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Angela, Networking Specialization IT Student J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College

VIRGINIA MUST FILL 1.5 MILLION JOBS BY 2022. A recent research report found that there were more than 175,000 job vacancies for so-called middle-skill occupations in Virginia in 2015. The jobs went unfilled for an average period of 26 days, which is longer than the national average. As a result, Virginia businesses lost 36.4 million hours of productivity, Virginia families lost more than $1 billion in potential wages, and Virginia’s General Fund lost more than $54.3 million in revenue. The New Economy Workforce Industry Credentials Grant program is designed to address these gaps. The program provides grants to students enrolling in one of 124 different community college training programs. Students enrolling in one of the workforce credential training programs covered by the new grants will pay only onethird of the normal cost.

How tomorrow happens - Virginia's Community Colleges 2016  
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