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Daniel, truck driver for Valley Proteins Lord Fairfax Community College Sumbal, Sarah and Shariel, graduates Respiratory Therapy Program at Northern Virginia Community College

This is a pivotal moment for the Commonwealth. Our communities are changing as new technologies drive the growth of a new economy—one that requires different skills and new ways of working. According to a recent study, Virginia must fill an estimated 1.5 million jobs by the year 2022. While as many as two-thirds of those jobs will require postsecondary education, most will not require a bachelor’s degree. Instead, businesses will seek applicants who hold associate’s degrees and or industry-recognized certifications. Virginia’s Community Colleges are uniquely positioned to deliver on this need. Last year alone, more than 37,000 individuals received workforce credentials from Virginia’s Community Colleges.

How tomorrow happens - Virginia's Community Colleges 2016  
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