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When your name adorns the board room at which a governing body meets; when an award representing an organization’s highest honor bears your name; when an entire building is named after you; and when an endowed scholarship is offered in your name: you have made a difference. While all those honors have been bestowed upon Dr. Dana Hamel, they fail to capture just what he means to the Virginia Community College System. Without the vision, leadership and perseverance of Dr. Hamel, the inaugural VCCS chancellor, maybe none of it ever comes to be. Perhaps there would be no 50th anniversary to celebrate. Dr. Hamel’s years of hard work, however, demonstrate there is. He oversaw the opening of all 23 Virginia community colleges. His fingerprints remain all over our governing structure and policy manual. Fifty years, and more than 2.6 million students later, we say, thank you Dr. Hamel. Your blueprint succeeded. And just like you’ve been reminding us for years, it is indeed a great day to be alive in the Commonwealth of Virginia!

“It’s a great day to be alive in the Commonwealth of Virginia!”

VCCS 50th Anniversary Annual Report