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HONORING THE PROGRESS OF OUR FIRST 50 YEARS EMBRACING THE PROMISE OF OUR NEXT 50 YEARS The urgency of the community college mission leaves little time for nostalgia or tradition. The mission is grounded in today’s needs and tomorrow’s aspirations. We help families grasp the next rung of the economic ladder; businesses find employees ready to seize the next moment; and communities become the place where the next big thing occurs. Accordingly, the celebration of our golden anniversary was always about looking forward. The 50th Anniversary Steering Committee, assembled by the Virginia Foundation for Community College Education, would not have it any other way. Thanks to their leadership and support, the anniversary itself became a launching pad, raising more than $1 million to fund the people and opportunities that begin our next 50 years.


50TH ANNIVERSARY STEERING COMMITTEE A stellar group of board members, donors and friends gathered to plan for a 50th Anniversary Celebration for Virginia’s Community Colleges. Pictured are, left to right, Mr. Doug Elliott, Ms. Eva Hardy, Mr. G. Gilmer Minor, Ms. Connie Kincheloe (co-chair), Mr. Joe Daniel (co-chair), Mrs. Dottie Whitt, Dr. Stewart Roberson, Dr. Jennifer Gentry, and Ms. Susan Payne. Also serving on the steering committee but not pictured are: Ms. Carolyn Berkowitz, Ms. Nancy Nagle Bolio, Senator Rosalyn Dance, Dr. Deborah DiCroce, Dr. Glenn DuBois, the Honorable Alan Diamonstein, Mr. Ron Holmes, The Honorable Eddy Dalton Phillips, Mr. Laurens Sartoris, Ms. Eleanor Saslaw, Mr. Knox Singleton, Mr. Gerald “J. J.” Smith, Mr. Blair Wimbush and Mr. John “Dubby” Wynne.

VCCS 50th Anniversary Annual Report