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Alberta Disability Workers Association

for 21 March 2012

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Call For Resolutions 2012 Annual General Meeting As a member of the Alberta Disability Workers Association, you can provide input on particular issues facing the profession or on initiatives in which you think the Association could be involved. Resolutions can be submitted to the Annual General Meeting for member input and voting. Resolutions should be submitted in the following format: Title: refers to the subject of the resolution. Resolution Statement: an expression of intent or what action you are proposing the Association take in relation to the subject of the resolution. This statement begins with: "Be it resolved ‌", and should be written in a clear and concise manner. Explanatory Notes: identify why you believe the issue should be addressed. If you are making a number of points, order them numerically. (Remember that resolutions must have a province-wide application and relate to the mandate of the Association.) Identification: names of "mover" and "seconder" of resolution (must both hold current membership in ADWA). Either the "mover" or "seconder" should be available to speak to the resolution at the Annual General Meeting. PROPOSED RESOLUTIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE ADWA OFFICE P.O. BOX 48080, ST. ALBERT, ALBERTA T8N 5V9 BY 4:30 P.M. ON 2 APRIL 2012


To build a valued workforce, promoting the well-being and potential of all Albertans

Colin Reichle Executive Director E Mail: Phone: 780.910.4598 Fax: 780.645.1885 Mail: P.O. Box 48080 St. Albert, Alberta T8N 5V9 Web:

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