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G.R.A.C.E. The Foundational Values of DSBC

Lifesaver Director Lyndsey Huff tells how M.O.P.S. serves as a “lifesaver” for young moms

PHILLING IN Interim Youth Director Phil Erickson tells us about himself

Also featuring: two stories from Celebrate Recovery, Count The Cost Review, Insider’s Review of SonRock,Around the World Missionary Update, Managing Money God’s Way Works & Fall Youth Update, Splash Camp Through a Kids Eyes and Miracles in the lives of teen moms

Moms Morning Out Mothers of children 18 months - 5 years old are invited to "take the morning off." We’ll watch the kids while you take time to be refreshed. Available 9am to noon on select dates. For more info, contact the church office at 602.996.9000. Cost is $5 per child.

Get ready for the upcoming season at our Holiday Prep Night. This evening will features a potluck dinner, a service project benefiting PV YoungLives and a lesson on making fabulous bows for your gift wrapping. Brenda High will share from God's word as we prepare our hearts to focus on the reason for the season. This is a great casual event for inviting friends. Tickets are $10 and are available on the patio or online at Seating is limited—please register by November 1. The evening starts at 6:30pm on Nov. 6th in the Activity Center. For more info, or if you would like to serve as a table hostess, please email Brenda at

November 7th in the Activity Center from 8-9am. Doug Adamson will be showing us that it is TIME TO FIGHT!


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By Susan Bailey Celebrate Recovery is more than a program for healing hurts, hangups and habits. To those who have experienced the program firsthand, Celebrate Recovery is a life-changing spiritual experience that inspires participants to willingly share their unique and transforming journeys.

The goal was to reach all people who harbor wounds from life that repeatedly cause them problems. Four step study guides were developed. The educational and spiritual premise of the workbooks utilizes the basic 12 step recovery principles with corresponding scripture as well as principles based on the Beatitudes. Participants answer specific questions in the workbooks designed to reveal Before sharing stories, here is a bit of background on how the destructive emotional patterns and character defects that negatively program began. Rick Warren, author of A Purpose Driven Life and affect our relationships on earth and our personal relationship with pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, and John Christ. Over time, the study guides also enlighten participants to Baker, a former high-ranking paper company executive and see their uniqueness and special identity in Christ. recovering alcoholic, teamed up in 1991 to create Celebrate Recovery. Since its inception, Celebrate Recovery now is available in more than 10,000 churches in the United States and is steadily spreading Based on his personal testimony, John Baker admits that alcohol to churches around the world. Desert Springs is home to one of had destroyed his marriage, relationships with family and friends as more than 50 Celebrate Recovery programs in the Phoenix well as his lofty professional position. After reaching rock bottom, metropolitan area. Here are two stories of participants of Celebrate he sought help from Alcoholics Anonymous. His recovery included Recovery whose lives have been positively and irrevocably getting back to God at Saddleback. The Lord eventually mended all changed. The names have been changed to protect their anonymity, that had been destroyed in his life. His personal experience and an important part of Celebrate Recovery. nudging from the Holy Spirit inspired John to approach Rick Warren about co-authoring a new 12-step program with Christ and the Bible as the centerpiece.

Audrey’s Story Our once-thriving family business had collapsed. The shame and guilt was getting the best of both my husband and me. I personally felt like I didn’t belong with people who had once felt safe. Eventually, I didn’t feel like doing the things that used to bring me satisfaction and pleasure. My favorite hobbies of oil painting, reading, golf and exercising didn’t interest me anymore. Even attending Bible study classes that once inspired and uplifted me seemed flat. I knew I was in big emotional trouble when meeting girlfriends for coffee no longer had any appeal to me. I began to isolate and ruminate about all kinds of negative things. I came to believe that I had very little value to anyone, even Jesus. If I had value why did He let me get this low? A friend, who was in a 12 step program, recognized that I was depressed. She knew I didn’t have chemical addiction problems, but she knew me well enough to tell me that I had some codependency issues. I didn’t have a clue what codependency meant, but I was curious to find out if there was a Christian-based, 12 step program. I got online and discovered Celebrate Recovery. Three years ago, I walked in the doors of Celebrate Recovery, lost, paralyzed by negative thinking, fearful and depressed. God was so amazing in placing me with the perfect group of people to share in my recovery. Two of the women in my group were experiencing many of the same life obstacles I was encountering. To this day, they remain very good friends. As we in the program discover, an atmosphere that insists upon confidentiality and anonymity is the key for openness and transparency. How healing it is to hear others share their experiences, strength and hope in the presence of Jesus! Yes, I did find out what codependency is, and yes, I had it. However, I am pleased to report that the hurts and hang-ups that had once emotionally paralyzed me now are disappearing and allowing me the freedom to better know who God designed me to be. Celebrate Recovery has been my lifeline. Interestingly, my circumstances are much the same as they were three years ago, but I’m not the same. I’d always heard the phrase “Identity in Christ.” Three years ago I had no clue what that phrase really meant, just like I didn’t understand codependency. Now I understand these terms and through God’s love, mercy and counseling in the Celebrate Recovery program, I am a new, joy-filled and blessed person.

Claudia’s Story My son was in a car accident four and a half years ago that caused him a lot of back pain. He was living with us at the time. The doctor put him on Oxycontin, a very strong pain killer which eased the pain for awhile, but he needed more and more to keep the pain under control. He tried to get off of it, but due to the strength of the addiction he ended up in the emergency room twice. As time went on, he wouldn’t get out of bed and go to work. Neither my husband nor I like confrontation, so we felt powerless over the situation. I later came to realize that we were enabling our son. I had heard about Celebrate Recovery and thought it might be a place that would help me get the strength to do what my son needed. As soon as I got involved in a small group, I received the love and support to do the right thing. We researched how to plan an intervention with the help of a counselor. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but it worked! Our plan was that our son would detox after the intervention, followed by time at a halfway house and finally a rehab facility. After he went through detox and a short time at a halfway house, he told my husband and me that he didn’t need rehab.

“As soon as I got involved in a small group, I received the love and support to do the right thing”

About that same time, an old friend of his suggested he move to Prescott where several of his buddies lived. He followed her suggestion, found work there, and has been drug free for the past four years. Our relationship with our son is better now than before his drug addiction and the intervention. I have stayed in Celebrate Recovery because I remember how broken and scared I felt when I arrived. I see newcomers who look like I did four years ago. Now I feel I am able to help others. Step 11 talks about improving our conscious contact with God. CR has provided a way to deepen my walk with the Lord that no other Bible study class has done for me. Additionally, I have purpose and a network of women who now are like my family.

These stories are representative of people who are broken, hurting and fortunately, have found a place where those emotional wounds are in the process of being healed. Public perception of Celebrate Recovery is that it is a program primarily for men and women with addictions. As you see from the testimonies revealed here, it is for everyone. We all are scarred in different ways, as a result of what happened in the Garden of Eden. Our desire to play God like Adam and Eve is what separates us from Him. We all live with those consequences. Celebrate Recovery is a safe place where our humanness is accepted and gradually transformed to better reflect Christ. The closer we get to our Savior, the closer we get to who He designed us to be.

Celebrate Recovery meets every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. in the modular building on the east end of the Desert Springs campus. Men and women meet in separate rooms for Step Study Guide review and Open Share groups. On the third Friday of every month, Celebrate Recovery holds a barbeque starting at 6:30 p.m., followed by praise and worship, testimonies and separate men and women topical discussion groups.

By Lindsay Fletcher

be one of His children. I was only 7 years old when I accepted Jesus at a summer camp very similar to this one. I am living outdoor music festival or big vacation. It’s certainly not the 110proof that camp counselors and other volunteers can make a degree weather in Phoenix. The title of this story gives it huge difference in someone’s life. away…it’s being a volunteer counselor at Desert Springs for Vacation Bible School. For me, the most memorable part of my It’s hard to imagine anything more rewarding than making a summer is spending every Monday through Friday morning, this difference in kids’ lives and investing in their spiritual wellyear from July 13-17, with my campers. Although it is my job to being. Jesus said himself in Matthew 18:3: “I tell you the truth, teach them about God and how much He loves them, I often unless you turn from your sins and become like little children, find that they teach me. you will never get into the Kingdom of Heaven.” Jesus knows the value of the children in our lives. As we go throughout the th This year, I was a leader for a group of about twelve 4 -graders. rest of our year, let us not forget that children are a gift from The camp was very well-organized, as it always is, thanks to God and that they have much to teach us about our faith. Carol Shoemaker, the camp director in charge of overseeing all 285 campers that attended VBS at DSBC this year. Kids in grades 1-6 have a chance to play water games, eat snacks, watch a Bible story come to life during drama time, discuss the Bible story with their camp counselors, and participate in making crafts. Carol had this to say about craft time: “We spent more time doing crafts this year, which enabled the kids to make pottery, work with stamping leather to make wristbands, and make lanterns out of metal, etc….so they went home with crafts that had quality.”

Every summer, I look forward to one thing. It’s not an

The Numbers

It is great that parents have somewhere to send their kids where they know that they will be safe, make new friends, have fun, and maybe even make the most important decision of their lives: accepting Jesus into their hearts. It is never too early to tell a child about Jesus and how much He loves them. Campers had a unique opportunity this year. “All kids in 1st – 6th grade learned the Lord’s Prayer and recited it in the Worship Center with their group in front of all the kids. This was a really neat treat, as we didn’t know how the kids would like it….but they embraced it,“ Shoemaker said. This is a prayer that the staff hopes campers will remember for the rest of their lives. While many children attending the camp had already accepted Christ into their lives, there was one 3rd grade girl who accepted Christ for the first time, and many other children who were introduced to the fact that Jesus loves them and wants them to



Total kids enrolled in Splash Camp

Total volunteers

At 9:00 on Tuesday morning during the week of Splash Camp, Mrs. McGehee is the adventure guide for a group of third graders that includes Trey Newman. Trey is a great kid and regular around DSBC. He’ll be the perfect person to show us how a day at Splash Camp goes. As the kids gather around their adventure guides, the day at Splash Camp starts with a rockin’ morning assembly for songs with Miss Jennifer and her dancing backup singers. The day’s theme, the story Peter walking on the water, is introduced in the music. Trey and the rest of the group head over to the lawn for Water Play—the ‘splashy’ part of the day. An enthusiastic team of young people lead about 50 third and fourth graders in sponge relays and hula hoop relays liberally dotted with water fights and misting from the hose. Trey and his buddy Tanner finished the job by thoroughly soaking themselves. “We’ve gotta stay cool somehow!” Mrs. McGehee’s group settles down in the shade of the passage way to enjoy a snack of pretzels and ice water while they dry off and occasionally get wetter, in Trey and Tanner’s case. As they relax, kids practice the day’s verse. For reciting Isaiah 41:13 (I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear, I will help you.) Trey earns a treat from Mrs. McGehee’s bag of goodies. Once everyone is pretty much dried off, the group heads into the main sanctuary where the stage has been turned into a camp site. Another group of young

people, dressed as the disciples, perform a comical skit about Peter’s experience walking on the water. Mrs. Fulton takes over and talks to the group about how Peter’s experience relates to their lives. Next, she sends each of the six groups out to a “campfire” with their adventure guide. Mrs. McGehee’s group settles down into a tight circle for a time of discussion. The main topic is Jesus’ protection, that Jesus keeps His word and will always protect us. Trey and his friends talk about situations when they

Although there is a touch of levity in every minute of the day, these kids can get serious and really share with each other when given the chance. might need to trust Jesus’ protection like Peter did: if you’re scared of heights or snakes (or the tooth fairy). They talked about the people Jesus might use to help them—maybe Mom or Dad, Miss Carol or Pastor Rick. They also talk about how important it is to “keep their word” the way Jesus does. Trey summarizes, “That means don’t just say stuff to be nice to somebody, say it because you really mean it.” Although there is a touch of levity in every minute of the day, these kids can get serious and really share with each other when given the chance. Toward the end of the discussion, the group shares prayer requests and practices the Lord’s Prayer, another memory challenge for the week. From the sanctuary, Trey and his group

head to the activity center for crafts. Leather wristbands are the project for the day. First, they stamp designs or words into the leather. Next, they color in the designs with markers. The final step is to stain and seal the bracelets with different colors of shoe polish. Trey personalized his with his name. Once the craft is finished, kids can check out their clay projects from the day before that are drying around the room. They also can construct and decorate rain sticks to send to the kids at the Palomino Preschool. As the craft period ends, it is time to head for assembly again. Once again, Miss Jennifer reinforces the lesson for the day with songs. The kids sing and dance their way to the end of the session and head for home…a little wet, a little tired and a lot happy.

By Lindsa y Fletche r

For many, it was the mission trip of a lifetime. For others, it was a chance to get out of their comfort zones and experience a walk of life they would never otherwise see. Either way, the 9 kids and 1 leader that went to Compton, CA and Yosemite National Park over the summer had a great time and learned a lot about each other and about God. Desert Springs sponsored this trip, which took place July 27th through 31st. Members of our youth group agreed to drive to Skid Row to meet with an inner-city pastor for fellowship with and service to the impoverished people in the area.

What seemed to surprise Connor Hartley, a current high school student, was that “in these communities, people with nothing more than a tent are considered high class.” Along with Coeta, he expressed remorse for taking the blessings in his life for granted. “There is so much I have that others don’t, everything from indoor plumbing to a warm meal whenever I want it. A way to and from places. Even nonmaterial objects like friends and family that love me.” _________________________________________________

“Miguel is probably going to die, yet he still has faith in God and spreads His word.” ———————————————————————— A third traveler, Ashley B., wrote a reflection on the last day of their stay in Compton. She was truly touched by her experience with the homeless during the trip: “I have learned that people who have so little still rejoice in [God] and pray and read the bible constantly.”

Each member of the group kept a journal of their experiences and what they were learning each day. In her Day 1 reflection, Coeta Grove, a recent high school graduate, began to realize all that God has given her and how much she takes for granted. “[God] has shown me that it’s easy to take what we have and not give anything After their mission trip to Compton, the ten travelers did a road trip to Yosemite National Park, where they spent time in nature and back.” had time to be alone with God and reflect on their experiences. She also wrote about meeting a kind homeless man named Miguel, Everyone had a great time meeting new people, but more than that, who was struggling with illness and living a hard life on skid row. had the chance to grow closer to God and re-devote themselves to spreading His good news to the ends of the earth. “Miguel is probably going to die, yet he still has faith in God and spreads His word.” This inspired her to spread the good news with more passion.

An Interview with our Interim Youth Pastor, Phil Erickson by Mary Heiertz

Where were you born? I was born in Temecula, California.

What was a favorite/memorable childhood experience? All the things we did as a family, but in specific it would be Barrel racing (on horses) and competing against random people and especially against my Dad. He and I always had our own little competition against each other.

How did you come to DSBC? How long have you been here? I came to DSBC when I moved to Phoenix to go to Southwestern Bible College. I was looking for an internship because I wanted to work with youth here, as I had already been working with the youth at my home church in Kingman. I was going to Palmcroft Baptist Church for a while and asked them first, but every student and their grandmother from Southwestern went to Palmcroft and there weren't any internships available. Then I remembered that my Youth Pastor and mentor from Kingman had gone to DSBC, and also Derek Begin, who was one of my youth leaders and the unofficially adopted child of my parents, was going here, so I decided to come and check it out. I really liked Rick's teaching and how

he was true to the word and didn't pull punches when they were needed. Derek introduced me to Bradley and we hit it off pretty well. In April of 2007, I started working the youth of DSBC.

Why did you decide to get involved with student ministries? I love working with high school students and love to see when they start to "get it". They have a certain vibe to them that you don't find elsewhere. As I stated earlier, I liked Rick's teachings and wanted to be a part of this church.

How has your family influenced you? Other then God, my Dad is the biggest reason that I am in youth ministry to this day. He was a full time youth pastor for a long time, and then he was a volunteer after that, so he was in youth ministry for about 30 years. He was always telling me that he sees me doing ministry of some sort, but more specifically youth ministry. And he never let up, even when I shot down the idea time and time again.

What is a memorable experience from your time with student ministries at DSBC? I am continually making memories with them, but most recently I took a group of 9 students on our Count the Cost Road Trip. I had such a great time with them getting to know them and getting dirty with them as we worked in inner city LA and relaxing with them in Yosemite. They are a great group of students; my only regret is that I had such a small group on this trip. You can get to know them on a much deeper level on a trip like Count the Cost.

What is your hope for the future of student ministries and/or the new youth pastor? My hope for the future of student ministries and the new youth pastor is simple, I want to see the students and ministry grow numerically but most importantly grow in their relationship with Jesus, and take that relationship to new levels to impact their families, schools, and neighborhoods for the kingdom of God. I want Christianity to be more than a belief for them; I want it to be a lifestyle.

video equipment, etc. The Lord has equipped me to understand technology. I grew up in a home that always had a home computer, one that my dad built, so I grew up working on computers.

Mexico is a country that has many different ethnic groups. In fact, according to COMIMEX, an association of missions -minded organizations and churches in Mexico, there are 286 distinct ethnic groups in Mexico, speaking 52 different languages. In God’s eyes each of these ethnic groups is considered a “nation”. Throughout Scripture is a storyline in which God works to reach the nations. The idea of missions is not simply a New Testament concept, it is woven throughout all Scripture. In fact, Jesus told his disciples what the Scriptures were about. (Keep in mind that the New Testament had not been written at that point, so he was referring to the Old Testament.) “He told them, ‘This is what is written: The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem,’” (Luke 24:46-47). The word used in this verse for nations is “ethnos”, from which we get our word “ethnic”. The mission of Agua Viva Ministries is to reach Mexico for Christ. This is the Great Commission applied to Mexico. God desires that all nations come to repentance, and has called people from Mexico and the United States (as well as other nations) to serve together to reach Mexico for Him. In November of 1998 I moved from Phoenix, AZ to Ensenada, Mexico. The Lord has been using me to fulfill the IT needs of the ministry. I am responsible for anything and everything technical in the ministry, including our Internet access, telephones, computers, sound and

Ismael asked him if he could use his computer. He responded, “Of course!” Ismael knew the basic skills to get into Internet Explorer, check his email, and even search the Internet. A few weeks earlier Ismael didn’t even know what a computer was! I was happy to hear that One of the privileges I have is to teach my efforts were not in vain. computer classes in our seminary. Each fall we run a 15-week seminary In the fall of 2009 I will also have the to train Mexican Christians to be opportunity to teach computers. I will be pastors and missionaries. Our teaching in our new computer lab and will students come from different places have more class time to teach. As a team throughout Mexico. They come from we have been working to finish our new different walks of life, different seminary building before August 31. We circumstances, and even different received a donation to custom build ethnic groups. Many of these students computer desks. One of our team have never seen a computer. Others members, Hector, is a welder. He has own their own computer. Some have been working hard to finish these desks. been to an Internet café. Each student has Once the room is ready and the desks are a different level of proficiency in built, I will be working hard to set up the computers. My job as a computer teacher equipment and install software. is to train the students how to use the computer as a communication tool to be I have also been working on a grant able to communicate to their home proposal for IT equipment, both for the churches while they are on the mission seminary and for general ministry use. field. One of the key challenges I face is lack of telephone communications in camp. A In 2008, I had a student named Ismael. few years ago, a fire damaged one of the He was one of the first Huichol men to cell towers of our phone company. We come to Christ. The Huichol tribe lives in had fixed cell phones with a directional the mountains of Nayarit and Zacatecas, antenna. This gave us telephone access in two neighboring states in central western our in-camp office. As a result of the fire, Mexico. He had never even seen a the signal no longer reaches our camp. computer. I placed him in the beginning We discovered a Nextel signal above the class, where the majority of the students new seminary building. With a repeater were. I only had a few weeks of classes system we will be able to use Nextel to train the students. These few weeks phones in both the seminary building and were divided into three groups (two our in-camp office. This is part of the beginning classes and one intermediate/ grant proposal. I also put our sound and advanced class), which meant that each video needs for the seminary building in class only had a few class sessions. I the grant proposal as well as equipment could only teach the very basics. I was for the computer lab. not sure how effective these classes were because of the short amount of time I had These are a few of the ways that the Lord to teach. is using an IT person in Mexico. My focus is not on technology, but on the One day, the Executive Director was Lord. However, He has equipped me to talking to me about how much fun it was understand and apply technology, so I to have Ismael at his house. Each want to use that ability for His kingdom. weekend the students are required to put When I get to heaven, there will be no into practice what they have learned. We celebrations for the technology place the students in host homes in town implemented at Agua Viva. There will be because our camp is outside of Ensenada. parties for all of the people that come to The students are required to disciple two know Him. There will also be our Master new believers each weekend and actively saying, “Well done, good and faithful participate in the church service of a servant!” That is what I want to hear. I church that we match them up with. The want my life to be about serving Him and Executive Director was hosting Ismael others through any gift or ability He has and his family. He mentioned to me that given me.

This is the main computer lab. This room still needs to be painted and the lighting still needs to be installed. We expect to complete the lab within a few weeks after the seminary has started.

Ismael, one of last year’s students with his family.

Computers in storage that will be moved to the computer lab when it is ready. All of these computers were donated and will have a free operating system installed with a full set of free software. Network connections that connect the new seminary building to the rest of the network system.

This photo shows one of the classrooms that is being worked on. The computer lab will be temporarily placed in this room until the main computer lab is finished.

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Our goal in Adventure Kidz is to reach, teach, and empower kids to impact their world for Christ. We believe through creative teaching, hands on learning, fun games and building relationships… children develop a deeper relationship with Jesus and have a lot of fun!

“Hearing God’s Word”: Infants – Kindergarten During the preschool years our curriculum focuses on foundational truths which includes; introducing children to God, Creation, Old & New Testament Hero’s and how they can have a relationship with Jesus as their personal Savior. We suggest you dress your preschooler in “play clothes” and gym shoes as “The Herd” enjoys being active while learning about Jesus.

STAMPEDE “Running Towards Jesus”: 1st – 5th Grade After students recognize their need for Christ, we want to encourage them to “Grow with Gusto” for the Lord. During the elementary years we visit modern day topics and situations and discuss on how to be a Godly student for Christ. We also explore prayer, as God wants to communicate with us each day. We move around the campus and incorporate the use of: drama, games, music , multi-media, object lessons, bible memorization , and building relationships through small groups These activities add excitement and enthusiasm as we learn God’s word and His ways. “Stampede” will be running around our campus and this group likes to get a little messy at times so please wear comfortable clothing and gym shoes for this amazing Adventure!

We are a “childchild-friendly” ministry In all of our programs, we look at everything through the eyes of a child, so that we have a ministry that reaches, teaches, and empowers children. We offer developmentally appropriate programs that meet kids where they are!

Our curriculum is

relevant to kids

The world children live in is constantly changing. We want children to discover the relevancy of the Bible and how God’s Word speaks to their world today. We guide them to discover how they can have a personal relationship with Jesus.

! zmfwjubfsd!elbib eht hcaet eW We want children to be so fascinated with the Bible that they hunger and thirst for more. We appeal to various learning styles through the use of: music, drama, art activities, video clips, games, creative storytelling, object lessons and other teaching methods.

We keep kids


Our teachers recognize different learning styles and challenges. We adapt our curriculum to meet the needs of every child. We provide opportunities for children to accept Jesus as their Savior, while not coercing them to make spiritual decisions before they are ready. We provide excellent safety checks as we screen volunteers, and we maintain check-in and check-out procedures.

We value


We want children to come back every week so that we can love and nurture them as their faith grows. Children and teachers like to have fun, so we build “FUN” into our program.

By Venita Ballard

Venita Ballard is a member here at Desert Springs and the coordinator for Paradise Valley’s chapter of YoungLives. YoungLives, a ministry of YoungLife, works specifically to come alongside teen mothers through mentoring, club and camp experiences. Their goal is to offer support, compassion and hope to young women who are often overlooked and rejected. Venita’s honest account of her experience with the recent YoungLives camp is tender reminder of God’s dependability, not matter what situation we are in.

“O LORD, You are my God; I will exalt You, I will give thanks to Your name; for You have worked wonders, plans formed long ago, with perfect faithfulness.” - Isaiah 25:1 In all honesty, I must to confess that quite often I overlook this wonderful scripture. As we headed into our preparations for camp, I worried. I worried that we would not be able to raise enough money to take teen moms to camp. I worried we would not find girls who wanted to go to camp. I was concerned about the speakers at camp—would they be able to speak to our girls hearts? I tend to forget how, in God’s perfect faithfulness, He already had a plan in place, an answer for all of my fears. Despite my doubts, God provided amazingly and on July 19 th we headed to Lost Canyon, a Young Life camp in Williams, Arizona, with nine teen moms, nine babies and six leaders.

I listened to the girls tell the story what their lives had been so far. One girl told us her mother started prostituting her at 14 years old so she could afford drugs. Another girl spoke of how, over and over again, her mother abandoned her and that she felt she could never trust anyone again. We heard stories of abuse by boyfriends and rape by family members. All I could do was hold them and cry with them while

I witnessed God breaking down the walls of concrete and steel the girls had put up around their hearts. silently I was desperately crying out to the Lord on their behalf.

God answered the cries He heard from camp that week. Eight of the nine girls asked Christ to be their King and rule in I had asked God for miracles to happen at their hearts. Several girls, whom at the camp, for lives to be changed, but never in beginning of the week I was not sure how my wildest prayers could I have imagined God could penetrate their hearts, were the amazing wonders that would happen. hungry for God’s words of life and hope. As we arrived at camp, there were at least We saw sweet friendships form. Race and 100 people there clapping and cheering for culture disappeared and sisterhood our girls as they exited the bus. Several appeared in its place. We are home now. girls got tears in their eyes, they told us no Many of our teen moms are back to the one had ever celebrated like that for them horrible situations of their lives but there is and they felt loved. That greeting was only one enormous difference: they have the beginning of the love that would Christ’s peace, faithfulness and, most envelop our young moms. importantly, His love, to help them. I do not know what life has in store for any of I witnessed God breaking down the walls of us, but as I walk alongside these precious concrete and steel the girls had put up young moms, I will rest in the knowledge around their hearts. I saw the Holy Spirit that His faithfulness is perfect. He has the convicting them of their sin. By the third plans already worked out and I am excited night, each of the nine girls had heard God to see all the miracles He will work. calling their name. As a leader, it was the most difficult week I think I have ever had.

Updates from our extended staff (missionaries) from around the world

Joe and Karen—Central Asia "One government official just said to us, 'Let's study the Scriptures together. I'll tell you what little I know and you tell me more about this Jesus.' Pray for God to make these times happen and for more opportunities to spread the Good News of Jesus."

Scott Acock—Mexico Because of the reports of violence in Tijuana and the Swine Flu, we have had only 25% of the normal short-term mission trip participants this summer, but four times the number of people coming to know the Lord! What Satan means for evil, God uses for good!

Ben and Renee—Khartoum In May, we returned from our first term of service with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Khartoum, Sudan. We are in the states for eight months and have been busy this summer with schoolwork, raising support and preparing for baby number three!

by Lyndsey Huff

When former MOPS Coordinator Andrea Waggoner approached me several years ago after the birth of our daughter, and asked if I knew about the Desert Springs MOPS program, I confessed I had never heard of it.

meeting. Here, right in my home church, was a room full of women, encouraging, sympathizing and laughing together, who were all going through the same things I was! I felt an instant bond with my group, and soon had the names and numbers of over 40 moms who would be there for me whether I In fact, my first response was, “I do enough mopping, needed a recommendation for a pediatrician or just a why would I want to be a part of something named good cry. after my least-favorite household duty?” She quickly explained that MOPS is short for Mothers of Fast-forward a few years and I am now helping to Preschoolers, to which I responded, “Well, I don’t coordinate the group that saved my sanity during have a child in preschool, she’s only three months those newborn days. Life as a mom has gotten easier, old!” She laughed and filled me in that ‘pre-school’ is and it is a joy to now be able to open the doors of our literal; the group is for women whose children are ministry to moms going through similar transitions. between the ages of birth through kindergarten! PRE- Despite our obvious similarities, there are moms of all school, duh! types in our group. Moms who have four children, moms who have internationally adopted children, Little did I know that something that took a 15-minute moms in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s, and moms who are explanation for me to understand would soon become just beginning this awesome journey. Our mothering a lifesaver. styles may vary, but we all enjoy coming together to share and encourage each other. You see, I was a fairly young mom, and during the time my daughter was born, my still-single or newly For the past two years, we were not able to accept married friends really had no desire to chat about how new members due to a lack of space in our toddler many poopy diapers I had changed that day, let alone childcare room. Being that MOPS is an outreach their color and consistency! ministry, this was not an ideal situation. Our leadership team, and the pastors at DSBC, felt very Despite the fact that I had an infant permanently strongly that we needed to find a solution that would attached to me, I was beginning to feel very isolated. allow us to reach out to new moms. Over the The trials and joys of becoming a mom for the first summer, our childcare coordinator, Maxine Wilson, time are unique, and my single girlfriends just came together with Carol Shoemaker and Pastor couldn’t relate. Not to say that those friendships Robert to brainstorm. After much consideration and were no longer valuable. I just needed someone to debate, a solution was found! Thanks to their hard lean on who had been-there-and-done-that. work we had 18 new moms at our first meeting in September. It was such a blessing and a huge answer I almost cried tears of joy after my first MOPS to prayer to see all of those new faces!

The Facts - MOPS meets on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of every month at 9:15am in the Activity Center - We currently have about 40 members - We participate in a monthly “Mom’s Night Out” - The 3rd Wednesday of every month have an outing to a museum or park with our kids

Get Involved (even if you’re not a M.O.P.!) - Volunteer to help with ourchildcare. You get to cuddle sweet babies (who only occasionally projectile spit-up!) and help a frazzled mom savor some much-needed “me” time! - Mentor the young moms! The role of a mentor is to encourage and nurture the women in their walk with Christ and their role as a mother. - We support PV Younglives and will gladly accept any donations of baby items. For more info visit mops.htm

The students of DSBC are heading into the Fall season with a whole slew of new things to look forward to. Each group is focusing on building their faith through new series detailed below:



In Ignite, this season’s focus is “All-Out War”. Every day, students are attacked by a culture that dismisses the idea of truth and mocks a serious faith in Christ. With spiritual warfare being a very real, but often neglected issue with our faith, the need to defend our hearts and our faith becomes extremely important.

The Junior High group, also known as Fuel, is looking into “Obstacles”, what to do about all those frustrating things that life throws our way during their Thursday night program. At home and school, wherever we go, there is always something or someone standing between us and the way we want things to go, sometimes standing in the way of our hopes and dreams. But God give us solutions. God has ways to learn to work with our family problems and friendship issues, to work through our fears and failures.

On Wednesday nights, the high school students are working through God’s word to learn how to protect themselves from temptation, misinformation and disillusionment—by having a healthy spiritual life. Large, “team-war” event nights will be on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7 PM in the Activity Center. Small groups, which will be divided into guys and gals, will be held on all other Wednesdays at 7 PM in the Activity Center. On Sunday mornings, the Ignite service for high school students is at 10:45 AM in Activity Center. The morning service involves student-led worship, teaching and hangout time. Phil Erikson is currently heading up the high school’s Ignite program and they have an average attendance of about 40.

The 1st Thursday of each month, junior high students meet together for “team-competition” nights, a fun and interactive look at Obstacles. Small groups, which will be divided into guys and gals, will meet on the other Thursdays to discuss things on a deeper level. All Thursday night events are at 6:30pm in the Activity Center. On Sunday mornings, the junior high students have two options. At 9 AM, the Activity Center is home to Junior High’s Sunday morning service. At 10:45 AM in room C303 (in the small building behind the sanctuary), there is a smaller Bible study group as well. The Fuel group is led by Scott Waitt. The average attendance is about 20 students.

share their enthusiasm about sound financial planning with their new church family. The news reached the elder board at DSBC that the D’Onofrio’s had experience teaching Christian-based financial classes and were willing to continue. The D’Onofrio’s met with several of the church elders, and the end result was that they would teach “Managing Finances God’s Way.”

By Susan Bailey

Jerry and Cheryl D’Onofrio attribute their successful marriage to sound financial planning and two programs that taught them to manage money based upon Biblical principles. Last February, the couple taught a seven-week Crown Ministry class at Desert Springs entitled, “Managing Finances God’s Way.” The class was so well recieved that they taught it again in the spring. The couple is planning to continue spreading God’s message about finances this fall at Desert Springs. The couple’s enthusiasm for Biblically-based financial planning started as a seed planted by Cheryl’s parents. They followed Dave Ramsey’s financial principles when Cheryl was young. She admits that very little of his ideas had rubbed off on her before she met Jerry. As a single mom, she rarely balanced her checkbook and lived paycheck to paycheck. Her strong faith got her through the tough times.

Each class session began with a video of Crown Ministry advisors explaining Biblical financial concepts. The D’Onofrios led class members through short homework assignments, allowing time for discussion. “The more comfortable participants become with one another, the livelier and more exciting the discussions become,” says Jerry. Cheryl adds, “It is fun to witness class members relax about money as the class progresses because they realize they have a good road map to follow. When class members start applying principles they have learned in class to their financial situation, they start to see God blessing their lives.”

“It is fun to witness class members relax about money as the class progresses because they realize they have a good road map to follow.”

Jerry and Cheryl say that Biblically-based financial classes like “Financial Peace” and Crown Ministry courses are a basic cornerstone of a sound marriage. “There is no guesswork about how God wants us to use the money He gives us. Once we realize that it belongs to God and He is loaning it to us for His glory, it puts a new perspective on how we After she and Jerry became an “item,” she invited him to her handle money,” explains Jerry. church. “I was raised Catholic and had wandered away from Concepts discussed in both “Financial Peace” and Crown my spiritual roots when I met Cheryl,” says Jerry. “I was Ministry classes include staying debt-free, saving money, reluctant to attend her church, but wanted to make her happy so I gave it a try. I learned more about what the Bible giving and investing. says in one sermon than I had at my previous church! I was The D’Onofrios live by what they teach. They admit they instantly hooked on a Bible teaching church,” he admits. used to tithe 10 percent of their net income, but after teaching that God honors first fruit tithing, they have been After dating for two years, they married, and Jerry became tithing 10 percent of their gross income the past six months. “instant dad” to eight-year-old Khaman. More changes “The best benefit is that we have discovered we are content were ahead for Jerry, however. “A friend of mine told me with a little or a lot,” says Jerry. about a radio show featuring Dave Ramsey that he listened to regularly. Since I already knew about Dave Ramsey from Cheryl and her parents, I was curious. After listening to his “As a single income family, it sometimes looks on paper like we shouldn’t be making it, but we are. God is faithful,” show for awhile, I decided to take his “Financial Peace” class. I was so enthusiastic after the first session that I told Jerry says with a big smile. Cheryl she should join me for the second class.” Cheryl —————————————————cheerfully adds, “I had no interest whatsoever in attending this class in the beginning. But when Jerry came home so For more info on upcoming classes, visit fired up about what he had learned, I decided to join him.” Eventually the D’Onofrios taught two sessions of “Financial Peace” at North Hills Church of God. When they started attending Desert Springs over a year ago, they hoped to

Our Care Team provides care to the people of DSBC and our surrounding community. For info on how you can receive care, visit Need prayer? The Prayer Team is committed to praying for situations & needs important to you, our church, our neighborhoods and the world. Need a helping hand? Our Helping Hands Team provides meals for individuals or families in crisis situations (i.e. recovery, hospitalization, illness, job loss). Need a visit? The Visitation Team makes personal visits and offers prayer and encouragement prior to, during and after a hospital stay. Can’t make ends meet? The Benevolence Fund provides emergency funds to sustain the temporary needs of the church family and the community. These funds help meet basic needs such as food and utilities.

Starts October 15th Ever wondered why Jesus needed to come to earth, why His mom had to be a virgin or what Jesus will do when He returns? The Vintage Jesus class answers these questions via a DVD based curriculum from Pastor Mark Driscoll who uses humor, biblical expertise, and relevance with today's culture. Classes run Thursdays, 6:30-7:30pm from Oct. 15th to Nov. 19th, in room C301. For more info visit us online at



The Current Fall 2009  

The Current. Serving as the voice of Desert Springs Bible Church. Fall 2009 edition.

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