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TRANSFER: THE $45,000 QUESTION SHOULD I BEGIN AT A COMMUNITY COLLEGE OR A UNIVERSITY? Virginia’s Community Colleges offer unparalleled opportunities for those seeking more affordable, more accessible ways to pursue a bachelor’s degree. The reasons for pursuing a transfer pathway are as numerous and diverse as the students we serve. Some individuals lack the desire to leave home immediately after high school, the insight to know what they want to study or the money to do so, while others hold high-school transcripts illustrating a lack of focus they have since


outgrown. Increasingly, a number of students, and their parents, are rejecting the unnecessary debt load that university attendance often demands.

between individual community colleges and nearby universities. Virginia’s Two Year College Transfer Grants can make transferring more affordable.

Nearly 15,000 students transferred last year from a Virginia community college to a university – a process that is now easier than ever before. The VCCS holds more than three dozen guaranteed transfer agreements with public and private institutions. Even more agreements exist

Students who first complete their associate degree save as much as $45,000 on the costs of earning a bachelor’s degree, including room and board fees – demonstrating that they are financially smarter already.

VCCS 50th Anniversary Annual Report