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August 2009 Fall Newsletter

SHARK TALK Editor- Cathy Rosenberg

Debbie Ellman- PTSA President WE WANT YOU! What’s the difference between a good school and a great school? At Spanish River, we strive to be a great school. A strong, hands on administration is a critical part. A dedicated faculty that enjoys teaching is extremely important. Students who are motivated to learn and achieve is key. And last but not least, is a parent population that is involved in school. The support from parents ranges from financial help, to volunteering their time, to attending meetings or events, to partnering through their businesses. Becoming a member of PTSA is a great way to start. The more members we have, the stronger our voice is. The more financial support we have, the more items we can purchase for the school that directly impacts the students. The more volunteers we have, the more efficiently the school runs. The more Business Partners we have, the more innovative means we have to improve the school. So, it’s the parents that make a difference. It’s you that we need! Welcome!!

Welcome to “River”. Letter from Dr. Atherley- your principal

Shark Bites- Juicy Tidbits of Info *You can wish your shark a happy birthday on the marquee out front on Yamato Road. What a better way to celebrate your child’s birthday than to put it on our marquee- for just a $100 tax-deductible donation, or just $80 with 30 day notice. *Purell stations have been installed by PTSA all over campus. You can Adopt-a-Purell station for $100 and support the program. *Get Smart with our tutor and college consultant directory on the SRHS PTSA website *The SHARK SHOP sells lunch! If it’s speed that you need, grab lunch at the Shark Shop. Students can purchase pizza, chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, chocolate chip cookies and water. Volunteer moms will serve you with a smile. While you’re there, check out the fall fashions for spirit wear at Spanish River. Buy your RAH (Rowdy as Heck) tee shirt and receive a discount to school sporting events or stock up on the latest trends in school sportswear.


It is such a pleasure to welcome you to Spanish River High School. Spanish River is an “A’ rated school. We take great pride in our academics, athletics and arts. It is because of the fantastic teachers, the supportive parents and the wonderful community that we continue to be the # 1 comprehensive high school in Palm Beach County. We had a great opening of school this year with more than 2200 students joining us the first week of school. We continue to work hard to keep our school clean and safe while providing an outstanding education for all students. Our Open House is scheduled for September 15th at 6:00 pm. We look forward to seeing you at that time. Fondly, Dr. Susan Atherley

CHECK your mail in OCTOBER for our AUCTION invitation. You may very SURPRISED when you read it! Shark bites- juicy tidbits of info

Highlights: Speak Shark Geography 101 College Conversation Business Partners Faces behind the Desks Take a Chance

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Geography 101Find your way around campus! Student Services- aka Suite A Dropping something off, late to school, early pickup. This is always your first stop. Shark ShopGet your Shark clothing, spirit tees, sweats and school supplies here. Main OfficeForms, appointments with Dr. Atherley, data processing, GuidanceMeet with counselors Little SharksPre-school and kindergarten program on campus Credit Union Complete full service credit union available for all students. Branch is in cafeteria. Media Center- aka library is the first room on your left if coming in through main entrance. Police Office- Officer Santana’s office is in the main office. Nurse’s OfficeThis is located behind main office and student services.



Learn to Speak SHARK – SRHS Vocab 101

Upcoming DatesMark your Calendar!

Blue PassWhen a student needs to leave school early, a parent calls student services for a blue pass. Your student can pick up the pass in Student Services (Suite A). RAH T-shirts Can be purchased in Shark Shop. Wearer receives discount to sporting events. RAH stands for Rowdy as HECK! Tiburon Spanish River yearbook. Channel 1 News station in classrooms providing national news daily to students. Galleon SRHS student run newspaper. LTM-Learning Team Meetingsteachers meet to discuss curriculum. Classes begin with a late start at 10:30a.m. Each class is abbreviated and there is NO lunch served. Brunch is sold before school & dismissal is at 2:40 as usual. PTSA website meet to discuss

September 15 Parents Back to school night 6:00 September 16 Club Rush during lunch- students sign up for clubs. September 17 SPIRIT DAY-pizza lunch, music Park Vista Home Football Game September 8,9,10,11,14, 15,16 PSAT tix on sale for Juniors October 2 First Pep Rally October 22 Blood Drive- Set a good exampleParents should come and donate blood. . November 6- 7th HOMECOMING Friday- pep rally & football game v. Boynton Beach Saturday Night- Dance-Bring a date or come with your friends!

GUIDANCE-Smart Sharks Welcome Sharks! Meet your counselors

Please get to know your guidance counselor. Students can make an appointment before school, during lunch, or after school to meet with their counselor. We look forward to getting to know you and working together!

Mrs. Bacher A-F Mrs. Loyacona G-Li + ESE students Mrs. Towers Lo-Sc Mrs. Barry Se-Z Mrs. Rockwell 9th grade

Back Row Left to right Mrs. Loyacona, Mrs. Barry, Mrs. Bacher Front Row Left to right Mrs. Towers, Mrs. Rockwell 2




PETER VAN BUSKIRKGuest Author Presentation

COLLEGE CONVERSATION As a college advisor, I can anticipate a family’s questions based on the student’s grade. Ninth grade families want to know: “Does 9th grade really count in college admissions?” Ironically, seniors ask a similar question: “Does senior year really matter to colleges?” In both cases, the answer is a clear cut, “Yes!” A student’s academic performance and extracurricular involvement matter from day one. And, the final weeks of senior year are also important (just Google “colleges that rescind offers” to learn why). As the school year gets underway, families should sit down and discuss academic and extracurricular objectives for year. Students must have an active role in formulating realistic and meaningful goals. Is an “A” in Algebra 2 reasonable? What must the student commit to weekly to achieve this goal? Can Sarah volunteer 50 hours while playing two sports? Or should she use her winter and spring breaks to fulfill this

On September 8th, Spanish River welcomed Peter Van Buskirk to the Countess de Hoernle theatre for a phenomenal presentation. His book, Winning the College Admission Game is a must read! During the reception, parents and students were able to meet the author and have him sign their books. The 2 hour presentation was conducted as an admission committee meeting. The transcripts and essays of 4 students were discussed and reviewed, with the audience deciding if they would be accepted or not. It was a great way to get students thinking about how they should present themselves in their applications. PTSA was proud to sponsor this event along with our Business Partners: • Schnabel Learning • The Camp Experts • Omni Middle School • Apply Yourself Educational Consulting


requirement? Be thoughtful and plan your child’s THE WALKING JUST LET YOUR FINGERS DO academic year. The outcome will be a meaningful school year, highlighted with • www. unique accomplishments. Focus on his or her strengths, and steer your student to build • index.htm on these successes year after year. • Naomi Steinberg • Apply Yourself Educational Consultants College admissions tip #28: Designate a folder to collect information that captures the highlights of each year. Include report cards, awards, summaries of extracurricular involvement, recommendations, etc. that will form the student’s high school resume. We’re on facebook! Search PTSA and become a fan!

PROJECT GRADUATION Project Graduation is an all night celebration at school following graduation. It was created to provide seniors, or graduates, a way to have fun with their friends in a safe but VERY FUN environment. SRHS is PROUD to host and support Project Graduation. 3



BUSINESS PARTNERS On September 3 we hosted a Welcome/ Networking Breakfast for 35 of our Business Partners. Could your business partner with Spanish River? Of course! A Business Partner is a company that donates goods or services in exchange for marketing and exposure to our families. Our partners at time of print:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • .

Office Depot Gardens Home Management Personalized Experts Printers Choice The Camp Experts Extreme Fitness TooJays Schnabel Learning Grainger Feigenbaum & Feigenbaum State Farm- Ro Rabozzi Apply Yourself Educational Consulting All Green of South Florida The Camp Experts Chick-Fil-A NextLife Gregory’s Fine Jewelery CMSI Subway Barnes and Noble SRS Marketing Consultants Costco East Coast School of Self Defense Jamba Juice Schnabel Learning

Give your school a few hours of your timevolunteer! There is no monetary pay, benefits or pension plans- just unwavering appreciation!



Barbara Sweeney- Main Office Peggy Moranz- Student Svcs (Suite A)

Barbara Sweeney is the face behind the desk in the main office at Spanish River. I would call her a secretary but she's so much more. She makes it happen in that office. She's the face you'll see if you come in to make an appointment, get forms, or sign in as a visitor or volunteer. She is also the voice you will hear if you call school and ask to speak to the operator. Barb has been at Spanish River for three years and you may recognize her from her three years at Don Estridge before that. She is at your service every day by 7 am and will be manning her station until 3 p.m. If there is an answer to a question, she's got it. And here's the NEW answer she wants you to know about. You do not need to call if your student is missing school due to illness, as you were asked to do in year's past. Please send your child back to school, healthy, with a note from you explaining the nature of the absence. We are lucky to have her so let's be sure she knows how much we appreciate all that she does and how well she does it. Peggy Moranz is the face behind the desk in student services. She started out as a volunteer and just couldn't get enough. Within six months, she became part of Spanish River's staff. Peggy is in by 6:45 a.m. and leaves at 3:30 every day. When I asked Peggy what we need to know as parents, this is what sage advice she offered. She wants us to know that if you drop off money, lunch or a book, it will be in student services waiting for your child. It is the student's responsibility to check in at student services aka Suite A for the item. She cannot disrupt a class to deliver items that were forgotten by students. It wouldn't be fair to the teacher or the other students. So please let your student know that in a situation where something is forgotten, the check point is Student Services and he or she needs to come and get what has been dropped off. If you are picking up your student early, you can come in and get your student or you may call Student Services for a blue pass by giving the name of the student you are picking up and the time of pickup. Again, it is the student's responsibility to pick up the blue pass so he or she will have it to show the teacher when leaving at the designated time. Peggy helped me the very first day I was at Spanish River and continues to be my "go-to girl" for my questions and more importantly, her answers. She's been on both sides of the desk and we're grateful to have both her experience, and her can-do attitude. 4




Membership Joining PTSA is a great way to support your school! It also entitles you to receive PTSA Emails- the best way to keep informed as to everything is going on! CHOOSE YOUR LEVEL STUDENT MEMBERSHIP





$10 Gift: Shark Magnet

$25 Gift: Shark Mouse Pad & Shark Magnet

$100 Gift: River Cooler Pack & Shark Mouse Pad & Shark Magnet

$250 Gift: Two Shark Beach Towels & River Cooler Pack & Shark Mouse Pad & Shark Magnet

$500 Gift: Breakfast with Principal and Administration & Two Water Bottles & Two Shark Beach Towels & River Cooler Pack & Shark Mouse Pad & Shark Magnet


Mail in your form with your check or drop it off in the main office. or use a credit card online at Name_______________________________________________________ Email_______________________________________________________ Phone_______________________________________________________ Membership Level_____________________Amount Enclosed______________ Check # __________ Make checks payable to SR PTSA 5100 Yamato Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33496 *This is a tax-deductible donation.

TAKE A CHANCE PTSA has pledged more than $3,000 to underwrite this innovative program, allowing the clubs and teams in our school to sell “chances” to win great prizes, AND keep 100% of the proceeds they raise. It is a great way to support a club or a team, while having a chance to win a fantastic prize! Grand Prize Apple Notebook Computer 1st Prize iPod Touch plus $50 iTunes Gift Card 2nd Prize $150 in Restaurant Gift Certificates Go to our website for more information or to buy tickets, or ask your coach or club sponsor for tickets.

ADVERTISE HERE $50 for a business card ad in our January or May newsletter $75 for a business card ad in BOTH our January and May newsletters NEW

ADVERTISE HERE Reach over 2,200 Spanish River families and 125 faculty members. The newsletter is also mailed to every one of our Business Partners.



Want to put an advertisement in our next newsletter? Just $50 for a business card ad or $75 for 2 editions. Email for more information.


Sunday December 5th 10am-12pm 2nd annual BOOT CAMP Work off all that turkey and stuffing from Thanksgiving. Sponsored by Extreme Fitness. ♌ Want to help with Shark Talk? Contact Cathy Rosenberg m


River PTSA Shark Talk Newsletter, Fall 2009  

Spanish River High School PTSA's Fall 2009 Newsletter

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