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>>>Click The Link For More Kigurumi News<<< In essence, Kigurumi are Japanese actors who dawn costumes for fun.These performers are often dolled up as cartoon or anime characters. Kigurumi performers can be seen at almost anywhere like amusement parks, shopping malls, social events, conventions- you name it. More times than not, these costumes are animal related. The word, "Kigurumi," is derived from two Japanese words, "kiru" and "nuigurumi," which put together mean "to wear a stuffed toy."

Really, Kigurumi means the actor who is wearing the animal getup, but now the meaning has expanded to consisting of dawning the costume. Often times, Kigurumi is called animal pajamas. They are one piece pajama getups that look like animals or cartoon characters. Kigurumi costumes are wonderful, as they can be padded to look like a wholly different character- such versatility!

Kigurumi are widely known for imitating cartoon characters, as watched on T.V. and in games, but they are also popular as anime, or animated characters. Anime characters are human-like doll getups that are established from cartoons. Generally, these have both a mask and body suit. More times than not, Kigurumi are men dressed up, and they even play female characters. This happen because of an old custom of not allowing women to act in the theatre in Europe and Japan, as all characters were acted out by men. Nowadays, it is generally customary for men to play a role as a female when acting. Kigurumi in Japan is really trendy and a type of clothing called, â&#x20AC;&#x153;streetwearâ&#x20AC;?. Although this trend began in Japan, it is going all over in Europe and spreading all over the world. The idea of acting as something else or someone else employing masks is an ancient idea. This is an old fashion tradition. For centuries, countries and traditions all over the world have used outfits to dress up like different characters. Kigurumi started its place as animal personalities at amusement parks and has spread from there. Today, you can see Kigurumi personalities acting out as Disneyland characters, school mascots, ice and stage shows, you name it. In Japan, anime and manga are incredibly beloved, so you see people dawned up like them for any given event. Kigurumi is otherwise known as in Japan as cosplay or "costume play."

It should be mentioned that Kigurumi personalities do not say anything. One reason for this is that it is difficult to understand what an entertainer is saying, when he is wearing a mask.It will also break the individual that is being played, and the idea is to provide the illusion of a specific personality so Kigurumi do not desire to disrupt that. Kigurumi is a very famous concept in Japan, but it is also taking root all over the world.

Kigurumi For Kids  
Kigurumi For Kids  

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