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WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO PSL North America is the premier large diameter, high pressure steel pipe manufacturer in North America. Beginning operations in January 2009, PSLNA was the first facility in utilizing the Helical Two-Step, Submerged Arc Welding (HTS-SAW) manufacturing process. Located near Bay St. Louis, Mississippi on 156 acres, our facility is strategically positioned with a network of reliable and efficient transportation options of: • Rail access to all major railroads. • Barge capability to ship on navigable waterway • Trucking options close to I-10

Core Values • Safety • Integrity • Respect • Communications • Pride • Accountability • Customer Experience

Our success is based on the principle of providing superior products while at the same time never loosing site of the needs of our customers. Our core values are the principal driving force behind this philosophy. These core values reflect what is truly important to our organization. These values do not change from time to time, situation to situation or person to person, but rather they are the core of our company culture. Each and every one of our employees is committed to enhancing customer satisfaction through ensuring continuous improvement of our products, processes and services. Combining these core values and our customer focus with the latest state-of-the-art technology in our manufacturing and coating processes and our commitment to industry standards has earned PSLNA the reputation as one of the largest and most technologically advanced pipe manufacturers in the world.

PSL North America is certified to ISO 9001 and API Q1 Quality Systems and is fully certified to apply the API Monogram to our pipe. Our product meets or exceeds ASTM pipe application standards. We take great pride in producing the very best quality pipe, from the best steel at the best price in today’s market. To achieve these important goals we dedicate ourselves to our customers, to understanding their needs, and working as partners throughout the entire process

INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT AND QUALITY ASSURANCE GUARANTEED Our commitment is to our customers. We will partner with you to identify and meet all of your needs for high integrity pipe. Complete safety while achieving the highest manufacturing and product standards is the only way for us, now and Each length of pipe is uniquely for the future. It is this commitment that propels us to identified providing us with the continuously strive to improve customer satisfaction by ability to trace the pipe back to the meeting or exceeding all requirements and expectations beginning allowing us to call up: while maintaining product integrity in concert with • The heat of steel from which cost-effectiveness the pipe originated

• The coil number from that heat and the pipe’s sequence within that coil • Test results • Customer purchase order • Specific dimensions • Grade

A variety of measures are taken to ensure the finished pipe meets the required specifications. All of our procedures and processes are planned, carried out and documented according to a binding set of standards. Stringent quality control checks begin with the procurement of raw material and continue through each stage of manufacturing to a finished product ready for shipment. This start to finish monitoring reflects our focus on product reliability and guarantees our customers that each individual pipe is compliant with their requirements and meets the applicable specifications.

Our total dedication and guarantee is yours. We will be a trustworthy partner and provide you with unparalleled value and cost savings.

MANUFACTURING OUR PIPE The (HTS-SAW) process offers qualitative and economical advantages. Exact geometrical tolerances are achieved by concentrating on the pipe geometry within the pipe forming machine. As a result, the process automated technique for carrying out the submerged arc welding of the pipe is used with consistently high quality without being influenced by pipe forming. Due to quality and cost improvements, the preference of the 2 step spiral welded pipe over the conventional longitudinal welded pipe is showing an upward trend not only in the domestic market but also in the world market where the curve is steeper. Our dedication to product quality starts before the steel arrives at the mill. We work with you and our alliance partners to ensure the product meets all of your technical and metallurgical requirements. Once the coils are received and verified, coil edges are milled to create an exacting, higher-quality welding surface. The spiral machine sets the required pipe diameter, forms the steel to exact specifications and tack welds the edges together. In a separate final welding process, interior and exterior welds are completed simultaneously, then the complete weld on all pipes is inspected with rigorous integrity testing processes through the hydro test, the automatic ultrasonic and finally radiography testing. Continuous high quality manufacturing right through to the point of application is at the heart of the PSL pipe manufacturing process. Our facility is fully equipped with the latest state of the art measuring and testing equipment. Checks are performed throughout the process by certified inspectors to verify the pipe conforms to all specifications. Each heat is subjected to an analysis of its chemical composition and mechanical properties to ensure it is keeping with the required tolerances. We test and check at frequencies exceeding those required by API to ensure no question relevant to quality is left open. Once all of our production and inspection steps are complete, Material Tests Reports are issued as our “Quality Guarantee� the product meets or exceeds the standards and customer requirements.

FLEXIBILITY Steel Pipe offers mechanical and physical characteristics that make it one of the most versatile products available. It is this versatility that allows structures and designs to be realized in a straightforward and economic manner.

Our mill setup offers the highest quality with varying degrees of flexibility that affords a wide range of pipe diameters and wall thicknesses to be produced in specific lengths up to 80 feet providing the opportunity for fewer field welding requirements than the traditional 40 foot lengths and the possibility for cost reductions as a result.

• Pipe Diameters 24” through 100” • Wall Thickness 0.250” through 1.000” • Lengths up to 80 ‘ • Grades API 5L Grade B up to X80 ASTM A252 Grades 1 – 3 ASTM A139 Grades A - E ASTM A1018 Grades 45 up to 80 AWWA C-200 • Major Pipeline Projects • Special Short Mill Runs • Pipe-yard capacity and on-site inventory storage • Alliance options for specific grade and dimension requirements. • Promise to evaluate all possibilities and much more

This flexibility allows us to offer spiral weld products for major API high strength pipelines, proprietary specifications and capabilities and to many structural applications at the most economical cost. We are able to do the unusual and somewhat unexpected.

COATING OPTIONS AND PROCESSES Coating is precision work. The coating professionals at PSL bring with them extensive knowledge and experience. Everything we do is geared toward our customers’ requirements. We employ stringent work practices to ensure our coated pipe meets the requirements the first time. Our pipe coating plant is located adjacent to our pipe mill. This co-location provides not only convenience for our customers but cost savings as well. After our customer has accepted the prime pipe, it is moved from our pipe mill to our coating plant on a set of V rollers for external and/or internal coating. The types of coatings that we can apply at our mill include Fusion Bond Epoxy and Abrasion Resistant Overlay coating (ARO) on the outside and High Solids liquid epoxy flow liner and corrosion protection ID lining for the inside.

Like our pipe manufacturing, our coating processes meet or exceed regulatory and industry standards and customer specifications and requirements. Coatings add significant value to the customer in the manufacture of their pipe.

As your product moves through the manufacture, coating and shipping processes, PSL North America has a very unique crane-way system that runs the full length of our facility. This crane way is equipped with vacuum lifts to pick up pipe sections allowing for damage free movement. From beginning to end, we are committed to providing our customers with our exceptional quality guarantee.


The pipe doesn’t stop once it’s coated. Storage and Logistics are part of our service. Pipe are stacked, stored and shipped according to a set of strict regulations. Our facility is strategically positioned with a network of transportation options at its disposal. We find the best form of transportation to deliver your product safely and efficiently.

Our location at Port Bienville industrial Park, in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi offers rail access and trucking options as well as barge capability to ship on navigable waterways.

STRATEGY FOR THE FUTURE Our Mission is to deliver the right pipe solution, at the right time, at the right cost to address

your needs.

Our Value Promise is a great customer experience throughout the relationship. We are here to be your partner. It is our job to not only meet your expectations in every way but to exceed them. In doing so, we are also committed to meeting our own expectations, and exceeding them as well – for the benefit of you, our customer. We know that we need to be competitive; we need to be better than anyone else in our industry to get the repeat business we need to survive and grow. Safety and product quality are at the forefront of every action taken and every decision made. Safety is paramount, not only for the pipe we manufacture but also for our employees. We are structuring alliance programs designed to assist and partner with our suppliers and customers in ways that allows us to implement flexibility and responsiveness to our customers’ needs. These alliances are going to allow us to better serve you, our customers. We will work with you and plan for special runs to meet your operational needs in advance. In addition to major pipeline quantities, we will reserve capacity to also produce small quantities of non-typical pipe at mill run prices, store your pipe until it is needed, and ship the pipe to you at pass through costs, not cost plus. You have our total dedication to meet your needs, all your needs. The essence of Excellence is a perfect blend of focus between Processes, Technologies, Resources, and Customer commitment and the understanding that none of those elements can be improved by themselves. Each needs to be balanced and improved in a blend with the others. Our behavior as a company, and, as individuals within it, reflect the highest standards of integrity. We demonstrate open, honest and ethical conduct towards our customers and our staff. Our services are of the highest quality, we deliver what we promise. It is our unwavering commitment to our customer and our willingness to be judged by the highest industry standards that sets PSL North America apart from the rest. Purchasing pipe is a huge investment; we guarantee your satisfaction and are with you every step of the way; Today, tomorrow, and for the future. CONTACT US See our web site at for additional information. We would be pleased to have you visit our plant to experience the full scope of what PSL North America can do for you. Corporate Office 13092 Sea Plane Rd Bay St. Louis, MS 39520 Phone: 228.533.7779 Fax: 228.533.0213

Sales Office 2625 Bay Area Blvd. Suite 520 Houston, TX 77058 Phone: 281.204.6000 Fax: 281.204.6001



YOUR PARTNER FOR SUCCESS TODAY AND FOR THE FUTURE •Customer Experience •Accountability •Respect •Integrity •Safety •Pride Combining these co...