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Mary and Charles King

Lisa and William Moore

Ann and Mark Kington

Elizabeth Moran

Sridher Komakula

Sharon Morrissey

Hemalatha Krishnakumar

Cliff Mosby

Maureen and Vincent La Piana

Vicky and Gary Muensterman

Caroline Lane

William Murray

Chandra Lantz

Darcie and Blair Nelsen

Angela Lawhorne

Patty and Ned Nicholas

Peggy and Aubrey Layne Mary Louise Leake

Linda Laibstain and Robert Nusbaum

Christopher Lee

David Nutter

Rosalie Lesser

Frankie O’Brien

Charles Lewis

Janet Osborn

Mary Ann and Jack Lewis

Anne Osterman

Henry Light

Rose Marie Owen

Elizabeth Littlefield

Laurie Owens

Sally Love

Susan and L.F. Payne

Linda and Chris Lumsden

Katherine Perry

Whit Madere

Karen Petersen

David Mair

Jeffrey Pinion

Violet Martin

William Porter

Celia Massey

Ron Proffitt

Anne McCaffrey

Deborah and Michael Quillen

Michael McCall

Maricel Quintana-Baker

Rosamond McCarty

John Rainone

Heidi McComb

Caroline Rapking

Debby and Dan McGinn

Edward Raspiller

Deirdre McGuirl

Daniel Ream

James McHone

Lynn Reams

Helen McKann

Chuck Renninger

Connie and Bruce Meyer

Linda Reviea

Students and staff from Wytheville and Mountain Empire community colleges advocated for community colleges at Every Day is Community College Day during the 2016 General Assembly Session. Jane and Robert Sandel

Robin Sullenberger

Jeanette Wang

Faith and Laurens Sartoris

Mary and Robert Sullivan

Claire Weaver

Eleanor Saslaw

Paul Sweet

Marcia Webb

Greer Saunders

John Sygielski

Mark White, Jr.

Darrell Scruggs, Jr.

Natalie Talbott

Dottie and Alfred Whitt

James Sease

William Talley, III

A. Michael Wilkerson

Harry Sellers

Terri Thompson

Lynn Seuffert

Benita Thompson-Byas

Sally and James Lee Wilkerson

Franklin Shrout

Cheryl Thompson-Stacy

Erna and F. David Wilkin

M. Noel Sipple

David Tod

F. Blair Wimbush

D. French Slaughter, III

Margaret Toxopeus

Rosalie and Max Wingett

Diane Smith

Miguel Trujillo

Michael Wojtasiak

Nancy and Francis Turnage

Mary Jane and Verne Michael

Kaye and Gerald “J. J.” Smith, Jr.

Susan and Roy Wood

Mitzi Reynolds

Ann Woolford

Xavier Richardson

Barbara and James Ukrop

Charlotte and G. Gilmer Minor, III

Kathleen Smith

Donna VanCleave

George Wynne

J. Michael Robb

Margaret Smith

Jeffrey Mitchell

Leslie and Stewart Roberson

Helen Vanderland

Roy Smith

Allison and Jeff Mitchell

Allyson Roberts

Melina and Andrew Vaughan

Susan and John “Dubby” Wynne

Wendy and Michael Smith

Marlene Mondziel

Chuck Rodamer

Ruth and Brandt Vaughan

Dean Sprinkle

John Monger, III

Mary Rohas

Peggy and George Vaughan

Terrance Suarez

Gaye Montgomery

David Sam

Kathryn Hammond and Amy Walter

Susan and Chip Yates Michel Zajur Sara and Dennis Zimmerman


VFCCE - VCCS 50th anniversary summary report  
VFCCE - VCCS 50th anniversary summary report