV their friends would board the same flight or share and print could not offer for the return on investcommon destination city at the same time so as to ment, and what the Internet has in plenty. That is have seats together. the reason why the multinationals have started making smart TVs as the future belongs to these smart devices Social media is a platform, which due to wide penetration of Interonly. From automobiles to mobile phones, from a sportsman to a net has developed an unfathomable range and reach. Increased politician, technology to talent, each player in the industry needs communication promotes brand rapport and better customer serto establish a brand name. The Digital marketing has entered into vice. In addition, for implementing marketing campaigns, social every nook and corner of world regarless of industry. media is a relatively inexpensive modus operandi. Social media marketing has got a wide spectrum and scope to unleash itself. This is an arena, which the organizations can exploit to the fullest in order to actualize its massive potential and develop as a brand.

“Kolaveri Di’, which was unfortunately or fortunately leaked, went from nowhere to everywhere. The song's astounding 3.79 million views within a week and 46, 262,484 views (till the last editing of this article) bear testimony to social media's phenomenal reach that is growing day by day. Brand promotions work best through social networking sites, businesses in India are slowly realizing the power of brand promotion through social networking sites. Be it LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, Indian companies are latching on to

“Social Media is becoming increasingly mobile”


QR Codes: Next generation Digital Marketing Trend

- Amandeep

By Aakash Sharma & Siddhant Jain


he key to the success of social and digital

media lies in the mystery of understanding the audience.

impact, companies are looking for effective tools, which can enhance their reach to the market. The new tools could lead to a creative market place where there is a room for innovative marketing strategies. In this critical situation the social and the digital media could provide a great solution. It could help in developing an online brand, which would provide the information to be shared among the visitors, and could also be helpful in serving as an effective medium for receiving the feedback. It could also contribute to the development of an effective product. This new medium could serve as an effective tool in the growth of a small business and taking it to new heights.

The importance of social and digital media in today’s society is not hidden from anyone. News and information are easily accessible. Not only are people going mobile for social media, news, and entertainment info, but also for business. Traditional advertising in today’s context is not effective, and it has paved a way for new strategies in social and digital media. This is not only cost effective, but its impact and reach is more Some seem to say that it is worth a small busithan that of old mediums. ness owner’s time to use social media to get the word out because it’s free, it gets quick results, The Internet has changed everything and a new it’s flexible, and it gets easier with time. It will market place has evolved where everyone wants also attract more traffic, and it can help build to access the content through their phone. The links with social media rather than buying links. new generation wishes to do everything on the It is observed that social media users are predictgo. They want to know what's going on, and they able, and it doesn’t require much time as it is look forward to receiving a notification on their anticipated. It is proved that branding through phone when they have a new post, comment, social media is possible, and it also allows you to friend’s request, facebook message, email, or leverage the existing traffic. In summary, it is software update. declared that the future of marketing lies in the right mix of social and digital media, and so be What is the success mantra behind iPhone? It's there… just that it allows users to access and retrieve anything they want round-the-clock. The advent But what is the right mix? Also the BIG question of social and digital media has opened up new is: Where is the small business owner going to avenues for the new-age organizations. The orget the time to do all of the above? Or do they ganizations are also realizing that they must hire need to hire a force of writers to get the word the very best to manage and control their social out? Or do they need to simply choose few media networks. This is how the 21st century places on the Internet where they can begin to businesses and companies are going to survive. build relationships on a deeper level, and then Their idea could get ubiquitous recognition, and position themselves as experts in their own field? may very well end up becoming the building There are many questions which need answers. block for one of the world’s leading future corThe answers are not obvious, and the future will porations. belong to those who will make the right moves with the right attitude. Social and the digital media are closely related to each other as none of them can survive without the other. With the access to millions of people, social media serves as an effective tool for increasing the domain in terms of increasing the quality of customers as well as the quality of potential investors who can be used to expand the business and its prospects. This will ultimately help them to take the business to new heights. Recently with concerns over the recession and its

In this era of techno-knowledge outbreak, innovation is the need of the time. The advent of yet another Digital Marketing marvel, QR (or Quick Response) code seems to have added a whole new dimension to life. A QR code, when scanned by a Smartphone camera, can direct the user to an intended web page, dial a telephone number, or even create a text message based on the user’s requirement. All that a user needs is a Smartphone loaded with a QR reader, which can be easily downloaded from the device's app store. QR codes are tailor-made for mobile marketing and for extending the reach of print marketing. QR codes can be used to save paper as they act as a bridge between the physical source and the online one, thereby decreasing the reliability on the physical source. QR codes are aimed at tapping the consumer base by directing the prospective costumer straight to a mobileoptimized web page which is focused upon converting their interest into a sale. QR Codes come out to be really handy in case of capturing the pulse of a large crowd like at a check-out queue or a railway platform. QR codes, when placed next to an event in the season brochure, can play a crucial role in online ticketing by directing the visitors to the relevant booking page. Museums and galleries can also leverage upon the power of QR codes to provide the visitors with the access to additional information about the artist and the source of inspiration behind the work. At any instant a QR code can give access to pre-ordering, reservations or more information about the product – a specification sheet, product videos, consumer reviews, a list of ingredients, or recipe cards.


Love Triangle to win over your customer !! - Ankur Rana


wasn’t a very long time ago that we were celebrating Valentine’s Day with

couples blooming with all the vigour, zeal and enthusiasm, flying high with their soul mates discovering the new zeniths of happiness. I too wasn’t left untouched by this tempest of emotions, and I discussed with my love interest about the prerequisites to fall in love with one another, and the answer was instant – the three corners of the love triangle: commitment, intimacy and passion. Being an aspiring marketer myself, I tried to leverage the concept of the three vertices of the love triangle as a means to make your customers fall in love with you; the findings are as follows: Commitment: your customers are making financial investments in your company’s product and services, and companies do love the money channelized through the increased customer base. If you both succeed in creating and delivering the desired offerings then that’s a win-win situation, which complements the relationship and increase the understanding between the parties. You need to be committed to your customer’s requirements, and I should say expectations (stated and implied), and in return the customer will remain loyal to your company contributing to your company’s success. Intimacy: Don’t mistake intimacy for personal affection. Intimacy here means understanding your customer’s needs. This is the mantra behind every successful relationship. You need to empathize and see the magic. I am sure that your customers will reciprocate the same feelings which would give your company a competitive edge over your competitors. Sharing your weaknesses with your customers and overcoming those weaknesses with the continuous feedback system is the mantra for success. The idea is to bridge the gap between the company and the customer, leading to better sales figures. You must strive to know them really well so that you can sell your products effectively to them. Passion: Try to have the people who are passionate about what they do to advertise your product. Try not to hire well-known spokespeople to market your product, but those spokespersons who actually use your product. How can they be passionate if they are not even committed to using the product? The bottom line is that they can’t! Your company doesn’t need paid puppets, but the true advocates who can really convince people. So try to answer the three simple questions: Are you committed to your clients? Are you intimate with them? Do you really know them well, their demographic details, their choices, their likes, and their dislikes? Are you passionate about your products or services? Are your customers passionate about your product? If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘No’, then please do not expect your customers to fall in love with you. Love your customer and they will fall back in love with you. I just wish that every management student should learn something from a relationship. I have learnt a lot, but I still consider myself a toddler when it comes to learning because then you have more scope and the right attitude to learn. In the end if you are doing what you love, you are not actually working, but it becomes a WAY OF YOUR LIFE.

Digital Marketing – A new lease of life for Direct Marketing -Abhay Khullar & Murtaza Ali The Globalisation phenomenon has opened up new boulevards of innovation in the marketing space. Companies have devised new innovative marketing strategies to fully tap the consumer power. People have myths about different dimensions of marketing and this article is an attempt to demystify those myths. People perceive that Direct Marketing is a tool for door to door salesmanship. However, it is a medium of advertising that allows businesses and organisations to communicate directly to the customer. Direct marketing relies on being able to address the members of a target market in a variety of forms including email addresses, mobile phone numbers, web browser cookies, fax numbers, and postal addresses.

Search: Online search has become the need of the time. For the modern man, search is the key to the enormous repository of knowledge available online. As per the available data, 49% of the US spending on the Internet advertisement goes to search, wherein advertisers pay to get themselves placed among the listings in search engines whenever a potential customer enters a relevant search term, allowing ads to be delivered to customers based upon their already-indicated search criteria. This paid placement industry generates more than $10 billion dollars for search companies. Marketers leverage upon search engine optimization to drive traffic to their Direct marketing isn’t just about bringing the business straight to one’s cus- sites. tomers. One has to make sure that they are the right ones; those who have the money, interest and brand loyalty. An e-mail marketing service can Couponing: It is used in print and digital media to elicit a response from the make this task easier for us through analysis of market-demographics, inter- reader. A typical example of it is a coupon that the reader receives in the est and needs, followed by developing marketing strategies that meet pro- form of leaflets at doorsteps like the ones offered by Dominos, Pizzahut, spective customers’ expectations, wants, budget, and preferences. etc., and subsequently takes to check-out counters to redeem discounts. The traditional method of couponing, which used to have a limited reach, The basic motto behind this strategy is "call to action." For example, an has now been improvised in the form of Digital Coupons in which manufacadvertisement may ask the prospect to call a free phone number or click on turers and retailers make coupons available online for electronic orders that a link to a website. Emphasis lies on the trackable and measurable re- can be downloaded and printed. Digital coupons are available on company sponses from customers irrespective of medium. On the other hand, Digital websites, social media outlets, texts, and email alerts. There is a tremenmarketing relies on the usage of digital sources based on electronic signal dous increase in the number of mobile phone applications getting implelike Internet, digital display advertising, and other digital media such as mented at present that offer digital coupons for direct use. Daily Deal Groutelevision, radio, e-mail and mobile phones in the promotion of brands and pon Sites like Mydala, Snap deal, etc. offer local and online deals each day, products to consumers. In the present scenario, despite the entrance of and are becoming increasingly popular. Customers sign up to receive notice newer methods of marketing, direct marketing still remains to be one of the of discounts and offers, which are sent daily by email. Purchases are often most effective marketing tools. With the advent of digital marketing, it has made using a special coupon code or promotional code. transformed itself. Now it has become economical, flexible as well as an effective tool for marketing. Grassroots / Community Marketing: This avatar of Marketing focuses on door-to-door distribution of flyers and leaflets within a local community. It The Invisible Supporting Hand of Digital Tools is essentially a business-to-consumer form of direct marketing used extensively by restaurants, fast food companies, and many other businesses, With the onset and expansion of digital technology and tools, direct market- which is now getting a boost thanks to the initiatives of Internet Service ing is increasingly taking place through online channels. Most of the online Providers (ISPs) coupled with Government vision of One Laptop per Child advertising is delivered to a focused group of customers and has a trackable (OLPC) initiative that has made this method far more effective and costs a response. The channels can be categorised as: fraction of the amount of a mail shot, since it is not necessary to purchase stamps, envelopes, or address lists with the names of home occupants. Social Media Sites: Today, when the Internet is weaving its magic by bringing the people closer, there’s a great period of boom for Social Media plat- This great transformation can best be summed up by the following example forms such as Facebook and Twitter, which also provide opportunities for of a common man. Earlier an individual who had to apply for a job was redirect marketers to communicate with their customers/potential customers quired to stand in queues to directly market and sell himself through the directly by creating content to which the customers/potential customers means of circulating his resumes to prospective employers. The digital age can respond. has changed the way we do things. Now in the present scenario, with the widespread prevalence of online resume companies, it is easier for a common man to directly market himself at a global level with just a click of the Display Ads: There is a sudden increase in the interactive ads that appear mouse. The digital marketing has provided a platform for innovation in the on the Websites next to content on web pages or web services. The various direct marketing arena. In other words, digital marketing is acting as a cataavailable formats include static banners, pop ups, videos, and floating units. lyst for those who believe in the infinite potential of Direct Marketing. Customers can click on the ads to respond directly to the message or to find more detailed information about the same. As per the available figures, expenditures on the Display Ads rose by 24.5% between 2010 and 2011. Mobile Marketing: Mobile Marketing too has witnessed a boom with the entry of new players, who have been launching mobility devices like Cell Phones, Smartphones, and Tablets (Datawind, BSNL) at nominal rates, thereby making these devices affordable for even those who have marginal sources of income. So this has allowed direct marketers to engage with prospective customers in an interactive manner through a mobile device or network via SMS (short message service), MMS (multi-media message service), and Mobile Applications (smartphone-based mobile apps containing several types of messages).

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Mark-e-Think 2012 The Journey After 6 months of assiduity and dedication, it’s a real pleasure to the spectacular. Even that was not enough, only the most astute see things finally falling in place for the D-Day, Mark-e-Think 2012 bounty hunters could muster the courage to go for the jugular. Conference, to be held on the 3rd of March, with its theme as ‘Digital and Social Media Marketing’. Another event which shot to fame like a quintessential parvenu, this time on the midnight of 24th Feb, was ‘Thirst Quenchers 6.9’. This name which we coined as ‘Mark-e-Think’ had a little uncon- Challenging the status-quo of beverage advertising, this event ventional beginning commensurating to our teams’ attitude. I still sponsored by “Mobikwik” aimed at changing your nightlife and remember the day, the 4th of October 2011, when we started giving you a chance to say: ‘Yeah pyaas abhi bhi hai bahut badi’. It promoting the flagship marketing event for DSM, which was to be featured contestants coming up with a new beverage (alcoholic/ the first of its kind as it aimed to have a pastiche of events along non-alcoholic), which included the name of the drink, shape of the with an unconventional conference where highly distinguished bottle along with a logo and flavor. Thirst Quenchers offered a dignitaries from eminent companies would share their valuable platform to the participants to literally get into the shoes of the insight, experience, and knowledge with management aspirants marketing honchos and start devising their own innovative marfrom various B-schools. Coming back to the day when an abstract keting strategies. Thank God, they didn’t have to grow their hair to idea had started to burgeon in the emptiness of our mind; after a the extent of imitating Prahlad Kakkar in order to prove their marhectic exam schedule, I had started reiterating the word market- keting prowess! ing. Then on the exact 25th occasion the word ‘markethink’ got conjured up out of nowhere. Now Now, coming to the consultancy part of our if you put a hyphen on both sides of ‘e’, it accidenevent where the witches and wizards of J.K. tally and remarkably resembles our theme in the Rowling’s dreamland fly on their mind’s broomsame way as e-commerce or e-retail resembles sticks to be ‘The Seeker’. We call this event ‘The online marketing. In other words each and every Consulting Wizards’, where discipline improvephase of this event is online. ment initiatives, marked by powerful leaps and breakthroughs aim to uncover insights that creEnough of the personal part, now let’s move on to the formal part ate new future for the organizations. This event, also sponsored of this fest. Mark-e-Think 2012 commenced with Digi-Quest – a by “Mobikwik”, was unleashed on the 15th Feb midnight and it social media marketing strategy competition to hunt for the crea- witnessed overwhelming registration of more than 80 teams. tive and innovative ideas for a social media marketing strategy that saw participation of teams from premier institutes across the Finally, it gives me immense pleasure to unveil our fest’s mega world. This challenge compelled young minds to joust for suprem- event, Mark-e-Think 2012 conference, where experts, researchers acy with only the best surviving till the end. This premier event of and management gurus would strive to create an infusion of our fest, sponsored by ‘Mydala’, got underway on the stroke of thoughts and ideas aimed at enhancing the marketing acumen of midnight on the 14th Feb and witnessed registration of record 90 the leaders of tomorrow. The organizing committee is truly honteams from elite institutes spread across the globe. While the stu- ored and delighted to invite you all to address & interact with the dious lot was busy preparing the presentations and completing greatest minds of today at the Mark-e-Think 2012. the challenges of the quotidian, putting their grades on stake were some industrious renegades burning the midnight oil in search of

“Now that this journey is meeting its end, we realize that its just a beginning “

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