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DSDN144 Digital Photographics Selective Adjustment Layers

If you are creating an image from several layers, it is likely that you will need to match colours of the layers to make the montage realistic. But how do you adjust just one layer without affecting all the layers below it? When the two photos below are merged together the cool tones of the cow’s ears look very different to Cash’s redness

When the top layer (cow) has a colour balance layer adjustment layer applied to it to make it look more red, the background layer (Cash) is also affected and becomes redder.

In order to selectively apply the adjustment layer to a specific image layer, the adjustment layer needs to be clipped to that image layer. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Hold the cursor between the image layer and the adjustment layer above it Press “Alt”, and an arrow with circles will appear Click, and the adjustment layer will get clipped to the image layer Do the same to unclip the adjustment layer

The difference in colour is apparent.

Clipping Adjustment Layers  

To reiterate inclass demo

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