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DSDN144 Digital Photographics I


Seeing Photographically

You will be working in groups of 4-6 people, so share cameras and ideas. For this exercise you will set your camera to automatic exposure and the smallest image size. Experiment with close up and distant shots and take a photograph for each of the following: 1.

that is based on pattern


that is based on shape


that is based on form


that is based on line


that is based on contrasting colour


that is based on tones of similar colour


that has mainly pale tones

8. that has mainly dark tones 9. using a high angle (bird’s eye view) 10. using a low angle (worm’s eye view) 11. using a horizontal (landscape) format 12. using a vertical (portrait) format 13. an extreme close-up 14. a portrait where the subject is front lit 15. a portrait where the subject is back lit 16. a portrait where the subject is in the shade N.B. Please ensure that you place all your proofsheets and test prints from this exercise in your workbook. Homework exercise for next week: In your workbook, paste a copy of a photograph taken from the media, a website or a book, that particularly appeals to you. Note down below the photograph what it is you like about it, keeping in mind the formal qualities that you explored in the above exercise.

Week1 - Seeing Photographically  

Group exercise task sheet

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