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ClubStyle The Ultimate Merchandise Destination for Incentive Trip Planners.

The Art of Gifting Customized Business Gift Services PLUS:

A Job Well Done WorkStyle Green Meetings






Beat the budget and get your fair share of fresh savings with the Fresh Book and SwervePoint. Our merchandisers have been hard at work putting the best brand-building and budget-beating products together for this issue of the Fresh Book. We’re here to help you stretch your dollars without sacrificing style or quality. When the going gets tough, the tough get going – and we plan on helping you promote your brands and brand your events better than your competition could even dream of! Now that the economy has blown a tire, we thought it would be an opportune time to discuss the subject of price with you. Over the years, people have said to us “you have the best quality brands and products of anyone, I love your style, it’s so fresh; your boutique approach is refreshing; SwervePoint thinks of all the little details; your design is great.” We love hearing those comments to be sure, but on occasion we’ve also heard from people that assume we’re expensive because we do everything so well and put so much effort into the details. This assumption is absolutely incorrect. We have a very efficient operating model, we buy well and don’t spend money on things that don’t improve your experience working with us, or that don’t help you accomplish your goals. All of the tools and details we attend to are just part of a better

SwervePoint HQ – Studio 75 Our new space has worked out great for hosting client events, merchandising boot camps, and vendor presentations. Drop in and see us sometime soon.

1 | fresh book

ISSUE 1 2009

About SwervePoint SwervePoint is a communications merchandising firm; a services company focused on creating products and programs that help people surprise & delight their customers, differentiate their brands, and build strong corporate cultures. We’re a fun, energetic bunch that is passionate about products and driven to work really hard for our customers. We focus our efforts on making sure that our work helps you accomplish your goals. Everything we do is geared towards “making our products more purposeful and your experience more enjoyable.” Thank you for your continued support of SwervePoint and remember “mixing style with low prices is always a fresh approach.”

service experience – and for that we will never charge you extra. To prove to you that you’re getting the very best value for your dollar from SwervePoint, we’ve created the Best Price Guarantee: “if you find the same product, quoted at a lower price from one of our competitors, we’ll gladly beat their price by 10% of the difference.” For more details about this program visit bestpriceguarantee. So now that we’ve covered off on that, let’s focus on all that’s new at SwervePoint to enjoy. Start turning the pages to check out what’s fresh. Enjoy your copy of the Fresh Book. Share it with friends and colleagues and call us soon to work on some projects and take advantage of our Best Price Guarantee.

About The Fresh Book The Fresh Book is designed to make it easier for you to mix style with low prices and select the most trend-relevant merchandise available. We publish the Fresh Book twice a year. As you browse the Fresh Book you may have questions. We’re here to answer all of them for you so just call us at 1-877-793-7838. You can also find additional information about the featured products by visiting the StyleShop: in the Specialty Shops category. Design & Art Direction: Dave Shannon Design Merchandising: Antonietta Palladino

Give the IDEA tree a shake. Our clients are constantly asking us for ideas. In hopes of keeping up with demand we decided to plant a tree. Not just an ordinary tree but an extraordinary tree, an IDEA tree. We watered, fed and nurtured the tree and lo and behold it has produced many beautiful and fresh IDEAs of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes we'll get lucky and one will fall off and hit us on the head, even when we're not looking for one; sometimes we'll need to climb high up into the tree and get way out on a limb and reach hard for an idea; and oftentimes we have to walk around the tree holding a bushel and catch what falls to see if we can make anything out of it. Our IDEA tree is strong and healthy and continues to produce wonderful results for our clients. So go ahead… give the IDEA tree a shake.

IDEA – identify, develop, execute and assess. ®

The Art of Gifting C u s t o m i z e d

B u s i n e s s

G i f t

S e r v i c e s

Gourmet Getaway WS2121 Est. Price: $18.95

What started as our holiday gift collection in 2003 has evolved into a comprehensive program for recognizing and appreciating employees and customers year round. When the time comes to thank the people you count on every day, count on us. Our business gifts and services are chock-full of choices for every business milestone like promotions, anniversaries, exceptional performances, and retirement or occasions from new

• gifts are a subtle, soft-sell form of promotion • gifts have a repeat effect and act as a constant reminder of you and your business

babies and birthdays to the holidays. No matter what

• gifts are personal in nature and say you care

your reason for giving, we merchandise fresh items to

• gifts create a positive experience between giver and receiver

please those with the most discriminating taste.

3 | fresh book

T he B ene f its o f B usiness G i f ts :

ISSUE 1 2009

Swiss Card WS2123 Est. Price: $24.00

The Art of Gifting

Pin-Striped Laptop Sleeve WS2120 Est. Price: $12.95

under $ 2 5 AutoCross Journal WS2125 Est. Price: $23.85

NeoSkin Journal WS2124 Est. Price: $8.35

Plantation Grown Wooden Frame WS2122 Est. Price: $20.00

MoMa Perpetual Calendar WS2118 Est. Price: $5.75

Compact Travel Clock WS2119 Est. Price: $14.80 Jelly Belly Flavorful Burst WS2117 Est. Price: $7.40 ISSUE 1 2009

fresh book | 4

Four Piece Wine Set WS2133 Est. Price: $29.50

Bamboo Cheeseboard Set WS2130 Est. Price: $29.50

The Art of Gifting

Carrie & Tuck Stationery Set WS2129 Est. Price: $31.00

under $ 5 0

CALL US to get started! 877-793-7838

The Delightful Tower WS2132 Est. Price: $39.00

Women’s Columbia Fleece Jacket WS845 Est. Price: $37.75

Desktop Photo Cup WS2134 Est. Price: $42.50

see more colors. find more choices. www­­­­

5 | fresh book

ISSUE 1 2009

OGIO Rage Duffle WS2110 Est. Price: $31.50

Tumi Universal Travel Adaptor WS2135 Est. Price: $46.25 Cross Contour Pen WS2126 Est. Price: $22.00

B usiness G i f t F a c ts

G i f t P r o g r a m T ip

According to a recent survey conducted by PPAI:

Tie your business gift program in with promotional or advertising themes to increase synergy and multiply the frequency of your message.

40% of gift purchases are under $25 38% of gift purchases are $26 to $50 22% of gift purchases are over $50

Charging Station WS2131 Est. Price: $29.00

Men’s Columbia Fleece Jacket WS2062 Est. Price: $37.75

Aluminum Wallet WS2128 Est. Price: $35.50

Velura Fleece Travel Set WS2136 Est. Price: $31.00

Digital Picture Frame WS2127 Est. Price: $27.75

ISSUE 1 2009

fresh book | 6

Dolce Vita Gift Set WS2137 Est. Price: $75.50

Swiss Army 6-Piece Steak Knife Set WS2138 Est. Price: $50.00

The Art of Gifting

Philips In-Ear Headphones WS2144 Est. Price: $99.00

over $ 5 0

Men’s Cutter & Buck Half Zip Sweater WS2140 Est. Price: $60.00

Cross ’09 Personal Agenda WS2145 Est. Price: $69.00

Women’s Cutter & Buck Cardigan WS2141 Est. Price: $60.00

Cosmopolitan Gourmet Basket WS2139 Est. Price: $56.00 Swiss Army Messenger Bag WS2142 Est. Price: $106.65 7 | fresh book

ISSUE 1 2009

Executive Clock WS2143 Est. Price: $58.25

Personalized signature engraving is available on select Cross pen styles

Merchandise Center

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Item Detail

Reduce Costs. Improve Efficiency. If managing your on-site supply closet has taken on a life of its own and you find yourself searching, counting, shipping, and tracking merchandise and collateral shipments it’s probably time to consider outsourcing and setting up shop online. SwervePoint provides total order management solutions for businesses interested in streamlining their merchandise procurement and distribution processes. Our on-demand solutions provide the following benefits: • Fast time to results • Flexible options for growth • Service expertise • Better merchandise • Volume pricing

ShopKeeper ShopKeeper is available in two scalable offerings: SupplyCloset – perfect for small to medium sized programs

CompanyStore – perfect for large volume programs

• Simple user interface design

• Builds on the functionality of our SupplyCloset

• Integrated survey tool

• Extensive customization capabilities

• Electronic gift certificates

• E-Procurement integration

• Program marketing launch

• Super user training

• Real-time inventory visibility

• Dedicated account management

• Reporting

• Call center & Live support • Dashboard reporting

If you like the fresh style of SwervePoint, you’ll enjoy the simple and flexible on-line applications of ShopKeeper. Zoom

Live Support

Visit for more information.

BOSE iPod Sound Dock WS2152 Est. Price: $299.99

Women’s Swiss Army Laptop Brief WS2151 Est. Price: $180.00

Partnership Award WS2163 Est. Price: $325.00

Rainbow Cylinder Award WS2161 Est. Price: $59.00 Swiss Army Companion Watch WS2149 Est. Price: $134.50 11 | fresh book

ISSUE 1 2009

Tear Drop Award WS2157 Est. Price: $15.75

Eco-Friendly Glass Award WS2158 Est. Price: $10.50

Crystal Paperweight WS2159 Est. Price: $31.50

A Job Well Done Creating a culture of appreciation with effective recognition addresses people’s need to fuel their Psychic Income – social acceptance, increased self-esteem and self realization – that can never be met through compensation. This encourages people to assume greater responsibility in their role in achieving business goals. Employee recognition programs are communication tools that reinforce and reward the most important outcomes people create for your business. If you want the recognition you offer to be viewed as motivating and rewarding by your employees, start by “wowing” them with products that perform as well as they do. To find out more about effective Employee Recognition Programs, contact your SwervePoint account team or visit

R e i n f o r c e ,

R e c o g n i z e ,

Cross Savage Collection WS2147 Est. Price: $62.00

R e w a r d ,

R e p e a t . ISSUE 1 2009

fresh book | 12

see more colors. find more choices. www足足足足

Cross Leather Padfolio WS2148 Est. Price: $110.00

Achievement Award WS2162 Est. Price: $115.00

Tumi Messenger Brief WS2154 Est. Price: $460.00

Authentic Ball Park Pen WS2152 Est. Price: $225.00

Granite Deco Plaque WS2160 Est. Price: $49.00

Frank Lloyd Wright, Echo WS2164 Est. Price: $315.00

Humidor Gift Set WS2150 Est. Price: $150.00

13 | fresh book

ISSUE 1 2009

Bulova Executive Clock WS2156 Est. Price: $154.00

They say timing is everything… …and Victorinox Swiss Army’s new Peak II timepiece is the proof. Classically attractive yet refreshingly simple, this timepiece beautifully represents a dedication to ingenuity, precision, and quality. From its clean, sleek dial to its sturdy satin and polished stainless steel case, the Peak II is the perfect companion whether you’re on the go, on the green, or virtually anywhere life takes you. Available in large or small sizes with the option to imprint the dial and/or engrave the caseback, this special timepiece is exclusive to our corporate buyers.

ClubStyle The Ultimate Merchandise Destination for Incentive

First: Start with a Great Save-the-Date. The experience begins with the very first communication. Make it as memorable as the event itself.

15 | fresh book

ISSUE 1 2009

Trip Planners.

Next: Get a Great Bag. Choose fashion and function. A great bag is more than just a vessel for your belongings; it’s a statement of style and success.

Arrive, Connect, Meet, Play, Relax.

ClubStyle is the place for authentic, inspiring, and extraordinary gifts, amenities and awards. By taking you on a journey of style, color, theme, and brand we create thoughtful and artful merchandise collections exclusively for your incentive program.

A ClubStyle Primer: In the grand scheme of preparing for your annual incentive club, coordinating the selection, kitting, and delivery of your gifts, amenities and awards probably falls somewhere on the scale between “been there and done that” and “oh geez, I’ve got to get that stuff ordered.” Before we jump in, please allow us to introduce you to a new scale called Surprise & Delight. Our mission is to bring design and affordable luxury to the merchandise experience while helping you surprise and delight those

Our merchandise themes cover a

that strive for peak performance (and can have pretty much whatever they

broad range of interests, activities

want). Year after year, our job is to help you raise the bar. Take a look at

and products. Come explore

our ClubStyle Primer to get you in the merchandising mood.

product paradise with us.

Then: Add Accessories for Activities. Now that you’ve got your bag picked out, add some essential accessories that fit with your activity itinerary.

And: Reward with Extraordinary Awards. It’s why we’re here in the first place, so let’s reward extraordinary performances with extraordinary awards.

Finally: Send’em Home in Style. Put them on the plane in first class style. Elegant and comfortable apparel fit for a winner.

see more colors. find more choices. www足足足足

Destination Candles WS2173 Est. Price: $14.00

ClubStyle: Save The Date.

The Ultimate Guide WS2171 Est. Price: $8.95

Passport Jacket WS2170 Est. Price: $24.50

Built NY Camera Hoodie WS2172 Est. Price: $13.50

Photo Envelope WS2169 Est. Price: $10.00 Invitation WS2165 Est. Price: $10.00

Luggage Tag WS2167 Est. Price: $2.35

17 | fresh book

ISSUE 1 2009

Travel Set WS2166 Est. Price: $23.00

Magnetic Mailable Frame WS2168 Est. Price: $5.50

Flower Tote WS2174 Est. Price: $25.00

ClubStyle: All About The Bag.

Harbor Tote WS2176 Est. Price: $70.00

Tahitian Tote WS2175 Est. Price: $7.50

Neoprene Duffle WS2178 Est. Price: $62.00

Nantucket Weekender Duffle WS2177 Est. Price: $109.00

OGIO Freezer Pack WS2179 Est. Price: $25.95

Jelly Tote WS2097 Est. Price: $12.75

Weekender Duffle WS2180 Est. Price: $150.95

ISSUE 1 2009

fresh book | 18

Anthony Logistics Sun Kit WS2185 Est. Price: $27.95

Bushnell Binoculars WS2187 Est. Price: $30.00

ClubStyle: Accessories.

Waterproof Essentials Bag WS2186 Est. Price: $11.50

Stainless Steel Bolt WS2181 Est. Price: $7.99

Reversible Beach Towel WS2183 Est. Price: $32.50

Swiss Army Golf Kit WS2184 Est. Price: $53.00 Go Fly a Kite WS2182 Est. Price: $3.50

19 | fresh book

ISSUE 1 2009

ClubStyle: Reward.

Hand Painted Martini Glasses WS2188 Est. Price: $40.00

CALL US to get started! 877-793-7838

Ceramic Tray WS2189 Est. Price: $40.00

Shadow Box Frame WS2190 Est. Price: $43.95 Tea For Two WS2191 Est. Price: $60.00

Flip Video Camcorder WS2195 Est. Price: $150.00

TomTom One 130.S WS2194 Est. Price: $199.99 Stationery Box Set WS2192 Est. Price: $35.00 ISSUE 1 2009

fresh book | 20

CALL US to get started! 877-793-7838

see more colors. find more choices. www­­­­

ClubStyle: Apparel.

Bamboo Belt WS2197 Est. Price: $20.00

Women’s Ashworth Pima Sweatshirt WS2201 Est. Price: $58.00

Ray-Ban Polarized Sunglasses WS2193 Est. Price: $119.00

Bamboo Bangle WS2198 Est. Price: $7.50

Women’s Callaway Textured Polo WS2202 Est. Price: $44.00

21 | fresh book

ISSUE 1 2009

Cutter & Buck Women’s Lorenzo Short WS2200 Est. Price: $70.00

Bamboo Flair Shoe WS2199 Est. Price: $25.95

E V E R Y M O N T H . T W E L V E O F T H E B E S T. L I F E S T Y L E M E E T S W O R K S T Y L E . Sign up to receive The Sturdy Dozen each month at

WorkStyle Men’s C&B Mesa Jacket WS2233 Est. Price: $65.00

Men’s Soft Shell Technical Jacket WS2229 Est. Price: $64.00

Apparel Solutions

Our merchandising philosophy is built upon offering innovative, functional, and durable products at excellent prices, and nowhere is that more evident than in this issue’s grouping of outerwear. With great retail brands like Marmot and Cutter & Buck to a dependable industry brand like North End Sport, we’ve got the range of styles and price points to make apparel work for any project. We select outerwear for its form and function. Our jackets and vests don’t restrict, ride up or get in your way. They’re designed for movement and your wearing enjoyment year round. Our apparel can be enhanced with a number of different decoration techniques such as embroidery, custom hang tags, zipper pulls, and custom tissue and gift boxes.

23 | fresh book

ISSUE 1 2009

Men’s Marmot Down Jacket WS2224 Est. Price: $126.75

Outerwear Women’s C&B Mesa Jacket WS2232 Est. Price: $65.00

Women’s Soft Shell Technical Jacket WS2228 Est. Price: $64.00

Women’s Marmot Down Jacket WS2223 Est. Price: $126.75

If you haven’t already tried out our apparel solutions, please contact Customer Service at 1-877-793-7838. Go ahead and ask for your FREE embroidery digitizing up to 10,000 stitches, a savings of $95.00 off of our competitors’ pricing.

Women’s Trench Coat WS2227 Est. Price: $45.00

ISSUE 1 2009

fresh book | 24

CALL US to get started! 877-793-7838 see more colors. find more choices. www­­­­

Women’s Marmot Soft Shell Jacket WS2231 Est. Price: $95.98

Women’s Marmot Half Zip Fleece WS2226 Est. Price: $53.75

Women’s Micro-Fleece Vest WS2236 Est. Price: $25.95

Women’s Recycled Full Zip Fleece Jacket WS2235 Est. Price: $32.75

Men’s Recycled Full Zip Fleece Jacket WS2234 Est. Price: $32.75

Men’s Micro-Fleece Vest WS2237 Est. Price: $25.95 25 | fresh book

ISSUE 1 2009

Men’s Marmot Half Zip Fleece WS2225 Est. Price: $53.75

Men’s Marmot Soft Shell Jacket WS2230 Est. Price: $95.98

Photo Sean Swarner Collection

On June 18, 2007, two-time cancer survivor and mountaineer Sean Swarner reached the summit of 20,320 foot Denali, North America’s highest peak, completing his five-year goal of climbing the Seven Summits. Sean’s ascent represents an apex in his climbing career, but moreover the event celebrates hope, perseverance and life itself– inspiring us to move beyond what seems impossible.

P E O P L E / P R O D U C T / P L A N E T™

From our extraordinary partners – to the high performance clothing and equipment we design – to the measured steps we’re taking toward global sustainability, this is Marmot for Life ®.

M A R M O T. C O M

At SwervePoint, we believe Green Meetings are about increasing economic and environmental efficiency by minimizing the use of resources and reducing the amount of waste produced from meeting activities. Our merchandise helps clients directly demonstrate their commitment to corporate responsibility, enhance their reputation, and present positive opportunities for marketing and public relations. SwervePoint has invested in products and services such as local supply chain programs and freight optimization to help you get the most out of your Green Meetings. Let us put our experience to work for you.

Merchandise IDEAs: • Use reusable water bottles instead of giving away bottled water • Encourage the use of USB’s for all printed materials • Use environmentally responsible conference bags • Use earth friendly products made of corn or bamboo and printed with soy based inks • Save money and carbon emissions by ordering early

Jute Tote WS2051 Est. Price: $4.15

Recycled Dye Sublimated Lanyard WS2212 Est. Price: $2.00

27 | fresh book

ISSUE 1 2009

Organic Sport Shirt Women’s WS2222 Est. Price: $23.75 Men’s WS2221 Est. Price: $23.75

Recycled Ballpoint Pen WS2209 Est. Price: $.78

Recycled Leather Card Case WS2215 Est. Price: $3.50

Biodegradable Sports Bottle WS2217 Est. Price: $5.60

See-Thru Solar Powered Calculator WS2214 Est. Price: $2.75

see more colors. find more choices. www足足足足

Bamboo USB Drive WS1715 Est. Price: Call for quote

Eco Jotter WS2204 Est. Price: $1.80

Recycled Badge Holder WS2213 Est. Price: $2.70

Eco-Friendly Journal & Pen Combo WS2203 Est. Price: $8.50

Organic Messenger Bag WS2220 Est. Price: $7.50 Organic Cotton Lanyard WS2211 Est. Price: $1.55

ISSUE 1 2009

fresh book | 28

Corn Mug WS2218 Est. Price: $3.50 RuMe Shopping Tote WS2106 Est. Price: $8.50

Recycled Scratch Pad WS2205 Est. Price: $1.25

Recycled Presentation Folder WS2208 Est. Price: $6.85

Eco-Conscious Jr. Padfolio WS2206 Est. Price: $9.25 Tradewinds Eco-Pen WS2210 Est. Price: $.50

29 | fresh book

ISSUE 1 2009

CALL US to get started! 877-793-7838

Personal Recycling Guide WS2207 Est. Price: $6.15

always a fresh selection!

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S W E R V E P O I N T :

* If you find the same product, quoted at a lower price from one of our competitors, We love a good bargain just as much as the next guy. We want to make sure that all of our customers are getting the very

we’ll gladly beat their price by 10% of the difference.

best value for their dollar. That’s why we created the Best Price Guarantee. Visit

We’re pleased to announce that SwervePoint has been ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the 50 Fastest-Growing WomenLed Businesses in the U.S.

SwervePoint is committed to supporting the needs of our corporate clients that rely on the WBENC certification as an integral part of their supplier diversity programs.

Relationship Merchandising: Tangible media to create and cultivate customer relationships. Sales Supply Programs: Integrating commodities, improving efficiency. P LU S M O R E !

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