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INVESTING IN LIVES AND COMMUNITIES The Virginia Foundation for Community College Education is grateful for all of the private gifts and grants that make it possible for the VFCCE to carry out its mission of providing access to education for all Virginians. Thank you to the following donors for their gifts to the VFCCE from July 1, 2015, to October 31, 2016. If you see a listing in error or know of a name that is missing, please contact the VFCCE by emailing


Judy Campbell and Michael Henke

Ellen and Jack Davenport

Laura Fornash

Leah Hatcher

John Davies, III

Natalie Foster

Susan Hayden

Imad Abi-Falah

Leo Campos

Shelia Davis

Betsey and Robert Fountain

Anne and Til Hazel, Jr.

Nancy Agee

Mary Evans and Thomas Cantone

Denise Dawson

W. Heywood Fralin

Cindy and William Hazel

Lucy and Jerry Denney

Carolyn Frank

Megan Healy

Sid Dewberry

Barbara Fried

Dorcas Helfant-Browning

Sue and Tom Fulghum

David Hepler

Douglas Garcia

Andrea and Craig Herndon

Shahnaz Ahmed Virginia Geoffrey and John Andelin

Amy Capps

Dale Andrews

Andrew Casiello

Beverly and Alan Diamonstein

Kathy Arrington

Tara Cassidy

Chip Dicks

Edna Baehre-Kolovani

Ann and John Cavan

Sharon Gasser

Charles Hess

Jane and Dan Dixon

Robin and Gerald Baliles

Liling and Hank Chao

Jennifer and Fred Gentry

Debbie Hines

William Dolan, III

Mary Barnett

Michel Chaoul

Marcia and Marvin Gilliam

Carolyn and L. Jack Hite

Barry Dorsey

Kevin Barrowclough

David Clark

Page and George Gilliam

Kelly Hockaday

Patricia Dougans

Nicole Bell

Emily Clements

Susan and David Goode

Brendan Hogan

Sandy and John Downey

Sara Benincasa

Joyce Colemon

Susan and Basil Gooden

Anne and Ronald Holmes

Glenn DuBois

Barbara and Randall Betz

Darren Conner

Philip Goodpasture

Kathleen Holmes

John Duke

Megan and Donald Beyer

Mary Ann Conrad

Dinah and Kurt Gottschalk

Sandra Honour

Frank Dunn

Lance Billard

Carrie Cooper

Tonya and Mark Graham

Helen and John Hopkins, III

Margaret Dutton

Sharon Bishop

Angela Covey

Barbara Grether

Lelia Baum Hopper

Lori Dwyer

Libby Blanton

Nicki Coyle

Irving Groves, Jr.

Sara and Neil Houff

Ashley Dwyer

Nancy Bolio

Beese Craigie and Walter Craigie (deceased)

Joe Guderjohn

Andrew Huggins

Sylvia and Rodney Eagle

Shannon Hair

John Jaffe

Jean and Stephen Eitelman

Edwin C. Hall

Richard Jenkins

LaVonne Parker Ellis

William Hall, Jr.

Elizabeth and David Jerlinski

Trish and Mark Estepp

Dana Hamel

Karen and Billy Eyles

Gary Hancock

Barbara and Stephen Johnsen

Angela Falconetti

Monica Hanzlik

Kristen Johnson

Marilyn and John Farrington

Kathy Harcum

Alice Julias

Mindy Fast

John D. Hardesty

Anne Holton and Tim Kaine

Idalia Fernandez

Estelle and Dave Hardin

Scott Kemp

William Fiege

Eva and Michael Hardy

Catherine Finnegan

Kathryn Haselhorst

Constance and Joseph Kincheloe

Bruce Bowman Thomas Brewster Arthur Brinkley, III Kimberly Britt Jill Brown John Brown Katherine Butler Gretchen Byrd Harry Byrd, III Debra Callison


Jennifer Carter

Elizabeth Creamer Elizabeth Crowther Pamela Currey Martha and Walter Curt James Cuthbertson Pamela Dalrymple Gene Damon Linda and Joseph Daniel Sara and Charles Dassance Betty and Ben Davenport

VFCCE - VCCS 50th anniversary summary report  
VFCCE - VCCS 50th anniversary summary report