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Color wheel assignment

See color wheel below on face book

We will have 2 class periods to paint a color wheel in class. We will paint in class on Tuesday 4/29/10 and Thursday 5/4/10. The assignment is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday 5/6/10. Directions: 1. Use heavy paper ( Cold press) to construct your template. Draw 2 circles 8 and 4 inches in diameter. Create a 35 degree segment and cut out. Use this template to cut out your panted and dry color swatches. 2. Use Gauche to paint the 12 colors of the color wheel. Use only the primary colors to do this. * ( See note below on the Bias color wheel) . Do not use any black or white – they are not colors but values. Some of the colors will be very hard to achieve. ( Purple and green will be difficult unless you are using the correct bias colors). Do your best. 3. Mount the 12 colors swatches of you color wheel in an overlapping circle. Use an appropriate size sheet of Black Cardboard (found in student store). Label the back with your name and date.

Grading criteria.    

Neatness Following directions exactly No streaks Even flow or transition between all of the colors. (Same as you did for the gray scale).

*There is a theory that there is no such thing as a pure Red, Blue and Yellow. The primary colors always contain a little of the secondary color. There seems to be 2 yellows, 2 blues, and 2 reds. These are called bias colors. They have a leaning or bias to their secondary colors on the side. 1. Yellow has a greenish side ( Lemon yellow). The other yellow is an oranges yellow. If you mix these 2 you will come up with something that is as good as you can get for yellow. 2. The blue has 2 bias colors. One is a greenish blue and the other is a purplish blue. Once again like mixing the 2 yellow, you will get a pretty good blue if you mix it two bias blues together. 3. Same is true for the red. The two bias colors are red that leans towards orange and the red that leans towards purple. 4. If you use these the two bias colors to mix you secondary colors you will have very good luck. But if you do not and just use 2 primary color without the bias you will often get a muddy color. Mr. Fulkerson will lecture, show videos and demonstrate this in class.

Color wheel Assignment  

LAVC color wheel assighment to be painted in class

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