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Opening Reception:

April 7, 2017 5:30—7:30 PM The Casements 25 Riverside Drive, Ormond Beach, FL Reproduction of this catalogue in whole or part is prohibited without prior written permission Š2017 The Art Group

From realism to abstraction, from sculpture to wood carving and from folk art to fine art, this group has it all. These professional artists have come together to form a supportive, intellectual oasis for conversation and discussion that is open, honest and not tethered by the kind of rules you find in traditional guilds and associations. Known as ‘The Art Group’ and defined by enjoyment not dues, these artists meet weekly, sit together and have grown for 4 years without bylaws or procedures to hamper their lively conversations and continued growth. The Art Group meets weekly at local restaurants and is open to anyone interested in engaging conversation about art and whatever! This show has once again been curated and organized by Roberta Kolberg, an antique entrepreneur and former business manager . Having taken it upon herself to book the gallery and organize the artists for the exhibit, we look forward to another exciting event. It’s that simple, open, honest and welcoming.

This catalog contains selected images from the exhibition

Donald Kolberg Sculptor, painter, art marketer and writer. Donald’s artwork has been exhibited throughout the U.S. in museums and galleries. He has been featured in an NBC short documentary and numerous print and zine publications. He is founder of ArtCore, an international newsletter; conducts workshops on marketing and art techniques including workshops on creating Strappo’s, a dry transfer acrylic monotype. Donald recently created an e-zine for monoprint and monotype artists that is free to be part of and has no purchase requirements. A graduate of California State University, Los Angeles, his master ‘s work was at Otis Art Institute, Parson School of Design. Additionally he produced Periscope Up an independent television production for a Pennsylvania PBS station. His artwork has been included in the publication Sculpture and Design with Recycled Glass. Additional art and information can be viewed at


Chinese Ink Wash Monotype

Purple Field

The River

David Rubello Was it begging or badgering that led my mother to permit me to attend Saturday morning classes at the Detroit Institute of Arts? I wanted to learn oil painting. She already caved to letting me attend Detroit’s Cass Technical High School instead of the one local high school where we lived. This propelled me into a program that covered all the basics of Painting, Drawing, Perspective, Printmaking, Color and Design. At fifteen, attracted to Rembrandt’s painting in the Detroit Institute of Art, I decided to make a copy of his small painting The Visitation. I recall how I learned from it. If you look closely you will see how the shadows held mixed colors. While working one of my “Color Moves/Ribbon Series” paintings, I recognized how my new work shares a relationship to my study of Rembrandt’s painting “The Visitation” This sudden awareness is a revelation! I am re-living an experience from my past My Color Moves Series grew out of Ribbon Series. I approach each painting using color, form and the idea of visual perception...each painting is linked, one to the next connecting like a ribbon to the present. David has been in Who’s Who in American Art since 1981.

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Color Moves Ribbon Series #86

Color Moves Ribbon Series #84

William Mazziotti My work is about using the inherent properties of materials to create an object. This is achieved by numerous layers of colored mediums that meld together within an underlying substructure . The work is done when I feel all the elements of the piece come together

Waterfall Series #66

Waterfall Series #67

Waterfall Series #58

Mary Keithan My inspiration for my art whether it be painting, drawing, photography has always been Nature . . . color in nature . . . forces of nature . . . form and structure in nature. As an artist I choose the medium that will facilitate the idea that I want to convey. Art essayist M. Desjarlais writes: Mary Keithan’s paintings are powerful in their ability to bring you into a world of nature abstracted. She paints spontaneously and intuitively, using the surface as part of the evocation of depth, sometimes applying grit and sand to the paint to build up layers on the canvas, along with a masterful use of color. She creates an immersive and emotive visual journey between the surface and layered depths of the canvas. Keithan is currently based in Palm Coast, spending her summers in southeast Michigan north of Detroit. She grew up in rural Pennsylvania, receiving her MFA with graduate study under Robert Morris and Mary Miss at Hunter College in New York City and BFA from Pennsylvania State University. Her achievements include numerous one-person and group exhibitions, the most recent Inspired By Nature invitational exhibit at the Detroit Artists Market January—February 2017.

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Inspired by Nature #18

Inspired by Nature #19

Katherine Elshant Katherine Elshant’s art revolves around Mother Nature. Her inspiration is reflected in her work created from her wanderings throughout New England and Florida.

Katherine honors Nature and hopes that her art helps to teach people about the respect and sensitivity that should and needs to exist between humans and our natural environment of flora and fauna.

Morning Dove in Garden

Gator Head

Label Figure

William Brant Portals - I have always been fascinated with portals; they are the symbols of change, transition and opportunity. They connect us with the future and the past. Doorways ,windows, eyes, ears and mouths, as well as all the sensory openings of our bodies that literally bring us the universe that we know and move through daily. The imaginative brain and its illusions of time and place are yet another portal, though using the agencies of memory, dreams and imagination. While this latter route brings change through pathways hidden to others they are no less real. They often grow from the visionary realm into physical reality with the aid of time and human motivation. ART itself always materializes into the visible world in this manner. Change, transition, and opportunity: things which dominate our lives all come to us via portals. It is hard for any thoughtful soul to ignore the changes that surprise, haunt, torment and yes, enrapture us, and to ignore the sources from which these events issue to move us on. Yes, we entered the world through one portal and we leave it through another.


Time Strata

Mary England My art creates happiness for the viewer that revolves around color and texture. Yet for me it represents a healing. The reason that I’m doing what I’m doing is to meet the challenge that cancer has brought to my life. That fight has been part of my life since 2009. So in creating beauty in art, I hope that what I do is share the hope and joy of living. Part of me goes into each piece leaving my touch on the world. You are not your illness Mary’s natural ability and strong desire to draw has been apparent since early in her life. Entirely self-taught, she has continually been developing her own techniques for blending charcoal and graphite to create realistic images. Her work includes painting in acrylics, mixing colors for brightness and cheerfulness, and fashioning works of art from stained glass and found objects.



Blue Herron

Reproduction of this catalogue in whole or part is prohibited without prior written permission Š2017 The Art Group

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7 Paths Exhibition Catalog  

From realism to abstraction, from sculpture to wood carving and from folk art to fine art, this group has it all. These professional artist...

7 Paths Exhibition Catalog  

From realism to abstraction, from sculpture to wood carving and from folk art to fine art, this group has it all. These professional artist...

Profile for dskolberg