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Alberta Disability Workers Association

for 2 March 2011

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URGENT BUDGET ALERT We’ve had a look at the budget proposals that are being discussed right now in the Alberta Legislature. Frankly, it doesn’t look good. While there is a small increase in spending it seems that with PDD, while one hand gives, the other takes away. The government is proposing a 2% increase, but that only anticipates expected new uptake. Given that they reduced funding in prior years, what it amounts to is a simple restoration of funds, with no consideration for rising costs and for the critical need to provide for ongoing staff retention. The increase will only enable meeting government staff wage increases. They’re calling it an increase but the net effect is zero. The proposed budget, if it stands, will ultimately result in fewer units of service being delivered. That’s not fair to staff and it’s not fair to the people with disabilities. ADWA is asking you to get involved NOW. Call or write your MLA and tell him or her that you are deeply concerned. Tell the MLAs what your pay raise looks like. Tell them the new contracting template is punitive to workers. Tell them the effect that it is having in your workplace. Agencies and individual members have to take up the challenge and act immediately. If we don’t have an impact before the budget is passed, it will be more difficult to advocate for any meaningful changes after its passed. To get your MLA contact information go to the Legislature Website at . Let your MLAs know how the budget will impact you! Send them an email or write them a letter, or give their constituency office a phone call. It’s vitally important that we all make our opinion known to our MLAs. Do it today! MISSION:

To build a valued workforce, promoting the well-being and potential of all Albertans

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ADWA newsletter fro March 2, 2011

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