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How to Hit a Home Run With Social Media.

My name is Jessica Panicucci and I am the social media manager at The DSM Group. I am currently a senior at Manhattan College, LOVE the Yankees and Giants, and have an obsession with reality television. I have also recently discovered that my iPhone - with its easy access to social media nj - is my best friend. While I am still depressed about my beloved Yanks, I thought it would be fitting to use the analogy of scoring a homerun in baseball to describe the importance of tagging the four key bases in social media nj in order to score a homerun in your business. Picture it: You make contact with the ball (or in this case, a really great product or idea) and are off running towards first, aka Click "Create Account" when your foot hits the bag. Make sure that when you create your account on YouTube you have videos ready to post on your channel. Once the videos are posted, they are public; this means they have a great chance of going viral and getting your product or service much buzz. Speaking of buzz, your excitement is now picking up as you round (first), headed towards (second) and you see your business recognition soaring towards the outfield. Just as you reach second base, click the "Join Today" link. Unlike the other social media sites, is primarily for personal networking usage, but a business page can be created as well. Consider LinkedIn your online resume. It can help if you are looking for a job or, if you're looking to hire someone it can provide you with qualified candidates. NJ Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations New Jersey- all under one roof to facilitate clients to grow their business with DSM Group By now you know that this ball has the potential to clear the wall, so you start to pick up speed (and confidence) as you head towards (third). When you see the PR coach flailing his arms and waving you home, make sure you tag third base's "New to Twitter?" link first. Once you are able to start tweeting, you have to gain followers. To help gain followers, use hash tags (#), this will make your tweet public by putting your tweet in a feed with everyone else's tweets that used that same hash tag. The trick to using Twitter is to keep your tweets short, simple and to the point. You are almost home! The moment you touch home plate and click "Create Page" on Facebook, the crowd goes wild. This will be the space where your business can update fans with images, videos, links, and statuses. It should act as a business's second website. Facebook pages can even be branded to match your website. Another great thing about Facebook is its apps - you

can view your YouTube videos right on your Facebook page and even see allow your fans to follow your Twitter feeds. Your company will be sure to score a homerun by utilizing these heavy hitters and playing the social media nj game with patience and prudence. Since my beloved Yanks are out, GO CARDS!!!

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"Social Media NJ , Advertising & Marketing Agency NJ: DSM Group  

Social Media NJ, Creative Design, Radio advertising, Advertising Agency, Public relation – all under one roof to facilitate clients to grow...

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