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Riggs Distributing is dedicated to develop new ways to engage and support our trade partners. Trade representatives like Shae Wilder offer an amenity-rich program to the trade that is accompanied by direct support from the experienced staff at the Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom. We build a team around our trade partners through: • Personalized one-on-one meetings and office-wide lunch-and-learns • Personal use discounts and participation in our trade specification program • Invitations to exclusive culinary classes and events designed for experiencing what distinguishes Sub-Zero, Wolf and ASKO Contact Shae Wilder, Trade Manager, at: shaek@riggsdistributing.com

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President’s Letter | Jennifer Hale, Allied ASID 2016 ASID California Peninsula/Silicon Valley Chapter Board Welcome New Members Design Competition Student Awards Celebrating Students! Educators in Profile 2016 Chapter Sponsors New TVs Mean Fresh Design Challenges

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Victoria Nazloo Gold Award Winner, Student Commercial Category Design Competition Student Awards



President’s Letter

here does the time go? It seems as though things were just getting revved up, then with a blink of an eye my term as chapter president is almost at an end. It has been an enormous privilege to be part of such an outstanding team of volunteers. I will be forever grateful for all of the encouragement and support I received throughout my term, and will always cherish the friendships that were formed along the way. Here’s a look back at an exceptional year:

This year our Board of Directors (BOD) formed a committee to nominate some of our stellar members for ASID National Awards. While we have such a great group of supportive members to select from, after long and hard deliberation we narrowed it down. We were thrilled and delighted when National announced that Diane Hurd was the recipient of the prestigious ASID Educator Medalist Award for her contributions to ASID and the design profession. Congratulations to Diane for the well-deserved recognition! I’d like to acknowledge and applaud all of our nominees, including Pamela Pennington for ‘ASID Merit Award’, Sharon Daroca for ‘Industry Partner Merit Award’, and Chris Nobriga for ‘ASID Student Chapter Leader of the Year’. On behalf of our Board of Directors and our entire chapter, I would like to thank all of you for your contributions to the Interior Design industry. At the 2015 Napa Valley Film Festival (NVFF) our chapter joined forces with Luxe magazine to promote the value of interior design. A team of chapter volunteers designed a hip Hollywood VIP lounge where TouteSuite interviewed celebrities on the Gala night. The ‘TouteSuite ASID Luxe Lounge’ sparked quite a buzz with its innovative design and larger than life Pulp Fiction / Wine Country inspired mural. Attendees couldn’t resist taking a selfie with the (now famous) mural. The design has lived beyond the NVFF and has brought national recognition to our chapter and to ASID. We held collaborative events including a chapter meeting with NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) with part of the focus aimed toward breast cancer awareness. We also teamed with California North (our sister chapter) for a town hall meeting about the ‘One Voice’ movement. Our guest speaker Jim Brewer, ASID VP of government and Public Affairs, flew all the way from DC to talk to us about how ASID is working to protect our right to practice, with proceeds being donated to the cause. In the spirit of giving we collected donations for Toys for Tots at our White Winter Masquerade Holiday Party. We enjoyed the company of friends and colleagues, while we celebrated with and showed our appreciation for our sponsors. The Professional Image event was not only fun and informative, but we collected clothing donations and raised funds for a San Jose local charity, Dress for Success. This wonderful non-profit organization gives women tools to thrive both personally and professionally. Speaking of great causes, last month’s newsletter celebrated our members and sponsors who volunteered their time and resources toward the expansion of the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford. Hopefully you caught the private tour and helped us generate the social media buzz. I can’t think of a better way to ensure the future of our profession than to support the next generation of designers. We were able to establish a student scholarship program and awarded scholarships to two very worthy students, Chris Nobriga (West Valley College) and Julienne Continued on page 5


ASID CA PENINSULA/SILICON VALLEY 1346 The Alameda, Suite 7-195 San Jose, CA 95126-5006 1.408.906.9577 administrator@capen.asid.org www.asidcapen.org BOARD OF DIRECTORS

President Jennifer Hale, Allied ASID 650.722.9883 President@capen.asid.org

President-Elect Yukari Haitani, Allied ASID, CID, CBD, CKD 408.836.5926 President-elect@capen.asid.org Financial Director Cynthia Campanile, Industry Partner ASID Artistic Tile and Stone 605.954.4441 Finance@capen.asid.org Communications Director Marie Chan, ASID, CID, GREEN AP 408.261.2181 Communications@capen.asid.org Professional Development Director Cita Rojas–Sila, Allied ASID, LEED GA 408.314.1942 ProfessionalDevelopment@capen.asid.org Membership Director Susan Hoffman, Associate ASID 408.858.4085 Membership@capen.asid.org Emerging Professional Chair Victoria Nazloo, Student ASID 408.603.5510 EPAC@capen.asid.org At-Large Co-Director, IP Liason Jim Heintz, Industry Partner ASID University Electric 408.595.2764 at-large@capen.asid.org Student Representative Milan Chen, Student ASID 650.799.9069 StudentRep@capen.asid.org Chapter Administrator Monika Rose 408.906.9577 administrator@capen.asid.org




ASID CA Peninsula/Silicon Valley Chapter would like to extend a warm

welcome to our newest members. Come make friends and get involved please contact Monika Rose, our chapter administrator, for a committee to match your interests. She can be reached at 408.906.9577 or administrator@capen.asid.org.

We look forward to seeing you at our meetings and working with you as design leaders!



Kerri Robinson, Allied ASID Jill Winstead, Allied ASID

Designers With over 120 innovative Cambria designs to choose from, designers have the most diverse palette of natural quartz to create their vision. Cambria is a family-owned, American-made quartz and offers versatility, durability, and beauty.”

1-866-CAMBRIA www.cambriausa.com

President’s Letter continued from page 4

Barrett (San Jose State). We also offered students guidance and training, including portfolio reviews. Our second annual student tour of the design center was a great success, complete with informative lectures, goodie bags, and a gourmet lunch. It was a pleasure to take part in the student kick-offs and a delight to attend the graduation celebrations. These are just a few of the outstanding events we offered this year and all of them were made possible through the hard work of our volunteers, and the generous contributions of our sponsors. Please be sure to show your support to the community that supports us. Please help me welcome our new FY2017 Board of Directors President: Yukari Haitani, President-Elect: Patricia McDonald, Finance Director: Cynthia Campanile, Communications Director: Marie Chan, Membership Director: Janine Arietta, AtLarge Director: Jackie Bartlett, Professional Development Director: Cita RojasSila, Student Affairs Committee Chair: Lisa Mellberg, Student Rep to the Board: Milan Chen. Special thanks to this year’s BOD and our Chapter Administrator: Monika Rose, and last but not least, outgoing At-Large Director: Jim Heintz, outgoing Membership Director: Susan Hoffman, outgoing Emerging Professional Chair: Victoria Nazloo. It’s wonderful to know the chapter’s legacy will continue to grow and improve. It is with great gratitude that I thank all of our wonderful volunteers and members. I am deeply honored that our chapter entrusted me to serve as president, and have every confidence that this coming year will be extremely successful! Jennifer Hale, Allied ASID ASID CA Peninsula/Silicon Valley Chapter President 2015-2016


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iPad ® is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.



As part of our Student Celebration in this summer issue, we are pleased to feature curated winning student entries from our most recent Design Competition. It’s inspiring to see the talent and creativity of these students who represent the future of our profession!

ANDREA JEw GOLD AwARD wINNER, STUDENT COmmERCIAL CATEGORY The goal of the redesign for this restaurant is to create a space that emulates an edgy sophistication and warm ambiance. To incorporate Chinese culture, the design nods to modernity of Shanghai in the 1900s. By incorporating dark hues, bold artwork and lush textiles our design inspired by retro glamour is achieved.


VICTORIA NAzLOO GOLD AwARD wINNER, STUDENT COmmERCIAL CATEGORY BLU Hotel is a place to escape to - to get away from the hustle of the city and indulge in an oasis. Our concept was to create a space that was very much influenced by water, the color blue, waves, bubbles, and iridescence. We took our initial concept from the levels of the ocean: trenches, basin, abyss, midnight zone, twilight zone, and sunlight zone. The pool (located in the basement) took after the trenches. Complete darkness encompasses you as you swim in an edgeless pool surrounded by deep blues all around. Bubbly clear chairs suspended in the water await the pool goers to relax on. A single spotlight of light tunnels from above as if you were swimming on literally the bottom of the ocean floor. The lobby and bar level awaits the visitor with streaks of blue and purple in a sort of haze that reflects off of the mirrored textures spread throughout the level. Metallic glass spheres meant to resemble watery bubbles hang from the ceiling, glistening.

The four levels of guestrooms are divided in an ombre fashion: dark blue, aqua, light blue to stark white. Acrylic, clear furniture is constant throughout the room levels as well as the obvious ocean blue hues.




The intent of this design is to open up the old alley itchen and update it with a contemporary style without sacrificing privacy, providing space for entertaining, eat-in and homework. Different lighting options will be included. The kitchen wall will move outwards and the ceiling will get raised. The island with attached bar-table for five people to sit and to store electronic devices underneath will bring special attention. The movable integrated bench under the counter and a hidden safe will be a unique highlight. The divider wall will include a pocket door to close up the open space to the island from living room. The combination of wood veneer, white lacquer and concrete countertop will show the contemporary style and neutral color theme.

STEAM. CONVECTION. PERFECTION. Steam and Convection cooking modes. Best of all, it qualifies for Thermador’s 1, 2, Free promotion! And distributor Purcell Murray is proud to make it available through our extraordinary partnership with University Electric.

1500 Martin Ave.


Santa Clara, CA 95050



Celebrating Students! Grads and students from West Valley College, Cañada College and San Jose State University were the guests of honor at our Celebrating Students party on June 14 at Artistic Tile and Stone. Designers and IPs also joined in the festivities to network, mingle and participate in the evening’s program. Our Silver Sponsor literally rolled out the red carpet for the occasion and feted attendees with bubblies and a continuous stream of wood-fired gourmet pizzas made fresh on the premises. After a scrumptious dessert buffet of lemon custard and cupcakes, Janine Arietta quizzed industry veterans Pamela Pennington, Pierre Brule and Randy Popp on secrets to getting hired. The mini job fair and portfolio review that followed was a hit, judging from the overwhelming response of our students. We truly appreciate the passion and dedication of our 3 panelists who stayed well into the night to review every portfolio presented! A big Thank You to all our Sponsors and supporters who made this event a success: Artistic Tile and Stone – Event host, raffle and door prizes CG Appliance Express – Dessert and fruit sponsor DPS (Decorative Plumbing Supply) – Beverage sponsor Gray's Paint / Benjamin Moore – Raffle and door prizes Blue Sky – Teak furniture ASID member – iPad mini


Scrumptious lemon custard dessert with creme fraiche topping. Photography: Jessica Campanile TOP RIGHT:

Jennifer hale, Pierre Brule, randy Popp and Pamela Pennington looked on as Cynthia Campanile drew the winning ticket for an iPad mini. Photography: Jessica Campanile RIGHT:

loot for the Goodie Bags Photography: Anny Wong, Allied ASID TOP LEFT:

Jim heintz, Cynthia Campanile, lisa Mellberg, nancy lianides Photography: Jessica Campanile BOTTOM LEFT:

Job fair and Portfolio review Photography: Anny Wong, Allied ASID

Educators in


By Mary Ann McEwan, ASID, CID, MBA

space planning, and project management, for both commercial and residential

Congratulations to Diane Tsukamoto Hurd, ASID,

facilities planning companies, including David Takamoto Associates, KBM, Habitec,

on being honored with the ASID Educator medalist Award from ASID National. She will be recognized at

projects. Prior to that, Diane worked for several interior design, architectural, and and Design and Office Concepts.

the ceremony for ASID’s National Honors and Student

Diane has been involved in helping students in many ways. She has assisted them

on July 16, 2016, in Minneapolis. Per their criteria, “The ASID Educator Medalist

Chancellor’s Office, the President’s Office, the School of Art & Design, and the

Chapter Awards, at CLC (Chapter Leadership Conference)

award is a distinguished honor from the Society that recognizes members who have demonstrated outstanding service to their chapter, student chapters, and/or ASID, and/or provided significant contributions to the body of knowledge that supports the profession of interior design.”

Diane has been an interior design professional for over 35 years, splitting her time between Hurd Design and West Valley College, where she is Division Chair of the

School of Art and Design (formerly Applied Arts and Sciences). She was instrumental in developing the School of Art and Design, as well as being involved in the support

and development of Sustainable Design courses at West Valley College. She was

Interior Design Department Chair from 1996 to 2008, and has been on the faculty there since 1990. She has also been on the faculty at San José State University and College of San Mateo.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, with Distinction, in Interior Design,

with several campus projects: the renovation of the Health Services building, the

Library facelift, giving students valuable real world experience in a supervised

setting. She was involved with portfolio review for students at three IIDA Student Career Days events.

She has been faculty advisor to the WVC Interior Design Club since 1997, and guided them through a number of philanthropic projects. The chapter received

the ASID Peninsula Chapter Design Awards in Philanthropy for Achieve Kids in both Mountain View (First Place 2003) and San José (Award of Distinction, 2006). Over the years, the Design Club has received numerous Presidential Citations, and

in 2013 the Outstanding Student Chapter, Certificate of Merit and Special Recognition. In 2015, Diane was involved as an observer for a Design for a Difference Project

involving students from both West Valley and Cañada Colleges. The students

participated in a makeover for the lobby of the Community Services Agency (CSA) in Mountain View, transforming the space into a Welcome Center.

from San José State University. She is a Certified Interior Designer in California,

Diane has held several ASID California Peninsula Chapter board positions, including

a Professional member of the Interior Design Educators Council since 1997, and

and the CEU committee, and has been a member of the Nominations committee,

and is NCIDQ certified. She has been a professional member of ASID since 1977, an Associate member of NKBA since 2002.

In addition to teaching, Diane and her husband Peter Hurd have been Principals

of Hurd Design since 1989. In this capacity, Diane’s expertise includes design,

Sharon Kasser, MA, ASID, CID, has been a dedicated

Treasurer, First Vice President, and Secretary, has chaired the Newsletter committee

Strategic Planning committee, Showcase committee and Stimulus committee. Congratulations again to Diane on receiving the ASID Educator Medalist Award, recognizing her dedication to students and to our chapter.

She has an impressive education, graduating with a BA from Roosevelt University

Assistant Professor at Cañada College since 1990. In 2016,

in History and French, plus a Teaching Certificate. She spent a year abroad in Paris,

College District for 25 years of service. She teaches interior

Cañada College, with honors, and in 2004 received her Masters in Art History

she received an Award from the San mateo Community

design courses in Professional Practices, Introduction to

Interior Design, History of Furniture, and Furnishings and the Decorative Arts. She has also taught interior design

courses at the University of California Extension, Santa Cruz, West Valley College, and Ohlone College. In addition, she has been Principal Interior Designer and Owner of Distinctive Interiors in Menlo Park since 1985.


studying at the Sorbonne. She later received her certificate in Interior Design from from San José State University. Her master’s thesis topic was “Julia Morgan and

the Women’s Network.” Sharon has been a Professional Member of ASID since 1994, and a Certified Interior Designer in the State of California since 1992.

Sharon sets a good example, continuing to take coursework at both the Stanford

Continuing Education program (art and architecture classes), the San José State

Graduate Seminars (design and art history classes), San José City College (French

Advisor to the Cañada College Student ASID chapter. She has been Speaker &

extensively and has fluency in French. She’s also taught short courses through

Sharon presented to us some of her extensive knowledge of Julia Morgan after

Literature classes) and at Cañada College (art history classes). She has traveled the University of California Extension, Santa Cruz, ranging from local tours of Julia Morgan’s architecture (“Julia Morgan and the Women’s Network”), lectures on “Castles and Chateaux in England and France”, a “Virtual Tour of Boston and

Newport, Rhode Island”, and a week’s tour in Chicago with students ranging in age from 17 to 85, on “Art and Architecture in Chicago”.

In addition, Sharon has been published in several Sunset Books, including Family Rooms and Activity Areas, Children’s Rooms & Play Yards, and Home Lighting.

She has been a Keynote Speaker at several chapter events, including a Holiday Celebration and an Awards Dinner. At the ASID National Conference held in San Francisco in 2008, she was a speaker on “The Business & History of Interior Design”. She has been a Co-Coordinator of the Mentoring Program at Cañada College, a

member of the Advisory Boards of both Cañada and Ohlone Colleges, and Faculty

Panel Moderator at a number of Student Career Forums in San Francisco. In 2015 our chapter trip to Hearst Castle, at a meeting held at the Saratoga Foothill Club, a charming yet understated building also designed by Julia Morgan.

She has served on both the Mentoring and Nominating committees for our ASID

California Peninsula Chapter, and has received several Certificates of Appreciation, including an Award for Long Term Special Educational Contributions at the Cañada

College ASID Student Chapter. She has been a Jury Member for the ASID California

Peninsula Chapter Design Competition. She has been involved in several ASID Designer Showcases, and earlier participated in two Peninsula Symphony Showcases. We thank Sharon for her many years of dedicated service to students and to our chapter, and extend our congratulations to her on receiving the Award from the San Mateo Community College District.




2016 CA Peninsula’s Chapter Sponsors Diamond Sponsor

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

GIVE A SPONSOR SOME LOVE. Sponsors play a huge role in keeping our chapter strong. Say “thank you” to, and do business with, a sponsor today. CAMINNESOTA PENINSULA/SILICON VALLEY

Silver Sponsors

San Francisco

Bronze Sponsors 23 Las Colinas Lane S.J., CA 95119 408.229.6500

Monday - Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm



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New TVs Mean

Fresh Design Challenges This piece could have also been titled “Attack of The Monster TVs”. I never subscribed to the “bigger is better” movement, but the adoption of 70” – 86” TVs is unstoppable. Since the job of Interior Designers and Technology Architects is to accommodate their clients, I will review how larger than life displays impact our designs.

First, why are consumers placing larger displays in their living spaces? In my opinion, it’s about economics, vastly improved picture quality, and increasing availability of streaming content. Large display prices are plummeting with many 75” options under $3K and 85” below $8K. Neither are inexpensive, but they are within reach of many clients. Next, 4K picture quality and this year’s move to billions of colors is inspiring many to upgrade. Lastly, rapidly expanding content choices from Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube, are giving viewers an improved entertainment experience. Broadcast TV will not be leading this revolution. The remainder of this piece will guide you through the design considerations with 75”-85” displays. Space management is a big component. The larger TVs take away space previously used for cabinetry, gaming systems, and speakers. Surprisingly, height is the biggest challenge, not width. A 65” TV is typically 31” tall. Height jumps to 38” with 75 inch displays and 43” for 85”. At any given distance the TV bottom will need to be lower for a comfortable viewing angle. Traditional furniture height, often 28-32” may have to shrink to 24”. I have helped design several low profile pieces. Component placement and ventilation requires extra planning. Making the console or cabinet wider can provide the necessary relief, but a custom piece is almost certainly required.

Another consideration is anticipated use of a Sound Bar or an Xbox gaming system. Both move the TV higher. The gaming system sensor requires 4 inches below the TV while Sound Bars typically require 6”. This means that sound bars are out of the question with furniture below the TV. Our clients will likely choose between side mounted TV speakers or in-ceiling speakers. As if we needed one more variable, seating to TV distance rules have been rewritten. 4K TVs’ incredible detail means clients can not only sit closer, but it’s recommended they do so. The new guideline is that one should sit at a distance of 1 to 1.5 times the diagonal. TV size. A 75” 4K display dictates a viewing distance of 7-10 feet vs 10-17 feet with traditional 1080p TVs. This can mean a big change in room layout. The rules surrounding large displays are still being written. Where does this leave designers? I have yet to meet a client who is aware of all the large TV design considerations. This is an opportunity to become even more valuable to clients as this large TV trend grows. Of course, a Technology Advisor with a history of interior design collaboration can be a valuable asset to your project. The TV technology highway has many sharp curves. Expect the unexpected. ____________________________________________ James Stout is a Home Entertainment Architect and the Chief Concealment Officer at The Integrated Lifestyle. He can be reached at james@theintegratedlifestyle.com or by phone at 408-393-4779. Most of what he writes about can be seen at his Campbell showcase (by appointment) located inside Valet Custom Cabinets at 1190 Dell Ave., Ste. J, Campbell, CA 95008





The Essential Guide to Kitchen & Bath


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Look at the depth of color in the Lemurian Blue. You can see layers of blues, greens, and gold that are ever-changing as light shines on the material from different angles.

Look at the Verde Borgogna. Do you see green? Or, do you see many layers and shades of green all blended together to create this beautiful piece of rock.

Look at the Jubatus marble. In a polished finish the color variations are wonderful. When you put a leather finish on the material, it becomes spectacular.

Look at the Fossil limestone. It has definitely earned its name, there are fossils everywhere!

ne sto e im il l ish oss F fin L d 9 e LS7 rush B

e B lu an i r u em inish f 4L 2 8 ed GR olish P

a gn rgo o eB erd finish V 7 d 57 he GR Polis

Nothing can beat the depth and texture of natural stone. Marbles, Granites, Onyx, Travertine – all can be polished, honed, leathered or brushed. Whatever finish your project needs, Natural Stone is the favorite choice.

s atu ub h J 8 s 50 ini MT her f t Lea

Profile for DSA Publishing

ASID CA Peninsula Summer 2016  

ASID CA Peninsula Summer 2016  

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