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A number of VFCCE board members attended the 50th anniversary celebration with their guests, including: 1 Laura and Dr. John Rainone 2 State Board Member Eleanor and Virginia Senator Richard Saslaw 3 Chancellor Glenn DuBois and Gaye Montgomery 4 Former VFCCE Chairs Chris Lumsden (left) and Laurens Sartoris (right) with Linda Lumsden and Faith Sartoris. 5 Arthur and Stacy Brinkley 6 Dorcas Helfant-Browning and Landon Browning 7 Hank and Liling Chao 8 Edwin C. Hall with Angela Falconetti of VWCC

2016 OFFICERS AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS Melanie W. Bias Arthur S. Brinkley, III Hank Chao Dan R. Dixon Glenn DuBois Jennifer Sager Gentry Ron Holmes, VFCCE Chair

Philip H. Goodpasture, general counsel Edwin C. Hall Dorcas Helfant-Browning, vice chair

Chandra D. Lantz, secretary


Gaye C. Montgomery, treasurer

Dana Hamel, Chancellor Emeritus

C. Michael Petters

The Honorable George Allen

John J. Rainone

The Honorable Gerald Baliles

Stewart Roberson

The Honorable Charles Robb

Eleanor Saslaw

The Honorable James Gilmore

Gerald F. Smith, Jr.

The Honorable Linwood Holton

Donna M. VanCleave

The Honorable Timothy Kaine

Jeanette Wang

The Honorable Robert McDonnell

Daniel A. Weekley

The Honorable Mark Warner

A. Michael Wilkerson

The Honorable Douglas Wilder

Ronald H. Holmes, chair

F. Blair Wimbush 20

STAFF Jennifer Gentry Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement and Executive Director Anne McCaffrey Director of Development & Scholarships Pam Currey Operations Manager Susan Hayden 50th Anniversary Marketing Manager Felicia Blow Statewide Community College Liaison

Doug Elliott Assistant Vice Chancellor for Strategic Partnerships Kathleen Smith Senior Development Officer Kristen Johnson Advancement Services Coordinator Karen Nerden Administrative Assistant

VFCCE - VCCS 50th anniversary summary report  
VFCCE - VCCS 50th anniversary summary report