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VCCS 50th Anniversary

LEGACY PROJECT Virginia’s Community Colleges have served more than 2.6 million individuals in our first 50 years. Sharing all those stories of transformation and personal success is nearly impossible. Our golden anniversary, however, offers us a special moment to share just a few of those uplifting tales. Between 1966 and 1972, Virginia opened 23 community colleges. Accordingly, through our next several annual reports, we will share with you the stories of special people: one will be a graduate from a college’s earliest days; the second will be a graduate from the same college’s 50th anniversary class. This then-and-now approach demonstrates the progress and promise that our colleges, and their graduates, offer the entire commonwealth. This inaugural segment of the VCCS 50th Anniversary Legacy Project features graduates from Virginia Western and Northern Virginia community colleges, our first institutions which both opened in 1966.


VCCS 50th Anniversary Annual Report