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STUDENTS RECEIVED FINANCIAL AID TOTALING OVER $523 MILLION IN 2013-14. Brooke, nursing student Patrick Henry Community College

HELPING STUDENTS GRADUATE DEBT-FREE By virtually every measure, a college degree is a passport to a better life. For many prospective students, however, the doors to Virginia’s colleges and universities are blocked by rising tuition costs. The average tuition at Virginia’s four-year public universities is more than $10,000 per year, not including room and board. By comparison, a community college education represents one of the most valuable investments in the Commonwealth. Tuition at Virginia’s Community Colleges averages approximately $4,000 per year. When financial aid and scholarships are included, the out-of-pocket cost for a two-year associate’s degree drops well below $4,000 for many students.

How tomorrow happens - Virginia's Community Colleges 2016  
How tomorrow happens - Virginia's Community Colleges 2016