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STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS HELP MEET TOMORROW’S WORKFORCE NEEDS The Virginia Foundation for Community College Education – and Virginia’s Community Colleges – have a strong tradition of partnering with individuals and organizations to develop programs that meet the needs of Virginia’s students and families. Strategic partnerships will continue to be critical as the foundation reaches out to new partners through 50th anniversary projects. 50th anniversary sponsors Ed and Cathy Dalrymple, for instance, are part of a new state partnership between Virginia’s Community Colleges (led by Germanna Community College), the Virginia Asphalt Association and the Virginia Department of Transportation to provide training and certifications for asphalt paving workers. Virginia’s asphalt industry employs more than 10,000 workers who are critical to maintaining the statewide highway system. The partnership, with classes beginning in 2017, supports business growth, develops continuing education for changing materials and practices, and creates a supply chain to replace retiring workers. This will be accomplished through creation of stackable credentials, entry level to advanced training, an apprenticeship program and development of a pathway to an associate degree.

MESSAGE FROM THE CHANCELLOR The magic of the community college mission is that it brings the community together in order to move forward. Students and families, business and elected leaders, and donors — especially donors! — help us solve today’s challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s aspirations. As chancellor of the Virginia Community College System, I want to thank you for supporting the Virginia Foundation for Community College Education. Your generosity opens doors and elevates the lives of people in your community. Together, we are building the Virginia we all aspire to see. By working together; by helping more people earn the credentials they need for the careers they seek; by ensuring more businesses have the talented employees they need to compete; we are building on the success of our first 50 years with a promise that our next 50 will be even better! Thank you for all you do,

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VFCCE - VCCS 50th anniversary summary report  
VFCCE - VCCS 50th anniversary summary report