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THOMPSON PUBLIC SCHOOLS 1:1 Chromebook presentation

Heather Burns Technology Director

How will the Chromebooks be used in school? ■ We are now able to Provide students with tools to gain access to information, data, and research on demand. No more waiting to share computer labs. ■ Students and teachers will learn to use Google Classroom to collaborate and hand in homework assignments digitally to cut back on paper. ■ Students will experience school as engaging and take ownership of their learning.

Guidelines for student use ■ Bring Chromebook fully charged to school each day ■ Leave charger at home so it will not get misplaced ■ Keep Chromebook in protective bag while moving from one class to another to prevent dropping or damage ■ Charging stations are available

■ Only login with school Gmail account ■ Do not carry by the screen ■ Do not place pens or pencils on the Chromebook

■ Do not peel off any labels or deface the Chromebook or bag with any stickers, paint, markers, or other things ■ If lost or stolen notify administration immediately

Technical Help â– If you require technical help with your Chromebook please notify your teacher â– There will be extra Chromebooks in the media center if you need to borrow one in the even yours is not working. You may take the loaner home until yours is fixed.

Examples of repair costs ■ Sticker removal $10

■ Missing key $7 per key

■ New charger $28

■ Keyboard $50

■ Battery $60

■ Full Chromebook replacement $215

■ Screen replacement $40

■ Protective bag $11

**The school may hold the student responsible for damage depending on the situation and number of occurrences.

Student Safety ■ Thompson Public Schools uses cloud based web filtering on the Chromebooks – This will ensure the student’s internet access will be filtered at all times, even at home – Middle School students can only send and receive emails to and from other Thompson students and teachers, all other domains are blocked for security reasons – If students are acting inappropriately online, an email will be sent to administration – All emails, Google Docs, and search history is monitored through our software

Digital Citizenship ■ Students will be taking an online course during school hours that will cover: – Information literacy – Privacy and security – Self-image and identity – Creative credit and copyright – Cyberbullying – Internet safety – Relationship and communication – Digital footprint and reputation

Next Steps ■ Proceed to the High School Gymnasium – Receive your Chromebook Device Handbook agreement, sign the first page and leave with us, sign the last page, that is your copy – Receive your Chromebook, bag, and charger (chargers are in the bag) – Please turn on your Chromebook and login with your school Gmail account to ensure it is working before you leave ■

If you don’t know your login information we have that on hand

Login information if you are a new student or have not logged into your account yet: ■ Username: First initial + last name + graduation year + ■ Password: thompson + lunch pin # ■ EX: username: – Password: thompson5555 This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA