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In both good and bad budget times, and regardless of which party is in control, the Virginia General Assembly has been the leading and most reliable funding partner to Virginia’s Community Colleges. The reasons behind the support are as varied as the lawmakers themselves.

“My son was pondering what general direction to take in life until he completed several community college courses. He later transferred to another college and, eventually, law school, and now he and I have practiced law together for more than 26 years,” Diamonstein said.

For some, like former Delegate Alan Diamonstein (D-Newport News), supporting community colleges feels personal, having witnessed their benefits first hand.

For others, like former Senator Walter Stosch (R-Henrico), it was about expanding opportunities. “The community college system had proved itself,” Stosch said, “but

there was more work to be done.” Stosch spent years of his career seeking ways to expand transfer opportunities and make them more flexible.

Both lawmakers served more than 30 years in the General Assembly and said, while the fight over public dollars was often fierce, the value of Virginia’s Community

Colleges was never in question. “It was good for Virginia generally and a huge benefit for individuals,” Stosch added.


VCCS 50th Anniversary Annual Report