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STUDIO RULES AND PROTOCOLS Victoria University Photography Facilities 1.

Authorised access only. Do not swipe in anyone who cannot access the room. This includes classmates, friends and family. If you are photographing a model, get permission from your tutor.


Do not use any equipment you’re not familiar with. ASK!


Turn off lights, including the light table when leaving the room.


Put all gear back where it belongs.


If it’s dirty, clean it.


Absolutely no food or water in the studio.


Check the equipment first thing. If anything appears to be broken, put in the corner and tell your tutor.


Use only as much of the backdrop as needed for the shot.


Remove your shoes when on the backdrop.

10. Do not switch light heads and stands around or remove softboxes. 11. Do not try to aim lamp heads by simply twisting the head itself. Loosen the stand adapter or swivel setscrew, adjust, then retighten. 12. After using studio lights, switch them off, unplug them and put them away. 13. Turn heads off before plugging in/unplugging and also allow them to cool before unplugging and moving. 14. Lights get very hot. Do not put colour gels, fabric or anything else close to them. 15. Unplug cord from heads only by grabbing the connector housing and not by pulling on the cord. 16. Properly coil power cords and hang them on stands. Do not ever use anything other than a coil and do not kink any power cord. Every time you swipe your card, you create an electronic trace. It’s not hard to find out who broke something or made a mess.

Week5 - Photo Studio Rules and Protocols  

You must follow these in order to have access to the studio

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